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New GTV 300 Colour


It must be new colour time. Introducing the new GTV 300 i.e in Marrone Etna.

Allen Dysdale


GTV 300 i.e. "Vie Della Moda" 

Coming across this new GTV colour naturally had me pulling out the iPhone for a few pictures. New colours are always newsworthy and choosing a colour can sometimes be as important as choosing the scooter itself. Normally more so with brands such as Vespa.

So this one did catch my eye.  Introducing the GTV 300 i.e. "Vie Della Moda" in Marrone Etna. Same GTV 300 specifications, just an alternative colour choice.

The GTV 300 i.e. "Vie Della Moda" is priced at $9490 + ORC.

For a list of affiliated dealers click here. For further information see the Piaggio Australia website. 

Published Jul 30 2012, 03:39 PM by allen
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