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Honda Integra 700


It's been a while since we've seen a new maxi scooter hit Australia. Actually, we have seen more and more larger capacity scooters disappear over the last few years. The maxi market has been tough work.

This year might see that change a little. We will have BMW launch the C600 sport and C650 touring. We hopefully will see the the new TMAX 530 from Yamaha. Some would say we are being spoilt....

Honda will be first off the mark and will get the ball rolling in March. The all new Integra arrives with its unique 2nd generation dual-clutch transmission. The Integra will be a hybrid of sorts, offering motorcycle type dynamics with scooter like storage and comfort. Storage will total 15 litres, so enough for a full face helmet and a bit more.

So price is yet to be set, colours available will be the Ion Blue Metallic only. The Integra is now listed on Honda Australia's website, see more @

Actually for those that want to know more about Honda's new range of mid-capacity dual-clutch motorcycles you can go to the dedicated web portal found here @

Published Mar 02 2012, 10:53 AM by allen
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