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  • CF Moto RT 150 2012


    In March CFMoto will relaunch the 2012 model RT 150 scooter.

    CF Moto Australia


    The CFMoto RT 150 boasts classically stylish lines combined with advanced technology & modern features. This scooter is powered by a 150cc engine complemented with fully automatic CVT Twist and Go transmission with electric start.

    Behind the iconic retro exterior of the CFMoto RT 150 is a leading liquid cooled engine that achieves a perfect balance of performance, efficiency and reliability. The RT 150 also features hand operated hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

    Another notable advantage of the CFMoto RT 150 design is the big 16 inch wheels. The large wheels on this scooter help to increase road safety by giving the rider greater perspective and visibility on the road.

    When relaunched in March this year, the stunning CFMoto RT150 will be available to the Australian market at RRP $2,490 + ORC.

    CFMoto manufacturing is based in Hangzhou, China, and while a relatively new brand in Australia, has an established global network. With over 30 years build experience, technology, reliability, quality build and value for money are attributes tied with all CFMoto products.

    The CFMoto RT 150 is a great ride on the roads while possessing environmental benefits, exceeding Euro III emission standards.  This little beauty is a scooter of many talents with easy riding, easy parking and fuel efficiency!

    Supported by a 2 year part and labour warranty, a fantastic price point and an extensive nationwide dealer network, the 2012 CFMoto RT 150 is set to be a hot scooter choice this year..

    The CFMoto RT 150 will be available to the Australian market in early March and will come in black, red and white.

  • New Aprilia Dealer Newcastle

    Aprilia appoints new dealer in Newcastle. Brisan's now carrying Aprilia.

    Aprilia Australia

    John Sample Automotive, EXCLUSIVE Australian importers of Aprilia motorcycles is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Dealer in Newcastle. Brisan Motorcycles officially commenced representing Aprilia on January 25th and are already delivering bikes to excited customers who are happy to see Aprilia once again represented in the region.

    Brisan Motorcycles have built a strong reputation for quality service and customer support and pride themselves on representing only premium quality brands from Europe and the USA. Late last year the Brisan team moved into new state of the art premises that would rival the best in Australia.

    Dealer Principal Clint Davis said “we are very pleased to have Aprilia and the John Sample Team working with us at Brisan Motorcycles. The Aprilia brand completes our brand portfolio very well by allowing us to offer a truly top shelf European Sports bike product line. Our staff are all very excited about the Aprilia brand now being available at Brisans.”

    John Sample Automotive General Manager Kris Matich said “we are extremely pleased to have a dealership with the stature of Brisan representing Aprilia. They have a first class reputation for service and have built a truly wonderful facility for their customers to enjoy”

    The Brisan / Aprilia relationship was cemented late last year but the two companies decided to wait for the all new 2012 range to arrive before starting the business. Brisan offer a complete range of Aprilia’s on the floor including a wide range of Demonstrator units for customers to test.

    While stocks are available now an official Opening and Demo event is scheduled for March 17th. Booking on that day will be essential.

    Further details can be found at either Aprilia’s or Brisan’s website.

  • Gold Coast Expo 2012


    Sci-fi meets century-old style at Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo.

    Toby Lynch

    Brisbane-based business coach Steve Leach has become used to the constant double-takes and camera flashes when he parks up his daily ride.

    It looks like something straight from Hollywood's sci-fi reels – because it is.

    Coated in candy apple red with meticulous chrome embellishing, ‘Beond’ began life as a prototype of a Transformers character before being purchased by Leach and re-built as a road-registerable motorcycle.

    The extensive ‘ground-up’ overhaul began in 2007, with de-construction, re-engineering, customisation and re-construction taking hundreds of hours to complete.

    Its Harley-Davidson V-Rod engine and tyres are the only components not crafted entirely from hand.

    Leach said his business background inspired him to create something beyond mediocre.

    “I always wanted to create something that showed that you can go beyond the norm, whether that be in bikes or in business,” said Leach.

    “The prototype came from the US and was originally inspired by a character from the Transformers movie.

    “It certainly gets people’s interest and creates attention. We get used to the ordinary world we live in and I don’t believe in locking away your ‘good stuff’ for ‘someday’!”

    Sydney artist Time Cameron created the artwork, while the original prototype engineering was completed by Chris Travert, the driving force behind Jay Leno’s incredible Y2K jet bike which appeared at a past Australian Motorcycle Expo event.   

    These are just a few of the many unique machines set to be displayed at the Australian Motorcycle Expo at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from February 17-19.

    A turn-of-the-century 1901 Wearwell-Stevens motor bicycle is another feature sure to attract plenty of interest.

    This particular model’s 2-and-a-quarter horsepower, four-stroke engine is the first of its kind built for use on a bicycle.

    Mounted above the front down-tube, it has an accumulator ignition, surface carburettor and twisted leather belt drive to the back wheel.

    The Wearwell went on to be displayed at a national motorcycle exhibition later in 1901 and sales saw the bike fetch 40 pounds apiece, a costly investment at the time.

    Various unique bikes, customs, choppers and one-off machines will be showcased at next month’s event alongside hundreds of new models from a wide range of manufacturers.

    Stay connected with the latest news on facebook ( or visit the website at

    Tickets (available pre-purchase at or at the gate)
    Adults: $20 / Seniors: $14 / Children (5-15 years): $14 (Under 5 years free) / Family: (2 adults and 2 children) $48

    Opening Hours

    Friday Feb 17: 10am-8pm / Saturday Feb 18: 9am-6pm / Sunday Feb 19: 9am-5pm

  • Honda Click 125i

    Honda plans to sell in Thailand the Click 125i, the new 125-cc sports scooter based on the Thai-manufactured 110-cc Click-i, starting in January 2012.


    The Click 125i is the first model to be equipped with eSP, Honda’s newly developed 125-cc global engine for scooters, which boasts improved durability, quietness, and high fuel efficiency.

    The Click 125i presents a sporty design with aggressive and innovative looks based on the image of the new engine featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating ride, while inheriting the “slim & sharp” concept of the Click-i.

    The Click began in 2006 with the debut in Thailand of the Click 110 sports scooter. A new model equipped with the PGM-FI*2 (Programmed Fuel Injection) system was launched in 2008, achieving a high-level balance between riding performance and fuel efficiency. The Click series models have enjoyed widespread popularity in the Thailand sports scooter market.

    Honda plans to install the eSP global engine for scooters on a wide range of 125-cc scooter models that will be launched in various countries throughout the world starting in 2012.

    *1 - “eSP” stands for enhanced (reinforced, with greater value), Smart (refined, high-precision and highly sensitive) and Power (motive power, engine). eSP is the general term for liquid-cooled engines for scooters achieving both higher environmental performance and greater dynamic performance through use of advanced technology for higher fuel efficiency and an ACG starter.

    *2 - PGM-FI is a registered trademark of Honda.

  • Kymco Downtown 300i

    Last year myself, Muz and Scooterman took up the challenge of riding Melbourne to Sydney on 300 class scooters. The Downtown was one of those scooters and over the trip it became the standout performer.

    The ability to scratch along country roads at fair rate of knots was impressive. The ability to maintain constant freeway speeds was even more so. The Downtown has the ability to tour and tour easily.

    So this we already know about the Downtown. As a long term prospect though, how have we found the Downtown 300i ABS?

    Has it been as good around the city as it was on high speed backroads or long freeway stretches. I thought it was time I listed some points and thoughts on how city life has treated the Downtown.

    Things to Like

    First of all, power. The Downtown for me takes the cake in this class. The Downtown is near on 300 cc, 299.8 to be exact. In real world power terms this equates to class leading performance . Take off is brisk. The ability to hold well above road legal speeds is handy when needed. The ability to overtake makes a welcome change. The engine and transmission are both very well suited.  

    Anti-lock brakes. Whilst I've only needed ABS assistance twice, it's still nice to know it's available when needed. One crash is one too many and having ABS means you have a sense of added security when braking heavily. Never really a huge fan, after living with the Downtown, I am now.

    Low speed balance. The Downtown shows a steady hand at low speeds. Some may say "so what". I don't - the Downtown will crawl along in heavy traffic or perform slow speed manoeuvring without the tendency of wanting to tip over. And this helps when you have a scooter of this size and style. Commuting is a breeze and a real bonus aspect to this model.  

    Practical. I've found the Downtown extremely practical. Storage is sufficient and there seems to be enough storage alternatives. For example, the bag hook I use on most rides to carry my laptop. The huge rear seat is wide and flat, the rear grab handles act as great tie down points. The underseat storage area whilst not wide is still very long. So the Downtown has the ability to place long items under the seat i.e golf clubs for example. A weather proof glove-box houses a 12 volt charger, this also handy over time.  

    Weather protection is awesome. The protection is mainly due to the style, touring type scooters rock when it comes to protection. A rakish front end that will have the elements deflecting around or over you. In light rain the front fairing and windscreen will do a top job of trying to keep you dry. The windscreen I found spot-on for my size. Being adjustable it should suit most.
    Overall handling. In general the Downtown is quite capable once set up for your particular size and weight. Initially the front end felt a little harsh over bumps. A few adjustments and this has been resolved. The Downtown has a set of beefy 5-way adjustable shocks on then rear. Now it's all dialled in, turn in is sharp, it's a fun ride around town.

    Please Fix Kymco

    The seat. Always will be a gripe until they do something about the hump at the front that seems to dig after a while. I think I am now used to the feeling, though I would prefer some more padding please.

    Storage width. As mentioned, the underseat storage area can suffer from a lack of width. So fitting say a large laptop bag under the seat can be an issue. I did tend to carry mine on the front fuel hump, which I have to say was fine, though with a scooter this size you'd expect a little more width.  

    Battery placement. You need to pull the whole seat and bucket out if you wish to charge the battery. This has happened twice where I've left the light on by not closing the seat properly (warning). One of those external leads would be the answer here.

    There you have it. I would have no problems at all accepting the Downtown as a permanent in-house mule.

    Here's a simple way of looking at it. Not once have I looked at the Downtown and thought "nah, I'll take something else". Around town, across town, intercity or interstate the Downtown is a very capable machine. I've never had to think twice or 2nd guess its capability. It's been ultra reliable too.

    Which is the way I look at a scooter these days. How many roles in my life can this scooter fill?  

    Kymco Australia have kept the price ultra competitive. Nationally I am seeing prices of $7490 Ride Away, so the value equation for me is there. A scooter with just about every angle covered for under 8 grand.  

     Nice One Kymco.


  • Daelims Brand Ambassador, Nick Bracks!

    Nick Bracks signed on late last year as the face of Daelim after being introduced to the new motorcycle brand during a photoshoot. And when Nick first laid eyes on the Daelim range- it was love at first site.

    “The quality of the products,” answered Nick when asked what stands out about the Daelim brand.

    “Daelim’s range all have a unique feel about them and are made to a very high standard. There is a very individual feel with all of the Daelim products.”

    In late 2011 Nick Bracks took the leap and got his two wheel license and has not looked back, now scootering around town on the famous Daelim B-Bone scooter.

    “I love the fact that it is different from any other scooter I have ever come across. The fact that it has no plastic on it and just metal framing really separates it from other scooters,” said Nick.

    “Also the old school speedometer and features like that give it a unique feel. I feel very secure on it. It is almost like a mini Harley!”

    The Daelim B-Bone is a learner approved 125cc scooter and was the ideal scooter choice for brand Ambassador Nick Bracks to ride as a learner and use to sharpen his riding technique.

    “It is very easy to ride! I had never been on a scooter before and already had the hang of it on the ride home from the dealership.”

    The Daelim range offers a great combination of power and agility, making it ideal for city travel with the ability to also hit the highways.

    “I always ride my B-Bone around inner city areas,” says Nick Bracks.

    “It’s great not having to worry about paying for parking or getting parking tickets!”
    Daelim motorcycles and scooters only celebrated the one year anniversary since its relaunch to the Australian market in late 2011. According to market share released in January by industry data specialists ERG International, in 2011 the Daelim brand grew an enormous 496% in comparison to sales made in 2010. In 2012 Daelim is set to grow further with more and more people recognising the brand and exciting new product developments!
    To learn more about the Daelim range and what Nick Bracks is talking about please visit

    New Daelim Ambassador Nick Bracks and his B-Bone!


  • Scooter Parts Online

    ScooterPoint is alive. A website that will dedicate its existence entirely to Scooter Parts.

    Scooter parts can often be hard to find and even harder when you don't know where to start looking. ScooterPoint will take the pain out of finding the right part for your scooter. The ScooterPoint plan is to become Australia's Number 1 resource when hunting down scooter parts.

    So how will ScooterPoint be different from other parts sites? At ScooterPoint you'll have access to a selection of parts manuals for scooters sold in Australia - current and previous. You'll have access to a fully qualified parts interpreter. If you need a part, not sure where to start looking? Ask Theresa, she'll help you source it.

    ScooterPoint can also take the hassle out of cross-referencing. Sometimes parts can be superseded or an alternative cost effective solution may be available i.e. belts for example. At ScooterPoint we'll point you in the right direction.

    ScooterPoint's aim is to be Australia's number one online destination for scooter parts. Many Australian's are sourcing parts overseas, ScooterPoint's aims to offer an alternative right here at home.

    ScooterPoint will source the majority of parts through Australian importers or suppliers. Factory branded parts are parts you can trust, you know they'll fit. And when they're not available we'll help track it down or even offer you an alternative.

    ScooterPoint will continue to evolve, more parts, pictures and information will be added. In the coming months ScooterPoint will be joined by a wholesale ordering portal for scooter and motorcycle dealers. This will be a portal where parts can be sourced at trade prices for ABN holders.

    So keep an eye on ScooterPoint and feel free to take a look around, see the site continue to grow over the next few weeks.

    Also take advantage of the resources that are being provided. Any questions? Contact Theresa @ HERE.

    ScooterPoint now joins Scooter Accessories in offering two unique Australian shopping portals.

  • Piaggio, Consumers Choice

    Australian scooter sales climbed 8.8% in 2011 over the previous year. The greatest contribution to the market’s improved sales figures was Italian brand Piaggio with their contemporary and legendary brands Piaggio and Vespa.
    “We are proud to announce the Piaggio Fly 150 as Australia’s current number 1 scooter choice, a trend that reflects on the importance of the brands Italian heritage and savvy pricing”, highlighted Piaggio and Vespa Sales Manager Gavan Moody.

    “The Piaggio Zip 50 is also officially Australia’s number 1 choice in the 50cc market. No doubt the quality, great looks and economical running have appealed to many owners in this competitive segment”.
    Vespa has also continued to dominate the premium end of the segment where traditional values, build quality and style have a more significant influence on choice.

    The Italian icon continues to pluck at the heart strings and takes their owners to a place beyond the daily grind.

    Piaggio brands, which includes Vespa, are the market leaders accounting for almost a quarter of all scooters sold in Australia.
    “Consumers have demonstrated a genuine need to reduce their family expenditure. The 2nd car is more often being replaced with a scooter”, said Brand Manager Simon Gloyne.

    “We’ve clearly hit the right combination of quality and price. In 2012 we will expand even further into this segment with the new Typhoon in 125cc and 50cc engine sizes and the new big-wheeled Liberty 150ie”.

  • Vespa Debuts in Delhi


    The Vespa for the Indian market unveiled at the Auto Expo show in Delhi. Powered by a new 60 km/litre low-emission engine, the scooter will be produced in the Piaggio factory in Baramati (India), starting in March. It will be sold in India’s 35 largest cities as from April. Initial production capacity of 150,000 scooters/year.
    Vespa, the world’s most famous and best-selling scooter, is making its debut on the Indian market at the Auto Expo show in Delhi, Asia’s largest automobile and motorcycle exhibition and one of the world’s most important motor shows.

    At the eleventh edition of the Delhi event, the Piaggio Group unveiled the Vespa LX 125 scooter developed specifically for the Indian market, the world’s second-largest market in terms of volumes, with approximately 13 million vehicles sold in 2011 – including 2.5 million scooters – and very high growth rates.
    Compared with the Vespa scooter produced in Italy and marketed in Europe and the USA, and the model produced by Piaggio Vietnam, the Vespa LX 125 unveiled at the Auto Expo show in Delhi presents a series of specific ergonomic features and offers easier access to the engine and tyres (punctures are an everyday occurrence on Indian roads); above all, it is equipped with a brand new 4-stroke, 3-valve 125 cc engine.

    The new engine has been developed by the Piaggio Group expressly for the scooter’s debut on the Indian two-wheeler market.

    A silent, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly unit (with reduced exhaust and acoustic emissions), it is exceptionally fuel efficient, with a capacity of more than 60 km with a single litre of petrol.
    Production of the Vespa 125 for the Indian market will begin in March 2012 in the new factory in Baramati, the area that houses the industrial complex of Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Piaggio Group, which already produces three-wheel vehicles for the transport of goods and people in India (and is the leading player on the Indian market, with annual sales of more than 220,000 vehicles) and diesel and turbodiesel engines for the commercial vehicle ranges produced by Piaggio in India and in Pontedera, Italy.

    The initial production capacity of the Vespa factory in India will be 150,000 scooters/year.

    Sales of the Vespa on the Indian market will begin in April, immediately after the scooter’s market launch, through a dealer network ensuring immediate coverage of India’s 35 largest cities.
    Presenting the Vespa at the Auto Expo show in Delhi, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director Ravi Chopra said:

    “The Piaggio Group’s entry into the two-wheeler business in India opens up a completely new premium product segment, addressing customers looking for a vehicle that offers unique style and personality. With the Vespa we shall be able to leverage the great potential of this class of consumers and establish a market segment of enormous interest for the coming years.”

  • Honda Dollars

    Scoot out of your Honda Dealer with $250 HondaDollars on the popular Today50 scooter between now and March 31, 2012. PLUS if you finance your new scoot through Honda MPE Financial Services, receive a bonus $250 HondaDollars!

    HondaDollars can be used in store towards the purchase price, for accessories or towards servicing.

    The reliable, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine of the Today50 is not only highly environmentally-friendly, it also offers power output characteristics and fuel economy that make it ideal for city riding. To further suit city riding, the engine has been tuned to provide ample power in the low to mid engine speed ranges, just right for frequent starts and acceleration in the city.

    The Today50 embodies simple, approachable styling in its curved surfaces which are punctuated by sharp, taut edges. The seat is conveniently shaped with a narrowed front portion for easy mounting and dismounting, and its low height of just 695mm makes it easy for riders to reach the ground with their feet. The under seat storage is large enough to accommodate a standard full-face helmet.

    It's a Honda and like all scooters in the Honda range, the Today50 is strong and dependable with easy handling making it perfect for first time riders.

    Available in three punchy colours, Orion Yellow, Candy Lucid Red and Pearl Gemini Blue, there is a Today50 to suit all lifestyles.

    Offer available from January 1 until March 31, 2012.

  • Hot in 2012

    If the last few months of 2011 were any indicator, 2012 should pose a good year for scooters in Australia. We take a look into the crystal ball and predict what will be hot in the year ahead. For further information on any of the models mentioned here use the google search bar on the home page.


    A continuation of a successful 2011. This brand has seen a significant increase in sales, thanks mainly to the TGB Transcoot. Busy delivering pizzas all over Australia, the Transcoot is the obvious and only choice. The Transcoot benefits from being a purpose built delivery scooter. This year we will see a further increase in sales as more and more Pizza franchises compliment their cars with a fleet of TGB Delivery Scooters.   

    The all new TGB Bellavita 125/300 which will arrive in the 3rd QTR of 2012. I am predicting big things for this scooter. The Bellavita will be the first large capacity classic out of Taiwan, styling is right on the money. Price for the 300 model should sit somewhere in the vicinity of 6K.  

    The X-Race 150 was launched late in 2011 at a 2.5K price point. Again this should sell in good numbers given the 150 cc engine capacity. It also comes with twin rear shocks and 13 inch wheels. So a good value, tried and trusted package for around 3K on the road.   


    We will see a significant increase in overall sales thanks to one model, the Besbi.

    The Besbi 125 will take up the budget battle for Daelim. If the Besbi looks familiar, that's because it was previously known as the Sachs Amici. Quality control is also now being carried out by the South Korean company before product is shipped to Australia. Looks cute, will sell well.


    The premium brand that will continue charging ahead in 2012. The main charge will be led by the popular Sportcity One 125. Aprilia's sales increase was well up over the previous year, if stock levels remain consistent, expect more of the same for 2012.

    Two headline acts will surely be the introduction of the SR MAX 300 and the SRV 850. Numbers are not expected to be massive here, though both scooters offer something different. The SRV 850 will generate significant exposure for the brand.  

    Overall the Aprilia range is expected to fire given the price reduction of various models that occurred in late 2011. Together the Sportcity 300 and Scarabeo 300 offering significant value for money.  

    Aprilia will also introduce the updated Scarabeo 200 this month. I do have a soft spot for this model. The 2012 model update will receive a facelift, a new seat and top-shelf tyres standard.   


    We are waiting with anticipation as SYM is said to have a few new models hitting our shores in 2012. One that I can confirm is the SYM Maxsym 400i. The Maxsym 400i wont break sales records though at mid 7's ride away this will definitely be one to watch. Should be a hugely capable scooter for the bucks.

    SYM carries a range of popular 50 cc models, the Red Devil consistently in the Top 10 for 2011. The SYM  VS150 continues to perform well as a budget all-rounder. The only brand with a 4 year warranty across its Taiwanese range of models.


    We will most likely see the update of the Fly in 2012, though probably not till later in the year. The update was first seen at Eicma last year, the Fly gets a facelift and all new running gear. The Fly is significant because it continues to be one of Australia's top selling scooters.

    Next will be the Liberty 150, the first model to be sold here out of new Vietnam facility. Should be a goodie, priced around the 4K mark on the road.

    And finally the Typhoon 125 which was launched early December 2011. The 2T-50 cc version will join the 125 shortly. The Typhoon features fat balloon tyres and teenage graphics. One for the young at heart.



    Will continue on as the Number 1 premium brand in Australia. Though little to report here. 

    Most likely we will see a new colour scheme for the GTS 300 Super Sport as seen at Eicma. So look out for a new matt "orange" to be introduced in 2012.

    My pick in this range would have to be the long standing GTS 250 i.e. Top value for well under 8K on the road.


    Honda has fired the starters gun early. The strength of the Honda brand will be apparent in 2012.

    The PCX 125 continues to perform relatively well across all markets. This model was launched last year and has now founded a solid reputation. Expect this to continue in 2012.

    Prediction : The new Dio/Vision will be Australia's Number 1 selling scooter by the end of 2012. For under 3K on the road the Dio boasts 125 cc performance from a fuel injected 110 cc powerplant. Fuel economy is just crazy. The Dio also offers impeccable handling and impressive build quality for the money. Good storage, big wheels, top seating position etc etc.

    Mention should be made of the Honda Integra maxi that will arrive in January this year. The Integra, a semi-auto motorcycle in scooter clothing. Expecting this one to find a niche. No pricing as yet.



    Kymco will finally release the Like 200i. Expected early last year, this model now expected early this year. The Like 200i will fill an urgent void and should sell well.

    Kymco has just released the 2 stroke - Super 8 50. If kept price competitive this model will continue to sell well in markets like Qld and WA. Expect the Super 8 to be up there in the numbers game along with the Agility 50 4T.


    Like Honda, it is my belief that Yamaha will look towards the Asian markets when introducing new products. Just look at models like the new Xenter for example. This is all just crystal ball gazing but watch this space.

    I should mention the new TMAX, though it will have little bearing on overall numbers. The TMAX has been given a major touch up and I would expect it to be highly anticipated. Initial reports from Europe look very favourable. Expect in the back half of 2012.


    Again not a mass market model. Though for BMW and the world over, this will surely be one of the most highly anticipated Maxi releases ever. Two model derivatives will be available. One sport model, the other a full blown tourer. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

    Will BMW target the cashed-up scooter rider or will this model form an extension of the current bike range?

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