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  • Kymco Brand Ambassadors


    Kymco Australia is proud to announce that AFL superstars Harry O’Brien, Travis Cloke and Sharrod Wellingham are official Kymco Ambassadors.

    Kymco Australia


    Brand Ambassadors: Harry O’Brien, Sharrod Wellingham and Travis Cloke sitting on their Kymco’s


    Away from the football field, Collingwood Footballers, Harry O’Brien, Travis Cloke and Sharrod Wellingham get their thrills on a Kymco Venox 250!

    Kymco Australia is proud to announce that AFL superstars Harry O’Brien, Travis Cloke and Sharrod Wellingham are official Kymco Ambassadors.

    Last week these Collingwood players were presented each with a mean Kymco Venox 250 to start cruising around the town in style.

    O’Brien, Cloke and Wellingham have only just got their motorcycle license and with the Kymco Venox being LAMs approved, this was the only way to go!! Eager to get riding, the boys geared up and hit the road and if first rides are anything to go by these Collingwood Players are in love!!

    The Kymco Venox has a 249.5cc V-Twin, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with the power to take on the road. With 17 inch front and ‘cruiser style’ 15 inch rear wheels and twin shocks with adjustable preloads, the Venox is a genuine cruiser. Low rise ergonomic seating, footrests and hand control makes the Venox a comfortable, laid back ride. The Venox has all the attitude and superior engineering to dominate the road.

    As AFL Premiership players, Travis Cloke, Sharrod Wellingham and Harry O’Brien know nothing but quality and high performance in everything they do, and it is for this reason that they are the perfect Brand Ambassadors for the Kymco range.


  • B-Bone Accessories

    Dress Up The Bone

    Need to pimp your ride even further? Like a dog with a new bone? Take a look at these extra treats from Daelim.

    Daelim Australia

    We cant get enough of the B-bone here at For those looking for something different the "Bone" sure does fit the bill.

    Now we see that a range of specialised accessories are available to further individualise the model. Daelim Australia has reached into the special parts bin and pulled out a few aftermarket goodies to pimp your ride.

    All these parts are direct from Daelim's own B-bone Tuning Showroom.

    The range of special parts consists of the items below. You can make enquiries about how to obtain these parts through any Daelim dealer. To find a dealer go to





    1. Rear Top Box


    2. Mesh Box


    3. Under Air Dam 


    4. Headlight Protector


    5. Front Fender


  • TGB Bullet 50


    New TGB Bullet released onto the Australian market.

    TGB Australia


    TGB Australia have announced the release of the new look Bullet 50. From the same mould as the recently released 150 cc model, the 50 version gets all the cool upgrades.

    So front and rear end styling changes, the new model gets the front headlight treatment, the rear gets that sexy round look. The dash also gets the latest updates, the large centrally mounted tacho, the digital speedo, clock, odo underneath.

    Dual disc brakes, gold mounted callipers, wave discs. The TGB comes dressed up with carbon look panels and a selection of new look colours. Powered by a two stroke 50 cc engine and shod with 13 inch alloy wheels, handling and performance should be towards the top end of town.

    Price will be set at $2790 + ORC, good value given the updates and premium features. Don't forget all TGB models are Taiwanese manufactured.

    See your nearest TGB dealer for more information. Find them @







  • Daelim Range Shoot


    Love a good catalogue shoot, especially when it involves 3 cool customers.

    Allen Drysdale

    Daelim Australia

    Now that Daelim has landed in Australia, Mojo Motorcycles have been busy putting the final touches on a new 2011 range catalogue.

    With a catalogue comes photos and we were lucky enough to get a first view of the entire 2011 scooter range fresh from the shoot.

    And just to recap if you hadn't heard, Daelim is selling three scooter models in Australia. The outlandish B-bone 125, the sturdy S1 125 and the 50 cc S4. 

    Full gallery below via flickr or my "pic's of the bunch" first-up. For more information on Daelim see


    Recent Key Links

    Bone Action : $3490 + ORC



    S1 125 : $3290 + ORC



    S4 50 :$1790 + ORC


  • Kymco Autumn Sale

    Scooter News

    On the back of Kymco Australia’s best retail month ever Kymco is excited to announce a fantastic Autumn Sale!

    Kymco Australia

    If you are thinking of buying a scooter or ATV now is the time!!

    As the weather starts to cool down, Kymco continue to keep you toasty with these hot, hot sales on scooters and ATVs!

    Kymco is slashing the price on some of its most popular scooter models- the zippy Like 50 and the ultra sporty ultra chic Super 8 125!!

    The Kymco Like 50 features the classic styling of a traditional 50’s era scooter, with exceptional performance. The Like 50 has a 4-stroke 50cc engine and boasts front and rear disc brakes, a glove box and 12 inch alloy wheels. This bike is definitely one to love this Autumn.

    The Super 8 125 has cool sports styling, vibrant colours and powerful 4-stroke performance that means you are guaranteed to always arrive in style with this scooter. Twin shocks with adjustable pre-load absorbers ensure the Super 8 scooter is easy to handle in tight situations. There’s electric and kick starting for speedy get-aways. Also, the Super 8 is benefited by narrow design which allows it to easily zip through the city streets; however it can also handle fast moving traffic on arterial roads.

    And if the features are not enough,  Kymco Scooters are supported by an outstanding  2-Year Standard Factory Warranty.

    And do not fear, Australian farmers have not been forgotten this Autumn with special pricing on out most popular ATV, the MXU 400. This is sure to knock your socks off!!.

    The MXU 400 is designed specifically for the needs of Australian farmers, resulting in a machine that not only oozes quality, but is also an extremely practical tool for handling any tough work situation. The MXU 400 has a 4-stroke air cooled engine that produces 26 horsepower, giving MXU 400 passengers the power to tame the toughest terrains. Its ‘shift-on-the-fly’ 2WD or 4WD traction, high and low range with 4-wheeled engine braking means the smoothest and safest ride on the market.

    As an added bonus this Autumn excitingly, the MXU and UXV range will continue to have the unbeatable 3- Year Warranty (offer ends 30th April 2011. Standard Warranty 2-Year).  

    If you are after a scooter or ATV,  head instore and to take advantage of these amazing Autumn Specials that are sure to impress. These sales cannot go on forever and will end on 30th April, 2011.

    For more information about the sale, please contact your closest Kymco Dealer. To find your closest Kymco dealer please call (03) 9580 0788 or visit

  • Vespa PX 150


    PX takes centre stage at the recent "Motodays" show in Rome.


    The PX 150 is returning to Australia. Expect to see the only handlebar shift Vespa sometime around June/July. 

    At the recent "Motodays" show held in Rome, the PX has taken centre stage on the Vespa stand. A model worthy of the honour (33 years old), my guess is that there will be a strong initial demand worldwide for this scooter. 

    Numbers first up will be limited in Australia, so do see your local Piaggio dealer as soon as possible. Colours available will be Red, Blue, Black and White. 

    More details on the new PX below from Piaggio Press. We here in Australia will only get the 150cc model.

    For dealers see

    Vespa PX

    The Vespa in its most original form, once again takes its place of timeless legend.

    Forming the link between the history of the world's most famous scooter and its future, the Vespa PX is back with a choice of its most classic engine sizes.

    Incomparable style, an engine which respects the most severe emissions standards and the classic four gear transmission make Vespa PX unmistakable and unique.

    There has only ever been one Vespa.

    The seventeen million examples of the Vespa sold across the globe since 1946 have brought together people of different languages and cultures, and have turned the dreams and desire for freedom of entire generations of young people into reality.

    The Vespa has been an integral part of our history and a unique phenomenon in the history of popular culture: it was the vehicle that brought personal mobility to Europe in the post-war Europe. It saw younger generations take different sides with their Vespas and Lambrettas, or as Mods and Rockers. It embodied music, rebellion, romanticism and escapism. It represented the promise of freedom for all. It is the symbol of the era of the “Dolce Vita”. It played a leading role in the 'revolution of thought' brought to fruition by the young generations of the 1960s and '70s. It welcomed the arrival of Rock'n Roll in Europe and was still here to see the advent of the MTV generation and digital music. And it will continue to go on.

    Thirty-three years on the world's roads.

    2010 is the thirty-third anniversary of the launch of the Vespa PX, a milestone that very few vehicles - let alone a two wheeler - can claim to have achieved.

    Making this achievement all the more extraordinary is the sheer popularity of this classic: with over 3,000,000 examples sold in every continent.
    The majority of the examples built and sold are still running in countries all over the world - a testimony not only to the proverbial robustness and reliability of the scooter, but also to the deep affection that binds every Vespa and its owner.

    In the current Vespa range, the PX is the only model which offers the four gear transmission on the handlebar: a true “must” for enthusiasts, together with an unmistakable design which goes beyond all fashion.

    The legend lives on: revised technical content and style.

    Essential lines, elegantly minimalist: Vespa PX maintains all of the classic strong points which determined its success for more than three decades: unmistakable style, functionality and user-friendliness, the legendary sturdiness of a steel bodyshell, the reliability of a simple and indestructible engine and the possibility (whether as a functional feature or just because you like it) of fitting a spare wheel.

    Without indulging in retro style for its own sake, the design of the instrument panel of the Vespa PX is instantly recognisable as timeless, with its immediately clear instrumentation. The speedometer, with dual Km/h and mph scales, and the fuel gauge are lit with a neutral coloured light that is in perfect harmony with the purity of the design. The array of indicator and warning lights includes indicators for the lights, full beam, turn signals and fuel reserve.

    A new saddle for the Vespa PX: with all-new design and upholstery. The proverbial comfort and space that have always distinguished the Vespa PX as the touring scooter par excellence have actually been improved. Ideal for two-up riding, the saddle accommodates riders of all statures, offering unparalleled comfort and vehicle control.

    The headlight, with a state of the art complex surface reflector and halogen bulb, creates a powerful beam for ideal visibility and constitutes a vital contribution in terms of active safety.

    The taillight has always been a signature feature of each and every Vespa model. From the small, round taillight of the legendary 1946 98cc to the headlight in two distinct elements and chrome parts which embellished the 1962 125cc, to the Primavera ET3's boxy design which was so typically "70's". Vespa PX rediscovers soft lines for the taillight which combine with a classic and elegant chrome edge. The component, with a red lens, also includes the brake light and license plate light.

    The turn indicators on the Vespa PX feature an orange bulb behind a clear plastic outer lens. A combination which recalls the elegance of the numerous chrome details, enhancing the purity of the Vespa lines. The new hand grips in black rubber are elegantly branded with the Vespa logo. The classic Vespa logo also enhances the new central tunnel cover, now refined by an elegant edge in glazed material. The new grille cites the style of some of the greatest classics in Vespa history.

    The Vespa has always been distinguished by a unibody construction - an exclusive feature that has always set the Vespa apart from any other scooter. The PX remains true to this construction solution which, in addition to giving the scooter a classic flavour, also ensures superior stiffness and precision.
    The link arm front suspension - a technical solution that is an intrinsic part of the Vespa character - works in conjunction with a coil spring and a dual action hydraulic shock absorber.

    At the rear, the suspension components are linked to the engine-transmission case, which also does duty as the swingarm. The 10" wheels are shod with 3.50” tyres.

    The 200 mm stainless steel front disc brake is complemented by a powerful and reliable 150 mm drum brake at the rear for perfect modulability.

    The 125 and 150 cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engines with forced air cooling feature CDI electronic injection and both electric and kick starters. After all, how can anyone think of the most classic of the Vespa models without the fantastic kick start pedal crank?

    Thanks to the use of a new catalytic converter designed to lower polluting emissions, both of the Vespa PX models comply with the most severe and modern Euro3 standards.

    The PX comes with a four speed manual gearbox: choosing the PX means choosing total riding pleasure.

  • SYM VS150

    Scooter News


    New colour for the ever popular VS 150 model from SYM.

    Allen Drysdale

    Just like the Citycom 300i and HD 200 EVO before it, the VS150 has been found wearing a new set of clothes.

    Now available in a gloss black livery with sports striping, the VS150 has come in for a major makeover.

    These photos below were taken on the run but you'll soon get the picture. Red callipers, red shock springs, red on black gloss stripes. The VS even gets the new model designation VS150s. Meaning it must be a little bit special. 

    Price remains the same, the VS150 retails for $2999 + ORC, easily one of the best bang for buck models on the road today. 

    Some of the features include:

    • Class leading 4 stroke 4 valve engine
    • Massive under-seat storage
    • Huge front disc brake
    • Twin rear shocks
    • Flat floor

    Actually the SYM VS150 has always been smart buying. Good performance, great brakes, excellent all-round ability, the VS 150 was born to commute. The VS also comes with Australia's only 4 year warranty.

    Goes great and now looks very smart in a new set of clothes. All dressed up and ready to go!

    For further information on the VS 150 check out

    Thanks to Nico at Motorini Canberra who had one on the floor....

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