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  • Kymco Preview


    As Eicma Milan rolls around for another year, so do the new model announcements. Here are just two that caught my attention from Kymco.

    Allen Drysdale

    During November we'll be bombarded with a host of new models thanks to Eicma Milan. A few leaks have already surfaced and here are two that caught my attention early from Kymco. A new People (Espresso) and a funky looking tubed motorcycle called the K-PIPE.

    We've all wondered (well I have anyway) when the Kymco Espresso would see a replacement and now we have. The People 125i will be released in Europe for 2013. Features an advanced fuel injection system that is expected to provide fuel consumption figures somewhere in the vicinity of 48 km/l. The People also features a large underseat storage compartment thanks to a 14 inch rear wheel(16 inch front). Not sure how this effects Australia as yet, we'll wait for the update.

    The K-PIPE was another to catch my attention. How cool does this look and said to be as cheap as chips. Under $2000 Euro for this tubed 125 cc commuter bike. The K-PIPE features a 4 speed semi-auto gearbox and a 125 cc single cylinder engine. Again no word on Australia for this one.


  • New Australian Motorcycle Expo Event Manager

    Exhibitions and Trade Fairs (ETF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mal Jarrett as the new Event Manager of the Australian Motorcycle Expo.

    Mal brings extensive experience and a strong passion for motorcycles to the role which will see him work with exhibitors, sponsors and visitors to ensure the brand’s continued growth and prosperity.

    He joins ETF having occupied the position of Marketing Manager for PS Importers Pty Ltd for close to 6 years, marketing brands such as Piaggio, Hyosung and Triumph, which in turn saw him heavily involved with each of the Australian Motorcycle Expos and Sydney Motorcycle Show events.

    Prior industry involvement stretches back to the 80’s where he was involved in retail sales, the organisation and running of events, launches, rallies, club days and media liaison.

    General Manager and CEO of Exhibitions and Trade Fairs Jodie Richmond said Mal’s experience and enthusiasm would be an asset to the Australian Motorcycle Expo brand.

    “Mal’s extensive industry connections, knowledge and experience makes him a perfect fit for this important role,” said Richmond.

    “His direct industry perspective and exposure to international markets will help the events to evolve and we’re excited about the enthusiasm and fresh ideas he will bring which will in turn grow the Expos as outstanding interactive experiences for all involved.”

    The appointment will begin just prior to the Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne from November 23-25, an event that is shaping up as the largest standalone show of its kind with over 135 exhibitors confirmed.

  • Piaggio Typhoon 125 Review

    We take a quick ride on Piaggio's entry level sports offering.

    Allen Drysdale


    Piaggio Typhoon 125

    Take a trip down the Piaggio scooter timeline. For Piaggio, the Typhoon has played a significant role in the history of the company. Actually, the Typhoon remains one of Piaggio's best selling models across Europe. Would you believe a staggering 500,000 units have been sold since its release back in the early 90's?

    You can pick a Typhoon with just a single glance. From day one it's had that trademark nose. We've seen those chunky style tyres on each and every Typhoon model released. The Typhoon, in Europe anyway, is squarely targeted towards the younger generation. Hence the army style graphics on our test mule.  

    Being a budget class scooter things remain relatively simple. The seating position is comfortable with good cushion support. Under the seat the Typhoon has enough storage to be useful. Some full faces and all open faced helmets will fit here. The floor of the Typhoon is flat and accompanied by a handy bag hook. No rear rack standard, just pillion grab handles which also double as good leverage points when putting the Typhoon on the centre stand. Speaking of stands, no side-stand standard.

    We have a 220 mm disc brake on the front, a 140 mm drum on the rear. Wheel size is 12 inch, though the style of tyre used does make things feel larger and wider. The fuel tank measures 7 litres in total, the filler remains under the seat. The dash is all analogue, showing speed and fuel only, no digital clock here. There is also a small glove compartment that can fit a wallet and phone if needed.
    From a running gear perspective, things also follow a fairly simple approach. The engine is a 125 cc "leader-based" 2-valve unit. Air cooled, pumping out around 7 Kw's. On the road the Typhoon cranks along nicely. The strength of the engine is how it holds itself at speed. The Typhoon will lag a little on take off, though once going, it will hold 80-90 km/h speeds easily.

    The Typhoon gets along at traffic speeds with confidence and this just happens to be its real strength. The Typhoon will hold and maintain speeds up steep hills and you can be confident it won't feel like it's going backwards. The longer I had the Typhoon the better it felt. This engine, like all I've tested before it, will need a few K's on it before it performs at its best.

    The Typhoon feels light and nimble thanks to its smallish physical size. The single rear shock does a fine job, adjustable if needed. With those tyres, the Typhoon has a real go anywhere feel about it. Sure you won't be looking for the nearest set of off-road jumps, though you get what I mean. The Typhoon will also accommodate a passenger if needed.


    From a budget commuter perspective the Typhoon is exactly that. A sturdy 125 cc scooter that will do most things well. The Typhoon has good storage under the seat and I've always liked a flat floor configuration in any scooter. Coupled with a bag hook it doubles any scooters flexibility. A real world, everyday bonus. 

    The Typhoon's power is sufficient to keep up with traffic and once at speed the Typhoon will remain there. It feels capable on the road, handles bumps and potholes nicely and feels steady at higher speeds - it's not fidgety. So the Typhoon 125 has city-based commuting well and truly covered.

    The Typhoon sits nicely in the Piaggio line-up. A few hundred dollars under the Fly at $2790 (plus on roads). What you get is a somewhat unique budget offering. Youthful graphic options and chunky tyres make the Typhoon as individual as you can get in this segment. The Typhoon is also now available in a 2 stroke 50 cc version. Suitable for states where licensing laws permit riding a 50 cc scooter with a car licence. 

    The Typhoon is available in gloss black, matt grey and white. Service intervals are a huge positive and some of the highest in this class. First service at 1000 km's, after this every 5000 km's (125 cc version only). Should make for cheap, cost effective ownership.


    It's a Piaggio
    Initial buy price
    Proven engine
    Good storage
    Strength at speed - good torque.
    Service intervals


    Initial lag on take-off
    No clock
    Youthful graphics (Could be a positive or negative)
    No side stand standard
    No rear rack standard


  • Aprilia Scarabeo 200 Style


    The Aprilia Scarabeo 200 gets a new look for 2013 - available now!

    Aprilia Australia


    Aprilia Scarabeo 200

    John Sample Automotive, exclusive importers of Aprilia scooters, is pleased to announce that the best‐selling Scarabeo has received new styling for 2013. The Scarabeo 200 will be available in black and white and will feature new front and side graphics.

    The Scarabeo retails for $4650 + ORC. Find your nearest Aprilia dealer at

  • CFMoto Dealer Trip 2012


    Australian CFMoto dealers pay the factory a visit in China. Mojo Motorcycles named as one of the top 5 distributors for CFMoto globally.

    CFMoto Australia


    2012 CFMoto Distributor Conference 

    CFMoto Australia, in conjunction with CFMoto China, this week concluded a week‐long dealer trip to China to visit the CFMoto factory in Hangzhou, China and participate in the 2012 CFMoto Global Distributor Meeting.

    Distributors and dealers from over 50 countries attended the event, with the primary purpose to give dealers an opportunity to visit the state‐of‐the‐art factory and learn more about the current and future planning for the CFMoto brand, which only arrived in the Australian market place in late 2010!

    It also presented a valuable opportunity for dealers to take part in the CFMoto Distributor Conference and offer feedback first hand to CFMoto engineers about further product improvements for the Australian market.

    Key CFMoto dealers and staff from Australia attended the trip and were amazed by the sheer size and professional nature of the CFMoto brand.
    “CFMoto is experiencing rapid growth both in Australia and around the world,” says National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    “It is sometimes difficult to grasp the sheer scope of their operation, the professionalism of their business and the quality of their manufacturing facilities until you see and experience it first hand.”

    “CFMoto is becoming a serious player within the global market with a constant focus on product research and development. And importantly, they are somewhat unique for a Chinese manufacturer as their primary focus is on the export markets of the West rather than the local domestic market.”

    At this weeks CFMoto Distributor Conference, CFMoto Australia was awarded the prize of one of the Top 5 distributors globally!!

    “This is a great recognition for the increase in sales for CFMoto in Australia, and it is pleasing to see our rapid growth matched by the 90% year‐on‐year growth CFMoto has experienced around the world,” Collins said.

    “We are grateful that our product suits our local market, whilst also offering great value for money and supported by a strong warranty and extensive dealer network.”

    CFMoto Australia was also awarded the top gong for marketing out of all CFMoto global distributors. The CFMoto conference brought CFMoto distributors from worldwide together to discuss their individual markets and the global vision for the CFMoto brand, with attendees including representatives from Europe, Russia, New Zealand and Canada, some of whom have already achieved the number one mantle.

    The CFMoto factory has been producing power driven products globally for over 20 years and is dedicated to becoming the leading supplier of powersports products worldwide. The CFMoto manufacturing plant has a 1,300‐ strong workforce and dedicates over 25 per cent of this force to research and development, with continual improvement, innovation and quality.

    “This was a unique opportunity to give both our staff and dealers first‐hand exposure to the CFMoto brand and the people behind it,” said CFMoto Australia National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    At the CFMoto Distributor Conference, CFMoto also launched some exciting new models! The powerful Rancher 800 utility which will be available to the Australian market place in December and the new touring styled road bike, the 650TR which will be available early next year.

    “CFMoto is a serious long‐term player in the Australian market and this trip was an investment in our future growth and that of our dealers.”

    For further information on the CFMoto range, please visit


  • SYM Maxsym 400 Here Soon


    Further updates on the "soon" to arrive SYM Maxsym 400. Due December 2012 in 3 colours.

    Select Scoota Australia

    Maxsym 400 - Due December

    At the recent Sydney Scooter Expo the SYM Maxsym 400 was a massive hit with show goers. 

    The Maxsym 400 features a host of specifications including ABS. Yes, ABS on a maxi scooter that retails for only $7990 Ride Away. Good value in anyone's language.

    The Australian importer, Select Scoota, announced today that the Maxsym 400 will be arriving 1st week of December in 3 colours. The Maxsym will be available in Red, black or white colour options.

    As noted above, ABS will come standard. So will a 15 litre fuel tank and massive underseat storage that will cater for two full face helmets.

    For dealer details see

  • Filtering and Tolls Announcement

    NSW Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, announces a filtering trial to begin at the start of February 2013.

    Allen Drysdale

    Duncan Gay Announcement - NSW Motorcycle Awareness Week

    NSW Roads Minister, Mr Duncan Gay, announced today that a filtering trial will begin early February 2013. Speaking at the launch of Motorcycle Awareness Week, Mr Gay thrilled bikers with the news that filtering could actually play a vital role in helping the flow of congested Sydney city traffic.

    The trial will take place over a three month period in a set Sydney CBD location. The chosen trial location will be monitored through existing CCTV cameras located within the area. After the trial, a recommendation can be made to parliament on how to legislate moving forward.

    Mr Gay also announced that he'd be working hard over the next year to have tolls adjusted to compensate for riders crossing the harbour.

    Mr Gay said that he was aware that both filtering and tolls were the two major agenda items that a liberal government would be working hard to remedy over the next year. More bikes and scooters entering the CBD during peak hour will only help alleviate Sydney's congestion problems.

    We wait with eager anticipation that both these agenda items will come to fruition. Reduced tolls and filtering legalised for Sydney riders? Happy days ahead.

    Stay tuned......


  • Honda Dollars Honda Scooters

    Honda is offering a stash of HondaDollars on a range of learner approved Honda Motorcycles and Scooters.

    Honda Motorcycles



    $300 HondaDollars PCX125
    $200 HondaDollars Today 50, Dio 110

    With the warmer months on their way, now is the perfect time to avoid the traffic and make the switch to two wheels.

    Between now and December 31, 2012 receive $300 HondaDollars* when you purchase the PCX125 or $200 HondaDollars* when you purchase the Dio or Today50 scooter.

    If a learner approved motorcycle is more your style, enjoy $500 HondaDollars* when you purchase the CB400/ABS or $350 HondaDollars* when you purchase the VT400.

    HondaDollars can be used at the time of purchase towards the purchase price or in-store towards accessories or for servicing.

    Honda Scooters are powered by reliable, fuel efficient four-stroke engines and boast silky smooth V-Matic automatic transmission and electric start. Offering excellent ergonomics for rider comfort and spacious storage capacity to hold a bag, books or other personal items, a Honda Scooter is the perfect mode of city travel.

    After redefining the small capacity class when it arrived in Australia, Honda's CB400 offers new riders an alternative to the usual 250cc learner motorcycles. The CB400's naked good looks will catch the eye of the most discerning riders.

    Honda's only LAMS approved cruiser, the VT400 boasts big-bike styling with timeless cruiser looks and thanks to its reliable liquid cooled, 398cc four-stroke engine, smooth, manageable power is delivered on every ride.

    Honda's stash of HondaDollars are only available until December 31, 2012. See your Honda Dealer for more information.


  • Vic Riders Raise Concerns


    Victorian Parliamentary concerns raised by the Victorian Scooter Rider Association.


    The VSRA, representing Victoria’s four largest scooter clubs, is adding its voice to concerns in the motorcycle fraternity regarding expected findings from the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety.

    The government is expected to introduce legislation in the near future, based on findings from this inquiry. Anticipated by scooter riders is the introduction of compulsory fluoro vests; compulsory jackets, gloves and boots and the return of front number plates or other forms of identification.

    The VSRA supports improvements in safety for riders but does not believe these anticipated measures will improve scooter rider safety. The greatest threat to scooter riders is cars. The VSRA would rather see better education programs for car drivers and riders than the introduction of mandated gear such as fluoro vests.

    VSRA spokesperson Steve Bardsley, speaking on behalf of scooter riders said “Scooter riders are supportive of appropriate safety gear but believe that it is up to individual riders to decide what is appropriate for their riding conditions.” A great percentage of scooter riders are commuters using the inner city road network and do not ride at high speeds. The VSRA does not support the introduction of mandatory safety gear that is suited to high-speed sports bike riders. This gear is not appropriate for the vast majority of scooter riders commuting to work.

    The VSRA believe that front plate identification is more about revenue raising than safety for riders. Front plates will be costly, difficult to retrofit and will achieve zero improvements in safety for scooterists and motorcycle riders. The VSRA wants money spent on real safety initiatives such as driver education to minimise the risk that cars pose to scooterists rather than front plate identification.

    The VSRA will be joining other motorcycle riders in a protest ride on Monday 29 October to oppose the anticipated findings from the inquiry.

    For further information or media interviews please contact:

    Steve Bardsley on 0409 848 428 or

  • New Honda Online Store


    Honda now offering convenience through a new online apparel store.

    Honda Australia

    Honda is bringing convenience and speed to customers with the launch of an Online Merchandise Store that will allow people to purchase Honda Motorcycle merchandise from the comfort of their own home.

    Understanding the growing demand for flexibility by the modern day consumer, Honda is excited to be able to offer their entire range of merchandise and the convenience of home delivery or, to save on shipping costs, there is an option to pick up from a Honda Dealership.

    Visit to browse the site and to start shopping.

    Honda will offer the entire range of merchandise including protective riding gear, the Repsol Honda range, the new MX Collection, the Team Honda Racing range, kids merchandise as well as headwear, luggage, gifts and more.

    Victor Colcott, General Manager, Customer Service Division knows that the online merchandise store was a vital step forward for Honda in responding to customer needs; "We have looked at extensive research and found that customers are demanding a service like this. A huge percentage of online purchases are made between 7pm and 2am and Honda needs to offer a service for this period."

    Mr Colcott went on to say, "Honda will be offering the full range of merchandise on the site giving customers maximum choice. The option to either have purchases delivered or collected from a Honda Dealership allows the customer to still interact with their local dealer if they choose."

    Recent research has shown that 74% of consumers purchase online for convenience, other significant factors included competitive price and availability of products and services*. These elements were all carefully considered during the development stage of the new Honda Online Merchandise Store.

    See the new Honda Online Merchandise Store online now and get your Repsol Honda Gear in time for the MotoGP later this month!

    Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA

  • Yamaha Scooters @ Intermot


    Last week we were shown two new concepts that Yamaha will release in Europe for 2013.

    Allen Drysdale

    Yamaha used Intermot 2012 to release information on upcoming models for Europe in 2013. Sure we won't be seeing these here in Australia, but it still makes some interesting reading to keep a track of world trends. Especially with the big brands like Yamaha.

    For 2013 a new Aerox R will join the Yamaha scooter range. Available in standard and naked versions and featuring an all-new sports chassis and lightweight bodywork, the new-generation Aerox models take the supersport-style to a new level. Take a look at the images, both the new Aerox R and R naked follow key styling aspects of the R1 supersport motorcycle.

    In response to the clear need for reliable, economical and attractive personal transport, Yamaha is developing a new type of scooter for the 125cc 4-stroke segment. The design team's key development goals are to create a value-for-money European-style lightweight scooter, which offers strong performance combined with Yamaha levels of quality. 

    In other news, Yamaha recently released information on a new Moto GP version of the Xenter. The Xenter Moto GP was announced in relationship with Dorna, the current owners of the Moto GP series. A sportier looking version of the Xenter and available in both 125 and 150 cc versions. Will be available in November, again Europe only. 

    Below - Yamaha 125 Euro Concept


    Xenter 125/150 Moto GP


    New Aerox R

  • Aprilia Sportcity 300 Review


    We take the Sportcity Street Cube for a ride. Not much has changed, which just happens to be a good thing.

    Allen Drysdale


    Aprilia Sportcity 300 "Street Cube"

    The Sportcity has been given a few different looks over the years. The Street Cube is the latest in what has been a long succession of facelifts for the sporty Aprilia. The Aprilia Sportcity Street Cube now sits alongside the "Cube" as another 300 option in the Australian line-up.

    Aprilia's Sportcity 300 has remained relatively unchanged, from a specification standpoint it's the same beast. The few minor tweaks we've seen over the years have all been cosmetic. Items like instrument gauges, front grills, colours and graphics. The biggest change to the Sportcity range has been the capacity shifts along the way. Aprilia has been very good at leaving well enough alone.

    Simply put the Sportcity works because Aprilia have applied some key basic scooter principles. It's kept the wheelbase short and the wheel size large. The physical size of the Sportcity for its capacity is relatively small, so it's easy to manage. The Sportcity runs a flat floor, a ready made top box rack and has fairly good underseat storage for the wheel size. The Sportcity features awesome brakes, a cracking motor and great build quality. The fact is, the Sportcity provides a great deal of what commuters are looking for in a scooter.

    So with this latest incarnation of the Sportcity, it's not surprising to see that not much has changed. Actually the Street Cube is again an exercise in style. Though let's dig a little further into the specifications list anyway.

    The dash is a dual electric/analogue type. Actually it's been lifted from a previous model. Some may actually say it's a welcome return over that of the "Cube", which can sometimes be hard to read at a quick glance. The small glovebox houses a handy 12 volt charger. A small screen is somewhat helpful, though you are still very much exposed at freeway speeds.  

    From a running gear standpoint we have twin rear adjustable shocks. The front brakes are big twin 260mm discs with dual twin piston calipers, massive for a scooter this size. The rear brake is a single 220mm disc. Noted the Sportcity comes with a centre stand only, a side stand is available as an option. Wheel size is and always has been 15 inch front and rear.

    The engine is a gem and I can never tire of just how good it is. Piaggio's beautiful and smooth 278 cc Quasar unit. Producing a total of 16.5 Kw's of power, it gives the 137Kg package lots of initial get up and go. The 278 cc engine is liquid cooled and features 4 valves for the one cylinder.  

    On the road the Sportcity is fast and agile. Thin enough to filter through the smallest of gaps and fast enough to get yourself out of all kinds of trouble(Or into trouble for that matter). From a standstill, the Sportcity would be up for line honours when it comes to the traffic light dash. This is the Usain Bolt of scooters. It really is that quick off the mark and would leave many a bike fumbling still trying to engage first gear.

    Handling is probably the variable here. As the name would suggest the Sportcity comes with a sporty nature. There is no getting away from the fact that this is a light, firmly sprung, big engine scooter. The Sportcity will sometimes feel harsh over poor surfaces, it does have a tendency to jump around. On smooth surfaces the Sportcity feels like a racetrack warrior. Over bumpy surfaces you'll need to come to grips with a scooter that will move around underneath you. Attack your favourite piece of smooth road and the Sportcity will reward you with some of the best riding the scooter world can produce.

    As far as braking goes, you only need to apply one finger for most applications. Just think about applying the brakes and the twin discs on the front will haul you up in an instant. Which is nice given this scooters ability to gather speed.

    Talking of speed, the Sportcity can easily reach 100km/h plus speeds. At higher speeds wind turbulence can become tiring. So if consistent motorway work is called for I'd be looking for a small screen option. It would make things far more comfortable. Around town this turbulence just isn't an issue.

    The Aprilia Sportcity is just as I remembered. Such a competent commuter for the city. Small and easy to manage, fast and capable. Convenient given the flat floor and bag hook combo. Having owned a Sportcity 200 for many years, I often think back about how convenient this scooter was. As a commuter the overall platform is hard to beat. This latest Street Cube has not deviated from the Sportcity mantra.

    The new Aprilia Sportcity comes in two colour combinations. The red/black combo as tested, and the black/red combo which replaces last years ever popular Blackline addition. Price remains the same at little over 7 grand on the road.

    It should be noted that Aprilia now have two larger capacity sporting options in its Australian scooter line-up. The SR Max 300 and the Sportcity 300. This has been a smart move by Aprilia. It gives you two wheelbase options, one longer, one shorter. If the freeway or motorway is a regular occurrence, I'd be choosing the SR Max. If city applications weigh heavily, I'd be laying the cash down on the Sportcity. Just easier to filter and park.

    The Aprilia Sportcity Street Cube. It's remained relatively unchanged over the years, though it still remains one of the commuting gems.


    Engine, yes that engine.
    Small size, slim.
    Flat floor layout.
    Easy to manage.
    Top box ready rack.


    Twitchy handling over bumps.
    Underseat storage limited
    No helmet hooks under the seat. 

  • Scooterworld Sydney Now Yamaha


    Sydney scooter dealer now stocking Yamaha scooters in Sydney.

    Allen Drysdale

    Yamaha's TMAX, Daryl and Calvin - Daryl is sporting his new uniform. (New Yamaha Preferred Dealer) 

    Scooterworld Now Selling Yamaha

    Not typically found in a dedicated scooter shop, Yamaha scooters can now be found exclusively in Sydney scooter dealer - Scooterworld. The Yamaha scooter range includes the mighty TMAX 500 and Majesty 400 Maxi's. At the other end of the spectrum, economical fun commuting can be had in both the Vity and BWS125.

    Daryl and the team now offer full sales and service support for the Yamaha brand. Scooterworld is located just outside of Sydney's CBD, on the corner of Cleveland and Regent streets, Redfern. Scooterworld is now sales and service for Yamaha, Kymco, Daelim, CFMoto and TGB.

    For more information and pricing see


    BWS 125

    Vity 125


    YP 400

  • FCAI 3rd Quarter Sales Results


    Official sales figures released for the 3rd quarter of 2012. Road bike sales are up thanks to a continued strong learner legal market.



    The FCAI has released official comparative figures for the third quarter of 2012. Scooters will show a slight decline over last year, though figures do look skewed for various reasons.

    Sales figures are bound to look stronger at the end of 2012. One is the seasonal influence of warmer weather, we should see a dry summer. Secondly the introduction of many key models should see things on the rise. Models like the Piaggio Fly 150, Honda's PCX150 and TGB's Bellavita. All these models will have a positive impact on the overall numbers.

    The recent Sydney Scooter Expo should also see sales numbers boosted. This event drew a large contingent of scooter enthusiasts from Sydney and all over Australia. With over 1200 test rides carried out over the expo weekend, the annual event will no doubt have an impact on overall sales for scooters over 50 cc.

    Download reports and FCAI presser below...

    Strong growth continues for on-road motorcycles 

    Official figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) show that 78,830 new motorcycles, ATVs and scooters were sold to the end of the third quarter of 2012. This is an increase of 2.1 per cent (1,604 units) over the same period in 2011. 

    The Road segment continued to drive growth, increasing 9.4 per cent to 31,071 units to the end of September. 

    ATV sales, predominantly to the agricultural sector, grew a modest 1.0 per cent (to 16,188 units) compared with 2011. 

    However the news was not all positive, with purchases of off-road bikes decreasing slightly by 1.0 per cent (to 24,033 units) and Scooters continuing to see softening sales with a decrease of 11.6 per cent compared to last year with 7,538 new units retailed. 

    “This is a strong outcome for new Road motorcycle sales and a stabilisation of both the Off-Road and ATV segments,” said new FCAI Chief Executive, Tony Weber. “We generally see sales of motorcycles grow in the final quarter of the year as the weather gets warmer, so there is still the potential for 2012 to be a strong year in all motorcycle segments.” 

    Sales to the end of September showed Honda as the leading manufacturer in terms of volume with 17,536 units, followed by Yamaha with 13,735 units and Suzuki with 8,674 units sold. 



    Download the Top 10 Report

    Download the Comparison Report


  • SR Max 300 Arrow System


    Wanting to make your SR Max even sportier. Add a factory backed full Arrow system.

    Aprilia Australia



    SR Max 300

    John Sample Automotive, exclusive Australian importers of Aprilia Scooters are expecting the first shipment of Arrow Full Exhaust systems for the Aprilia SR Max 300. This exciting new accessory is a full system including steel headers and muffler with removable db killer.

    This full system is the ultimate sport performance accessory for the SR Max with the sound and look to match the appeal of the very popular SR Max 300.

    Arrow Full Exhaust System for the SR Max 300
    RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: $649.00 including GST

    Stock of the Arrow Full Exhaust systems will be on dealer shelves shortly, however to ensure customers don’t miss out on this first shipment’s stock, they should contact their nearest Aprilia Scooter dealer to pre‐order today. For a full Aprilia Scooter Dealer listing visit


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