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From the Runway to the Cafe, GoGo Gear is now available in Australia.



About GoGo Gear

Who would have thought of making stylish safety gear for women? ScooterGirls founder and CEO Arlene Battishill, that’s who.

ScooterGirls is a mobile advertising company that sends beautiful women out on scooters brandishing a company’s logo or advertisement. Out of this, and out of the need to dress her ScooterGirls for both style and safety, the concept of GoGo Gear was born.

GoGo Gear features the first fashionable, fully armoured, abrasion-resistant coat for women who go from their bike to a business meeting.

“The main reason women do not wear protective clothing when riding is because they don’t like the way traditional gear looks or fits,” says Battishill.

“ScooterGirls’ new line will give female riders fashionable, feminine coats that can be worn for business and recreation while providing the protection they need while riding.”

Although the GoGo Gear jackets don’t look protective, they’re comparable to any armoured gear out there. The outer fabric is handpicked by Battishill, which is then sewn over a layer of abrasion-resistant material. The rayon lining features Velcro panels to access the armour.

The jackets are available in women’s sizes from 2 to 22. GoGo Gear will be available in Australia and Europe initially. They will also be sold in selected US boutiques.

GoGo Gear was officially launched at the Milan Motorcycle Show in November 2009. The US launch was at the International Motorcycle Show in LA, in New York and at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, USA.

For more information contact Australian distributor and retail outlet Scooteria on 02 9557 8500


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niks said:

This is a good idea maybe if it was done for men maybe more will wear safety gear an avoid having it forced upon us.

July 2, 2010 3:51 PM

GoGoGear Women’s Gabriella Carry On Luggage | Airline Carry On Rules said:

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July 4, 2010 7:03 AM