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  • Corazzo Tempeste

    "Take a jacket designed for the commuter and put it through some extreme riding conditions." That’s basically what Allen asked me to do with their newly tweaked Corrazo Tempeste. Designed as a smartly cut textile ¾ jacket for scooter riding commuters, Allen wanted to find out how it would go on the back of a two wheeled tragic.
    Allen’s been on my case for some time to try the Corrazo gear. I did watch him and Murray wear various jackets, vests and gloves on our crazy mid winter madness ride from Melbourne to Sydney in sleet and drizzle last year but had yet to ever try any of the Corrazo range.
    “This is our new sample Tempeste that we have had first hand experience in developing. I wanted to get the liner right, wanted to get the waterproofing right and the sleeve length right. And the cuffs... All points that I thought needed a massage,” he said as he handed me the black Tempeste. “Try it out for a couple of months, knock yourself out.”
    It was a large size and it fitted me like a glove. I was immediately impressed by the cut and fit, quality zippers, all the armor was in the right place, the sleeves were the right length, it had nice pockets, it was definitely very sharp. It also comes with a fleece vest that can be zippered into the jacket or worn separately. Except for the Scotchlite pippng it looks like a 3/4 coat from a business suit.
    Al was saying that they are using Storm Shield 8000 technology on the outer textile layer which was supposed to be 100% waterproof. Well we all know about 100% waterproof, especially on long trips at speed in the driving rain that we’ve been having lately. I suspect that’s why he offered me the jacket to test, figuring that I’d be out there riding in those conditions before he would.
    I’ve been using the Tempeste for a month now and it’s fast becoming my No 1 jacket, in fact I haven't taken it off.  I use it everyday on my 50k commute in the cool autumn mornings and the warmer afternoon rides home. At temperatures ranging from 8C to 28C the Tempeste is proving itself to be very versatile. In the cool mornings I dress up with the fleece vest, a woollen neck sock and merino and thermal under layers. It certainly keeps out the wind and the cold. I've developed the practice of wearing the fleecy vest separately and doing up the double zips on the jacket. When it gets warm I dump the under layers and get a nice cool ride.
    I’ve used it in light rain, showers and heavy rain. It is quite waterproof in the drizzle and showers. For the heavy rain its best to wear a rain suit over the top. One thing I found out was the 3/4 length drops below the raincoat and will get wet if it’s not tucked into the rain pants. Once I got that sorted the jacket under the rain suit makes a totally warm waterproof combination.
    I've used the Tempeste for what its designed for, i.e. commuting, on scooters but I’ve also taken it for some long 500k rides over the mountains and out on the highway on naked motorcycles and the jacket is holding its own very well. I’m really bonding with the jacket. I love the collar and cut, its a bit military, a bit Little Prince. I love the pockets, the 3/4 length, the cosiness, the fit of the armour, the quality of the manufacture. The pipping is first class and lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s turned out to be a very smart and versatile all rounder. In my opinion it’s quality, sharp and a very useful piece of kit. It’s a keeper. Full marks.
    The Corrazo Tempeste Mens Jacket Features:

    • Removable CE Rated Knox® Armor in shoulders, elbows & back

    • 100% waterproof with Storm Shield 8000 technology
Reflective 3M Scotchlite™ pipping for 360° degree nighttime visibility

    • Superior venting for warm days

    • 3/4 length styling for more coverage • YKK® high-grade zippers throughout

    • Zip out fleece vest liner
    • Mens sizes S-2XL
    • AU $339

  • Honda NC700 Integra


    We've been running around on a scooter of a different kind lately. Why so different? Well because, it might not really be a scooter at all. You see the Integra has all the specifications you'd expect from a motorcycle. Wheels for starters are 17 inch. The seat height is high(for a scooter) and the Integra itself weighs in at 240kg. Storage is also fairly limited standard. So why would we be interested in such a beast?

    Once a scooter lover you tend to always look for the things that appeal to you as a rider. For me its weather protection, upright seating position, storage and comfort. Handling, power and reliability complete the puzzle. Apart from storage the Integra has this list pretty much covered. Actually it bottles some of the nice attributes of scootering and transforms this motorcycle into an everyday commuters dream. This is all before we make any mention of Honda's next generation 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

    We won't give too much away at this stage. Look out for the Integra review coming soon on 

    For more information on the Integra go to


  • Sym Classic 125

    SYM Classic 125

    Whenever I see something new and different it catches my attention. The SYM Classic 125 in this matt brown colour scheme did just that. I'm not sure if it's the colour itself or the seat combination, for me though it works. I also think the piping around the seat is a real winner, the package just makes the Classic look and feel far more expensive than the retail price suggests.

    The SYM Classic 125 is a budget beauty that retails for around 3 grand rideaway. In terms of budget commuting the Classic will appeal to those wanting a stylish, efficient transportation solution with 4-stroke power and good storage. As you can see it also comes standard with screen, nice work SYM. For more information on the Classic see

    Thanks to Scooters Scooters Brisbane form letting me grab a snap.



  • Honda Red Runout Sale Last Days


    The Honda Red Runout Sale is in its last days! Hurry into your Honda Dealer for massive savings across a huge range of your favourite Honda Motorcycles but only until May 31, 2012*.

    For just one more week, Honda is offering unbeatable deals across a range of road, off road, scooters and ATVs.

    The offers are huge and include HondaDollars, Free On Roads and Finance Deals. HondaDollars can be used in store at the time of purchase for accessories, servicing or off the purchase price, Free On Roads will get you riding on the road sooner and Finance Deals ensure every Honda is within your reach.

    Be quick, limited stock for a limited time. Sale must end next Thursday, May 31, 2012.

    Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA

  • 2012 Scooter Expo!

    2012 Sydney Scooter Expo

    The 2012 Sydney Scooter Expo is being held at the HART Rider Training facility, St Ives, on the 22nd/23rd of September 2012.

    After the runaway success that was last years event, the expo is back for 2012 bigger and so much better. The event this year is being held over two full days. That's two full days of scooter gazing. Two days of test riding and two days of catching up with your mates.

    What makes the Sydney Scooter Expo so special is the ability to test ride. Like last years event you'll be able to ride a full selection of models from all the leading manufacturers.* Registration for test rides will open once we complete the extensive list of scooters available.

    The Sydney Scooter Expo will also feature a show and shine event with winners announced on the Sunday. A club gathering will also take place with visitors turning up from all over Australia. Lastly a series of casual rides will be organised over the weekend for those wanting to stretch the legs a little further afield. Stay posted for updates.

    Food and fun activities will be on hand. The Sydney Scooter Expo, a fun day or "weekend" out for the whole family.

    The 2012 Sydney Scooter Expo, keep the 22nd/23rd of September free and remember like I always say, "See you at the Expo"

    Keep an eye on for further updates.

    Sydney Scooter Expo

    When :  22nd/23rd September between 10 AM - 4 PM
    Where : HART St Ives (Opposite the St Ives Showground) See Map
    Entry : Free
    Parking : Free On-site Parking for Scooters and Motorcycles

    Exhibitor Opportunities : or Call Allen on 0433 169086

    *As long as you have the appropriate riders licence and have filled out the required documentation.

    Below : HART St Ives Test Facility


    Below : Pictures from Sydney Scooter Expo 2011

  • TGB Bellavita Update


    The release of the all new TGB Bellavita is near and Australian Distributor, Mojo Motorcycles, has confirmed the colour pallet that will be available. 

    The all new Bellavita will be available in black, chocolate, creme or white. Or for those cultured ones, the official colours are Mocha, Crema, Nero and Bianco. 

    For further information you can see our previous article on the 2012 Bellavita release, including specifications and other information. Find that article here.

    Download the complete TGB accessories brochure for the Bellavita here!

    For other information see your local TGB dealer or visit


  • Scootopia Mobile Media


    Business For Sale - Scootopia Mobile Media

    Ever seen those scooters getting around town towing trailers and advertising upcoming events or latest release products. Scootopia Mobile Media was one such business based in Brisbane.

    Using the latest technology with products purpose built from the ground up, Scootopia Mobile Media was formed with no expense spared. Unique scooters were used like Piaggio's MP3 range. The one-off Yamaha Maxam or the Vespa GTS 250. The bright green colour schemes with matching wheels. Everything about these scooters screams look at me.

    The advertising trailers themselves were all custom built, the latest technology has been incorporated. Mobile billboard trailers or mobile launch pods with LCD TV's inbuilt. LED signboards, live audio broadcasting, Scootopia mobile media is a one stop advertising shop. 

    You don't just stroll across something like this every day, especially one as unique as this. The Scootopia Mobile Media business is for sale.

    For further information on the business go to

    For perspective enquiries you can Email Joe Dercole or call Joe on (07) 3252 5333


  • Aprilia Ride Day Sydney


    Aprilia Scooter Ride Day - May 12th 2012.

    Whatever your riding environment or your personal taste, from budget to luxury, Aprilia has the scooter to suit every occasion.

    If you're ready to take the next step in performance, how about the ultimate cross over motorcycle? The fully automatic Mana 850cc with ABS will be available for a test ride on the day.

    Pop on down and you'll receive some FREE merchandise as well as a complimentary coffee for turning up!

    One of the special offers on the day will be Aprilia's Mojito 125. Now on offer with a full chrome kit, rear rack and windscreen included in the RRP. We also have one Silver Scarabeo 500 in stock for just $8990, that's a saving of over $1000.

    Also test out the service offer on Aprilia scooters. If you already have an Aprilia scooter and require a service, you'll receive 10% off your next service bill. This offer is exclusive to Aprilia scooters ONLY so get in quickly as spaces are already filling up!

    We look forward to seeing yo this weekend.

    For more information see or phone 02 99385858

  • Steve the Ace - Part 3

    April has unusually been a busy month.  Our second big batch of 18 Typhoon 50s came in, and a week later we’ve got 3 left.  Fortunately we’ve got more coming next month as our suppliers have realised that this new model is the complete package, and have got the supply chain sorted out.  Hat’s off to them in how quickly they’ve done this particularly given the lead time for most vehicle manufacturing can be 6 to 9 months! 

    Very close to home, our local competitor closed his doors a couple of weeks ago. As I’ve said in previous entries, they were one of a number of scooter businesses that have moved toward the price-competitive end of the market, which unfortunately is cut-throat.  A $50 price difference can make or break a sale, and the competition is intense.  Unfortunately for Carl, it was also unsustainable. 

    Ever since we’ve been inundated with requests to repair broken budget scooters. Its’ funny how many people seem to be genuinely angry that we won’t fix a scooter that they bought from someone else, of a brand that we don’t sell, because they may now have to take it 10km down the road to get sorted.  It might seem strange to turn business away, but we can’t afford to take on machines that we know will have more problems in the future, some of which, no doubt, will be attributed incorrectly to our workshop.  But we are getting a lot of extra tyre changes to do, many of which seem to be right down to the canvas.  It’s a hard customer base to rely on to build a business, and I’m glad that we made the decision to move away from it 5 years or so ago.  I’d forgotten the amount of anger and dissatisfaction that exists in that market, where expectation is high, but often rarely met.

    The scooter retail industry is an interesting one, as I’ve alluded to before.  Unlike most retail, customers need their purchases serviced.  And unlike the car industry which is so developed that you are spoilt for choice for whom might provide such service, the scooter/bike industry is a lot more restricted in that choice.  Buying from one dealer to take to another for servicing is not going to get you the premium service that you want, so it’s worth considering what the service capability and costs are from the dealer you intend to buy from before you purchase – and factor that in to your purchasing criteria. Most good dealers will do “book” services, that is, they will follow what is required for that vehicle for the number of km’s and/or age of the vehicle, and will charge according to what is required.   Discount dealers appear to take two distinct tactics.  Either overcharge to claw back that discount they gave you in the first place, or provide cheap servicing which doesn’t actually provide what is required – but hey, it’s cheap, right?   We serviced one chap’s Red Devil who had it serviced every 3,000km religiously, but after his 21,000km service the performance drop-off that he’d noted was still there.  So he brought it to us, and it was quickly apparent that it was desperately in need of a new belt.  The scooter dealer who had serviced till that point had clearly never opened the transmission. Luckily he hadn’t been stranded due to a broken belt, but if had continued on that particular service regime, it was an inevitability!  Another poor customer’s engine seized because the bike shop she had her scooter serviced at hadn’t checked the oil warning mechanism wasn’t working and fixed it, nor topped her 2-stroke oil up.  Expensive and very avoidable.

    So when you are buying, it’s not a bad idea to ask if you can speak to the mechanic.  Have a couple of questions to ask them – are there any common problems with the particular scooter, what is the service schedule for the vehicle, or what is the best way to run the engine in – it doesn’t really matter, you just want to get an idea as to their “competence”.  And that’s not necessarily their technical ability, but their communication skills.  Even with the modern diagnostic tools available, a lot of problem diagnosis involves what the customer can relate to the mechanic and vice versa.  If you want some confidence that your purchase is going to be looked after professionally, then talk to the person that could be doing the work.  And if you don’t like the cut of their jib, consider looking elsewhere.  Because ideally you want to stick to the same workshop – they’ll have the vehicle details and service history, so your job will be done quicker, better and cheaper.

    And if you buy an established brand from an established dealer, hopefully they won’t disappear in a puff of smoke either.

  • New Look TGB Bullet RS


    It may be cold outside but it is getting hot in the TGB kitchen!!! Now available in store is the new colour range TGB Bullet RS!!! This scoot is available in a 50cc and 150cc model and oozes with a new flair of downright street cred!!!

    The TGB Bullet has been a well known member of the TGB scooter range for years, with its cutting edge performance and reliability. And now, to keep up the fashion stakes, the TGB Bullet RS has launched a new range of colours to make this the ultimate in sporty scooter commuters!

    The newly introduced colours mixes to the Bullet RS is Black/Yellow and Black/Red.

    Available in a 50cc and 150cc the Bullet RS features 13” wheels and front and rear disc brakes. With easy ‘Twist and Go’ CVT transmission, the TGB Bullet RS is as easy to operate as it is easy on the eye!!! Other features include electronic dash display, integrated rear tail light, aluminium floorboard and rock solid reliability.

    With the combination of aggressive styling and unmatched performance, the Bullet RS is the model suited for those that settle for nothing but the best!

    Ideal for inner city travel, the Bullet RS is a lifestyle choice! With easy parking, cheap fill up at the tank as petrol prices go through the roof, as well as fun and stylish‐ the Bullet RS has everything going for it.

    Additionally, the TGB Bullet RS 50/150 is supported by a 2 year parts and labour guarantee and nationwide dealer network.

    TGB is a world renowned Taiwanese company that was established in 1978. With a great focus on product research and development, TGB has quickly gained an enviable reputation for an unmatched commitment to quality and service, and it is because of this TGB continue to introduce innovative and exciting scooter designs.

    In Australia alone, TGB products have been the trusted and enjoyed by thousands of Australians since 1999.

    Visit your closest TGB scooter store today and see what the fuss is about!!! Stay warm this winter on a HOT TGB scooter!

    If you LOVE TGB Scooters, you should LIKE the newly launched TGB Scooters Facebook page. TGB Scooters Facebook keeps members up to date on all things TGB!!!

    For further information on Bullet 50 and the TGB scooter range, please visit

  • Honda's New Naked Commuter


    Honda’s all-new NC700SA is due for arrival later this month and, combining the practicality of a commuter together with the thrilling handling and distinct style of a naked motorcycle, will retail competitively for $8,490 (MLP).

    The NC700SA is the product of a simple requirement; to deliver a motorcycle that encourages the fun of two-wheeled mobility while offering intuitive handling and versatility for all
    types of riding.

    Powered by an all-new, purpose-built, liquid-cooled, 670cc engine, the NC700SA promises usable power delivery with excellent torque at low to medium engine rpm. While being lightweight and compact and with a low centre of gravity, the engine also combines low exhaust gas emissions and a truly outstanding level of fuel efficiency.
    Light in weight, pure and swift in its handling responses, the NC700SA is fun and easy to handle thanks to the combination of the steel diamond frame, cast aluminium 17" wheels, and geometry setup.

    The NC700SA uses a riding position similar to that of traditional naked motorcycles, which is ideal for almost every kind of environment. Key to the machine’s ease of use is its low seat position and the accessible width of the handlebars which combine to offer excellent control at low and high speeds.

    Feeling balanced and manageable the NC700SA also ensures pillion passengers are comfortable, with twin grab handles for comfort and security.

    Adding to the motorcycles versatility, Honda’s new release features an internal storage space large enough to hold a full-face helmet, this is unusual for a traditional motorcycle.

    To ensure powerful braking performance, the NC700SA comes standard with a Combined Antilock Braking System (C-ABS).

    The NC700SA fuses striking, futuristic design with a true naked look, with minimal styling to emphasise its urban usability.

    Due for arrival later this month, the NC700SA will be available in Australia in two sleek colour options, Magna Red and Pearl Sunbeam White.

    See your Honda Dealer for more information.
    Dealer Locator Ph: 1 300 1 HONDA

  • Aprilia & Moto Guzzi Test Ride


    John Sample Automotive, Australian importers of Aprilia & Moto Guzzi motorcycles and scooters are pleased to announce the S.E QLD TEST RIDE EXTRAVAGANZA, being held on Saturday the 19th May, 2012. With three of our premier dealers located in the south East QLD region on hand, and each showcasing a full complement of Moto Guzzi and Aprilia Motorcycles and Scooters on the day to test.

    This huge event will be held at the following Aprilia & Moto Guzzi outlets and it’s advisable to book now as test ride spots are filling FAST!

    • Motolife – 770 Nicklin Way, Caloundra Ph: 1300 637 335 for bookings.
    • Action Motorcycles – 60 Lawrence Drive, Nerang Ph: 07 5596 6622 for bookings.  
    • Brisbane Aprilia & Brisbane Moto Guzzi – 112 Kingston Road Ph: 07 3208 7999 for bookings.

    Kris Matich, General Manager for John Sample Automotive said “JSA will have staff available on the day across the three sites to assist customers with enquiries and signing in for their demo rides. With strong interest being shown and spots filling fast, we expect the number of demo rides to be taken on the day to exceed the 100 mark across the 3 venues – a fantastic result.”

  • Corazzo Leather 5.0

    Corazzo 5.0 Leather 

    The new Corazzo 5.0 leather jacket has arrived, just in time for the cooler months that lay ahead.

    The 5.0 leather is a take on the now famous Cordura 5.0 cousin. The Leather 5.0 features reflective stripes in all the key places with removable CE Rated Armour by Knox. The Leather 5.0 is built from top quality cowhide. This is one jacket that will stand the test of time.

    The stunning simple design works and turning up to your favourite destination looking this good is always a bonus. The Leather 5.0 from Corazzo is priced competitively at only $429.

    To complement your choice of leather choose a pair of Enzo gloves. The Enzo's come perforated, comfortable and highly protective. They feature reinforced knuckles and come constructed from leather and kevlar. Still something about leather when it feels this good.

    Corazzo, very cool Urban Riding Gear.

    Find a Corazzo retailer @

    Shop online @

    Leather 5.0 $429.00 Above


    Enzo Gloves $69.95 Below

  • Honda Red Runout Sale

    The Honda Red Runout Sale is now on! See your Honda Dealer for massive savings across a huge range of your favourite Honda Motorcycles*.

    For one month only or until stocks last, Honda is offering unbeatable offers such as Free on Roads, HondaDollars and finance deals across a range of road, off road, scooters and ATVs. With all of this and more, there is a Red Runout special to suit everyone but only until May 31.

    Whether you fancy yourself a racing legend on a Fireblade, want to make the switch to two-wheels on a scooter, or you simply need a new workhorse ATV for the property, now is the time to get into your Honda Dealer.

    Be quick, limited stock for a limited time. Sale runs from May 01 and must end on May 31, 2012.

    Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA