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Piaggio Aus Update


2012 Update

Piaggio and Vespa have expanded their range to cover all segments of the Australian scooter market. The Italian based Piaggio markets both their famous Vespa classic range of scooters and the contemporary Piaggio range.


The Vespa range for 2012 comprises now covers 10 models in 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc and 300cc, with MLP's ranging from $3990 through to $9490 for the flagship GTV300 model with it's iconic front guard mounted headlight reminiscent of the original 1946 Vespa. All Vespa models continue to be designed and manufactured in their traditional home of Pontedera in Italy's Tuscany region. The range is:


MLP (Not inc ORC)

  • LX50 $3990
  • S 50 $3990
  • LX125ie $5290
  • LX150ie $5990
  • S150ie $5990
  • PX150 $5990
  • GTS250ie $6990
  • GTS300 Super $7990
  • GTS300 Super Sport $8290
  • GTV300ie $9490


The Piaggio brand has experienced the most significant shake up with new models being added to fill gaps and provide the most comprehensive range of contemporary scooters available in the Australian market. Like all major manufacturers, Piaggio has established manufacturing bases throughout the world to provide competitively priced product. The design and quality control of course continues to be managed by Italy and provides the best of both worlds. Piaggio Australia now sources Piaggio product from a number of locations including the Italian home base as well as other off-shore locations.


MLP (Not inc ORC)

  • Zip 50 $1790
  • Zip 100 $2190
  • Typhoon 50 $2190
  • Typhoon 125 $2990
  • Fly 125 $2790
  • Fly 150 $2790
  • New Fly 150ie $3290
  • Liberty 150ie $3490
  • X7 300ie $5990
  • MP3 300ie $8990
  • MP3 500ie $10990

On the back of Piaggio's success with Australia's number one selling scooter, the Fly 150, the range has recently been bolstered with two new models, the Typhoon 125 and the Liberty 150ie. In the second half of the year, these will be joined by the New Fly 150ie.

Typhoon 125

The Typhoon 125 is a robustly built scooter with chunky treaded tyres and sporty yet utilitarian styling. It remains comfortable and usable for larger riders and is a tough little performer. With an MLP of just $2990 and a choice of colours it has already carved an enviable reputation amongst owners.

Liberty 150ie

The return of the Liberty 150ie big wheel scooter satisfies those riders who seek a comfortable and capable scooter that can also make short work of rough roads. Whilst most scooters are comfortable on most Australian roads, the Liberty's large diameter wheels provide an even smoother ride for owners who are less fortunate to enjoy smooth roads on their daily commute. The Liberty now features EFI and a larger under-seat storage. The MLP is $3490.

New Fly 150ie

Australia's number one scooter just got better. The new Fly is scheduled for release in July and will carry a number of new features including EFI, security immobiliser, lower seat height, larger under-seat storage, side-stand and halogen headlamp. With an MLP of $3290 it is priced between the New Typhoon 125 for the Liberty 150ie and provides a new level of features and benefits for the savvy scooter owner.

Other changes

At the top end of Piaggio's line-up is the unique and amazing 3-wheeled MP3 range.

Starting with the MP3 300, this model fits right into the mid capacity maxi market. No wider than a typical two wheeled maxi, the MP3 300 shines when the weather doesn't by providing unmatched grip and braking performance on wet or slippery road surfaces with it's twin front wheels. The MLP of the MP3 300 has just been reduced by $1000 to $8990 bringing it on par with pricing usually reserved for 2-wheeled maxis.

The mothership of the Piaggio MP3 range is the new MP3 500. Previously on sale in Australia as the Gilera Fuoco 500, the model has been rebadged under the Piaggio brand as it is in the US. The new variant will go on sale in Australia with an MLP of just $10,990, a reduction of $1000 compared to the previous Fuoco models.

With a full range of 21 models, the Piaggio and Vespa range provides a solution for everyone's needs whether they be principally for commuting or for recreation. Already the number 1 choice for scooter buyers in Australia, the Piaggio / Vespa brand has plugged the remaining gaps in the market with their comprehensive range which is unmatched for choice, price, quality and reputation.

published 23/03/2012

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