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2012 Aprilia Scooter Update

2102 Aprilia Scooter Update

We get the latest updates direct from the 2012 Aprilia Motorcycle and Scooter launch. 

Allen Drysdale


Aprilia/Moto Guzzi importer, John Sample Automotive, invited dealers and press from all over the country yesterday to announce model updates for 2012. This included Aprilia scooters, Aprilia Motorcycles and Moto Guzzi. Below we have all the scooter updates and a quick mention of the major motorcycle announcements. 

SR MAX 300 

We've already seen, touched and ridden extensively the SR MAX 300. This model was given its official launch to dealers and national press yesterday. Will be priced at $6990 + ORC and available in two RSV4 replica colour schemes. One white the other being black/red. 

The first handful have already left the warehouse, the next shipment arrives shortly. If high speed commuting/touring is forming part of your decision process, place the SR MAX on the test ride list.



Sportcity Range

Sportcity 300 or now the Street Cube 300. 

Announced yesterday, the Sportcity 300 will get two new additional colours entering the range towards the end of September. A new red colour scheme, along with a new matt black. This will replace the existing "Blackline" edition. 

Expect pricing and specifications to remain unchanged. This will be a styling exercise and a change in name preference. The Street Cube 300 will go on-sale towards the end of September. (No pictures yet)

SR MT 50 / SR MT 125 (replaces Sportcity One 50/125)

The new 2012 SR MT was launched yesterday. Visually in the flesh this model looks typically "racy" and photos don't do it a great deal of justice. The panels are gloss, the striping and graphics look smart, both accentuating items like the headlight and cut-out grills. The SR MT also features a new wider, softer two-tone seat. Helps make the new SR MT stand out from the rest. (MT stands for Motard)

The SR MT remains relatively the same machine as the Sportcity One it replaces. Choice of either a 50 cc 2-stroke and 125 cc 4-stroke engines. Black gloss 14 inch wheels look like they've been pulled from the superbike range, the gold calipers really standing out against the black rims. The SR MT retains the flat floor and the dash remains unchanged also. Pricing will remain on par with previous models. 

If you're into the sports look, Aprilia have given this model a real working over. The two models on display yesterday were gloss white and gloss black, both look fantastic. Will be available in black, white and orange colour schemes. 



Aprilia RSV4 Carbon Special Edition. 

I'm not sure why I'm mentioning this one here but to me this is pure eye candy. For fans of Aprilia bikes this is one for you. The Aprilia RSV4 Factory Carbon Special Edition was just breathtaking. Full use of the Aprilia Racing catalogue, top-spec parts replacing existing components. 

Limited run of 20 nationally with the first 5 already built, all individually numbered. This is an Aprilia Australia initiative and something the team should be very proud of. The RSV4 Carbon Special Edition weighs in 11 Kg's under the standard bike. (165 Kg Dry)

The standard RSV4 Factory retails for around $30,000, the Special Edition Carbon will retail for just under $40,000.  



Moto Guzzi

New V7 range announced. New V7 "Stone" with an introductory price of $800 under the outgoing model. Extensive updates across this range including major engine revisions. Mention of a V7 1200 joining the Moto Guzzi range in 2013.



lead runner said:

That RSV4 is hardcore motard porn!

WOW what a machine.

July 25, 2012 1:26 PM

pyrah said:

Is the SR MT the same machine as the Piagio Typhoon ?

July 25, 2012 3:20 PM