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  • SYM Jet 4R 50

    SYM Jet 4R 50

    Will this be Australia's top selling 50 for 2013. Given the price, style and specs, the Jet 4R has all the ingredients.

    Allen Drysdale


    It's looking like a big year ahead for SYM Australia. With a number of models in the pipeline, 2013 is looking fairly rosy. Following hot on the heals of the MaxSYM 400, SYM Australia launch its newest model, the Jet 4R 50.

    The naked 50 comes with a 2 stroke, 50 cc engine, weighing in at 109 Kg. Features a 13 inch wheel on the front with a 12 inch rim on the back. The smaller rear helping maximise underseat storage duties.  

    The style will appeal to many, especially those youngsters looking for a "first-time" 50. The naked handlebars dominating styling from the front. This helps give the Jet 4R a less cluttered, sportier appearance. For me, it also makes the Jet 4R look expensive.

    The Jet 4R should be a real winner in states where licensing laws make this category attractive. States like Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, the Jet 4R won't take long to gather significant sales momentum.

    What will make the the Jet 4R even more attractive is that SYM Australia will be setting a national ride-away price of under $2000. Look out for this one on the best sellers list for 2013. More details as they arrive.

    For SYM dealers visit


  • TGB Bellavita 125


    TGB complete the Bellavita model range with the release of the 125 cc version.

    Allen Drysdale


    TGB Bellavita 125 - $3990 + ORC

    TGB Australia have now added the latest Bellavita to the Australian range, introducing the Bellavita 125. The Bellavita 125 shares exactly the same platform as the 300 version. Same size, same everything, only difference is the 264 cc engine is replaced by a liquid cooled, 4 valve, fuel injected, 125 cc engine that produces a chart topping 11 Kw's of power.

    The Bellavita 125 will suit those looking for a lower capacity, premium classic. The Bellavita retails for $3990 plus registration and dealer charges. The benefit behind the lower engine capacity is the overall reduction in running costs. If regular motorway work is not needed, a scooter of this ilk can be a smart decision.

    We'll add a Bellavita 125 to the stable some time over the next week. As we've now had the Bellavita 300 for a few months, it will be interesting to compare the virtues of both, and where the 125 version will fit in the market. Remembering the Bellavita produces more power than any other 125 - 150 cc scooter currently sold on the Australian market.

    Colour options are identical to the 300 version. Available in white, black, red and mocha(brown).

    See more @



  • SRV 850 Update

    The worlds fastest production scooter is due this May.

    Allen Drysdale


    Aprilia SRV 850 ABS/ATC

    The word is out. The worlds fastest production scooter is on the way and due in May, 2013. We'll get our hands on a demo in April for review, retail outlets will follow shortly after with units for sale.

    Aprilia's SRV 850 pumps out an impressive 76 Hp from its 839 cc engine. Significant for a scooter with this level of performance, the SRV will also feature traction control and a full "Gold Series" Brembo anti-lock brake package.

    The SRV 850 won't be for everyone, but for those looking for the ultimate in scooter performance this will be it. Pricing is yet to be confirmed. See your local Aprilia dealer for further information.






  • Corazzo Brezza

    Corazzo launch new ladies mesh jacket. Feel the breeze in the new Brezza by Corazzo.

    Corazzo Australia


    The Corazzo Brezza -  $199 

    The Brezza is a fully vented ladies jacket, specifically shaped and styled for the female figure. The Brezza features a full abrasive resistant outer shell with removable Knox armour in the back, elbows and shoulders. 


    The "pull-in" waist straps, zipper piping and adjustable cuffs are all reflective. Left and right hand pockets are both waterproof. The inner trim of the collar is made from a  "soft to touch" material for added comfort around the neck.


    The Brezza comes standard with an emergency pull-out waterproof liner. Now available in sizes XS - 3XL and at only $199, it's exceptional value.


    See more @




  • Quick Piaggio Update


    This year will see the Piaggio MP3 range discontinued as current stocks sell through. Don't be worried, this may not be the end of three wheels in Australia.

    Allen Drysdale

    Piaggio MP3 250 Launch 2007

    Piaggio Australia have announced that both the MP3 300 and recently re-badged 500 models will be discontinued during 2013. As both models sell through current inventory levels, that will be last we'll see of the MP3 range.

    I remember the launch of the MP3 250 in Sydney during the month of October, 2007. Mick Doohan was the MC on the day and Australian journalists were introduced to - what was at the time - a revolutionary 3-wheeled machine.  All were amazed at the enhanced levels of grip. The ability to ride over surfaces we would have avoided if we only had two wheels. Wet surfaces and other deadly road obstacles like tram tracks became fair game. 

    Next we had the introduction of the MP3 400 which came with the extra oomph to travel at freeway speeds with confidence. The 400 version was introduced in early 2008. Slow-ish sales would see the MP3 400 discontinued as stocks sold down. Funnily enough the MP3 400 is now a scooter in high demand second hand. Does the MP3 400 have ability? Just ask Leigh Kestle who recently travelled around Australia on one.

    The most recent update came in the form of the MP3 300. Improved ergonomics and a fresh 278 cc engine. Those that own them, love them. Having ridden one at the press launch it's easy to see why. The Gilera Fuoco recently came into line with other world markets, re-badged into the Piaggio MP3 500 Sport.  

    Europe will still see the many variations of the MP3 range that exist. Touring and sport models, 125 through to 500 cc. The Australian scooter market unfortunately not big enough to support a range as individual as the MP3, though this may not be the end of three wheels in this country.

    Piaggio may replace the MP3 with the shorter more compact, Yourban. The Yourban was released at the 2010 Eicma show in Milan. The official Piaggio Italy release can be seen here. The Yourban still features the same three-wheel layout, it just looks more suited to the city life. The Yourban will be powered by Piaggio's 278 cc Quasar engine. Timing of release is yet to be confirmed.  

    Additionally if all goes well, we should also see the return of the Beverly this year. This will be in the form of the highly anticipated 350 Sport version. Comes with optional traction control and ABS brakes in Europe. Not sure what version we will see here, but if approved we should see this model around June. The new 350 engine is said to provide 400 cc levels of power with 300 cc levels of convenience.

    In other Piaggio news, a limited run of Vespa GTS 300 SS Arancio Competizione will be available in February this year. If you missed out on one of these limited models when they were released last year, you now have further opportunity to grab one.

    We will have more on each of these models as it's officially announced. My guess is those with a 3-wheel fetish will be out snapping up what MP3 stock is left on the shelves. Better get in quick.

    Yourban 300

    Piaggio MP3 400

    Vespa GTS 300 SS Arancio Competizione

  • Daelim S1 Price Reduction


    A price reduction and bonus accessories. The Daelim S1 list price now $2990. Free accessories only enhances the value.

    Daelim Australia

    Daelim S1 125 Now $2990 + ORC


    You'd be hard pressed claiming the S1 to be budget class, especially after reviewing the spec list. Looking at the price point though, you could be mistaken for thinking otherwise. Daelim Australia recently announcing the S1 will retail for $2990 plus on roads. This move in price places the S1 right in the heart of budget class territory. 

    If I seem surprised maybe I am, we can recollect the S1 retailing for near $4000 only a short time ago. The S1 features fuel injection, 4-valve motor, combined twin disc brakes, 13 inch wheels and external fuel filler. The dual seat features a passenger back rest. Under the seat features a light, the front glove compartment a 12 volt charger.

    The Daelim S1 has a solid reputation for being a well renowned and ultra-reliable "Korean Built" scooter. With Mojo Motorcycles moving the price below $3000, the S1 is now playing right in the mix of the action. The addition of free accessories only enhances the value. Looks like things will be heating up for Daelim in 2013. Read the official press release below.


    Official Press Release 

    Launched in to the market in 2010 the Daelim S1 has been a consistent seller in the marketplace. Powered by a liquid cooled 125cc Fuel Injected engine and featuring front and rear disc brakes the Daelim S1 is the ideal scooter for the daily commute! And is now available after price roll back to Australian customers for $2,990+ on road costs!!!

    As an added bonus to customers who purchase the S1, with every purchase customers will receive FREE a genuine Daelim windscreen (RRP $199), SHAD 29l Top Box (RRP $129) and genuine Daelim hand protectors (RRP $99)!

    “Daelim is a brand that has over 30 years manufacturing experience and hence represents high class quality and the S1 is a pure example this,” says Daelim National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    “As a model the Daelim S1 clearly out spec’s its competitors, with it’s 4 valve liquid cooled engine producing more power and torque than most 150cc scooters on the market and with a larger wheel size making for a smoother ride.”

    “The S1 is also the only scooter in it’s class to feature both front and rear disc brakes to improve braking performance, Collins says.”

    In addition to the price roll back and value adding scheme just launched in 2013, Daelim has now launched a new colour for the S1‐ red! And as we all know, red goes faster!!!

    Including the new red colour, the Daelim S1 is also available in black, white and titanium.

    “With the high quality build, price roll back and value adding windscreen and hand protectors now available, the Daelim S1 is set to become a popular fixture on Australian roads nationwide,” says Alan Collins.

    While relatively new in Australia globally Daelim Motors is a phenomenon and the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Korea.. Daelim factory puts a large emphasis on product development and with over 30 years experience is a global leader in technology.

    Annually Daelim manufactures 300, 000 bikes globally.

    Daelim Motors Australia dealers are located nationwide. To find your closest dealer, please visit




  • Mojo 2013 Market Wrap

    Mojo Motorcycles results for 2013. Market wrap for three brands TGB, CFMoto and Daelim.

    Mojo Motorcycles


    TGB Scooters 2012 Market Wrap 

    In 2012 TGB Scooters has once again made its mark within the Australian scooter market, posting strong results month upon month. Impressively, as an established brand TGB scooters have continued to expand every year since arriving and this has resulted in TGB taking the title for the 6th largest scooter brand within Australia for 2012.

    TGB scooters have been available in Australia for over ten years and provide Australians with a fantastic range of economical and environmental scooters.

    “Throughout the year, month on month TGB continued to record excellent results in the market and this success comes down to the principles that
    TGB stands for. TGB is quality, reliability and value for money and this is what Australians want,” said TGB National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    TGB scooters are manufactured in Taiwan and come with a 2 Year Factory Warranty. TGB scooters range from 50cc to 300cc model and are supported by over 33 years manufacturing and development experience.

    According to ERG International, in 2012 TGB scooters held 8.4% of the entire Australian scooter market.

    In 2012 TGB also saw some exciting new product launches including the launch of the TGB Bellavita 125 and 300i. Arriving in December, the TGB Bellavita’s feature the classic European styling of a traditional 50's era scooter, while possessing the exceptional power and performance of a leader in the modern scooter industry. Operated by CVT 'Twist & Go' automatic transmission, the Bellavita is complemented with Electronic Fuel Injection. A vast range of colours, a lockable glove box and option of a top box addition make the Bellavita as practical as it is stylish!

    TGB scooters are renowned for stylish designs and advanced mechanics and it is because of this that TGB continue to sit as a market leader within Australia.

    “Through consolidating our new models in the marketplace we can expect to see further growth of the TGB brand in 2013,” Collins says.

    “Our scooters are backed by high‐class quality and performance, complemented by an experienced nationwide dealer network.”

    In Australia, TGB scooters are distributed by Mojo Motorcycles, who were established eight years ago and are the exclusive distributor for CFMoto motorcycles, scooters and ATVs, Daelim motorcycles and scooters, as well as TGB scooters. In 2012 Mojo Motorcycles have extended their business further growing an astronomical 71.2% in sales and holding 3.2% of the entire Australian motorcycle market for 2012, according to results just released by ERG International.

    Mojo Motorcycles pride themselves on importing quality products to the Australian market. With each of the Mojo Motorcycles brands kicking goals monthly, there is no doubt that Mojo Motorcycles is well on the way to becoming a market leader.

    If you LOVE TGB Scooters, you should LIKE the newly launched TGB Scooters Facebook page. TGB Scooters Facebook keeps members up to date on all things TGB!!!

    For further information on TGB Scooters or the current TGB promotion please visit


    Daelim Australia 2012 Market Wrap

    Daelim motorcycles and scooters only arrived in the Australian market place in late 2011 and over the past year Daelim has consolidated its position as a major player within the Australian motorcycle industry. According to market share just released by industry data specialists ERG International, in 2012 the Daelim brand grew an enormous 89.8% in comparison to sales made in 2011.

    The Daelim brand offers Australians a unique range of motorcycles and scooters, with power varying from a 50cc to a 250cc model.

    As Korea’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, Daelim holds an enviable reputation for quality, offering a number of models which have been refined over the organisations thirty year history. Daelim began manufacturing in 1962 and it is because of this vast experience that Daelim manufacturing is a global leader in advanced technology.

    In 2012 Daelim manufactured over 300,000 bikes globally.

    Currently Daelim has the VJF 250 representing the Daelim motorcycle division and this model alone has experienced 7.6% growth in 2012. The VJF 250 is a 250cc sports learner approved bike that comes standard with a liquid cooled four‐ stroke DOHC engine and electronic fuel injection. In 2012 the VJF 250 also received a facelift with new sticker artwork and a redesigned rear which has proven to be popular with the Australian public.

    “The VJF 250 has fast become a favourite with Australians with its extreme sports appeal, superior build and features and with a new price introduced in late 2012 it has become known as the best value 250cc motorcycle on the market,” says Daelim National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    And while the Daelim motorcycle is definitely impressing the Australian market it is the Daelim scooters that are setting the motorcycle industry world alight! Daelim scooters have well and truly leaped ahead in 2012 posting 195.5% growth from this time last year.

    “Supported by an extensive history of manufacturing experience the Daelim brand stands for pure class‐ quality products, unique designs and innovative technology. Reliability and competitive price points also help to make the Daelim brand a cut above the rest,” Collins says.

    Only yesterday, Daelim Australia announced the relaunch of the popular Daelim S1 scooter. Powered by a liquid cooled 125cc Fuel Injected engine and featuring front and rear disc brakes the Daelim S1 is now available after price roll back to Australian customers for $2,990+ on road costs!!! As an added bonus to customers who purchase the S1, with every purchase customers will receive FREE a genuine Daelim windscreen (RRP $199), SHAD 29l Top Box (RRP $129) and genuine Daelim hand protectors (RRP $99)!

    “Daelim motorcycles and scooters are first up built to quality but we are also working to ensure our scooters are accessible to the Australian public at a highly competitive price point and unbeatable value,” says Collins.

    “In 2013 you can expect to see Daelim grow further as we take on the two wheel market offering great quality, high class performance transport backed by a great warranty and extensive dealer network!”

    In Australia, Daelim is distributed by Mojo Motorcycles, who were established eight years ago and are the exclusive distributor for TGB scooters, CMoto motorcycles, scooters and ATVs, as well as CFMoto scooters, motorcycles and ATV. In 2012 Mojo Motorcycles have extended their business further growing an astronomical 71.2% in sales and holding 3.2% of the entire Australian motorcycle market for 2012, according to results just released by ERG International.

    Mojo Motorcycles pride themselves on importing quality products to the Australian market. With each of the Mojo Motorcycles brands kicking goals monthly, there is no doubt that Mojo Motorcycles is well on the way to becoming a market leader.


    CFMoto Australia 2012 Market Wrap

    According to the latest data release by industry data specialist, ERG International, in 2012 CFMoto overall sales have grown by 71.8% in comparison to 2011.

    CFMoto’s ATV are still relatively new to the Australian market however since their official introduction in early 2011 to Australia, ERG results have confirmed that CFMoto ATVs are cementing their position within the market. Overall in 2012 CFMoto achieved 6.4% of the entire Australian ATV market and recorded 108.1%growth in comparison to the same time last year.

    “Our growth in 2012 is no mean feat in the Australian market, however we are only just getting started,” says National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.
    “Our CFMoto ATV range is quickly becoming recognised as the best value for money on the market for Australian farmers and that is why we have recorded such significant growth over 2012.”

    Overall the Australian ATV market grew 5.1% in 2012 and CFMoto has been part of this growth, now officially the fastest growing ATV brand of 2012.

    CFMoto manufacturing is based in Hangzhou, China, and while a relatively new brand in Australia, has an established global network. Annually, CFMoto manufactures over 600, 000 vehicles.

    “CFMoto products focus on its designs on quality build, reliability and value for money,” says National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    “As more and more Australians are coming to realise, CFMoto products are a true example of quality not always determining price,” said Alan Collins.
    CFMoto motorcycles and scooters also finished 2012 on high, recording outstanding retail results of their own.

    According to the latest release ERG data, CFMoto motorcycles have grown a whopping 81.3% on this time last year. This growth is a reflection of the growing motorcycle product range that offers fantastic entry level bikes at unbeatable price points.

    And there will be no slowing down in the CFMoto growth in 2013, with the introduction of several new ATVs/ UTVs including the Z6 Ex side by side, Z8 800cc side by side and U800 800cc utility. In the motorcycle division, CFMoto is also set to continue to expand also with the highly anticipated launch of the 650TR cruiser motorcycles set to arrive on Australian shores at the end of quarter one.

    “CFMoto has and will continue to design and cater for Australia’s unique conditions and that is why we are able to introduce great products that there is a high demand for,” says National Sales Manager, Alan Collins.

    “Not only are our products wanted, they also satisfy the Australian consumer with great build quality, outstanding after sale support and unbeatable price points.”

    All CFMoto motorcycles, scooters and ATVs* are backed with by a 2‐Year Factory Warranty.

    In Australia, CFMoto is distributed by Mojo Motorcycles, who were established eight years ago and are the exclusive distributor for TGB scooters and Daelim motorcycles and scooters, as well as CFMoto scooters, motorcycles and ATV. In 2012 Mojo Motorcycles have extended their business further growing an astronomical 71.2% in sales and holding 3.2% of the entire Australian motorcycle market for 2012, according to results just released by ERG International.

    Mojo Motorcycles pride themselves on importing quality products to the Australian market. With each of the Mojo Motorcycles brands kicking goals monthly, there is no doubt that Mojo Motorcycles is well on the way to becoming a market leader.

    For further information on the CFMoto range, please visit

  • Piaggio Number 1 in 2012.

    Piaggio claims overall scooter numbers in 2012. In the individual scooter race, Piaggio Fly claims the ace position.

    Piaggo/Vespa Australia


    Piaggio/Vespa in 2012

    Australian scooter sales reduced by 8.7% in 2012 over the previous years as revealed in the recently released industry figures. However Italy’s Piaggio moved forward increasing sales by 28% to take the number 1 spot in 2012. The Piaggio Fly 150 is also Australia’s top selling scooter, further assisted by an update in the 2nd half.
    “It’s no surprise with 3 models in the top 10. We have invested our time and energy into providing new product in all categories. We really do have all the bases covered”, said Piaggio / Vespa Brand manager Simon Gloyne. He added “Our iconic and respected brands are coupled to the best scooter dealer network in the country and this means a lot to consumers”.
    When combined with Piaggio’s famous Vespa brand, the scooter giant has claimed 24.4% share of the market, nearly doubling the sales of their nearest competitor.

  • Honda Leads 2012 Results

    Honda leads market by a healthy margin at close of 2012.

    Honda Australia

    Honda Tops 2012 Sales Results 

    After hitting the ground running last January, Honda has concluded 2012 in top form recording number one market position, growth in three categories and an impressive five models in the top ten according to the 2012 FCAI National Sales Report*.

    In another positive year for Honda, the top selling motorcycle was the CRF50F Funbike, followed by Australia's number one learner approved motorcycle, the CBR250R. Honda led several categories including ATV, Road, Under 250cc, Naked, Off-Road, Fun, Farm and Trail.

    Recording an inspiring year on year growth of 8%, Honda ended the year with 23% market share which, at 5% ahead of the closest competitor is the largest lead since 2004.

    While achieving growth in the ATV, Off-Road and Road segments, Honda's strongest growth was in Road where an increase of 20.6% was recorded. Driven predominantly by the hugely popular CBR250R, this growth was supported by newcomer, the CB125e.

    Honda Motorcycles General Manager, Peter Singleton is pleased with Honda's positive result; "This is a fantastic result for Honda. 2012 was not without challenges; the market has seen many changes, Honda responded to these changes and enjoyed excellent growth in many product categories. We look forward to sales remaining strong as we move into 2013".

    The whole motorcycle industry finished the year on a high, with December 2012 recording the strongest sales figures ever recorded by the FCAI.

    With exciting models such as the learner approved CBR500R and the luxury touring Goldwing F6B due for release in the first half of 2013, Honda looks forward to the positive momentum from 2012 propelling the market into another successful year.
    Dealer Locator Ph: 1 300 1 HONDA

    * FCAI Motorcycle Group - National Sales Report: January - December 2012 compared with January - December 2011


  • FCAI 2012 Sales Results


    The official figures for 2012 are in. Overall motorcycle industry numbers are up by 5.4%.


    Official FCAI Release - 2012 Sales Results

    Official figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) show that 115,488 new motorcycles, ATVs and scooters were sold in Australia during 2012. This is an increase of 5.4 per cent (5,930 units) over the 2011 number.

    The Road motorcycle segment continued to drive growth, increasing 12.6 per cent to 43,539 units for the year.

    ATV sales grew by 5.1 per cent (to 23,570 units) compared with 2011 while Off-Road motorcycle sales increased by 2.5 per cent to 37,699 units.

    The only segment to see a softening of sales was Scooters, decreasing by 8.7 per cent compared to last year with 10,680 new units retailed.

    In the Road motorcycle segment Honda led the volume race with 8,783 units sold, however several of the premium European and American brands showed notable growth rates such as Aprilia (up 58%), BMW (up 24%), Harley Davidson (up 22%) Ducati (up 21%) and Moto Guzzi (up 17%).

    Yamaha was the leading volume Off-Road producer for 2012 with 11,024 units sold and Honda headed the ATV sales list with 5,491 units.

    While scooter sales softened overall, Piaggio sales increased significantly, moving the brand to the top of the scooter volume table with 1,640 units which is an increase of 28% versus their 2011 number.

    In the total sales stakes across all segments, Honda was the leading volume manufacturer for 2012 with 26,034 units sold, followed by Yamaha with 20,185 units, Suzuki with 12,463 units and Kawasaki with 10,908.

    Report Downloads

    Download the Top 10 Report

    Download the Comparison Report


    NSC110 = Honda Dio
    NVS502 = Honda Today
    WW125 = PCX 125


    Piaggio Fly 150


    Honda Dio (NSC110)


     Daelim Besbi 125

  • Let’s Scoot With Honda


    Receive a fistful of Honda Dollars on both the PCX125 and Today 50. See your Honda dealer today.

    Honda Australia


    There’s no better way to enjoy the summer than by getting around town on a Honda Scooter! Between now and March 31, 2013 scoot into your Honda Dealer and enjoy $300 HondaDollars* when you purchase the innovative PCX125 and $200 HondaDollars* when you purchase the dependable Today50.

    Ideal for commuters looking for a fuel efficient, fun ride around town, the learner approved PCX125 scooter boasts Honda’s famous quality and durability while showing off fashionable good looks.

    Powered by a lightweight, liquid cooled engine, the PCX125 features a Honda PGM-FI fuel injection system that ensures seamless, effortless power delivery via the smooth V-belt transmission, while also reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

    The innovative Idle Stop function ensures maximum fuel efficiency by allowing the engine to automatically stop running after 3 seconds of idling, the engine then re-starts when the throttle grip is twisted. Idle Stop mode is enabled or disabled via a convenient switch on the right handlebar.

    Honda’s strong and dependable Today50 scooter has long been a favourite with first time riders or those riders wanting an economical, fun ride. The reliable, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine of the Today50 is not only highly environmentally-friendly, it also offers power output characteristics and fuel economy that make it ideal for city riding.

    The combination of excellent ergonomics for rider comfort and spacious storage capacity to hold a bag, books or other personal items, a Honda Scooter is the perfect mode of commuter travel.

    HondaDollars can be used at the time of purchase towards the purchase price or in-store towards accessories or for servicing.

    See your Honda Dealer before March 31, 2013 for these offers.

    Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA

    *includes GST


  • Bellavita Box Offer Continues

    TGB continues into the new year with the free box offer on Bellavita. Save around 400 bucks.

    Allen Drysdale


    TGB Bellavita $5490 + ORC 

    TGB's Bellavita 300 was launched late last year and initially it was coming fitted with a free colour-matched top box. TGB Australia have now decided to carry this offer forward into the new year. 

    The free box will devour any full face helmet, it's also handy when riding two-up, the passenger able to use the box as a backrest. The box comes matching the scooters colour, the backrest matching the scooters seat. The top box offer saving around $400 in total.

    We've already performed over 500 km's on our Bellavita. The top box made a significant contribution over the XMAS period, coming in very handy on a number of occasions.  

    The TGB Bellavita 300 has a recommended retail of $5490 + ORC.  For your local dealer visit TGB's new home @

    published 8/01/2013

  • SYM MaxSYM 400 Released

    One scooter that has hit the ground running this year is the new MaxSYM 400 from SYM.

    Allen Drysdale



    SYM MaxSYM 400 - $7990 Ride Away

    SYM launched a new Maxi Scooter late last year and already we are seeing a dedicated following emerge. The enthusiasm is mainly based around the "bang for buck factor", with the MaxSYM 400 retailing nationally at $7990 Ride Away.

    Even though it sits a class above, at this price it puts the MaxSYM in competition with a host of 300 class machines. What makes it even more astonishing is the addition of ABS standard. Anti-Lock Braking is still something of a rarity in Australia, only available on a handful of models even though it provides the rider with a significant increase in safety.

    The MaxSYM 400 produces around 25 kw's of power from its 4-valve, 399 cc, motor. Other features include a handy USB charging station, 15 inch front wheel and a massive 14.7 litre fuel tank.

    Units are now in dealerships across Australia. For dealers please visit

  • 2012 Le Minz Wrap - The Scooter Shop GC


    The Scooter Shop and Aprilia combine to take out this years Le Minz for the 2nd year running. See Adam's wrap of the 2012 event.

    Adam Lowe


    2013 Le Minz Scooterthon by Adam Lowe

    (The Scooter Shop Gold Coast)  

    The Scooter Shop Race Team has once again taken out the Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon, winning back to back victories in the standard class and also taking out overall race honours.

    The Aprilia SR 50 R finished first overall and a staggering 30 laps ahead of the 2nd place finisher. Even with world class competition which included race legends Troy Bayliss, Jason Crump and Garry McCoy, The Scooter Shop SR 50 R retained the lead all the way to the chequered flag. With the 2012 win, the Scootershop Team has now amassed a total of 3 wins from 4 events.

    For the second year in a row an Aprilia SR 50 R has taken out the overall title. This year the SR was able to win against some heavily tuned "performance" class scooters. Some teams had dedicated a whole year of preparation into competing at the event. Riding any scooter for 24 hours straight is the ultimate test of endurance, and the Le Minz Scooterthon is a unique gruelling challenge for both rider and machine.

    The Scooter Shop Race Team was lucky enough to combine a team of champion riders. The team consisted of Brad Berlin, Beau Laing, Paul Dawson and Luke Martin. All team members made a super human effort, all were consistently setting smooth fast lap times. The team completed a total of 1990 laps in the exhausting 24 hour event. A true show of endurance by man and scooter.

    It's a huge effort for any team to get a scooter on the starting grid. Astonishingly, our brand new SR 50 R was only race-prepped the day before the event. Of the 25 scooter entries, 9 of them had been assisted by The Scooter Shop mechanics (5 of these were Aprilia SR 50 R scooters). This means we assisted over a third of the field. Special mention must go to race mechanic, Ron Funk, with special mentions for Raymundo Bermudo (Head Technician) and assistant Brad Martin-Turner.

    Preparation for the winning SR 50 R was a matter of performing a simple pre-delivery, the scooter was brand new starting with only 6 km's on the clock. The standard removal of restriction and the tyres changed to Michelin Pure Sports. These were the only changes made to what was a standard class scooter.

    The Scooter Shop Gold Coast will continue to race and support the Le Minz concept. The event showcases just how much fun you can have riding a scooter. The event also highlights how reliable, economical and powerful a 50 cc scooter can be. Many people have converted, adding a 50cc scooter into their commuting life, they've been directly influenced by the event. Another positive is that Le Minz is held in the aid of supporting many of the local charities with a good cause.

    A 24 hour race is a brilliant way to bring the message of scootering to the public. A total of 90% of the entrants completed the 24 hour marathon. For this year, Aprilia's SR 50 R was the clear winner.


    The Aprilia SR 50 R:

    The Aprilia SR 50 scooter has a worldwide following on the scooter scene, especially when it comes to fans of racing. Each year a new series of colours and designs are released to reflect what's going on in the Aprilia Factory race teams.

    The SR has been manufactured in several different versions since it was first released in 1993. Throughout the years, models have received a host of design, technical and style upgrades. These advances have always been a direct reflection of what is happening on the race track.
    With Max Biaggi taking out World SBK titles in 2010/12 on Aprilia's RSV4 Superbike, the SR 50 R was again all decked out in honour of these championship titles. Over previous years, limited edition models have worn the names and numbers of many champions. The list includes;

    • Valentino Rossi #46 in 1997
    • Loris Capirossi in 97-98
    • Tetsuya Harada in years 97-98-99
    • Poggiali in 2004
    • Spiderman version offered to the world market in 2003.

    The SR 50 R is one of the very few 50 cc water cooled scooter models left remaining on today's market. The current model SR 50 R uses a liquid cooled version of Piaggio's Hyper II engine.