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New SYM Website


Select Scoota, importer for SYM Scooters, launches new website.

Allen Drysdale

Select Scoota have a rich history when it comes to the Australian scooter scene.

A long term importer, distributor and supporter across a broad range of products, these days the major focus lies heavily on one major brand, SYM. 

So onto launching a new "Scoota" website where you can browse all the latest news, products and dealer information. Its another step forward for the family based SYM team here in Australia.

The site covers items like "how to get a licence" and also outlines the history of the "Select Scoota" company here in Australia. You even get to meet each member of the SYM team.

So a new face for SYM in Australia has emerged, clean and simple. It can be found at

See some of the key areas of the new website by following the links below:



Published May 17 2010, 10:33 AM by allen
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