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TGB Scooters Bellavita Update


The Bellavita is still on the way. Pricing and the initial colour range now confirmed. Specification chart included.

Allen Drysdale

TGB Bellavita Update - Due September 2012

The TGB Bellavita is now getting closer to arriving in Australia. The first week of September is when the first shipment is due to arrive. The Bellavita 300 will be first to arrive, followed by the 125 cc version two months after.

Pricing has been set for both capacities. The 300 class Bellavita will be $5490 plus on roads. The 125 class version will be $4290 plus on roads.

Both these scooters will be at the upcoming Sydney Scooter Expo. If you'd like to be one of the first to ride this model keep an eye out for online registration to be opened up shortly.

I also mentioned colours. The Bellavita will be available in 3 colours initially. Mocha, Nero and Bianca. Brown, black and white......

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