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  • The New TMAX Has Landed

    Yamaha Australia has released the new TMAX 530, a model that delivers an enhanced version of the TMAX experience.

    Official Release By Yamaha Australia


    Tougher. Sportier.
 More TMAX than ever.

    Opening a new chapter in the sports scooter book, the TMAX 530 grabs attention like never before. Beneath the aggressive new fairing, a radically redesigned aluminium chassis and 530cc engine provide the new TMAX 530 with a combination of smooth, ultra-direct acceleration and best-ever torque from a standing start.

    Handling and stability have also been improved, with weight distribution and balance now more like a motorcycle than ever, for instinctive, ultra- precise turning, every time. Make no mistake, this is still a TMAX. In fact, it’s the purest TMAX riding experience yet.

    TMAX: the legend continues

    In 2001, the original TMAX announced a new era in scooter riding. A scooter like no other, it established an entirely new category: the Sports Maxi-Scooter. The idea behind the TMAX was to combine the performance, handling and speed of a motorcycle, with the convenience and practicality of a Maxi- Scooter. This unique proposition made the TMAX an immediate hit.

    Experienced riders with a love of prestige styling and sporty performance, quickly came to enjoy its versatile, dynamic riding style. A fun-filled commuter during the week and an enjoyable ride for a weekend getaway, the TMAX was just as at home in the countryside as it was on busy city streets – either with a passenger or without.

    While successive models of the TMAX have continuously evolved since 2001 – setting new benchmarks for performance and handling – the core concept of the TMAX has always remained the same: combining the performance of a motorcycle and the convenience of a scooter.

    TMAX 530 doesn’t deviate from that formula: it improves it – in a host of new, exciting ways.

    More power

    One ride on the new TMAX 530 will convince any rider that the scooter’s improvements can’t be conveyed in spec numbers alone. From the noticeably smoother, direct acceleration feeling, to the instant, powerful response delivered by the engine, it offers boosted levels of excitement that have to be experienced to be believed.

    This TMAX 530 evolution starts with a new 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line 2-cylinder, 4-valve, 530cc fuel-injected engine with continuously variable transmission (CVT). Compared to its predecessor, this new engine delivers extremely strong torque in the low to mid-speed range, achieving a significant increase in torque output.

    This remarkable torque is achieved by an
engine full of lighter, more efficient
components, including forged aluminium
pistons with optimised valve recess; a pent roof type combustion chamber with optimised squish area; and a new cam profile. A lightweight aluminium balancer sleeve is used in place of a steel sleeve. This balancer system is optimised to reduce horsepower loss, using a vent to eliminate pumping effect. Similar vents in the inner walls of the crankcase reduce pressure.

    The result? A noticeable boost in acceleration in the 40-90 km/h speed range. It’s an improvement riders will feel every time they power away from the lights, or effortlessly pass rush-hour traffic.

    To better accommodate the new engine, all-new intake and exhaust systems are used. Instead of aluminium, the intake manifold is constructed from lightweight plastic resin. Other changes include a 34mm diameter throttle bore, longer exhaust pipe, and new silencer.

    Such serious levels of torque are reflected in a new, higher-capacity wet sump design, and a redesigned CVT unit, with new build materials, a new belt chamber cooling system, new optimised speed ratios, and an updated fuel injection system. Thanks to these extensive changes, riders don’t just get the thrill of powerful acceleration; they get a sensation of effortless, fluid driveability, across the whole power band.

    The secondary drive features a new belt drive mechanism, clearly visible at the rear of the scooter: a Yamaha world-first in this class. With virtually no play in the belt, power delivery is more linear, the throttle is more connected with the engine, and the rider also feels closer to the machine.

    Constructed from lightweight aramid fibre – famed for its excellent tensile strength, durability, shock resistance and anti-corrosion qualities – the new belt drive further contributes to the reduction of un-sprung weight, and the centralised mass that gives the TMAX its unique, motorcycle-style handling.

    More like a motorcycle: reduced weight and adjusted weight distribution

    At the heart of the TMAX 530 is a die-cast aluminium frame, with optimised rigidity balance, that lets riders enjoy the full effect of the 530cc engine and CVT transmission. Weight distribution follows a pattern similar to that of a motorcycle, with the engine rigidly mounted within the frame, using newly-refined steel parts, and a low-sitting fuel tank.

    In total, the scooter has lost
 approximately 4kg in weight: this 
is largely thanks to a new die-cast aluminium swing arm, with separate right and left halves. The swingarm incorporates a chain tensioner identical to those used on Supersport models, which further helps optimise the rigidity balance that is so crucial to this scooter’s exciting, sporty performance.

    Combined, these design elements deliver best-ever weight distribution towards the front wheel and noticeably improve handling; riders can follow their intended line with stability and ease, even through the tightest corners. Similar to a motorcycle, TMAX 530 is also incredibly responsive: by providing riders with precise feedback from the road, it allows for an enhanced level of control.

    More braking power, ultra-responsive suspension

    With a scooter as powerful as the TMAX, reliable, effective braking is essential. A large diameter 282 mm rear disc brake is added to TMAX 530, working in combination with dual 267 mm front disc brakes and the TMAX’s famous 4-pot front caliper.

    TMAX 530 suspension lifts both handling and comfort to new levels, with excellent cornering, stability and overall feel. The cushioned ride provided by the strong rear shock is complemented by motorcycle-style telescopic front forks: highly resistant to twisting, they keep the front wheel tracking straight and true in various road conditions.

    Aggressive, high-prestige style

    Visually, the new TMAX 530 refines its signature blend of distinctive, streamlined design and functionality. Now the look is sportier, tougher and edgier than any TMAX to date; in short, it’s more TMAX than ever, newly shaped, streamlined body panels are combined with new aggressive front end styling, which provides ample room for the re-styled, symmetrically shaped dashboard and new rear-view mirrors, which reduce the effects of turbulence and vibration. The completely new, modern instrument panel shows every piece of key ride information at a glance. Dual, polygon-shaped analogue
counters make striking additions to the
dashboard: the speedometer on the left
side, the tachometer on the right. The
dashboard is also backlit, for excellent

    Yamaha’s instantly recognisable ‘twin
eye’ projector headlights with sub-
reflectors are more compact, yet more
efficient, and they complement the
distinctive, angular front flashers. 
Meanwhile, an accent line above the
headlights creates the appearance of a
‘face’: the distinctive Yamaha touch. A
new LED tail lamp is taken from Yamaha’s flagship Supersport bikes, emphasising the TMAX 530’s sporty DNA.

    Underlining the scooter’s versatile and sporty character – the exciting city commuter that’s more than capable of opening up on the open road – is a new aerodynamic 2-step adjustable windscreen, which can be adjusted to suit riding conditions. Despite being smaller than the screen on its predecessor, a sophisticated design allows it to achieve identical levels of air resistance and wind noise, for total rider comfort.

    Additional modifications include new, dynamic-looking 5-spoke wheels and a high-quality, forged aluminium side stand, which helps keep overall weight down.

    The visual ‘boomerang’-shaped line, running from front to rear, is as distinctive as ever. Luxurious levels of comfort remain the standard, with wraparound fairing providing protection from the elements, and a sporty seat providing an optimal, active riding position with the flexibility to move. Grab rails, fold-out footrests and redesigned rear panels ensure that a passenger travels with new levels of comfort and confidence. Multiple gloveboxes and underseat storage provide substantial luggage space.

    Yamaha Genuine Accessories

    TMAX owners can customise their TMAX 530 with a range of Yamaha Genuine Accessories.

    When larger quantities of luggage are required – for example, on a weekend away – a 39L top case with inner bag can be fitted, using a dedicated rear carrier in black and silver. These top cases can be opened using a dedicated key or one-key operation, which allows users to operate both case and scooter using the same key. A 22L console bag is also available.

    For additional passenger comfort, a back rest with matching cushion is available in two colours: matt black or silver for the stay, and black or titanium-colour for the cushion. A stylish, comfortable designer seat comes in black and silver with red stitching, and features an embossed TMAX logo.

    Riders can add an additional sporty touch with a sport screen in transparent or dark smoked colouring, or attach their own GPS using a dedicated GPS stay. An apron offers protection from the elements in cold or rainy weather, while an engine cover (sold per piece) and belt cover (available in two colours) add a stylish extra layer of vehicle protection on the move.

    Other accessories include aluminium foot panels, a stylish licence plate holder with red TMAX logo, a 12V DC outlet, a grip heater for cold days, and battery chargers.

    2013 TMAX 530 key features at a glance

    • NEW: increased engine displacement with 4-stroke, 2-cylinder 530cc engine
    • NEW: redesigned CVT unit for increased driveability 
    • NEW: lightweight belt drive and aluminium swing arm, saving 
weight and redistributing weight frontward, for more engaged, 
motorcycle-style riding
    • NEW: increased torque for acceleration and response 
    • NEW: enlarged, 282 mm rear disc brake 
    • NEW: dynamic, aggressively angular styling announces the next 
evolution of TMAX 
    • NEW: forged aluminium side stand, LED tail light, reshaped rear 
view mirrors, and 5-spoke wheels 
    • NEW: more compact, aerodynamic 2-step adjustable windscreen 
    • NEW: striking dashboard design with separate analogue 
speedometer and tachometer 
    • Strong, lightweight die-cast aluminium frame with optimised rigidity 
    • Large diameter wheels with wide tyres for stability and handling 
    • Motorcycle telescopic front forks and strong rear suspension 
    • Dual seat with passenger grip for comfort


  • Honda Lead 125 Released


    Honda Vietnam announce the release of a newly developed Lead 125. Engine coming directly from the PCX 125.

    Allen Drysdale

    Honda Lead 125

    Honda Vietnam has just released the all-new Honda Lead 125. In Australia, Honda's current range jumps from Dio($2490*) to PCX 150($4050*). The Dio 110 has been a very popular entry level commuter here. The PCX-150 has a reputation for being the best in class. Both are market leaders, both are very good at what they do. What raises our interest in the Lead 125?

    Well, here's a scooter that could fill a nice gap for Honda in the Australian market. It does state in the press release below that 200,000 units are being built for the local market and exports to the Japanese market will shortly follow. What's wrong with a few units making the journey to Australia?

    The Vietnam built Lead 125 looks like a good thing. The 125 cc engine from the PCX is one of the best lower capacity scooter engines available. Add in mega storage, a small easy to manage chassis and typical Honda build quality. Performance would be exceptional given its size and the Lead has even been fitted with a clock on the dash. If the price was competitive, no doubting this scooter has all the ingredients to make it a market leader.

    We will keep you informed, for now, read Honda Worlds official presser below. (unedited)

    Honda Australia -

    * plus rego and dealer delivery charges


    Honda World Official Press Release
    Hanoi, Vietnam, March 22, 2013 - Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (President: Masayuki Igarashi), a Honda joint venture in Vietnam for production and sales of motorcycles and automobiles, today announced the release of the LEAD125, a liquid-cooled 125cc single-cylinder scooter.


    The LEAD125 is equipped with a liquid-cooled 125cc single-cylinder engine "eSP*1" with high fuel efficiency incorporating low-friction technology, that have boosted the popularity of the PCX. The idling stop system was also adopted to further improve fuel economy. The model adopts Programmed Fuel Injection system (PGM-FI*2) delivering stable engine performance while also contributing to the high fuel efficiency.

    Underneath the seat lies a large 37L space able to store two full-face helmets*3. Meanwhile, LED's adopted for the tail and position lights make the vehicle highly visible. The fuel lid and seat are opened through use of a rocker switch added to an easy-to-reach combination switch operated by the main key.

    A wide variety of enhancements improve usability, including the addition of a clock and use of highly visible illuminated pointers in the LCD meters. As a scooter that brings together running performance and utility at a high level, the LEAD125 is suited for a wide variety of uses.

    Honda Vietnam will produce 200,000 units of the LEAD125 annually. The vehicles will be sold in Vietnam, and expected to start exporting to Japan in early summer. These activities will make Vietnam the fourth Asian country to provide global production and export, following China, Thailand and India, as it takes on a vital role in Honda's global business.

    Stands for "enhanced Smart Power," a collective term for engines intended for scooters and having enhanced environmental and dynamic performance as a result of adopting advanced technologies such as fuel efficient technology and the ACG starter.
    PGM-FI is a Honda registered trademark.
    It may not be able to store depending on the size or shapes.

  • 2013 National Scooter Rally


    This years 2013 National Scooter Rally was held in Bright, Victoria. Thanks to rally organiser Sharon Heritage, this years event was a huge success. Here is Sharon's report.

    Sharon Heritage

    2013 National Scooter Rally Report - By Sharon Heritage

    As a result of a suggestion made at the last NSR, we decided to hold the 2013 rally at the small town of Bright, in Victoria's Alpine area. As well as Victorian riders, we had riders coming from Queensland, ACT, NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, on scooters of all types and sizes. Reports of serious bushfires nearby were a concern in the days leading up to the rally, but being the organiser I was committed to go regardless!
    Brad and I loaded up my 125 Super and his Bajaj on the trailer, and the car was stuffed with rally packs and prizes as well as our gear. We headed off to the overnight ferry from Tasmania to Melbourne. On arrival in Bright the following day, the weather was showery, which at least meant that the bushfires weren't so much a concern as before. We had a look around the town, and I was able to tie up a few loose ends for the events for the next few days as well as talk to the local newspaper.
    The Friday rideout was reasonably well attended despite some heavy showers. A group of around 20 rode from the Bright Pine Valley Tourist Park (which was the base for most of us) over the mountain to the Mt Beauty township for lunch, with a stop at the lookout at the top of Tawonga Gap for the view and photo opportunities. It was cloudy, so not that great a view, but happily over the next couple of hours the showers stopped and the roads dried. After lunch, we rode back to Bright, our numbers swelled with the addition of some Canberra Swarm members and our furthest travelled rider, Rachel from Brisbane.
    An evening BBQ was held at the Park, which was well attended.

    On the sunny Saturday morning, we had a short rideout for morning tea at the Wandiligong hedge maze. Seventy scooters were parked in the maze's car park for a while, but many people elected to go for a short ride rather than linger there, as the weather was by now lovely - sunny and clear. The road south of Bright was still closed due to the bushfires at Harrietville, about 20kms away in the mountains.
    At lunchtime, we took over the Clock Tower square in the middle of Bright, for our Show and Shine. We had a great selection of every type of scooter - vintage, contemporary, maxi, classic, custom, and just plain weird! Voting forms were handed in, and at this stage I realised I'd forgotten to put one of the categories on the form, and had to send people back out to choose a scooter for the missing category. A couple of us had a ride of the bizarre Honda Motocompo, designed to fit in the boot of a car. Certainly one of the strangest vehicles I've ridden. The pair of vintage Maicolettas were also a popular photo opportunity.
    Later in the afternoon, many people took the advantage of the still sunny weather to ride to the lookout at Mount Buffalo, some kilometres away. Having seen their photos later, I wished I had too!
    The evening do was held that evening in the function room of the Star Hotel in the centre of town, who had a yummy range of pub meals. Prizes for the Show and Shine and the other awards were handed out, and the lucky door prizes were drawn. Unfortunately the room was lacking in the ambience department, with the mirror ball out of action, and most people opted to leave not long after the awards to check out the rest of Bright's nightlife. Or maybe it was the soul music we'd been playing in the background?!
    Sunday was our final rideout. Some people had left earlier than our starting time to get home to Melbourne by the evening, but the remaining 35 or so rode to the nearby historic town of Beechworth for lunch, with three riders departing for Adelaide at the Beechworth turn off. We parked outside the heritage Beechworth Gaol, and some of us took the prison tour. The prison, despite its age, was in use until relatively recently, and housed some of Australia's most notorious criminals, including Ned Kelly..

    By mid-afternoon, many of us who had not yet started for home went to the Bright Berry Farm for afternoon refreshments - yummy berry icecreams, sundaes and sorbets.

    Later in the afternoon, some of us ended up at the Bright Brewery in the centre of town, who had welcomed us on the blackboard outside! A big group of us went to the Italian pizza and pasta restaurant across the road for an excellent dinner afterwards. Today, the weather had been warm enough for the bushfires to the south of us to be a concern again, and this weekend we had spotted helicopters with giant water buckets suspended below them (water bombers) often flying over the town to the fires.

    On Monday morning, the previously clear skies were now smoky. We said goodbye to the remaining riders, and packed up and left. All in all, a great rally - thanks to those who came, and many thanks to our kind sponsors, and the Bright Pine Valley Tourist Park and the Alpine Shire Council.


    Make contact or see Sharon's range of cool threads @

    The awards:

    • Best Vespa (Vespa Club of Melbourne) - Anne Kierren, Vespa GTS300
    • Best Auto Scooter up to 200cc (  - Karen Adlam, Vespa LX S 125
    • Best Auto 200cc – 300cc (Corazzo) - Anne Kierren, Vespa GTS300
    • Best Auto above 300cc (Peter Stevens Motorcycles Melbourne) - Mark Heinzel, Yamaha T Max
    • Best Geared Scooter up to 150cc (GPS Imports) - Fiona Wolf, Vespa SS90
    • Best Geared above 150cc (S S Scooter Engineering) - Jeremy Scott, Maicoletta
    • Best Custom/Modified Scooter (S S Scooter Engineering) - Frank McGrath (Jock), Vespa PX200
    • Best Vintage Scooter (Vespa House) - Jeremy Scott, Maicoletta
    • Best Rat Scooter: (Ace Scooters) - Rolf Graunke, modified 1959 Vespa VBA
    • Furthest Ridden Scooter (Piaggio/Vespa Australia) - Rachel Tooley, 1953kms on a Vespa GT200 from Brisbane, QLD
    • Best Scooter Overall (S S Scooter Engineering) - Niko Satria, 1982 Honda Motocompo

    An extra award went to Siobhan Ellis of Sydney, who, despite her valiant attempts to keep her Lambretta running and make it all the way to Bright on two wheels, had to admit defeat and come in a four wheeled vehicle. We presented her with two bottles of local wine to ease the disappointment.

    In addition, the lucky door prizes of a ScootBoot (value around $800) was won by Chris Barrett, $200 discount off a service from an authorised Suzuki dealer was won by Andrew Trevenna, and a selection of items from ScootRS and Kickstart Scooters plus some boxes of Tasmanian fudge were won by 10 other lucky people.






    If you've been waiting to get excited by an electric scooter this could very well be it. A new prototype electric from KTM.

    KTM Motorcycles



    KTM have shown off its new electric scooter concept at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. This follows hot on the heels of the mass production ready FREERIDE E. The FREERIDE E is KTM's electric powered offroad bike.

    The E-SPEED, on the other hand, clearly targets the the urban riding environment. It's a scooter, and a stylish one at that. The E-SPEED has a top speed of 85 km/h, a power output of 11 Kw's and a torque rating of 36 Nm. These are competitive figures.

    The E-SPEED not only looks hot (best electric I've ever seen), it also looks like a concept that could work in the real world. Good size, sturdy trellis frame, real world top-speed, belt driven, given a competitive purchase price the E-SPEED could be a real winner.

    The E-SPEED will appeal to those who live in countries that are all about pushing zero emissions vehicles. For me, it could be more. The E-SPEED is clearly a cool looking scooter that could cut through the electric barrier. It's a concept only at this stage, but clearly this one deserves to go into production.


    Official KTM Press Release

    With the FREERIDE E, KTM put a well-engineered “Zero Emission Offroad Sportmotorcycle” concept on wheels. Now, the company based in Mattighofen, Austria shows with the “E-SPEED” at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show a new sport-oriented future concept for “urban mobility”.

    With the FREERIDE E, KTM already has a offroad motorcycle that can be used freely in the outdoors and that has opened up a completely new outlook on motorcycle sports in open nature as it produces no exhaust emissions and is nearly silent. With the “E-SPEED”, the sports bike manufacturer now introduces a concept vehicle based on the same battery and powertrain concept to offer a comparable solution for urban areas.

    Stefan Pierer (KTM CEO): “We at KTM are completely convinced of electric mobility as a perfect complement to conventional powertrains. In the long term, the electric drive will come out on top for short distances – particularly in areas which are highly sensitive from an environmental perspective, like open nature and densely populated metropolitan areas!

    "Vehicles like the ‘E-SPEED’ and FREERIDE E can help powered two-wheelers win back more acceptance in society. Not just because of their environmental credits, but because they are easy to use, quick, and simply great fun."


True to his motto that each and every component of a KTM must have both an aesthetic and a structural function, the chassis and bodywork of the “E-SPEED” have turned out uncluttered and iconic with a true premium look!

    Technically the “E-SPEED” takes advantage of the extensive know-how gathered in the development department in Mattighofen. The prototype which is 11kW and 36Nm strong and reaches a speed up to 85km/h, among other things, trusts in a state of the art hybrid steel trellis light metal frame and WP suspension elements.

    The “E-SPEED” is powered by a liquid-cooled, permanent-magnet synchronous motor with 36Nm of maximum torque and a permanent power of 11 Kw to drive the rear wheel via a belt drive. Electricity is stored in a package of cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 4.36kWh that is fully charged within two hours on a regular 220V socket.

    The KTM “E-SPEED” does indeed have sporting ambitions, as witnessed by the concept’s chassis and styling – thanks to completely unique technical solutions and the inimitable lines drawn by KTM’s very own designer, Gerald Kiska.




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  • Scooter Ride Nights

    It's on like Donkey Kong. Ride around the Eastern Creek Kart Track on your scooter. All makes and models welcome.

    Allen Drysdale


    Scooter Ride Nights

    Last year we featured scooter racing that was running on Wednesday nights out at Eastern Creek. Justin and the team at Trooper Lu's Garage were running these nights in conjunction with the Sydney Supermoto Riders Club. You pay some money on the night, circulate the track, riding at a pace that suits you. Last year it was about preparing for a race series, this year things are much more relaxed, and it's more about just enjoying a ride around the Eastern Creek Kart Circuit.

    The first scooter ride night for 2013 is on this Wednesday (20/03/2013). After this, a series of nights will be scheduled ongoing. The ride nights are for any make or model of scooter, any capacity. Attend the track, pay a registration fee and have some fun. Like I stated, this year it's more about having some fun, riding at your own pace and enjoying your time on the track.

    Minimum requirements on gear include ;

    • Kevlar Jeans
    • Back Protector
    • Motorcycle Boots
    • Motorcycle Type Gloves (Leather)
    • Full Face Helmet 

    Take a look at last years press release for further information. Jason and his team will help you get everything sorted, will help you take the right lines out on the track, will welcome you no matter what you're riding. Remember, this isn't about racing your scooter, it's about having fun and doing it at a pace you feel comfortable with. Justin already has 7 scooter riders confirmed for this Wednesday nights run.

    Call Justin at Trooper Lu's if you have any other questions, 02 96023773.

    When : 20/03/2013
    Where : Eastern Creek International Kart Circuit


  • Media Launch : JSA


    We were lucky enough to get an invite to the media launch for all the new Aprilia and Moto Guzzi motorcycles arriving this year.

    Allen Drysdale

    Daniele Torreson (Piaggio S.p.A) and Kris Matich (National Manager JSA)

    JSA Media Launch

    John Sample Automotive are the official importers for both Aprilia and Moto Guzzi in Australia. Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to the official 2013 launch, a launch with some pretty special metal on display for the very first time.

    Showcasing models like the new Aprilia SRV 850 Super Maxi, the World Superbike dominating 2013 RSV4 APRC ABS and the all-new Moto Guzzi California 1400. Also on the agenda was officially announcing the arrival of the high-tech Caponord 1200 for June this year.

    Special guest at the event, Daniele Torreson, who manages "External Relations and Institutional Affairs" for Piaggio Italy. Danielle was on hand to give Australian media an incite into each of the new models from the Piaggio groups perspective.

    From a scooter perspective, National Manager Kris Matich announced we will see the press SRV 850 in April with stock arriving soon after in June 2013. The Aprilia SRV 850 ABS/ATC will be priced at $15,990 plus on road costs, will be available in Competition Black and Racing White.



    Caponord 1200 : Available in Red & Grey, with a Recommended Retail Price of $21,990.00 plus on road costs. 

    California Custom


    California Touring


    RSV4 R APRC ABS         $ 21,990.00 + ORC
    RSV4 Factory APRC ABS        $ 27,990.00 + ORC

  • Test Ride a Honda

    Be first to ride one of Honda's new 500 cc motorcycles. If you prefer scooters like we do, you can ride one of those also. Honda/Hart test ride days.

    Honda Australia

    Test Ride a Honda 

    Test ride Honda's brand new CBR500R, CB500F and other LAMS approved motorcycles at Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland.

    Be one of the first to throw a leg over the hotly anticipated CBR500R or CB500F by simply calling HART to pre-register for a free test ride. Other LAMS approved motorcycles such as Honda's CBR250R, CB125e, CB400 and selected scooters will also be available on the day.

    Riders will have the chance to speak with experienced staff about the new 500cc models and take part in scheduled test rides with a HART instructor after a short pre-qualifying ride. The HART instructors will also be available to give advice on training needs.

    Non-riders will have the opportunity to get a feel for what it's like to ride a motorcycle by using the Honda Riding Simulators and discount vouchers will also be handed out for a variety of HART courses, bookings will be welcome on the day.

    Honda's new 500cc trio will capture the next generation of motorcyclists by offering excellent handling, advanced environmental performance, innovative designs and complete convenience all wrapped up in three LAMS approved packages.

    Making their Australian debut in April 2013, these new releases are incredibly affordable thanks to a MLP of just $6,990 for the standard and $7,490 for the ABS variant CBR500R, $7,290 for the CB500F and $7,490 for the CB500X which will follow one month later in May 2013 (prices exclude on road and registration costs).

    HART has long been considered the prominent provider of rider training and licensing in Australia. Highly qualified instructors deliver state-of-the-art teaching methods to over 20,000 riders each year nationally. HART programs include learner, licence, refresher, intermediate, advanced, ATV and Off-road.

    Call HART now for more information or to book a free test ride time:

    QLD Slacks Creek April 21, 2013 (07) 3341 5657
    VIC Somerton May 05, 2013 (03) 9270 1377
    VIC Kilsyth May 05, 2013 (03) 9270 1377
    NSW St Ives May 05, 2013 (02) 9144 5725

    For more information visit:

  • Kymco Terrific Trio

    Save up to $200 on Like 50 or $125 on Like 125. Kymco Kash can be used at the time of purchase. Plus get a free jacket.

    Kymco Australia


    Kymco Terrific Trio

    Save Kymco Kash and a free Corazzo jacket.

    Kymco Australia have announced the Terrific Trio Promotion. Till the end of April, at all participating Kymco dealers, you can save $200 on Like 50 or $125 on Like 125.

    Additionally, receive a free Corazzo jacket valued at $199.00 (Like 50,125 or 200i). Find your local dealer @

    *Offer ends on the 28th April and while stocks last. 

    Quick links


  • Vespa GTS Super Sport

    Vespa GTS Super Sport

    New colour arriving in June this year. Competition orange will be joined by matt black with orange graphics.

    Allen Drysdale

    GTS 300 Super Sport

    The Super name is well regarded as one of the most famous in scooter history. Models like the Vespa GS 150 or the 180 SS represent significant heritage for the Vespa brand. It's no wonder that Vespa try and replicate an offshoot of this in the modern day.

    That model today is called the Vespa GTS Super Sport. Each year Vespa launches a new colour to keep things fresh. Last year it was Arancio Competizione and for this year it will be Nero Abisso with orange graphics. The new colour will be due around the middle of 2013.

    Due to the popular demand of last years colour, Australia actually received another batch of the Arancio Competizione last month. So those who missed out last year can still source this unique colour from your local Vespa dealer.

    In other Vespa news, little information still surrounds the release of the all-new 946. The Vespa 946 is arguably the most significant model in recent history, and caused a sensation at last years Milan show launch.

    Interested parties are being urged by dealers to join the waiting list, making sure they don't miss out. The 946 will create a sensation when launched to the public and stocks are bound to be limited. Hopefully we will see the 946 in the last quarter of 2013.




    Vespa 946


    Arancio Competizione 

  • Auto Italia April 2013

    Auto Italia is on again. A yearly event that showcases Italian cars, motorcycles and scooters.

    Motorini Scooters

    Auto Italia 2013 - 7th April, 2013 

    If you're a lover of Italian bikes, scooters and cars, the 2013 Auto Italia is on this April. The 2013 event will be held on the lawns of Old Parliament House.

    If you'd to like to enter your own piece of Italian history, you can. Pre-Registration for Auto Italia 2013 is now open. Enquire via the organising committee on

    Scooter Classes

    Best Lambretta
    Best Classic Scooter
    Best P-Series Vespa
    Best Automatic Vespa
    Best Automatic Scooter

    Entry to all visitors is free........

    Find out all you need to know about Auto Italia @

    Proudly supported by Motorini Scooters Canberra. 

    An Italian Scooter Weekend, April 6 and 7 - Hosted by the Swarm 

    A ride weekend to celebrate Auto Italia is being organised by the swarm. For further information on the Swarm please visit

    Saturday 2PM 

    Ride leaving the Italian bakery in Southlands, Mawson Place, Mawson - or leaving Motorini scooters at 1:50pm (10 Botany St Phillip)

    Saturday 7PM


    Sunday from 8AM 

    Breakfast at Cafe Lella, Green Square, Jardine St, Kingston

    Sunday 9:30AM 

    Ride from Green Square Kingston to Auto Italia

    Sunday 10AM 

    Auto Italia, Canberra's foremost display of Italian built cars, scooters and motorcycles on the lawns of Old Parliament House. Cost $5

    Sunday 2PM 


  • Exciting New Piaggio's

    Piaggio Australia release press on 3 new models arriving in the 2nd half of 2013.

    Piaggio Australia

    350 Model Shown

    New Piaggio's Coming.

    Piaggio Australia's recent confirmation of the introduction of three exciting new models this year will see Beverley 350 Sport Touring, Yourban 300 and the all new X10 500 take their place in Piaggios comprehensive scooter line up in 2013.

    Beverley 350 sports touring introduces a level of technology not available on mid range scoters including ABS and ARS standard. Additionally the sport touring based Beverly will come with the new midrange 350 motor representing higher performance from a light weight design which includes dry sump technology. Reliability also comes in for a big boost with the introduction of an all new multi disc wet clutch design in the CVT and new internal roller bearing design in the engine to reduce internal friction. Excellent fuel economy and extended service periods are also the result of these improvements

    Yourban 300 is the next generation of the 3 wheeled MP3 platform and replaces the MP3 300. Yourban represents a new direction for the successful three wheeler range going away from the contemporary scooter look to more modern and edgy styling. The result is an eye catching design with a sharper, compact look. The inclusion of increased diameter rims on the front also add to the three wheelers aesthetics. Power from the industry leading Quasar motor will see the model retain its performance and reliability while the advantages of two front wheels for braking and road handling reinforce the practicality of the design. The front roll lock function is another popular feature retained on Yourban.

    X10 500 - The development from ground up of the X10 takes the 'Maxi' concept to a new level and represents one of the most exciting introductions of a new model from Piaggio for some time. Destined to take the flagship mantle of the range, its modern sleek and attractive lines are the outcome of extensive wind tunnel testing while the hi specification list of features on the bike offers maximum functionality and safety including Dual ABS, ARS, Electro adjustable rear suspension, side stand actuated park brake, computerised dash with LCD screen and backlit controls on the handlebars. Immobiliser, USB port and three convenient storage systems including 52L under seat storage are also notable features.

    Power comes from the proven twin spark master 500 engine which also features advanced EFI and liquid cooling.

    All three models are built in Italy and scheduled to be released in the second half of the year. Colours and pricing are yet to be confirmed however Piaggio Australia has indicated all three will be price competitive, continuing a trend which saw the Piaggio Vespa range lead the market in 2012 with an impressive combined market share of close to 25%.



  • MOMO Helmets Return

    Shogai Imports now the official supplier for MOMO Helmets in Australia. Two models now available, the FGTR and the HERO.

    Shogai Imports



    MOMO Helmets Return

    After a short absence in the Australian market Momo Designed Helmets are back with their beautifully hand crafted masterpieces. It was only a matter of time before they were available in Australia again and Shogai Imports are extremely pleased to bring them to you.

    Momo Designed Helmets are so well recognised throughout the world, they continue to have their customer base follow them from their early days in high end steering wheels & gear knobs through to their wonderful collection of Momo Designed Helmets today. So much so, that many customers here in Australia were importing their own “non approved” helmets through this period of non-supply, paying exorbitant prices to get them here.

    The Momo Designed Helmet range includes shells manufactured from ABS & Tri-Composite with leather stitched trims to finish them off. Unique visors made from laser cut carbon fibre, trimmed in fine leather, and available in both clear and tint. Momo Designed Helmets are hand made in Italy and crafted from the finest materials available. Available in a wide range of diverse colours (30+), to suit everyone’s taste.

    Current range includes 2 models:

        1.    FGTR - $299.95 rrp

        2.    HERO - $399.95 rrp

    Contact information for Shogai Imports can be found here.





  • VACC Calls For Filtering Trial


    VACC calls on Victorian government to match Sydney's filtering trial that begins March 1st.

    Murray Collins VACC


    Sydney Filtering Trial Starts 1st March 

    Motorcycle and scooter riders in Sydney start a two month filtering trial today. From 1 March to 30 April, riders of powered two wheelers will legally be able to ride between stationary vehicles at intersections in the trial zone. VACC has called for a similar filtering trial to be conducted in Victoria.

    See more on Sydney's filtering trial and where you will legally be able to filter during the trial period. See that information here.

    VACC Press Release - VACC calls for a Victoria-wide filtering trial

    VACC and members of its Motorcycle Industry Division (MID) will watch with interest Sydney’s two month filtering trial for motorcycle and scooter riders. The trial will allow riders of powered two wheeled vehicles to lane filter in the north of Sydney’s CBD, a manoeuvre which ordinarily, is against the law in New South Wales. The NSW Police Force will oversee the trial to ensure road rules are followed by all road users and videos will monitor motorcycle and scooter rider behaviour. Video recording commenced on 1 February 2013, for comparison purposes.

    “Powered two wheeled vehicles are a convenient and environmentally friendly form of personal transport and should be encouraged,” said VACC Executive Director, David Purchase.

    “If, as we expect, the Sydney trial is a success, a similar trial should be conducted in Victoria. Less than one per cent1 of Melbourne commuters ride a motorcycle or scooter to work compared to more than 60 per cent who drive. Congestion and pressure on city centre parking spaces could be reduced if more was done to promote motorcycles and scooters and better infrastructure provided.

    “VACC calls for a wide ranging filtering trial. Why be restricted to one area of one city, as they are in Sydney? Victoria accounts for approximately 20% of Australia’s new motorcycle sales annually and with 164, 7783 registered riders in the State, our trial should be across Melbourne, the suburbs and regional centres and on a range of roads. Based upon the recent bus lane sharing trial in Hoddle Street, Melbourne, in which motorcycles and scooters were permitted to share the bus lane during peak hour traffic, we are confident a filtering trial would be well supported by VACC members and riders of powered two wheeled vehicles,” Mr Purchase said.

    VACC and MID members support filtering because permitting motorcycle and scooter riders to move to the front of stationary traffic gets them ahead of traffic flows and removes them from the traffic mix. However, a trial should also be accompanied by an education program to make all road users aware.

    VACC’s support for filtering is consistent with its support of the 2012 Parliament of Victoria, Road Safety Committee, Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety, which recommended filtering be reviewed with the aim of introducing it in Victoria.

    VACC also supported the Committee’s recommendation that the motorcycle safety levy is abolished, an independent office of road safety data be created, a Motorcycle Safety Awareness Week be held annually in Victoria and a star rating system for protective clothing be established.

    Sydney Filtering Trial Zone