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Fuel prices look set to make a return to the media spotlight. We say it's time to get on a scooter and start saving money and time.

When fuel last spiked in 2008, so did the commuters needs for low cost vehicles like scooters. Remember all the fuss about hybrid and electric cars? When fuel prices rise, in-turn so does the media surrounding low cost alternatives.

During 2008 the average price for fuel nationally spiked at close to $1.60 a litre. With it scooter sales soared to record numbers totalling just over 15,000 nationally in that year, people clearly wanted to beat the budget at the pump. Then came the GFC.....

This year we again see fuel prices starting to creep up. Last weekend in Sydney the average price of unleaded toppled over the $1.40 mark, fuel looks set once more to play its role on the evening news.

From a scooters point of view little has changed. The average fuel consumption of a scooter is somewhere between 30 and 40 km's a litre. A week full of short commutes can be carried out via some loose change. The benefits become insurmountable when you start looking at the factors like parking, storage and ease of use.

Scooters offer easily one of the most efficient forms of low cost transportation, and not forgetting, they're a ton of fun.

The need for families to cut costs will only increase as the average prices for basic necessities like food and power skyrocket. The high cost of fuel only seems to add further burden.

When talking scooters in Australia, prices are well down, variety is well up. The leading brands across Australia offer a huge cross section of reliable models with full factory support. The time for a scooter is now......

So the "" five steps in getting on track to owning a scooter and more importantly saving money.

Step One

Get your licence sorted through the state department applicable to you. Get the links here.....

Step Two

Choose your scooter. Start by working out your needs and choosing a scooter that is right for you. Start here.

Step Three

Purchase your scooter. Find your local dealer here...

Step Four

Start saving money and plenty of time.

Step Five

Start having fun.... 

Get ready to battle the ever increasing cost of living, get on a scooter today. 


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