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Honda EV Neo Electric Scooter

Check out Honda's brand new EV-neo Electric Scooter at the 2011 Sydney Motorcycle Show on November 25-27. This progressive new model is a step towards the zero emission society Honda has long been working towards.

The EV-neo electric scooter was first conceived with the aim of offering convenient, clean transport that could help daily commuters get more enjoyment from their daily lives. Designed for short trips such as deliveries, the EV-neo is an electric motorcycle offering quiet performance and satisfying power.

Styling for the new concept EV-neo electric scooter was very important, Honda aimed to make the design both open and familiar in feel, it was important for the EV-neo to transcend the style of the current era. Honda leveraged the innovative layout made possible by its EV technology. The EV-neo is clean, simple and modern in its style and as it has been designed to fulfil business requirements it is trustworthy and dependable.

The EV-neo is a scooter that will encourage people to see a fresh side to their surroundings and it will heighten the fun of two wheeled transportation.

Honda pioneered the electric motorcycle segment in 1994, when the company leased 200 CUV-ES electric scooters to national and local government agencies in Japan. Now Honda presents EV-neo.

Visit the Honda stand at the Sydney Motorcycle Show at Darling Harbor on November 25-27, 2011 to see this progressive new model.

It's a Honda and is a step towards a future society with zero emissions.


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