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TGB X Race 150 Review


The thing with scooters is that as a market matures so does the value equation. In Australia today the value has significantly increased and only seems to be getting better as manufacturers offer more bang for the buck. I'm sure the strong Australian dollar is also helping drive prices down.

The TGB X Race 150 is one example of this. Let's take a closer look.......


I'll start with a short story. When I lived in dealerland some years ago I tended to fill gaps with differing styles. You had retro models, big wheeled models and sporty looking commuters. Each had a differing appeal. The TGB 303RS 150 was one of those scooters you could sell with confidence. A tried and trusted model that retailed for around 4K on the road. The TGB 303 RS satisfied those looking for a solid sporty commuter.

Fast forward a few years and the X-Race 150 enters the market at a grand less and not much has changed. The TGB X Race is pretty much the same scooter with a few years tacked on for good measure. Though I must admit the latest incarnation with the matt black and red colour scheme looks the goods. The red wheel stripes and belly pan stand out a mile, it comes with a new found flair.

The X-Race is fitted with the same grunty 150 cc engine. It's punchy, moving the X Race towards the ton without a fuss. It accelerates away from standstill briskly and the engine and transmission seem like a perfect match. Enough punch and pulling power to double if required and enough room to do so in a comfortable fashion. The X Race also features twin adjustable shocks on the rear.

Instrumentation is as basic as they come. Two large round dials, speed, fuel and a set of warning lights. Switches feel good on the fingers, lights high and low beam, blinkers and a kill switch. The only thing missing here is a digital clock.

Storage is not forgotten with a relatively flat floor that combines with a large underseat storage bucket (full-face helmet territory). You'll find two small hooks under the seat to lock your helmets externally if required. The fuel filler is located under the seat also. Starting to sound like a few basics have been covered doesn't it?

Brakes are disc on the front, drum on the rear. Mirrors are durable plastic jobbies. A side and centre stand combine for parking duties.


On The Road

I found this model on the road surprisingly competent. Why so surprising? At this price point you don't have high expectations, especially for this capacity. You think somewhere along the line a shortcuts been taken or a component or two has been downgraded. With the X Race 150 I can confirm this isn't the case.

The TGB X Race felt every bit as good as the scooter I remember, better even. A significant well sorted scooter. You feel the impact of 13 inch wheels whilst the twin-shock rear keeps things settled. You can poor on the power and push the X Race into corners without fear of it jumping around or losing balance mid-turn. The X Race is far from heavy and feels agile when under pressure.  

Hills had little effect on the X Race, and being a 150 you'll have more than enough grunt for light motorway work. I remember Scooterman getting back from taking a few pictures. I was yet to ride the X Race and had pretty much shrugged it off as a cheaper budget option. On return he showed an honest surprise by the quality and ability of the X Race. Here is a scooter he said that would form the basis of a fun, easy to manage commuter. Quick summary : Handles well, filters easily, light and punchy.

After this I hopped on and formed my own opinion. The X Race is very much that. An honest scooter that features twin rear shocks, a grunty 150 cc engine, 13 inch wheels with good rubber. For around 3 grand ride away, I've had to reassess my expectations.  

You sit high on the X Race, you feel committed, you feel like riding the socks of it. Brakes are fair, the front disc is the one to use here and does the job well. The rear drum is just for steadying and standing still at idle.



The X Race is mainly for those sports fans among us, the style dictates this. Though regardless of your tastes I'd be giving it a crack. You'll be surprised just how competent this scooter is as a daily commuter. The X Race is not a long distance tourer, though there is no getting that impression. The X Race is just a well sorted inner city scooter.

We are seeing more of this on today's market. A bunch of well sorted scooters that make great sense dollar-wise. Not forgetting the X Race is also Taiwanese built.

The X Race won't suit everyone, it might be a little "loud" for some. Though don't throw it aside, because as far as commuters go this one should feature right in the mix. Match it up with scooters in higher price brackets, it compares well. 

TGB X Race 150 cc - $2590 + ORC -



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