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  • Vespa LX 125 / S 125 - Now $5990 Ride Away


    Vespa LX 125 and S 125 $5990 Ride Away till the 31st of October 2010. New injected models reduced.

    Allen Dysdale


    Vespa LX / S 125 i.e - NOW $5990 RIDE AWAY

    The new injected LX range was released late last year and reinforced Vespa's dominance in the mid size scooter segment. 

    The improvements in performance were substantial. The cosmetic touches all round were a nice touch. The Vespa LX has moved into a class of its own, especially when talking about items such as dynamic ability and build quality.

    We spoke with Vespa Australia's Gavan Moody who said "With these latest revisions in price, this puts the brand in reach of more buyers then ever before".

    We have to agree with these comments. The LX / S has a host of premium features:

    • Latest Fuel Injected Leader Engine 
    • All Metal Body Construction
    • Class Leading Handling
    • Full Under-Seat Storage
    • Glove Box
    • Immobiliser Security
    • The Vespa Brand

    The Vespa brand a feature? Yep, as of today there is still nothing quite like Vespa ownership. Its still your little slice of history, dating back to the birth of the mainstream scooter.

    The LX 125 and S 125 will provide more then ample performance for around town, 1 up or 2. With a host of accessories to individualise your Vespa, ownership can also become apart of your lifestyle. You've been warned!

    So no matter where you live in Australia, Vespa Australia have made you an offer. Mid capacity Vespa ownership for under the 6 grand mark.

    Nice one Vespa!

    Key Vespa LX Links



  • Piaggio Zip 100 $1990 + ORC


    The nippy little Zip 100 now has a manufactures list price of only $1990, save $500.

    Piaggio Zip 100

    In a move that just broadens the scope of value on offer these days, Piaggio Australia have chopped a massive $500 off the list price of the Zip 100. Now just $1990 + ORC. 

    This quality built, Italian designed scooter offers affordable transport with Piaggio peace of mind.

    Proven Zip features include :

    • Low Emission 4 Stroke Engine
    • Front Disc Brake
    • Durable Alloy Rims
    • Low Seat Height
    • 3 Way Adjustable Seat (As low as 750mm)
    • 2 Year Unlimited Warranty 
    • Flat Floor
    • Underseat Storage

    With a Euro design that will still find itself relevant in years to come, the Piaggio Zip 100 has a long history throughout the world as being an honest, reliable performer. The figure back in 2007 was that over 600,000 Zips had been sold worldwide since being released back in 1992.

    With this latest announcement the Zip 100 offers up a whole lot for very little. Very little for the initial purchase price and very little for the ongoing maintenance costs. Lower capacity scooters equal cheaper registration and insurance and somewhat cheaper service costs. At $1990 + ORC, the Zip 100 is a win win proposition.

    Colours available whilst stocks last are :

    • Rosso Dragon (Red)
    • Excalibur (Silver)
    • Nero Lucido (Black)
    • Giallo Lime (Yellow)

    ZIP 100 KEY LINKS 


  • Scooter Magazine Issue 24


    Issue 24 now on sale at your local newsagent.

    Allen Drysdale

    The latest "eagerly" awaited edition of Scooter Magazine is now out.

    Issue 24 has arrived featuring :

    • 12 Scooters on test
    • Have more fun riding
    • Piaggio's X7 300 on review 
    • Maxi's made easy
    • Complete scooter listing

    Look out for the cover at your local newsagent. Remember, Its your only Scooter Magazine!


  • GoGo Gear


    From the Runway to the Cafe, GoGo Gear is now available in Australia.



    About GoGo Gear

    Who would have thought of making stylish safety gear for women? ScooterGirls founder and CEO Arlene Battishill, that’s who.

    ScooterGirls is a mobile advertising company that sends beautiful women out on scooters brandishing a company’s logo or advertisement. Out of this, and out of the need to dress her ScooterGirls for both style and safety, the concept of GoGo Gear was born.

    GoGo Gear features the first fashionable, fully armoured, abrasion-resistant coat for women who go from their bike to a business meeting.

    “The main reason women do not wear protective clothing when riding is because they don’t like the way traditional gear looks or fits,” says Battishill.

    “ScooterGirls’ new line will give female riders fashionable, feminine coats that can be worn for business and recreation while providing the protection they need while riding.”

    Although the GoGo Gear jackets don’t look protective, they’re comparable to any armoured gear out there. The outer fabric is handpicked by Battishill, which is then sewn over a layer of abrasion-resistant material. The rayon lining features Velcro panels to access the armour.

    The jackets are available in women’s sizes from 2 to 22. GoGo Gear will be available in Australia and Europe initially. They will also be sold in selected US boutiques.

    GoGo Gear was officially launched at the Milan Motorcycle Show in November 2009. The US launch was at the International Motorcycle Show in LA, in New York and at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, USA.

    For more information contact Australian distributor and retail outlet Scooteria on 02 9557 8500


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