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CFMoto Dealer Trip 2012


Australian CFMoto dealers pay the factory a visit in China. Mojo Motorcycles named as one of the top 5 distributors for CFMoto globally.

CFMoto Australia


2012 CFMoto Distributor Conference 

CFMoto Australia, in conjunction with CFMoto China, this week concluded a week‐long dealer trip to China to visit the CFMoto factory in Hangzhou, China and participate in the 2012 CFMoto Global Distributor Meeting.

Distributors and dealers from over 50 countries attended the event, with the primary purpose to give dealers an opportunity to visit the state‐of‐the‐art factory and learn more about the current and future planning for the CFMoto brand, which only arrived in the Australian market place in late 2010!

It also presented a valuable opportunity for dealers to take part in the CFMoto Distributor Conference and offer feedback first hand to CFMoto engineers about further product improvements for the Australian market.

Key CFMoto dealers and staff from Australia attended the trip and were amazed by the sheer size and professional nature of the CFMoto brand.
“CFMoto is experiencing rapid growth both in Australia and around the world,” says National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

“It is sometimes difficult to grasp the sheer scope of their operation, the professionalism of their business and the quality of their manufacturing facilities until you see and experience it first hand.”

“CFMoto is becoming a serious player within the global market with a constant focus on product research and development. And importantly, they are somewhat unique for a Chinese manufacturer as their primary focus is on the export markets of the West rather than the local domestic market.”

At this weeks CFMoto Distributor Conference, CFMoto Australia was awarded the prize of one of the Top 5 distributors globally!!

“This is a great recognition for the increase in sales for CFMoto in Australia, and it is pleasing to see our rapid growth matched by the 90% year‐on‐year growth CFMoto has experienced around the world,” Collins said.

“We are grateful that our product suits our local market, whilst also offering great value for money and supported by a strong warranty and extensive dealer network.”

CFMoto Australia was also awarded the top gong for marketing out of all CFMoto global distributors. The CFMoto conference brought CFMoto distributors from worldwide together to discuss their individual markets and the global vision for the CFMoto brand, with attendees including representatives from Europe, Russia, New Zealand and Canada, some of whom have already achieved the number one mantle.

The CFMoto factory has been producing power driven products globally for over 20 years and is dedicated to becoming the leading supplier of powersports products worldwide. The CFMoto manufacturing plant has a 1,300‐ strong workforce and dedicates over 25 per cent of this force to research and development, with continual improvement, innovation and quality.

“This was a unique opportunity to give both our staff and dealers first‐hand exposure to the CFMoto brand and the people behind it,” said CFMoto Australia National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

At the CFMoto Distributor Conference, CFMoto also launched some exciting new models! The powerful Rancher 800 utility which will be available to the Australian market place in December and the new touring styled road bike, the 650TR which will be available early next year.

“CFMoto is a serious long‐term player in the Australian market and this trip was an investment in our future growth and that of our dealers.”

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