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  • Calling All Scooter Riders

    10 June 2011 – HART St Ives and are calling all scooter riders and fans to scoot into Sydney for the Sydney Scooter Expo to be held in September in conjunction with the 2011 National Scooter Rally.

    Taking place at HART’s St Ives location just north of Sydney on September 10, the Sydney Scooter Expo is the largest of its kind and will bring together all types of scooters, accessories and riders from all over Australia.

    Honda, along with other scooter manufacturers will be at the expo with a fleet of test scooters waiting for people to test ride their favourites. With the safety of a HART qualified instructor nearby the Sydney Scooter Expo is the perfect opportunity to have a go on that that scooter you have been dreaming of.

    For the dedicated scooter rider, the 2011 National Scooter Rally will be a three day event, kicking off in Sydney on September 09, (exact location yet to be determined) with events scheduled for all three days.

    Incorporating scooterists from all walks, or rides, of life the Sydney Scooter Expo and the 2011 Scooter Rally are not to be missed.

    To keep up to date register at the official rally website:

    For more information on HART visit: