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Kymco Eicma Teaser

Eicma Milan 2012 is drawing near and with it are the sneaky previews of models to be launched.



Come early November the internet will be flooded with news from this years Eicma show in Milan. Brands are already releasing snippets in a hope that punters can hold out a little longer to upgrade on what will be the latest and greatest. 
Likewise, Kymco have given the world a sneak peak of a dedicated sports model code named the K-XCT. Kymco Europe has released a sketch of the rear of this model and already, much has been anticipated.
The K-XCT will be available in a 125 and 300 cc variant. The G5 engine we now find in the Downtown 300 will also find itself in the K-XCT. Liquid cooled, 4 valves per cylinder and a stack of power. What we do know is that Kymco will be targeting the sporting scene with a short, compact, low weight chassis and a real emphasis on performance.   
Other news is that Kymco will release the Xciting in a 400 cc version, a new larger G5 engine/transmission combination. This would probably see the end of the 500 cc Xciting as the power to weight ratio would favour the 400.    
Both these models are bound to create plenty of interest in Milan as they look right on target to suit the Italian market.
More as it hits the worldwide web......

Published Sep 28 2011, 12:47 PM by allen
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