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  • Armadillo Scootawear Update


    Select Scoota is very excited to announce they have recently entered a joint-venture agreement with the UK owners of Armadillo Scootawear.


    Select Scoota is very excited to announce they have recently entered a joint-venture agreement with the UK owners of Armadillo Scootawear to become an equal shareholder in the new business based out of Melbourne.

    Having seen Armadillo Scootawear at a European show in 2009, Select Scoota secured the distribution rights for Australia as a great addition to their business alongside SYM scoota.

    “This new opportunity to share in the success of this exceptional product was a dream come true”, said Hollie Black, General Manager.

    “It’s great to give scoota riders the chance to wear something which will protect them and at the same time it’s stylish enough to wear day-to-day.”

    Armadillo Scootawear is completely unique for the scoota market combining fashion, comfortable protective clothing and cutting edge design and technology.

    The range is currently being updated and will be relaunched in September, 2012.

    For more information visit

  • Kymco Like 200i Now Here


    You'd be mistaken for thinking the Like 200i was already here. Sorry folks, the Like 200i has just arrived.

    Allen Drysdale

    Kymco Like 200i

    Kymco have just announced the arrival of the Like 200i. Yes I know we were suggesting the Like 200i was coming a while back, well no-bull, it's actually here.

    Even better is the introductory price. Before "on-roads" we have a net price of $3490, and to me this represents good value. Why? The Like 200i runs a fuel injected, 163 cc motor. This in itself will be enough to get buyers thinking,

    Should I go the budget 125/150 route or should I choose the extra torque of a 163 cc engine?

    The Like 125/200 share the same architecture. Same body, same specs. Meaning disc brake front and rear, flat floor, colour coded top box even a clock on the dash. The Like 125 and 200 also share the same classic, retro styling.

    We hope to get a ride soon, though if you've been waiting, you should find the Like 200i hitting showroom floors "NOW".

    The Kymco Like 200i will be available in Red, Black and Powder Blue.

    For more visit

    Key Features 

    • 8.5 Kw
    • Disc Brake F/R
    • Weight 120 Kg
    • 12 Inch Wheels  
    • 7 Litre Fuel 
    • 12 Volt Charger

  • Piaggio X10


    After the X9, X8, and X EVO, next comes the X10. Piaggio's new entry into the maxi market.

    Piaggio Press

    Forward by

    Piaggio has always been at the forefront of scooter development. With Piaggio's new X10 we have a clear example.

    Items that stand out include electronic rear leveling suspension on the 500 version. The inclusion of ASR(Acceleration Slip Regulation) and ABS (Anti-lock brakes), both combining to ensure drive and braking are performed in a safe manner. A fully functional dash with a multitude of things to press and play with - I do like my gadgets. Simple things like a USB charging socket. The sidestand is even connected to the braking system. What about back-lit switchgear - where does the list end?

    You only have to look at some of the functionality to see that a great deal of thought has gone into the X10. The shape, curves and dimensions have all been developed with functionality being the key element. Both rider and passenger have been considered in the design process.

    It's not yet known whether we would see the X10 here in Australia. Price and style would be the two biggest considerations for our market. This is an executive scooter with all the latest gadgets so getting it into a price point that suits would be difficult. Whilst styling is subjective, the X10 is about as Euro as you would ever wish to take it. Piaggio call it unique......

    If it comes to Australia we will let you know...... Over to you Piaggio.....

    Piaggio Press

    Modern, sleek and attractive lines, designed in a wind tunnel, a wealth of equipment and top notch performance. Introducing the X10, the most recent addition to the glorious Piaggio Gran Turismo family: an authentic flagship on two wheels, dedicated to those who want maximum comfort in a bike that is 100% Italian elegance.

    Electric adjustment of the rear suspension, dual ABS and ASR system, parking brake built into the stand: every detail of the new X10 was designed to ensure comfort, maximum functionality and total safety. And then there is the on board computer with LCD screen, backlit controls, the large windscreen, triple glove compartment and spacious luggage compartment. Three modern engines – 125, 350 and 500 – to meet the most diverse commuting needs.

    With the new Piaggio X10 riding becomes a daily luxury.

    Piaggio proves itself once again as a key player in the Gran Turismo segment with an offer that represents the maximum evolution of the Italian style “maxi” concept.

    The new X10 is the latest addition to the long tradition of Piaggio GT bikes which for decades have influenced the trends of this prestigious market segment. A success which can be measured by about 400,000 units sold in the various versions of authentic milestones such as Hexagon, the first Italian maxi, the luxurious X9, up to the X8 and XEvo family.

    Piaggio X10 is a true two-wheeled flagship with a refined design, characterised by the alternation of complex surfaces and innovative volumes. A new generation vehicle designed to meet the needs of the most advanced mobility: standard-setting performance combined with great comfort and agility, in order to take on long trips in comfort, but also to move around easily in city traffic in total safety.

    A proposal that evolves and enhances the “mobile living room” concept to the maximum: elegant, exclusive and equipped standard with a wealth of equipment and numerous details painstakingly designed to please the eye, but always in the spirit of maximum functionality.

    A unique style.

    Attractive and elegant lines for a design that is both modern and classic at the same time, that looks to the future, but maintains, while evolving it, the style which is so distinctive and authentically Italian of the Piaggio family. The new X10 stands out for its look which knows how to be original, yet harmonious, and where the extreme attention to detail is pleasing to the eye, at the same time it ensures maximum functionality.

    The headlight assembly will catch your eye, including the polyellipsoidal element of the high beam, the two complex surface dish shapes of the low beams and the turn indicators which, covering the entire width of the front, give the new Piaggio X10 a unique “gaze”.

    Inside it a lighted frame subliminally represents the famous “tie” which has characterised the Piaggio model front ends for years: an homage to tradition, but in modern tones. This effect is obtained by placing high efficiency LEDs behind a glazed surface the light of which generates a continuous beam which also acts as parking light.

    Another detail which ties the X10 to the more recent models in the Piaggio range is the metallic effect insert that runs horizontally along the entire bike, creating a pleasant contrast with the painted parts of the bodywork; this is an element of style that combines with the “wave” type dominating pattern which marks the side view with a dynamic look, from the front mudguard to the tail.

    Rounded surfaces alternate with harder and more decisive edges, generating a shift back and forth between concave and convex, fluid and sleek lines that conveys strength and a dynamic character.

    The rear is characterised by the cut off tail, which clearly takes its inspiration from the motor vehicle world, where the two large handle stand out, flowing perfectly with the lines on the side of the bike. This is a choice that has the advantage of pairing the functionality of easily climbing on board for any size passenger with the beauty of the rear view, enhanced by the presence of the large 150/70 tyre and the horizontal dual light assembly, also inspired by the motor vehicle world – two thin lines of LED protected by clear glass – and completed by the glazed moulding where the word Piaggio is inscribed.

    Once astride the Piaggio X10, the view is dominated by the rich and complete instrument panel: a summary of style and technology worthy of a luxurious gran turismo in shape and content.

    Between the two large circular gauges which house the speedometer and rpm indicator – backlit in blue – the on board computer 4" LCD screen is mounted, also backlit in blue.

    A wealth of information can be viewed on the display including average and instantaneous fuel economy information, average and maximum speed, range, fuel level and cooling liquid temperature plus travel time, a clock, ambient temperature with ice alarm, engine CPU dual map indicator, shock absorber preloading electric adjustment level, odometer with two trip settings and battery voltage.

    An upper lid includes the warning lights which indicate operation of the high beams, turn indicators, fuel reserve, oil pressure, warning (injection), immobilizer, ABS, ASR, hazard and starter inhibition.

    A brand new feature for the scooter world is the backlit controls on the handlebar, a solution which ensures quick and efficient recognition of the controls on the blocks even at night, all to the advantage of safe riding.

    On the right hand side we find the starter button, the mapping selection button (on the 350), the engine kill switch and the mode button which is used to navigate through the on board computer menus.

    On the other hand, the left side has the horn button, the turn indicator switch and the high beam/low beam/flash control.

    The dual up and down button used to adjust the shock absorber (for the 500) and the ASR and hazard buttons are located in the leg shield back plate, along with the saddle opening control and the fuel cap, which, being located on the central tunnel, provide easy access without having to dismount.

    The large and comfortable saddle on the X10, set at just 760 mm off the ground, is the result of a careful ergonomic study aimed at providing the rider with an absolutely comfortable and stable seat.

    The longitudinal adjustment of the lumbar cushion allows both to vary the space available to the passenger and to provide optimum support to the lumbar area of the rider. The height difference between the rider and passenger seats has been reduced to 109 mm, which works to the advantage of shielding the passenger from the oncoming air.

    On the new X10 maximum comfort is also ensured by the riding position – designed to allow the rider to stretch his legs out on the spacious side footrests which have an anti-slip covering that goes all the way up to cover the bottom part of the lateral leg shield back plate too – and the large windscreen which, thanks to the encircling double bend profile and the bottom anti-turbulence slot, optimizes the aerodynamics of the vehicle, effectively protecting the rider and passenger from the direct impact of air.

    Protection is completed by the two transparent aerodynamic appendages which run along the side of the shield: designed in a wind tunnel, they efficiently deflect the air from the entire side.

    The new Piaggio X10 also provides the maximum in terms of load capacity.

    A central compartment was built into the leg shield back plate which is one of the largest in the category – where the convenient 12V electrical socket is housed – as well as two very convenient storage compartments, ideal for keeping your keys, wallet or motorway ticket within easy reach. The left hand compartment also has a USB port which can be used to power your mobile phone. Lifting the saddle, kept open by a practical piston system, we then find a more than generous compartment below: an authentic boot, equipped with anti-impact flocked mat and a courtesy light, easily able to accommodate two flip up helmets, thanks to its more than 52 litre capacity. On the X10 500 the helmet compartment can accommodate a flip up helmet and a demi-jet helmet.

    Three engines: an answer for any mobility requirement.

    Elegant and comfortable, convenient and functional, but also safe, fun and powerful, the new Piaggio X10 is available with three different engines – 125, 350 and 500 cc – to cater to any type of use.

    Younger riders and those who only have the "B" class license can choose the version equipped with the single cylinder 125 4 stroke, 4 valve, liquid cooled and electronic injection engine: a unit that achieves power and maximum torque values which set new standards for the category and which translate into responsive and regular acceleration and pick up as well as an extremely smooth ride.

    The more experienced and cunning scooter riders – always looking for the best combination of performance, compact size and high fuel economy – can take advantage of the brand new Piaggio 350 power train. From the very first design phases of this latest generation single cylinder, four stroke, four valve electronic injection engine, Piaggio engineers focused on sophisticated technical solutions – like the timing system with roller rockers and calibrated tablets for valve clearance adjustment, the dry cater lubrication system and a multi-disc centrifugal clutch in oil bath – which put it at the top of the technology in the field of engines for scooters.

    The combination of these solutions has allowed to obtain a maximum power output comparable to that of a 400 cc (33.3 HP – 24.5 kW) and an excellent maximum torque (32.3 Nm – 3.3 jgm), while keeping the overall dimensions, weight and fuel economy of a 300 and with maintenance costs which are even lower: in fact, service is scheduled at intervals of 20,000 km, with only an oil and filter change at 10,000 km.

    With this ultra modern engine the rider can choose from two different ECU mappings which can be selected directly from the handlebar to allow optimised engine management and to maximise travel.

    The 500 engine is dedicated to high performance enthusiasts.

    In fact, the Piaggio 493 cc engine is capable of producing 41 HP (30 kW) maximum power and maximum torque of 46 Nm (4.7 kgm), values which place it at the top of its category.

    The introduction of a twin spark plug system also optimises combustion in the cylinder, reducing both noise and exhaust emissions.

    The result is an elastic and high performance engine, even at low and medium rpm, but thanks to the "closed loop" injection system, it is equipped with a double oxygen sensor at the exhaust and a 3 way catalytic converter which reduce emissions levels to a minimum.

    Chassis and braking system.

    The new Piaggio X10 uses top notch chassis solutions which cater to comfort and stability on long trips without compromising agility, handling and ease of riding. On the double-cradle chassis made of high strength steel, on the front there is a traditional type fork with a travel of 125 mm (one of the highest in the segment), for the benefit of better comfort on any type of road surface.

    At the rear, the 125 and 350 versions mount a pair of dual action hydraulic shock absorbers with spring preloading adjustable to 4 positions and 120 mm of travel. For the 500 a fork with oversized 41 mm stanchions was chosen that maintains the same 125 mm travel of the other two versions and a single shock absorber with electrically adjustable preloading. This is located on the right side of the vehicle and secured to the frame through progressive linkage. The preloading, which optimizes the structure depending on the load and the desired type of riding, can be adjusted without dismounting from the vehicle by simply turning the up and down control, located in the leg shield back plate and indicated on the instrument panel with a digital signal.

    The magnificent 5 spoke wheel rims have different diameters and are shod with wide tyres: the 15” front rim mounts a 120/70 tyre; the 13” rear is shod with a 150/70 tyre.

    Piaggio X10 is equipped with a sophisticated braking system with a 280 mm dual disc on the front and a 240 mm single disc at the rear. All of the versions are equipped standard with the combined braking system which can optionally be integrated with the dual ABS/ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation) system.

    Thanks to the combined braking system, the right hand lever operates on only one of the front callipers, while the left hand lever operates the other front calliper and the rear one simultaneously. A divider valve calibrates the pressure of the front brake depending on the rear brake pressure in order to allow better braking performance while at the same time preventing locking the front wheel early on difficult surfaces.

    In the version with ABS and ASR, each wheel is equipped with a speed detection system – a sensor and a tone wheel – which instantaneously measures its velocity and deceleration compared to that of the scooter.

    The sensors communicate with a 3-channel hydraulic control unit that activates the ABS system (the most advanced in the category) if one of the two wheels decelerates sharply with respect to the scooter, preventing locking of the wheels and ensuring stable and efficient braking of the scooter even on surfaces with a low friction coefficient.

    Piaggio X10 is the only scooter in its category with a rear wheel traction control system: the ASR system also uses the electronics and ABS sensors to compare the rotation speed of the two wheels. When the sensors sense an excessive speed of the rear wheel, the control unit intervenes (first on the advance and then, if needed, also on the injection) to prevent skidding and avoid losing control of the scooter.

    The ASR system can also be disabled from a button on the leg shield back plate in order to guarantee that the rider can get clear even in particular conditions – uphill starts, gravel etc. – but it is enabled again automatically the next time the scooter is started.

    Another safety element on the new Piaggio X10 is the presence of the parking brake built into the side stand (on the X10 350 and 500): Each time the stand is lowered the brake engages automatically, keeping the X10 stable and safe even when parking on surfaces that aren't flat.

    Chromatic variations and versions.

    In addition to the standard version, the new Piaggio X10 (in all three engine sizes) is available in the Executive version: this version stands out for the richest standard equipment, which includes the ABS and ASR system.

    The colour variations of the X10 125 and 350 include Mercury brown, Orione grey and Midnight blue (all three with black interior and saddle), as well as Cosmo black with dark brown interior and saddle.

    The same colours are also available for the X10 125, 350 and 500 in the Executive versions, with the addition of a splendid Perla white with dark brown interior and saddle.

    A wide range of accessories, specifically designed for this model.

    • Quick release top box, colour coded with the body. Equipped with a backrest made of the same material and colour as the saddle, it can accommodate two flip up helmets. Inside it has a document pouch and an elastic luggage strap.
    • Leg cover, easy to install since it uses the fixing points which are already built into the scooter. Equipped with an anti-flap system, also tested at high speeds as well as an anti-theft system through a PVC covered metallic cable under the saddle, it is completed with a waterproof saddle cover and reflective safety inserts.
    • Central tunnel bag. This bag can be easily fixed with convenient Velcro strips and has a 16 litre capacity. It can be carried by its handles or shoulder strap. Made in sized polyester and equipped with waterproof zippers, it is completely waterproof.
    • Top box bag: technical design and innovative construction make this bag unique. Completely waterproof, it can be strapped to the passenger seat with special belts or inside the top box. Transporting it is facilitated by handles and a shoulder strap.
    • Gel comfort saddle: thanks to an ergonomic gel insert, this saddle makes the ride even more comfortable.
    • Passenger backrest: this is a practical accessory, useful for increasing on board comfort for the passenger.
    • Electronic anti-theft system.
    • Vehicle cover: with adjustable elastic edges, this is complete with sacks to cover any accessories such as the windscreen and the top box. It is made from black waterproof material with thermobonded seams, the Piaggio logo, reflective strips, clear window for the license plate and a PVC covered chain ring.
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  • Rent to Buy @ Scooterino

    The team at Scooterino are proud to introduce a new "Rent to Buy" concept. Simply pay a deposit and proceed to pay the scooter off over a set period of time. Here is how it works......


    How does it work?

    • You rent the scooter for one year and at the end of 12 months you have the option to purchase the scooter or return it.
    • You will purchase your own full comprehensive insurance (starting from $189 for NRMA - depending on age and purchase price, the value may  differ),
    • Scooter must be serviced as per the service schedule - Scooterino will service your bike for $100 fixed during the rental term.
    • Scooter remains our property until the end of term and can be transferred into your name should you wish to take the purchase option.
    • You are responsible for all wear and tear cost (battery, tyre, brakes,..)
    • Warranty is back to base

    What do I need?

    • You need to have a valid riders license (leaner OK)
    • Valid credit card
    • Deposit (30% of the value of the bike)
    • Age 21+ (over 21 years of age)

    How long is rental term for?

    • 12 months

    How much does it cost?

    The rental option is a joint facility provided by Scooterino and Manhattan scooters. It therefore, only applies to Manhattan scooters. There are 4 Manhattan scooters models that you can choose from :-

    • Manhattan 150G - Deposit required is $1000. Weekly payment of $49 for 12 months.
    • Manhattan 200L - Deposit required is $1100. Weekly payment of $56 for 12 months.
    • Manhattan 300 Maxi - Deposit required is $1500. weekly payment of $77 for 12 months.
    • Manhattan M3 Eco Pod - Deposit required $1650. Weekly payment of $84 for 12 months

    At the end of the 12 month term you have the option to give the scooter back and we refund your deposit or keep the scooter and we keep the deposit. See terms and conditions in-store.

    Is there a credit check?


    Can I apply for rental option if I have an overseas license?

    Yes, as long as you can supply us a copy of your passport and you have a minimum of a one year visa.

    What if I decided not to continue with the rental before the end of the term?

    You will be charged at a daily rate up to the date when the scooter is returned. (please review terms and condition for the amount before purchase)

    Do I get helmet, jacket and gloves as part of the deal?

    No. But we will give you 20% discount if you proceed with the rental option (Helmet, jacket and gloves only).

    Contact Scooterino 

    For more information call Scooterino on (02) 90372626. Or visit the website on

  • TGB Bellavita Coming Soon

    Coming Soon: First release should be around June/July of this year. New pictures released of the all-new Bellavita.

    TGB Scooters Australia


    TGB Bellavita 125/300

    Here is what we know so far about the Bellavita. The Bellavita has been scheduled to land "mid" this year.  The Bellavita will be available in both a 125 and 300 class version. The 125 will retail for around $4500 on the road, whilst the 300 class Bellavita will retail for around $6000 Ride Away.

    The colours have now been designated for Australia. We will get the brown, blue and white colour combinations. To give you some idea the actual body is said to be smaller in dimension to that of the current GTS 250 Vespa which the TGB openly copies. 

    Some key specifications are as follows -

    TGB Bellavita 300

    • 264 cc (SYM Engine)
    • Fuel Injected
    • Liquid Cooled 
    • 17.2 KW @ 7500 RPM
    • 152 Kg
    • 780 mm Seat Height
    • 220 mm Disc F/R
    • 9 L Fuel Capacity
    • 120/70 - 12 Front
    • 130/70 - 12 Rear 

    TGB Bellavita 125


    • 125 cc (PGO Engine)
    • Fuel Injected
    • Liquid Cooled 
    • 11 KW @ 8750 RPM
    • 143 Kg
    • 780 mm Seat Height
    • 220 mm Disc F/R
    • 9 L Fuel Capacity
    • 120/70 - 12 Front
    • 130/70 - 12 Rear 

    Look out for further information as the Bellavita is released. We already have one scheduled for long term duties around the Scootersales office. 

    For more information on TGB visit




  • 2012 Aprilia Scarabeo 200 i.e


    The Aprilia Scarabeo has a long history. If you traced the family tree back you would see that the first Scarabeo actually launched in 1993. All Scarabeo's have carried the same family trait since. Big wheels, classic styling, the look is instantly recognisable. For the Scarabeo 200, this is the 2nd upgrade in as many years. So is this one evolutionary or revolutionary? We find out.



    The Sacarbeo's engine is fuel injected, liquid cooled and runs a 4-valve head. Impressive power for just 171 cc's, the Scarabeo's output is up there, all 14 Kilowatts of it. Well above the class average and bordering on some of the better 250 cc outputs.

    The dash, a multi-function type, you scroll through the various functions using the mode button on the right hand switch block. Trip, time, external temp, speed, fuel and water temp, it's all here. Wheels are 16 inch front and rear, brakes are disc at both ends. Linked brakes increase control, pull the left lever and you activate both the front and rear brake together.

    Room under the seat is minimal and opens off the ignition key. A flat floor helps and a glove box will store smaller items. The rear rack is substantial and box ready. A 12 volt charger lives under the seat, so does the fuel filler.

    For 2012 Aprilia have made a few changes that were glaringly obvious. One change was the seat. Previous models were plank-like, the latest version having some shape and support about it. Next the tyres were revised from cheap hard Chinese rubber and replaced with better quality Michelin's. And last of all if style matters, and for me it helps, Aprilia have made some adjustments to the front end that make a world of difference. New grill, chrome mirrors and blinkers.  


    On The Road


    On the road it would be hard for me to say a great deal has changed. For me the Scarabeo is very much the same animal. Saying that, ride quality has improved just because of a change in standard fitment rubber. Performance has always been substantial and the Scarabeo has a heavy quality feel on the road.

    Though I should mention the seat. For me a major improvement on the planks of the past. This one locks you into position and is far-far-far more comfortable than previous. The ride is still upright and with the flat floor you're pretty much in the "sit up and beg" position.  

    The Scarabeo is still a very competent commuting machine, as Aprilia put it, a luxury commuter. Top speed is well above legal and the screen does a great job of deflecting air at speed. The Scarabeo is as comfortable cruising at 60 as it is belting it out at 100 km/h plus. Corners, big wheels, need I say more. The Scarabeo eats them for breakfast. 

    From a commuting perspective the Scarabeo is reassuringly heavy on the road. Something that is immediately apparent when taking off for the first time. A real sense of quality is felt immediately and even though the Scarabeo is built in Asia, Aprilia have done a fantastic job of making the Scarabeo still feel European.

    Like all scooters though a couple of small individual items that could be seen as negatives. The Scarabeo has always had a little lag at launch and this has never changed. I do think a simple variator mod would help rectify this. And the Scarabeo can also be a little choppy over bumps and undulations, partly due to the flat floor configuration. With the flexibility the flat floor brings I wouldn't trade it for the world, the convenience is priceless.



    For me the Scarabeo represents years of experience in building scooters. With the latest round of changes the Scarabeo 200 has evolved into a fairly comprehensive package. The nice thing is that Aprilia actually made revisions to glaringly obvious issues that needed attention.   

    The Scarabeo is one of those machines that punches well above expectations. An efficient powerful engine that will answer the call of fast moving motorways. A solid and heavy road presence ensures confidence at speed. Big wheels no matter how you look at it, are better overall than small. The Scarabeo package is a compelling one.   

    The only conscious decision you will need to make is price. At around $5500 Ride Away the Scarabeo sits just under the Asian 250 - 300 class in Australia. And for some, capacity is still king. Saying that, Aprilia Australia are also fitting the Scarabeo with a free box to help out with storage duties.

    The Scarabeo 200 from Aprilia. As Sherlock Holmes would say, "Evolutionary, My Dear Watson".

    See the Aprilia Australia website for more details


  • First Quarter Results 2012

    Official figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) show that 25,526 new motorcycles, ATVs and scooters were sold in the first quarter of 2012. This number is an increase of 9.7 per cent (2,249 units) over the first quarter in 2011. 

    Sales to the agricultural sector of ATVs increased by 18.3 per cent compared with the first quarter in 2011, representing some 5,341 units. Purchases of off-road bikes increased by 8.7 per cent (to 7,489 units) and road bikes by 14.5 per cent (to 9,985 units). Scooters were the only segment to see a decrease in sales compared with the same time last year, declining by 14.0 per cent to 2,711 units. 

    “This is a strong outcome for new motorcycle sales in the first quarter of 2012,” FCAI Chief Executive, Ian Chalmers said. “While it is still early days, the data is a promising indication that 2012 will be a good year for the motorcycle sector.” 

    During this first quarter for 2012, Honda has staked a claim for the highest sales with 5,731 units sold, followed by Yamaha with 4,034 and Suzuki with just over 3,010 units. 

    Download the Top 10 Report

    Download the Comparison Report

    Top 10 Scooters By Category


    First Quarter News by Importer

  • 5000 km's down!

    The 5000 "K" mark has kicked in and it's pretty much time to say goodbye to a good mate of ours, the Downtown 300i with ABS. Given that we've seen our fair share of commuting on the Downtown we have come to appreciate some of the little things that do make a difference. Everyday practical items. Storage, weather protection, power and performance. Even ABS plays its part in making the Downtown a very competent commuting companion. 

    The layout and well thought out front end design of the Downtown will keep you comfortable. Especially in the wet. Storage, whilst I still have an issue with the overall width, I've found a jet style Zues helmet that I can fit under the seat. I can actually lock 2 helmets away and still have some room left over. 

    And performance-wise the Downtown has been without question sufficient. It has answered all my commuting requests and I've never found it wanting. Motorway, freeway or around the burbs, the Downtown has ample mumbo. One up or two.

    And after 5000 km's just how reliable has the Downtown been? In a nutshell apart from a flat battery and a brake light switch failing the Downtown has been faultless. It starts everytime, goes like a rocket and with the added reassurance of ABS, when you need to stop hard, the Downtown has your back. 

    So time to drop the oil for the 5000 "K" service, the light is on and the Downtown is reminding me of the distance we've travelled. Here I've compiled a few previous articles and observations:

    So the big question remains: Would I lay down some hard earned cash for a Downtown 300i? YES, I have nothing but praise for this machine. It has performed tirelessly and remains one of my favourite scooters of all time. If just for practical reasons, sometimes you just want a scooter that can do everything, no questions asked - the Downtown is one of those scooters.




  • Honda Dollars is Back!

    Purchase a new ST1300, CB1100, VTR250 motorcycle or a SH150i or SH300i scooter and Honda will take care of the on road costs.

    Plus, finance your new two-wheeled ride through Honda MPE Financial Services and receive bonus HondaDollars! $250 HondaDollars* offered on the SH150i or SH300i scooters or $500 HondaDollars* offered on the ST1300 sports tourer.

    Widely considered to be the premiere sports touring machine, the ST1300 delivers an exceptional combination of exhilarating performance and luxurious comfort. This touring power house contains a high powered 1,266cc, fuel injected V4 engine along with Honda's latest programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) and electronic digital ignition.

    The CB1100 offers a two-wheeled experience that is simply sublime thanks to its smooth power delivered from an 1140cc inline four-cylinder engine. Despite its unique vintage look the CB1100 offers all the mod cons of a new bike.

    The VTR250 is a learner approved, compact power pack and is ideal for first time riders but also attracts riders of all levels thanks to its lightweight chassis and easy handling characteristics. Powered by a reliable, liquid cooled, 4-stroke V-twin engine, the also VTR250 boasts fuel injection.

    Honda's scooter duo the SH150i and SH300i combine cutting edge design with thrilling ride qualities. Lightweight and with slim proportions these two wheeled commuter machines are powered by fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engines which delivers strong, smooth power and ultra-low exhaust emissions.

    Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA

    ^terms and conditions apply
    *includes GST

  • Ready For Orbit


    Sydney scooter dealer Scooteria has the SYM Orbit on countdown and ready for take off. $2390 Ride Away.

    Select Scoota

    scooteria, Sydney’s popular city centre scoota shop has an exciting offer… get in store now to pick up an SYM Orbit 125 for ONLY $2,390 ride away until April 30th, 2012 or until stocks run out
    The SYM Orbit 125 is a perfect inner city urban traveller with enough get-up-and-go for short expressway bursts but also nimble enough to handle the busiest of traffic. With a sporty finish and range of colours; this is the perfect scoot to commute!
    Scoot in quickly for this limited offer and if you mention this scootersales promotion you’ll also receive a FREE first service valued at $180 (redeemable only at scooteria).
    Please note this offer is available only to Sydney metropolitan customers.
    See for more great offers!


  • Scooterworld now Scooter World


    Sydney dealer Scooterworld now a world of scooters. Introducing TGB, Daelim and CF Moto. 

    Scooterworld, a long time stand alone Kymco dealer, has now added the Mojo brands. Kymco, TGB, CF Moto and Daelim all living under the one roof and all within easy walking distance of the city CBD. This means Scooterworld can now live up to the name, Scooterworld, meaning a world of scooters……..

    Scooterworld carries a full range of accessories, they also have a workshop that is renowned for being one of the best in the business. 

    Scooterworld is located in Redfern, just a short stroll from Redfern Station or also they are not that far from nearby Central Station. 

    Visit the Scooterworld showroom @:

    Corner of Cleveland & Regent St

    Redfern, NSW 2016

    or visit them online @

  • 2012 Auto Italia

    Auto Italia 2012 - Sunday 15th April 2012

    If you're a lover of Italian bikes, scooter and cars, the 2012 Auto Italia is on again.

    This year will be held on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin in our nations capital. The event is a static display from daily drives and rides to pristine show pieces.

    If you would like to enter your own piece of Italian history you can. Register on the Auto Italia website. Cars are $10, bikes and scooters are just $5.

    Entry to all visitors is free........

    Find out all you need to know about Auto Italia @

    Proudly supported by Motorini Scooters Canberra.


    Feel like a ride : Got an Italian Branded Scooter? 

    The Swarm are organising a ride weekend in conjunction with Auto Italia. If you own an Italian scooter you're in. Here is the agenda, contact Nicco @ Motorini for further information.

    Saturday 2pm:          Ride leaving the Italian Bakery in Southlands, Mawson Place, Mawson

    Saturday 7pm:          Dinner at Mama’s Trattoria, Melbourne building, Moore St Civic

    Sunday from 8am:    Breakfast at Cafe Lella, Green Square, Jardine Street Kingston

    Sunday 9:30am:        Ride from Green square Kingston to Auto Italia

    Sunday 10am:          Auto Italia