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Vespa LX150 3V


Pete gives us a quick glimpse of his upcoming review of the new LX150 3V.

Pete Gailey

By Pete Gailey

The new Vespa LX150 i.e. 3V is creating a great deal of talk around scooter circles with its all improved 150 (actual 155 cc) 3-valve engine. Piaggio have big wraps on this engine, it’s supposed to be lighter, provide more power and more torque than previous generations. On top of that, fuel economy is improved by 30%, and the service intervals are now out to a massive 10,000 k’s.

Steve, at Ace Scooters in WA, recently posted on the Scooter Community forum, “The extra torque is quite noticeable, I've had our demo on the freeway up to a reported 110k/h (not GPS checked) with a bit more to go, and it's still done less than 500 km's“.
So when Al rolled up the garage door and showed me the little aqua green LX (Ed:Verde Portovenere Pete!), my first impressions were the wheels looked tiny, the wheelbase seriously short, it was almost like a toy. I’m thinking - tiny Vespa, very chic, but will it live up to the hype?

Costing about 6 and a half grand you could just about buy two Piaggio Flys for the price of this pint sized Vespa. More importantly for around an extra grand you could buy yourself a GTS250, a model I actually own.

I felt a bit ridiculous sitting on this scooter for the first time, well aware of how comical it must have looked for this 90 kg gorilla to be astride this tiny aqua green scooter. So will the Vespa LX150 3V impress this big gorilla, will it live up to the hype, who will it suit? Check back shortly for our review.

By Allen Drysdale

Pete Gailey is a respected member of Australia’s scooter community. Pete commutes on his scooter(Gilera 180SP) every day, has ridden many of the scooters on today's market and goes for long rides each and every weekend with his "Coz We Can" crowd. Pete has a love for scooters and two wheels that will relate to many. We’ve asked Pete for his feedback and review of the new LX150 3V.   

Published Feb 19 2013, 02:52 PM by allen
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