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  • CF Moto Factory Visit


    CF Moto Australia conduct a dealer trip to China and visit the CFMoto factory in Hangzhou.

    CF Moto Australia

    CF Moto Australia, in conjunction with CF Moto China, this month conducted a dealer trip to China to visit the CF Moto factory in Hangzhou, China.

    The purpose of the trip was to give dealers an opportunity to visit the state‐of‐the‐art factory and learn more about the current and future planning for the CF Moto brand, which is relatively new in

    Australia however globally a well established brand. It also presented a valuable opportunity for dealers to receive accredited service training for CF Moto models and pass on feedback first hand to CF Moto engineers about further product improvements for the Australian market.

    22 people from 12 Australian CF Moto dealerships attended the trip and were amazed by the sheer size and professional nature of the CFMoto brand.

    During his presentation to the Australian contingent, CF Moto General Manager, Zhu Xiangyang, highlighted Australia as CF Moto’s “most exciting” growth opportunity and committed the full support of the factory to ensuring CF Moto becomes the leading brand in the Australian market, replicating recent successes in Europe, Russia and Canada that has seen the brand take the number one mantle in the markets in which it participates.

    The CF Moto factory has been producing power driven products globally for over 20 years and is dedicated to becoming the leading supplier of powersports products worldwide. The CF Moto manufacturing plant has a 1,300‐ strong workforce and dedicates over 25 per cent of this force to research and development, with continual improvement, innovation and quality.

    CF Moto is set to grow further in Australia with Mr Xiangyang and the CF Moto technical and development team set to visit Australia over the coming months. The main purpose for the visit will be for CF Moto to experience the unique Australian conditions first hand. CF Moto ATVs have celebrated outstanding results in their first year in the Australian market, with success being put down to the tough, reliable nature of the CF Moto All Terrain Vehicles. The quality of these products is supported by a standard 2‐Year Factory Warranty.

    “This was a unique opportunity to give both our staff and dealers first‐hand exposure to the CF Moto brand and the people behind it,” said CF Moto Australia National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    “CF Moto will be a serious long‐term player in the Australian market and this trip was an investment in our future growth and that of our dealers.”

    “CF Moto’s upcoming visit to Australia is exciting on a number of levels, with the factory eager to understand our harsh market conditions and continually develop products that will meet the needs of Aussie farmers.

    “Our farms offer some of the harshest conditions known to man, making it critical for CF Moto to understand the everyday use of the CF Moto ATVs in Australia and develop models appropriate for the Australian wear and tear.”

    The trip will also ensure that the service offered by CF Moto dealers is second to none in the industry.

    “For Australian dealers to have the chance to work with and learn directly from the CF Moto factory will allow our Dealers to be experts in the CF Moto range and this will mean they can offer superior customer and technical support,” says Alan Collins.

    The CF Moto factory dealer trip this month was the first of many; with all set to benefit from CF Moto Australia’s close relationship with the factory‐ CFMoto, dealers and most importantly Australian consumers.

    CF Moto Australia is expanding quickly with the new release Jetmax 250 scooter release this month and upcoming release of the Z8 (an 800cc sports side x side) and the X8 (an 800cc agricultural ATV).

    Joining these new models will be a 150 cc sports commuter and 650 cc sports bike to be launched early in the New Year, which will come in both a LAMS and non‐LAMS form.

  • Piaggio Eicma Preview 2011


    Two new scooters from the Piaggio Group. This one has a few pointers for the future. New 350 cc engine, Aprilia takes the leading sports role.

    Piaggio Press


    Piaggio Group unveils two new items in the scooter world early with respect to the EICMA 2011 show (Fiera Milano exhibition centre from 8 to 13 November 2011), which interpret the tendency toward powerful and larger capacity engines which will be introduced at the upcoming international two wheel motor show.

    The high wheel Piaggio Beverly SportTouring 350 scooter and the Aprilia SRV 850 maxiscooter represent two extraordinary pieces of news in their respective engine capacity segments. They also confirm the innovative skills of the Piaggio Group which will introduce other important models for the Group's main scooter and motorcycle brands at the 69th edition of the International Motorcycle Show.

    With Beverly SportTouring, Piaggio's high wheel best-seller – more than 310,000 units sold from 2001 to the present – is enriched with a new model with a sport character. A completely new 350 engine, 150/70 rear tyre and a new look for an evolution which takes the class and elegance of Beverly into a sport style.

    Beverly SportTouring is the first model from Piaggio equipped with the brand new 350cc engine with more than 33 HP of maximum power: a unit designed and built to obtain performance in line with that of a 400cc but with weight, size, emissions level and operational costs which are comparable to those of a more compact 300cc.

    The new Beverly SportTouring is also the first scooter in the world to be equipped with ABS/ASR, a particularly advanced feature, designed to take maximum advantage of performance in complete and constant safety. On display today at Spazio Broletto 13 – the Piaggio Group showroom in the heart of Milan – Beverly SportTouring will go on the market during the Milan Motorcycle Show.

    The “maxi” SRV 850 is the big scooter news which all the EICMA 2011 visitors will be able to see on display by Aprilia, the most victorious Italian and European brand of all operational motorcycle manufacturers, boasting a collection of 2 world titles in Superbike, 7 world championships in off road disciplines, and an astounding 37 titles in Motorcycle Grand Prix.

    Aprilia SRV 850 redefines the limits of the scooter world: power, balance, a sports spirit and design, all wrapped up in this new scooter, reminiscent of the technical, performance and aesthetic standards of Aprilia's superbikes.

    SRV 850 is equipped with the first and only 850cc two cylinder 90° V 4 valve electronic injection scooter engine, capable of reaching maximum power of 55.9 kW (76.0 CV) at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 76.5 Nm (7.8 kgm) at 6,000 rpm, numbers which place the new SRV 850 at the top of its category.

    The style is a clear reference to the Aprilia superbike world and all of the technical skills of the engineers in Noale who – starting from the Gilera GP 800, introduced in 2007 as the most powerful scooter in the world – advanced that revolutionary project from an engine performance, chassis and riding set up point of view. No fan will have trouble recognising the stylistic standards in the new SRV 850 which, together with performance, contributed to confirming Aprilia motorcycles as the point of reference in the world of competitive motorcycles.



  • New Piaggio's On the Way


    In an effort to offer a more expansive range of budget scooters, Piaggio will release two new budget models onto the Australian market shortly.

    Firstly, the Piaggio Typhoon will hit Australia November 2011. A budget 125 that shares the same platform as another scooter in the Piaggio family, Aprilia's Sportcity 125. With a 4-Stroke 125 cc engine and a funky youthful style, the Typhoon will provide an alternative to Piaggio's current standalone offering, the Fly 150. Look out for a 50 cc version to arrive in early 2012.

    Pricing on the Typhoon will be around the $3,000 mark and inline with other 125 cc products on the market. This was a model we first came across at Eicma last year and for a detailed look you can can go to

    Next is the Liberty 150 i.e., a model that will arrive early in 2012. Large wheel scooters remain a popular choice for inner city commuters. When I say large, in the Liberty's case it's 16 inch on the front and 14 inch on the rear. The Liberty for Australia will be an up-spec version featuring the fuel injected 150 cc engine.

    The Liberty has become a prolific seller both past and present. Last month it was the best outright selling scooter on the Italian market (125 cc). Since the first Liberty rolled off the production line this model has sold over 500,000 units worldwide.

    With the ability to now source scooters through Asian manufacturing plants, Piaggio Australia should also be able to offer the Liberty at a competitive price point. Think around $4000 ride away. The Liberty will be sourced from Piaggio's all new Vietnam factory.

    We'll have an update as each model is released.    

  • Daelim Sales Update

    Daelim motorcycles and scooters were relaunched late 2010 when the brand was taken over by Australian company Mojo Motorcycles. Since this relaunch, Daelim motorcycles and scooters are definitely beginning to make their presence known within the industry.

    In the latest Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) results released recently, the Daelim brand has grown an unbelievable 503 per cent.

    “We could not have asked for a better result from this South Korean brand,” says Mojo Motorcycles National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    “The Daelim brand is known worldwide for its inherent quality and now that Australian customers are beginning to recognise the brand locally and what it stands for, we are seeing these exceptional results.”

    Daelim motorcycles have been holding their own in the industry reporting 713% growth in sales from this time last year, according to the data provided by the FCAI.

    Not to be outdone by the Daelim motorcycle range, Daelim scooters have also posted amazing result of their own. Year to date results in comparison to this time last year, Daelim scooters sales have grown by 278%. For the month of September, the Daelim scooter range continued its uphill climb grabbing 5.6% of the entire Australian scooter market.

    While Daelim is relatively new to Australia it is a power player in the global motorcycle scooter market. Daelim is Korea’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, and holds an enviable reputation for quality, offering a number of models which have been refined over the organisations
    thirty year history.

    Daelim Motor’s are determined to grow into a world‐class motorcycle manufacturer that listens to our customers.

    “Daelim motorcycles and scooters are made with the most advanced technology and are built to the highest quality,” says Collins.

    “With such dramatic results being posted with this new brand so soon, the future is looking bright for Daelim with new models and an increasing national dealer network.”

    In Australia, Daelim is distributed by Mojo Motorcycles, who were established eight years ago and are the exclusive distributor for CFMoto motorcycles, scooters and ATVs and TGB Scooters, as well as Daelim motorcycles and scooters. Mojo Motorcycles prides themselves on importing quality products to the Australian market. According to the latest FCAI results Mojo Motorcycles owns an impressive 2.9% of the entire Australian motorcycle market. With each of the Mojo Motorcycles brands kicking goals monthly, there is no doubt that Mojo Motorcycles is set to become a market leader.

    For further information on the Daelim range please visit

  • TGB Scooters Australia Update

    TGB has marked September 2011 with outstanding results according to the latest figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

    TGB Scooters Australia

    TGB Scooters grabbed an impressive 14.2% of the entire Australian scooter market for September 2011.

    This outstanding result has cemented TGB's position within the motorcycle industry and has made TGB officially the 5th highest selling scooter brand in Australia...and growing!!!

    Drawing upon its years of experience in vehicle design and manufacturing, TGB produce a range of scooters catering for those searching for a fun, economical and fashionable commuting experience or a scooter to put to work in a commercial application.

    To complement September’s retails, in results reported by the FCAI TGB scooters boasted a staggering 49.3% complete increase in scooter sales in 2011 in comparison to the same time last year.

    National Sales Manager, Alan Collins says, “With TGB being an established brand, to increase sales by a further by 49.3% in 12 months is pleasing, and we expect further organic growth from the release of several new models and an increased marketing presence.”

    “TGB scooters success can be put down to their quality, reliability and the outstanding after sale customer service provided by TGB’s accomplished dealer network.”

    The September result was aided by TGB’s partnership with Dominos Pizza Enterprises, Australia’s largest pizza chain. TGB hold a unique position in the Australian market; offering the leading scooter specifically designed for commercial applications.

    “To be the trusted supplier of scooters to Dominos Pizza Enterprises is evidence of TGB scooters reliability, and easy to operate designs. Also the fact that TGB scooters have high visibility, durability, and are environmental friendly is also key features that make TGB scooters Domino’s number one

    TGB delivery scooters are available in a 50cc and 125cc model with a 150 litre top box.

    The momentum is set to continue for TGB scooters with the introduction of the TGB X Race 150 this month, as well as the introduction of the new 300cc Retro (Bellavita) to be released early 2012.

    There is also an increasing demand for the TGB delivery scooters to both Domino’s and other commercial partners. National Sales Manager, Alan Collins is thrilled with TGB’s growth but not surprised.

    “Our customers are increasingly recognising that, unlike our competitors, all of our TGB models are still being manufactured in Taiwan guaranteeing superior product quality and finish.

    “Add into that mix our competitive price point and support from our nationwide network of experienced dealers and 2‐Year Factory Warranty, it’s easy to see why TGB is growing in leaps and bounds.”

    In Australia, TGB is distributed by Mojo Motorcycles, who were established eight years ago and are the exclusive distributor for TGB scooters and Daelim motorcycles and scooters, as well as CFMoto scooters, motorcycles and ATV. Mojo Motorcycles prides themselves on importing quality products to the Australian market. According to the latest FCAI results Mojo Motorcycles owns an impressive 2.9% of the entire Australian motorcycle market. With each of the Mojo Motorcycles brands kicking goals monthly, there is no doubt that Mojo Motorcycles is set to become a market

    For further information on the TGB Delivery Scooter or any vehicle in the TGB range please visit

  • Sales Update September 2011


    Australian motorcycle industry reports strong growth in first quarter of 2011. Scooters up 12.1% on the same time 2010.



    Motorcycle sales in Australia continued to grow significantly in the third quarter of 2011, according to figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

    In the nine months to the end of September, 77,129 motorcycles were delivered to Australian customers, representing an increase of 3319 motorcycles (or 4.5 per cent) over the same period in 2010.

    26,750 motorcycles were delivered in the third quarter alone (between July and September).

    FCAI motorcycle manager Rhys Griffiths said the strong sales figures were representative of significant growth in the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) segment, which has grown 25.8 per cent year-to-date (compared with 2010).

    “Growth in motorcycle sales – particularly in the ATV and scooter segments – continues to significantly outpace other automotive sectors in Australia,” he said.

    “Strong up-take in the ATV segment is likely to be the result of the economic recovery in regional and rural Australia earlier in the year, where drought has been a mitigating factor for several years.”

    Mr Griffiths said sales of scooters also continued to expand, with the segment growing 12.1 per cent year-to-date when compared with 2010.

    “Strong growth of scooter sales and the resilience of overall road bike sales suggest commuters are finding motorcycles to be a practical solution to high fuel prices and inner city traffic congestion.

    “Despite road-bike sales falling 1.5 per cent year-to-date, the segment is still the largest in the market, accounting for 36.9 per cent of all motorcycles sold,” he said.

    Seven of the top 10 motorcycles remain off-road dirt-bikes: testament to the ongoing popularity of motorcycling as a recreational sport in Australia.

    The off-road segment is the second largest, accounting for 24,154 sales (31.3 per cent market share).

    16,021 ATV deliveries (year-to-date) represented a 20.7 per cent market share (up from 17 per cent in 2010), while scooter sales increased to 8485 for a market share of 11 per cent (up from 10 per cent in 2010).

    Motorcycle sales in Australia peaked in 2008, with 114,210 motorcycles delivered to customers that year.

    Mr Griffiths said 2011 sales would likely fall short of this mark, but he is encouraged by the recovery in sales following significant falls in 2009 and 2010.

    Japanese manufacturers continue to dominate sales. Honda was the number one brand, delivering 16,536 motorcycles to the end of September.

    Yamaha was in second position to the end of June with 14,129 sales, followed by Suzuki (9556), Kawasaki (7326) and Harley Davidson (4508).

    Honda’s evergreen CT110 model, sold almost exclusively to Australia Post as a delivery bike, is the best selling single model to the send of September with 1726 deliveries.

    Kawasaki’s Ninja 250R road bike is the second best seller with 1562 deliveries, followed by the Honda CBR250R (1528 sales).

    Download Reports 


    Download FCAI Motorcycle Group - National Sales Report - Comparison Report

    Download FCAI Motorcycle Group - National Sales Report - Top 10 Report

  • Corazzo Design International


    Corazzo Apparel and Accessories

    Corazzo Design is now Corazzo Design International, a company owned and operated by the current Australian Corazzo distributor. Corazzo Design International has a series of major distribution networks throughout the USA, Australia and the UK. 

    The Corazzo brand has been significant worldwide for a number reasons. Firstly it is clear that Corazzo apparel and accessories have been designed by riders for riders. Secondly the Corazzo brand has a distinctive style not seen elsewhere. Last of all Corazzo has been built with a level of technology that has riders safety - front of mind.

    Susan Walters, Director of Corazzo Design International goes onto say, "Corazzo is a unique riders brand that makes you look and feel good. It sets the standard for protection using a selection of top quality materials. Corazzo Design International will continue on using this philosophy. Every rider deserves technically advanced, fashionable riding apparel".

    Corazzo Design International will continue to call Portland home and continue to use those creative minds that have helped make Corazzo the iconic brand that it is today.

    Corazzo Design International, the new home of the shield.

    For further information on the Corazzo brand please visit