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Piaggio, Consumers Choice

Australian scooter sales climbed 8.8% in 2011 over the previous year. The greatest contribution to the market’s improved sales figures was Italian brand Piaggio with their contemporary and legendary brands Piaggio and Vespa.
“We are proud to announce the Piaggio Fly 150 as Australia’s current number 1 scooter choice, a trend that reflects on the importance of the brands Italian heritage and savvy pricing”, highlighted Piaggio and Vespa Sales Manager Gavan Moody.

“The Piaggio Zip 50 is also officially Australia’s number 1 choice in the 50cc market. No doubt the quality, great looks and economical running have appealed to many owners in this competitive segment”.
Vespa has also continued to dominate the premium end of the segment where traditional values, build quality and style have a more significant influence on choice.

The Italian icon continues to pluck at the heart strings and takes their owners to a place beyond the daily grind.

Piaggio brands, which includes Vespa, are the market leaders accounting for almost a quarter of all scooters sold in Australia.
“Consumers have demonstrated a genuine need to reduce their family expenditure. The 2nd car is more often being replaced with a scooter”, said Brand Manager Simon Gloyne.

“We’ve clearly hit the right combination of quality and price. In 2012 we will expand even further into this segment with the new Typhoon in 125cc and 50cc engine sizes and the new big-wheeled Liberty 150ie”.



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