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  • Honda CB 125E

    Looking for an economical, reliable, fuel efficient two wheeled machine? Meet the latest addition to Honda’s popular entry level line-up: the CB125E.

    With a 124cc, air-cooled, single cylinder engine, this heritage styled power pack is ideal for quick trips around town, runs to uni or day trips to the beach.

    With an incredibly low MLRP of $1,990 this new motorcycle from Honda offers value like no other.

    Front disc and rear drum brakes will offer first time riders’ confidence in braking at any speed while the low, comfortable seat creates a confident riding position for riders of all proportions.

    It’s a Honda and like all motorcycles in the Honda range, the CB125E is strong and dependable with easy handling making certain it is perfect for first time riders. 

    Available in Honda Dealerships in early 2012, the CB125E will be available in three bright colours; Red, White and Blue. 

    The combination of style and practicality ensure the CB125E will be a fun and satisfying ride, see your Honda Dealer for more information.

  • Le Minz 24 hour Scooterthon

    Over the weekend the highly exhilarating 24 hour Le Minz Scooterthon took place on the Gold Coast and with the help of Mark 'Brownie' Brown, the TGB Tapo 50 claimed a Guinness World Record.

    Brownie, with his TGB Tapo 50 in tow rewrote the history books riding the most kilometres ever on a 50cc scooter in 24 hours.

    During the 24 hour endurance race the TGB Tapo scooter rode 1189.685 kilometres‐ an outstanding effort, smashing the previous record of 1178.76 kilometres.

    Presented by TGB Scooters and the Australian Motorcycle and Scooter Expo Gold Coast, the sixth running of the Scooterthon had a fantastic turnout and was a great success, testing the fuel efficiency and mechanical reliability of the 50cc class scooters.

    On behalf of TGB we would like to congratulate Brownie on a fantastic ride of our TGB scooter, said National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    At the beginning of the race, we had faith in the reliability and agility of our TGB Tapo and with a great rider on board it has proven that this scooter is top of its class.

    The TGB Tapo boasts 12 inch wheels, front disc - rear drum brakes and a zippy 2‐stroke 50cc engine. The TGB Tapo also features modern European styling, large helmet storage and rock solid reliability. With the combination of unmatched performance and agility, the Tapo is the model suited for those that settle for nothing but the best!

    In the unmodified 50cc class the TGB Tapo also took second and third place at the completion of the 2011 Le Minz Scooterthon!

    It was a great 24 hours all round for the TGB Tapo ‐ showcasing to the crowds its versatility, power and superb reliability, said Alan Collins.

    With attendance up, the 24 hour Le Minz Scooterthon also raised significant funds for local charity 'Give me 5 for kids.'

    The history making TGB Tapo is available Australia-wide through an extensive TGB Dealer network. All TGB scooters are supported by a 2 Year Factory Warranty and come with world renowned reliability and power!!

    For further information on history making TGB Tapo or any of the TGB range please visit ‐


  • Aprilia SRV 850


    The style is clearly reminiscent of the Aprilia superbike world. No fan will have trouble recognising the aesthetics the stylistic standards in the new SRV 850 which, together with the performance, contributed to confirming Aprilia motorcycles as the point of reference in the world of competitive motorcycles.

    Aprilia SRV 850 takes its origins based on the GP 800, the maxi two cylinder launched by Piaggio Group in 2007 which established itself as the most powerful scooter in the world. The Aprilia engineers enhanced that revolutionary project, transferring to the SRV 850 the know-how which stems from decades of victories on tracks all over the world and which Aprilia has always transferred to its most sporty bikes such as the Aprilia RSV4, the SBK 2010 world champion, and the muscular motard Dorsoduro 1200.

    Evolved in engine performance, revisited in weight, riding set-up and aesthetics, SRV 850 brings to the scooter world the philosophy of performance without compromise which is written into the Aprilia DNA.


    The Aprilia SRV 850 engine is the first and only 90° V two cylinder scooter engine and it makes the maxi from Veneto the fastest and most powerful scooter ever manufactured anywhere in the world.

    Liquid cooled, equipped with electronic injection, with distribution of 4 valves per cylinder and twin-spark ignition, the engine has a displacement of 839.3 cc. Thanks to a new optimisation of the engine control system, it now reaches a maximum power of 55.9 kW (76.0 HP) at 7,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 76.5 Nm (7.8 kgm) at 6,000 rpm, specs which place the new SRV 850 at the top of its category. Two new oxygen probes (lambda) allow the engine control unit to optimise management of the fuel-oil mixture for the two cylinders, all to the advantage of combustion, obtaining a regularity of operation at idle speed and a progressiveness and torque flexibility at medium rpms which are a reference point for this type of engine architecture.

    The new system guarantees maximum efficiency in terms of fuel economy and emissions control so much that they already meet the future (stricter) requirements of Euro 4 approval.

    But it is not just power that the designers had in mind when they conceived this extraordinary engine: crankshaft and transmission group were designed with a rotational motion opposite that of the wheels in order to have a significant reduction of rotating inertia and the gyroscopic effect: by doing this the handling and quick entrance into turns of the Aprilia SRV 850 is increased.

    On Aprilia SRV 850 the engine is secured in a completely integrated way to the frame thanks to an elastic mounting to contain vibrations and the final drive is entrusted to a robust, but sophisticated, Regina Z-ring sealed chain.

    The exhaust system, completely free of the frame in order to keep vibrations to a minimum, is a 2-in-1 system which terminates in an aggressively styled silencer with heat shield.


    SRV 850 brings the style of the Aprilia maxi bikes to the scooter world.

    If the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, the front end of the SRV 850 leaves no doubts as to the nature of the first Aprilia two cylinder scooter: the style which made the RSV4 popular, the SBK 2010 SBK World Champion bike, is offered here in its entirety. The triple headlight, the dynamic air intakes under the headlight assembly, the racing fairing designed in the wind tunnel, are all elements which the SRV 850 has in common with the bike that revolutionised the supersport world. The colours of the livery recall the colour range of its "sister", the RSV4, including the two-tone Black-Red which characterises the Factory version of the Superbike from Veneto, the one that Max Biaggi rides in world championship races.

    Even the front mudguard and the mirrors, which house the built in turn indicators, are faithful to the Aprilia racing style, as is the design of the half-handlebars: the two arms are made of aluminium and the new hand grips emphasise its sporty nature. The new instrument panel, in perfect Aprilia Racing style, is at the same level as the best supersport bikes. A large, central LCD is combined with the large analogue instruments (speedometer and rpm indicator), a true on board computer with a vast number of functions (including: double trip odometer, total odometer, service LED, radiator temperature) selectable with a "mode" button located on the handlebar.

    The large saddle, made in Hi-Tech material, is in line with the sport design but offers great comfort for rider and passenger. The sleek and slender rear end of the SRV 850 ends with a spectacular LED technology light assembly which the new maxi two cylinder from Aprilia shares with the Dorsoduro 1200, another “extreme”, bike, standard bearer of the Aprilia maxi bike muscular sportiness: a family of vehicles which the SRV 850 is a full member of, bringing unique sport characteristics to the scooter world without compromises, not even in style.


    The generous power of the Aprilia two cylinder’s engine demands a superbly rigid chassis. The double cradle frame of the Aprilia SRV 850 is made of steel trellis pipes with reinforcing and rigidity plates.

    Simulations and road tests have demonstrated that the SRV 850 has a coefficient of stability at full power similar to a motorcycle (1 rad/sec) and almost twice as high as a conventional scooter. The high level of rigidity translates into an extraordinary sensation of riding control which also stems from the 5 kg lightening realised on the RSV 850. The new sport maxi scooter from Aprilia leans into bends like a sport bike, reaching angles of 45°, always holding a neutral behaviour and extraordinary road holding.

    Even analysing the suspension department it is easy to see how much Aprilia motorcycling know-how was passed on to the new SRV 850. At the rear there is a swingarm made of cast aluminium and secured directly to the side plates of the frame. It is clamped by suspension linkages that are dominated by a horizontally mounted, lateral hydraulic monoshock absorber, adjustable to seven different preload settings.

    Compared to the GP 800 the fork made in aluminium with large 41 mm stanchions - adopts a more sustained calibration resulting in significant improvement of dynamic control of the vehicle, improving braking and leaning stability.

    The wheel rims, 16” at the front and 15” on the rear are manufactured in aluminium to minimise unsuspended mass and guarantee riding precision. Overall performance is also helped by standard equipment radial tyres, 120/70 at the front and 160/60 on the driving wheel.

    The braking system at the front uses Brembo Gold Series double piston floating callipers and two 300mm semi-floating steel discs. On the rear the floating calliper with two opposing pistons acts on a 280 mm steel disc. The piping covered in metallic trellis and the levers which can be adjusted to 4 positions, are further testimony to the attention placed on realisation of the braking system. The Aprilia SRV 850 is even equipped with a parking brake operated by a practical lever on the right of the leg shield.

  • 2012 PGO Ligero 150



    The Ligero is often overlooked because of size. Small in stature, the Ligero is the "go-too" scooter for those who struggle with a high seat-height. The Ligero as we found out offers so much more.


    The Ligero struts a classic pose. With a race retro theme, nobody can knock it for doing its best to look cool. Many an admiring glance had me thinking that I'm not the only one who thinks so.

    First thing you notice is the large round headlight, you can't miss it. We get the US spec here, the same model known as the Genuine Buddy. Our model is the 150 version, a 4 stroke single cylinder engine that pumps out a credible 8 Kw's. A power rating that has it playing with many of the big fella's in the class. Though weighing in at only 98 kilo's the Ligero has a power to weight ratio stacked well in its favour.

    When I look at a scooter and sum up the specifications I often look at how practical one is. For the Ligero, it would seem that PGO have completed the same checklist. Flat floor, a very handy open glovebox and underseat storage capable of locking away a full face helmet. Two helmet hooks are provided and opening the seat is as simple as turning the ignition key. The fuel filler is located under the seat, a manual screw-off affair.

    Wheels are 10 inch jobbies, small yes, though suitable for the size. Brakes are disc on the front and a drum takes up steadying duties on the rear. The side and centre stand work well combined, the side stand like the G-Max we just tested, lacks a cut-out switch.

    Speed and fuel are easily visualised using the cute classic analogue layout. The mirrors suit the style of the Ligero, small rounded and black, they look right at home. The blinkers feature tinted lenses and an audible warning sounds when they're in use.

    Looking at the layout and features, it's not hard to see they studied up on that other well known brand. The only thing the Ligero lacks is a rear rack, the glovebox makes up for the missing bag hook, though I think with a flat floor, it may still need one.

    On the Road

    The Ligero 150 punches well above its weight on the road. The Ligero would shame many, and performance-wise the Ligero is more than capable. Actually it could perform daily commuting duties without fuss. Don't be fooled by the size, the Ligero packs a punch thanks to a favourable power to weight ratio.

    The handling is impressive. Even think about turning a corner, and the Ligero will adjust. Helped obviously by having 10 inch wheels, though still a well sorted "solid" handling package. The Ligero does have that small wheel, large pothole issue. Though don't be put off by this, the Ligero is a real sharp tool on the road. You can position yourself anywhere on the flat seat and regardless of size the Ligero is a comfortable proposition.

    Overall dynamics are helped by the fact that the Ligero is put together like all PGO's. By this I mean it really does feel solid and fit and finish is above par. The Ligero plays in the budget class, though it punches well above this.


    For newcomers the Ligero 150 is the perfect first-up scooter. Easy to ride, easy to manage, good power and ultra reliable. If you were looking for recommendations, I'd feel confident in putting the Ligero forward.
    The only thing is size. A positive for many, a minus for some. Also 10 inch wheels provide you with an increased sense of speed and turn in, though many would prefer something larger.

    Don't look past the Ligero if you're after a retro styled scooter, meaning any retro scooter at all regardless of price. The Ligero is a surprisingly good inner-city commuter and you can be confident quality has been taken care of.

    The Ligero 150 retails for just under $3000 plus on road costs - Good value if you look past the size. The PGO Ligero 150, place this one on the test-ride list.

  • A Merry Corazzo Christmas

    With any combined jacket and glove purchase from Corazzo get a messenger bag FOC.

    Corazzo Design


    Corazzo Riding Apparel is getting all festive with a free messenger bag with any combined jacket and gloves purchase.

    We all know Corazzo Gear is renowned for being both stylish and practical. Corazzo jackets have been built with top quality materials and the design means your safety is never compromised. But what is the real reason you would buy a Corazzo jacket? Well you actually look really cool.

    Next on the shopping list is gloves. Corazzo gloves come in a number of different styles. Comfortable in fit, they help with both grip and feel whilst riding. Gloves also offer extra protection and they pretty much go hand-in-hand with any jacket purchase.

    So what would make the perfect combination? A Corazzo jacket, a pair of Corazzo gloves, the added bonus of a free messenger bag! 

    A Corazzo messenger makes a great Christmas gift and normally retails for $89.95. Corazzo's messenger features a 3M reflective strip and pockets throughout. Made from water resistant fabric, the Corazzo messenger also features a protective padded area for the most important tool in your life, your laptop.

    So I know Christmas is about giving. Though you might also drop the word that a stylish Corazzo jacket and gloves are what you wish to find under the tree. On the other hand you may just make it an early Christmas gift for that special person in your life - YOU!

    See your nearest retailer for more details or visit

    Example 1 : Buy a Corazzo Postale, combine it with a pair of Carbone's, this equals a free messenger.



    Example 2 : Buy a Corazzo Ladies Trench, combine it with a pair of Urbano's, this equals a free Messenger.