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  • Honda PCX 125 Launch


    Before our big review we give a few first impressions.

    Allen Drysdale

    I get asked all the time, Just what is a commuter scooter? Well really it could be any type of scooter that gets you from point A to point B. Any scooter that gets you to and from work maybe?. Really it could be as little as 50 cc in capacity right up to 650 cc. A commuter could be any number of two wheeled incarnations. Though for me a commuter scooter is one that you generally use for your everyday transport, has good power to travel a varying array of speeds and has a number of handy features like ample storage etc. As well it must be good value for money.

    It was an exciting thing being invited to the launch of Honda's all new PCX 125. For me the PCX is Honda's first real foray into what is for me the "commuter scooter" market. Now you might say well Honda already have the SH 150 or the Honda Lead, but for me the PCX offers everything a good commuter stands for at a value for money price.

    In our short ride we were able to get a pretty comprehensive impression of this all new scooter from Honda. Manufactured in Taiwan the PCX 125 will be sold throughout the world, it represents Honda's vision for the future. Its clean and green, its fast and it represents great value for money. So we at Scootersales think it ticks a few boxes. Now we will have a more comprehensive review coming but for now initial impressions count.

    So first of all lets talk about the style. I like the family resemblance in the headlight, the curves of the body from front to back. At first glance you may think its a cruiser but next glance and the PCX becomes a compact commuter. From front-on the PCX may give the impression that its allot larger then it actually is. It isn't...

    Actually once on the PCX its quite thin and with the weight being only 124 Kg the PCX combines the use of large wheels and short wheelbase to enhance the feel on the road. The PCX has a minimal turning circle of just 1.98 metres. Actually the PCX on the road felt extremely well balanced, sporty even. I think this is due to a few things but the prize must go to wheel size, frame design, wheelbase and suspension all working well in harmony.

    Now lets just list a few initial things I really liked about the all new PCX. First up the motor. Its a corker putting out a very workable 8.33 Kw's of power. Its smooth, fluid and oh so Honda quite, liquid cooled as well. Fuel Injected of course and featuring Honda's all new stop/start technology. Come to a stop and the engine cuts out, twist the throttle and you have immediate go forward. Its impressive and contributes to Honda claiming 46 km/l fuel usage. By the way you have a switch to turn this feature on and off, a light to tell you the feature is engaged. To me the PCX felt more then capable of 100 km/h speeds.

    And the tricks just keep on coming. Honda have removed the starter motor and replaced it with a device that they term Brushless ACG. This means that the crankshaft has an alternator/starting system directly connected to it. The system regenerates power in the battery when the scooter is running and starts the scooter in a seamless quite fashion. This starting system also saves an incredible amount of weight over your standard starter motor systems.

    You will find an electronic switch up front to open fuel and seat, so no fuss at filling the fuel tank or opening the seat, all scooters should come with this. Under the seat you will fit a full face helmet and a little bit more with ease, a helmet hook has also been fitted. The ignition also has the added bonus of a fob lock, an alarm is available as an accessory. Whilst up front the bars would have to be a stand out feature, chrome and exposed they look amazing. A glovebox resides up front.

    Other nice features include a two tier seat that's very comfortable. Flip out footpegs are top quality, and wont make you shy away from carrying a passenger. Twin non adjustable shocks up back help with compliance and suited my 85 Kg weight well.

    A side stand and centre stand comes standard. Twin Halogen headlights help with being able to see at night. 5 spoke 14 inch alloy wheels look trick.

    Last of all the PCX 125 has an accessory and customisation list as long as your arm and its all well within reach dollar wise. Take a look at my ride for the launch day. Came with a sticker kit and custom running boards that looked individual. The list just goes on and on, so have a look at the picture below just for a guide. Coloured exhaust shields, carbon and woodgrain panels, bar ends, scuff protectors, locks and a heap of other stuff.

    So what's missing? Clock on the comprehensive dash. And maybe adjustment on the rear suspension (how many times have you adjusted the suspension lately?). Oh and also the PCX has a rear drum brake, but the Honda combined braking system works a treat. No biggy.

    All up a very very nice effort from Honda. Like I said initially, an extensive review will be warranted on delivery of our test unit. Till then I reckon Honda may just have a winner. With an MLP of $3990 the Honda has enough tricks and features to be a real day to day machine of convenience. Everything points to hassle free, efficient scootering.

    Honda Australia will be giving the PCX 125 every chance of success with national advertising through various media including TV. There is even a PCX 125 micro site, check it out at and go into the draw to win 1 of 5 Honda PCX 125's.

    Stock should be at your nearest Honda dealer this week.

  • Kymco Downtown 300i Wins

  has voted the Kymco Downtown 300i scooter the ‘2010 Scooter of the Year.’

    Kymco Australia

    This prestigious award is another feather in Kymco’s cap- and another example of the superior engineering and quality of the Kymco brand.

    The Downtown 300i has a fuel injected 300cc 4-Stroke, 4 Valve Motor with superb Kymco engine quality that is complemented with CVT transmission. The liquid cooled EFI fuel injected system enhances the horsepower and performance of this exciting modern scooter. says ‘The Downtown 300i excels in so many categories with its engaging aesthetics and masterfully balanced handling, there is little room for improvement.’

    The Kymco Downtown 300i scooter combines the fun and freedom of a fast-riding scooter with the convenience, comfort and storage of a family sedan. The Downtown 300i exudes a luxurious modern city lifestyle, with a fashion savvy exterior and high-performance interior. The practical application and friendly technology behind Kymco’s Downtown 300i makes this scooter an impressive, powerful, reliable and efficient vehicle!

    National Sales and Marketing Manager for Kymco Australia and New Zealand Alan Collins says, ‘The Downtown 300i is proving to be a fantastic seller in Australia, and with so many outstanding features we are not surprised.’

    ‘Not only does the Downtown 300i have the power to cruise the road, it has the agility and precision to be a city commuter and with the option of ABS Braking, this is definitely a front runner in the powerful scooter category.’

    The Downtown 300i is a top of the range sport tourer that ticks all the boxes. With front and rear disc brakes, Kymco has ensured ultimate stopping power and safety to any passenger of the Downtown 300i.

    The dual rear suspension in the Downtown 300i also helps turn the bumpiest ride into smooth, comfortable driving. ‘The Downtown 300i is sporting an entirely new, true 300cc fuel-injected engine that takes to the highways with conviction,’ says

    This modern, aggressive scooter is a racy ride that will have you looking for excuses to head Downtown. Kymco scooters have long been renowned for their stylish exterior and superior interior. All Kymco scooters come with a 2-year Standard Factory Warranty and with such accolades coming Kymco’s way you must ask yourself, why am I not on a Kymco?

    For further information on the Kymco Downtown 300i or the Kymco range please call (03) 9580 0788 or visit

  • Aprilia Sportcity One 125 Review


    Aprilia applies the make-up and the Sportcity One 125 is ready for the catwalk. New colours help complete the picture.

    Allen Drysdale



    The Sportcity has always been a resounding favourite of mine. No matter what capacity, the Sportcity family has a real dynamic set of genes. Large wheels and a short wheelbase probably account for most of the pleasure, though its sporty good looks also help. So now we see that Aprilia have given the Sportcity One a little make over. Worth revisiting an old favourite? We think so.....



    We first ran across this latest incarnation of the Sportcity One at the Eicma 2009 show in Milan. The model presented on the stand was the Kermit green variety, and boy did it stand out.

    Aprilia have performed an array of subtle changes, though in my eyes it looks like a major improvement.

    First up three new colours, a Pearl White, Aprilia Racing Black and lets just say a "Bright Green". Which I have to admit grew on me immensely over time. The new colours are only enhanced through the use of a large Aprilia logo running underneath the floor of the scooter.

    A lick of gloss black paint has been used in a few major visual areas. Front forks have been given the touch and the wheels are the major stand out feature for me. They really smarten things up. The heat shield on the exhaust along with the rear number plate frame also get the gloss black treatment. Subtle yes, though for me these group of subtle changes make for a major enhancement.

    Other small differences include new graphics on the dash along with a red stitched seat. Our test scooter looked the goods, a real head turner that changed in various light conditions. A different personality from day to night was really apparent, Ive never felt safer riding at night!

    Apart from the above changes the rest is all the Sportcity One we've come to know and love. The One comes with 14 inch wheels front and rear. Has a derivative of the renowned Piaggio 125 cc leader engine pumping out an honest 7 Kw of power, yet feels like more.

    Other key features include a handy flat floor along with an underseat storage area that will take a full face helmet. Rear suspension is an adjustable single shock on the rear. Brakes are disc on the front accompanied by a rear drum. Mirrors are out wide and large, some of the best around.

    On The Road

    On the road the Sportcity One follows on with the family theme by offering a dynamic sporty ride. We put around 1000 Km's on our test scooter giving us a great indication of what was to come from the 125 cc machine. An increase in kilometres equals a substantial increase in performance. When it comes to the budget range of 125 cc scooters the Aprilia would be "up there" when it comes to top speed and mid range performance. Not the quickest off the line but the Sportcity more then makes up for it when things get rolling.

    The 14 Inch wheels only reassured me that big wheels on a scooter do help with handling. Whilst the single rear shock absorber was more then sufficient in keeping up with the suspension duties, especially for my 85 Kg weight. All in all handling dynamics are the highlight when it comes to the Sportcity One.

    As a daily commuter the Sportcity One performed admirably. More then enough performance to keep up and ahead of traffic. Thin enough to negotiate your way through the tightest of spaces and light and agile enough, its just so easy to handle. Add the positives of a flat floor and the convenience of enough space under the seat to lock your helmet away and all up, life's good on a Sportcity One. So being sporty doesn't have to mean losing any of the day to day convenience that makes us love scooters. The Sportcity One 125 gives you the best of both worlds.


    So in introducing this trio of new colours, Aprilia have given us the excuse to get reacquainted with our long time favourite, the Sportcity One 125. I have to say the subtle changes make a huge improvement for me. The use of gloss black on key components along with the Aprilia logo emblazoned under the floor board, style is something the Italians do well.

    The Sportcity One 125 has a fair deal going for it. A real winner as a daily commuter, it offers a fair chunk in terms of scooter for your money. Aprilia Australia have also been offering a top box and rack for a $2990 list price, which adds even more to the value to the equation. For the introduction of the new colours the offer remains unchanged.

    So a real winner when it comes to style, overall performance and everyday usability. The Aprilia Sportcity One 125 still a favourite in every sense, now even more so.

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  • Stanthorpe Barrel Of Apples Scooter Rally is on for 2011

    After the success of the Australian National Scooter Rally earlier this year, organisers have decided to proceed with an annual event to the region, the Stanthorpe Barrel of Apples Scooter Rally (SBASR). Since the greater portion of participants at this years rally were from Queensland and northern New South Wales, it appears more local events like this would be welcomed by the scootering community.

    The SBASR is a non-profit event, organised by scooterists, for scooterists of all types from all over Australia. In March 2011, from Friday 11th through to and including Sunday 13th, a weekend of activities with has been planned in Stanthorpe with sponsors providing support, prizes and awards. From the outset, sponsors from this year’s event have come on board once more for the 2011 SBASR to show their support for the scootering community.

    Vespa Australia, Scooter Scooters - Brisbane, Scooter Style - Noosa, The Scooter Shop – Gold Coast, Revolution Scooters – Gold Coast, SS Scooter Engineering – Sydney as well as local Stanthorpe Businesses, Top of the Town Resort, High Street Motel and Aussie Beef Steakhouse.

    Cost of registration is $45, which includes a donation to support SIDS and Kids, a charity dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth infancy and childhood. Full details of what the registration packs include can be found on the official website Registration can be purchased with a Credit Card or through PayPal online at the official website. Alternatively, a form can be downloaded from the same website with other payment options.

    The Top of the Town Resort in Stanthorpe is the main accommodation provider for the event, as well as meeting point for the variousactivities. It is recommended that participants book early due to the
    resorts popularity, and mention ‘Scooter Rally’ for a special rate. Their
    website is


    Ulick Baumann (Ulls) & Brooke Summerville



    Download Brochure HERE

  • Honda Celerbrates

    • In celebration of the first birthday of HARTSomerton, the rider training organisation recently gave away brand new Honda VTR250s to two luck winners who completed courses during April, May or June 2010.
    • One winner was from Eltham in Victoria, and the other from Brisbane.

    10 August 2010 - It may have been HART Somerton's birthday celebration, but two lucky students were the ones who got the biggest present of all.

    HART gave away brand new Honda VTR250s to Ryan Dalton of Brisbane and Stephen Standley of Eltham, Victoria who both completed courses during April, May or June 2010.

    Ryan - a 21 year old Air-Conditioning Mechanic from Brisbane - participated in both the 1 and 2 day Training and Assessment Courses.

    "My first day at HART was the first time I had ridden a motorbike. I wanted to learn because it seemed like a fun, efficient way of travelling," Ryan said.

    "The course was practical and catered for my needs and the instructors where pleasant, helpful and explained everything clearly."

    "To be honest, when I first got the phone call to say I'd won the VTR, I thought someone was playing a joke on me! I would like to thank HART for the bike and for the training. It was a pleasure to be able to get my licence through them, and the trainers and facilities were fantastic."

    Stephen Standley, a 51 year-old Project Engineer, completed a Learner Permit and Licence course at Somerton in Melbourne's north after having competed on enduro bikes in the UK military.

    "I didn't have a full motorbike licence back in the UK so when I arrived in Australia 18 months ago, I wanted to take full advantage of the number of good weather days."

    "I couldn't believe I had won a brand new bike. I haven't won anything like this in my life. It was a real surprise! I hope to upgrade to a Honda VFR1200F once I finish my restrictions, and will be completing HART's Intermediate and Advanced I and II courses once that happens."

    HART has long been considered the preeminent provider of rider training and licensing in Australia. Highly qualified instructors deliver state-of-the-art teaching methods to over 19,000 riders each year from the Victorian, Queensland and New South Wales locations.

    They are the only rider training company in Australia to use rider simulators to improve Hazard Perception. HART is fully owned and run by Honda Australia who, apart from being a subsidiary of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, is also one of the world's largest trainers of motorcyclists.

    For more information on HART's programs including learner, licence, refresher, intermediate, advanced, ATV and Off-road programs, go to:

  • Win A MotoGP Ticket

    • Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) is offering the chance to win a 3 day General Admission MotoGP Ticket for anyone who completes post licence training between now and September 30, 2010 at Somerton.
    • HART offers Refresher, Intermediate and Advanced courses
    • Students are provided with a Honda CB400 or a CB600 Hornet to use during any of the courses.

    2 August 2010 - One of the philosophies that sets Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) apart from other teaching organisations is their focus on improving rider's skills throughout their motorcycling life.

    By offering post licence courses including Refresher, Intermediate and Advanced, HART is able to assist riders to stay safe on the road, regardless of how many years experience they may or may not have.

    Now anyone who completes a HART post licence training course at Somerton between now and September 30, 2010 has the chance to win a 3 day general admission ticket to the Australian MotoGP, October 15 - 17, 2010 valued at $150. There are three passes in total to be given away.

    All courses address practical motorcycling skills such as straight line braking, corner braking, counter steering or swerving, throttle control and slow speed riding.

    For those who have been away from bikes for a few months or maybe even years, it takes time and practice to feel comfortable and confident once you get back on a motorcycle. HART's Refresher course focuses on roadcraft sessions and defensive skill development such as dealing with unexpected situations, emergency braking and lane positioning.

    For those who already ride and want to move onto a larger capacity motorcycle, the Intermediate course offers additional components such as the slalom course which aims to improve cornering lines, eye direction and riding posture.

    The Advanced I course is structured to enhance and refine the skills of a licensed rider who is confident and continually practising their riding skills. It is a full day course held at an off site venue.

    Honda provides students with a Honda CB400 or a CB600 Hornet to use during any of the courses. For course information, cost and dates, go to or phone (03) 9335 2766.

  • Honda Lead 100


    Honda's Number 1 Scooter "Leads" the way. Honda lead now available in 4 new funky colours.

    Honda Australia

  • Honda has released the Lead 100 scooter in four new colours
  • The Lead was the highest selling scooter in Australia between January and July 2010.
  • MLP just $2490
  • With strong, dependable performance, easy handling and go-anywhere styling, Honda's Lead 100 scooter offers a unique combination of style, practicality and economy tailor-made that has continued to position it as the number one seller in Australia for the first six months of 2010.

    Now available in four new lively colours including Vibrant Blue, Candy Palm Green, Sports Red and Black.

    Suspension is compliant and the Combined Brake System offers precise, balanced and smooth brake operation.

    With multi-purpose carrying capability provided by a large under seat compartment, convenient hook and flat floorboard, the Lead is the perfect commuter and recreational vehicle.

    There is an extensive range of optional accessories available for added comfort and convenience including top box, cover, cargo net and windshield.

    Manufacturer's List Price is $2490 (including GST, excluding stamp duty and dealer delivery).