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Bellavita 300 Update

With the arrival now under two weeks away, TGB make a few final changes to the Bellavita 300 from the pre-production model we tested only a month ago.

Allen Drysdale

TGB Bellavita Update

With only two weeks till launch we now find that TGB have made a few final changes to the Bellavita 300. From a few visual finishing touches to one very smart user friendly addition.

Firstly we see the addition of black rims with a machined outer. These bring the finish of the Bellavita up a notch. TGB have also added an extra touch of chrome to the front suspension. Adding a chrome Bellavita nameplate to the swing arm. And last of all from a visual standpoint the Bellavita will now come with matching seat, top case and rack colours. (i.e. black on black)

As for the before mentioned, smart "user friendly" item. TGB have changed the standard 12 volt charger to a USB type. Why more manufacturers just can't do this as standard, I'm not so sure. A welcome addition for anyone with a device that charges via USB.(most devices these days)

TGB have made these additions relatively quickly. We only had our hands on the pre-production model last month and these changes are all relevant improvements.

Pricing is expected to remain the same. The Bellavita will retail @ $5490 + ORC. See more including finding your local dealer @





silverflyer said:

looks like a vespa

November 3, 2012 10:01 AM