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Steve The Ace - Part 1

Steve from ace scooters shares his passion for scooters with us...


It's been quite a while since the Ace Scooters blog made its last foray into publication, because whilst I enjoy putting pen to paper (or keyboard to screen) to talk about what is happening in "scooter world", without a target date or publication, it always gets pushed to the back of the to do list. So when Adrian at Scootersales asked me to revive our commentary, I said that I'd do so on one condition - that he reminded and cajoled me to get it done. Well it seems to have worked so far!

So 2012 is well and truly upon us, and early indications are that it's going to be a big year for scooters. The positive market sentiment in our industry at least in the last six months of 2011 took a lot of dealers and suppliers by surprise, and for us here at Ace Scooters 2012 has so far been a year of feast and famine.

As we anticipated the arrival of the Typhoon 50 has been huge. It instantly became our top selling scooter in January, and despite turning up halfway through the month it matched the sales in WA of the very well established Piaggio Zip. Unfortunately the success caught our suppliers somewhat off-guard too, and we've already run out of stock and won't be getting more till April/May!


We are starting to see similar stories for other scooters too! The last X7 300 Evo shipment came in November, and instantly sold out! No more till April. The Vespa GTS 250ie started to move in quantities and suddenly warehouse stocks that should have lasted till May... all gone. Fortunately our other big sellers, the Piaggio Zip 50, the Fly 150, and the other Vespa sizes are now back in good supply so at least we've got something to sell! Fingers are crossed that there will be enough till the cavalry arrives in autumn!

The message to take home is clear - if you are in the market for a Piaggio or Vespa scooter, and want it in the next few weeks/months, don't hang around, or be prepared for disappointment. They are selling like hotcakes.

A very clear market structuring seems to be occurring here in WA with regards to brands. Sales of the cheap and cheerful locally imported "brands" continue apace, as do sales of the more established scooter brands, with the mid-priced and "bike" brands losing market share. There is of course a constant churn of the cheap brands as the market becomes increasingly aware of their associated problems, and sales move toward the next "big thing" till they too drop off. These brands appeal to the dealers (often bike dealers) who seem more product rather than customer focussed, often making a bigger buck on the deal (despite the lower price), but with little chance of repeat business. The longer established scooter dealers have generally recognised that happy customers start with good product, and have dropped both the cheap but also many of the mid-price brands too whose sales are suffering accordingly.

Next month we will be attending the Piaggio/Vespa National Dealer Meeting where we'll get a chance to talk to the MD of Piaggio Asia Pacific. How much of that info we'll be able to share will be interesting, but we are looking forward to seeing the plans for the medium to longer term and what new models we can expect to see. If last year's EICMA is anything to go by, we are in for some exciting new models soon.




pyrah said:

Thats good when 300s are selling well in a state that restricts learners to 250s

February 15, 2012 10:33 PM

wleung said:

Quote: "Steve from ace scooters shares his passion for scooters with us..."

I thought that was Steve in the first photo (perhaps it is?)

February 18, 2012 8:53 PM

Speedfight2 said:

Looking good Steve, so is your wife!!

February 18, 2012 11:00 PM