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  • Aprilia Sportcity 300 Revisited

    We revisit the Aprilia Sportcity. Now in the form of the Street 300, this Aprilia is still one of the best commuters on today's market.

    Allen Drysdale


    Aprilia Sportcity Street 300

    Aprilia's Sportcity 300 has been a model at the top my list when it comes to city commuting options. The relationship started with the Sportcity 200, my very first scooter. Aprilia has gone on to release many updates over the years, today we have the Street 300.

    Although the Sportcity has come in for a series of engine and minor design changes, the overall concept has remained relatively unchanged. Short chassis, big wheels, thin and fast. 

    We've been getting around on the Sportcity 300 for the past few weeks. The Sportcity Street 300 is fast, super agile and makes commuting a whole lot of fun. Thin enough to fit through the smallest of gaps, the Sportcity is a filtering weapon. Fast enough to embarrass many a larger motorcycle. Convenient enough to use daily thanks to multiple storage options.

    Our test unit was fitted with a very handy 35 litre top box. The 35 litre box is large enough to store both a jacket and helmet when parked. The box also comes with a set of handlebar end weights, these help handling and stability big time. The factory 35 litre case is priced at $165.

    Aprilia's Sportcity 300 has never been better value. Priced at $6290, this translates to a figure just over $7000 ride away. To find a local Aprilia dealer see

    Aprilia Sportcity Street 300 Video

  • Scarabeo 200 Blu Couture

    Aprilia's Scarabeo 200 will shortly be available in a new classy colour combination - Blu Couture.

    Allen Drysdale

    Aprilia Scarabeo 200 Blu Couture

    Aprilia will be adding a new colour to the Scarabeo 200 range shortly. The official name is Blu Couture or simply it's a classy looking dark blue with a matching tan seat.

    The Scarabeo 200 has continued to be a popular model for those looking for a stylish low capacity - high performance scooter. The 171 cc engine outputs a fairly healthy 14 Kw's of power. This means the Scarabeo 200 is not only a capable city dweller but a truly competent motorway machine thanks to ample power combined with fantastic frontal weather protection. The Scarabeo can easily maintain 100 km/h + speeds.  

    The Scarabeo 200 has a long list of features,

    • Large 16 inch wheels.
    • 4 valve, liquid cooled engine.
    • High power output from a low capacity motor.
    • Luggage rack.
    • Sport/ECO modes.
    • Classic Scarabeo style.
    • Comfortable split seating.
    • 12 volt charger.
    • Digital/Analogue dash.

    The Scarabeo 200 was given a facelift last year which included some minor upgrades. For example tyres were changed to Michelin branding and the seats were re-sculptured for added comfort.

    The Scarabeo is a classy looking scooter. The blue gives it an upmarket look and feel, it's something different. The tan seat makes for a nice finishing touch. The 2013 Scarabeo 200 is available in black, white and soon to be joined by Couture Blue. The 2013 Aprilia Scarabeo 200 i.e is priced at $4990 plus on roads. Expect the Scarabeo 200 Blue Couture to hit dealers this June.

    Don't forget lower rego and insurance costs come courtesy of the 171 cc capacity in most states. The free top box offer still applies.

    For your local Aprilia dealer see




  • Be Quick - Honda Sale Ends Soon


    Last chance to save $800 on Honda's PCX 125. Lots more at your local Honda dealer. Sale ends April 30.

    Honda Australia

    Save up to 800 HondaDollars on PCX 125

    With just one week left of the Gigantic Honda Motorcycle Sale hurry into your Honda Dealer for unbeatable deals across a range of Road and Off-Road Motorcycles, Scooters and ATVs. Be quick as sale must end next Tuesday April 30, 2013.

    With Run Out deals, Ready to Ride deals, HondaDollars and more across almost the entire range of Honda machines, there is something to suit every budget.

    If you're looking to make the switch to two-wheels, Honda's easy to ride PCX125 scooter boasts up to $800 HondaDollars while the ever popular CBR250R is available with up to $850 HondaDollars.

    For those keen to get competitive in the dirt, Honda's CRF450R and CRF250R will offer massive savings of over $1500 HondaDollars during the Honda Gigantic Sale.

    HondaDollars can be used in store at the time of purchase towards accessories or servicing or off the purchase price.

    For these deals and many more, see your Honda Dealer today. Honda's Gigantic Sale must end next Tuesday 30 April, 2013.

    Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA

    NOTE: Sale excludes certain models, see participating Honda Dealers for more information


  • Yamaha X-MAX 400 Released

    A new larger capacity model joins the X-MAX family in Europe. It's a good looking scooter, Europe only for this one.

    Allen Drysdale



    Yamaha X-MAX 400

    The X-MAX range is not sold in Australia, though it's continued to be a popular model for Yamaha in Europe. Available in a 125, a 250 and now Yamaha have released a brand new 400. The X-MAX 400 uses the same engine as the Majesty 400, all be it, in a compact, sporty chassis ideal for commuting.

    You do see some models that look relevant for our market and the X-MAX 400 would be one of them. Good storage levels, fantastic power, nimble chassis, Yamaha fit and finish. The X-MAX 400 looks to have all the bases covered, ideal for city or highway use. A real multi-purpose maxi that will perform any number of roles. Yamaha claims a top speed of 150 km/h.

    Key features for the new X-MAX 400 include :

    • Completely new design, the latest evolution of the X-MAX family
    • 400cc engine with over 54% more power and over 60% more torque than X-MAX 250
    • Agile and very compact scooter in its class – only 211kg wet
    • Comfortable upright motorcycle-type riding position
    • LED front position lights and LED tail lights
    • Underseat storage for two full-face helmets
    • Comprehensive sports instrument panel with analogue rpm gauge and on board computer
    • Dual 267mm floating front discs for strong braking performance
    • Comprehensive range of stylish and purpose-built accessories

    It's unlikely we'll see the X-MAX 400 here. An ABS model will be available in Europe later this year. The X-MAX will be selling for a little over 6000 Euro. The X-MAX 400 will be going head to head with scooters like Piaggio's Beverly 350 which features both ABS and traction control and comes in at around 1000 Euro less. Australia will see the Beverly 350 in the 2nd half of 2013.

    Yamaha have also developed a full range of accessories for the X-MAX range. From Akrapovic pipes, multiple luggage options and high screens, the X-MAX can be personalised to suit any owner.

    The TMAX has enjoyed huge popularity throughout Europe and I'm sure Yamaha will be hoping the X-MAX 400 will follow down the same path.



  • Vespa 946 Update

    As scooter news goes, this is about as big as it gets for 2013.

    Allen Drysdale

    Vespa 946

    From the very first showing of the 946 concept we knew Vespa had created something very special. From key design elements to the materials used in construction, the 946 makes a statement in luxury. Italian style, Vespa history and hints towards the future all rolled into one model.

    So what's new, what do we now know about the 946. We now know that importers and distributors from around the globe are needing to submit quantities for a "one off" production run. We now know that the 946 will be hand built on a dedicated production line in Pontedera. We also know that production line will be closed down after building has finished. We know that Europe will get a 125 cc version and Australia will be lucky enough to get a 150 cc version. We're also now pretty clear on the price, $12,990 ride away in Australia. Production for Europe (125 cc) will begin in the last quarter of 2013. Production for markets like Australia (150 cc), will begin in early 2014.

    Lets look at some of the key features of the 946.

    • Truly stunning hand crafted body
    • One piece metal frame
    • Additional alloy components - handlebar cover, saddle support, side panels and front mudguard.
    • ABS and traction control
    • 12 inch wheels 
    • Dual disc brakes
    • 150 cc 3V engine
    • LED headlight
    • LCD dashboard

    Knowing the 946 has the 150 cc 3V engine, this takes care of the performance side of things. Maintenance schedules will also reflects those on the current LX 150 3V - 10,000 km's.

    The 946 isn't being called a limited edition, though once world orders and demand has been filled, that will be it, the 946 will never be built again.

    If you are one of the many people who've been waiting to put your name on a 946, now is the time. Dealers around Australia are needing to submit forecasts and that will allow the importer to place orders back to the factory. It's now time to commit to what is one of the most unique scooters ever created.

    See your local Piaggio/Vespa dealer today. See a list of Piaggio/Vespa dealers.

    Research Links

    Official Piaggio World Release
    Vespa 946 Video
    946 Eicma Release 2011


  • FCAI 1st Quarter Sales Results 2013

    Official sales released for the 1st quarter of 2013. Road bikes up, scooters just down.


    Official FCAI Release - 2013 1st Quarter Update

    Official figures released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) show that 25,848 new motorcycles, ATVs and Scooters were sold in Australia during the first three months of 2013. This is a slight decrease of 0.3 per cent (71 units) over the same period in 2012. 

    Both the Road motorcycle and Off-road motorcycle segments showed good growth of 7.6 and 7.3 per cent respectively. Road motorcycles continued to sell more than Off-road with 10,840 road bikes finding new owners as compared to 8,074 Off-road motorcycles for the quarter. 

    ATV sales decreased by 18.7 per cent (to 4,343 units) compared with 2012 while Scooters also decreased. There were 2,586 new scooters sold in the first three months of 2013, compared to 2,953 in the same period last year. 

    In the Road motorcycle segment Kawasaki led the volume race with 2,156 units sold (an increase of 87%), however they were closely followed by Harley-Davidson with 2,048 sales and Honda coming in third place with 1,868 units sold. Other brands to show growth in the segment were Yamaha with 8.9 per cent increase and Victory with 21.6 per cent increase in sales, compared with the same period in 2012. 

    Honda was the leading volume Off-Road producer for the first three months of 2013 with 2,018 units sold (an increase of 40.3 per cent for the quarter) with Yamaha following closely on 1,921 sales. Suzuki sales of off-road motorcycles were also strong in the first quarter, selling 1,428 units, an increase of 30.2 per cent in comparison to their first quarter for 2012. 

    Honda again lead the sales of ATVs with 1,227 units sold, followed by Polaris and Yamaha. 

    While scooter sales softened overall, Piaggio sales again increased slightly to 452 (up 7.6%) to be the leading brand for the quarter. Honda was the second biggest seller of scooters with 282, and then several brands were slightly below that mark, including Kymco (252 units) and Vespa (233 units). 

    In the total sales stakes across all segments, Honda was the leading volume manufacturer for the first quarter of 2013 with 5,395 units sold, followed by Yamaha with 3,746 units, Kawasaki with 3,228 units and Suzuki with 2,969. 

    Report Downloads

    Download the Top 10 Report

    Download the Comparison Report

  • Yamaha Scooter Sale

    Here's a sale not to be missed. Yamaha has some crazy deals going across the entire scooter range.

    Allen Drysdale


    Scoot Away 

    Yamaha is having a sale on 2012 models or earlier. For commuters you have a choice between Vity or Beewee. For those looking for something larger you can choose between TMAX or Majesty.

    Pricing below is all "Ride Away". (Freight may be extra)

    • Vity $2499
    • BeeWee $2999
    • Majesty $7999
    • TMAX $10,990

    You'll save hundreds if not thousands over 2013 plated stock. Find a local Yamaha dealer @

    Thanks to the guys at Scooterworld in Redfern (Sydney) for bringing these deals to our attention. Visit Scooterworld @

  • Honda Forza 300 Coming Soon

    It's official, news that Honda will launch the Forza 300 in Australia this August.

    Allen Drysdale / Honda Australia


    Honda Forza 300

    We've had news that Honda will be launching the Forza 300 in August of this year. The all-new NSS300 Forza was released at last years Eicma show in Milan. Key features included a new 279 cc engine developed from the 299 cc engine as seen in the SH300. The Forza also promised less weight, a low "easy to manage" seat height and a huge 11.5 litre fuel capacity. Range was suggested to be in the vicinity of 350 kilometres.

    Other things to get me excited include a large 2 helmet storage capability. Locking glove compartments with 12 volt charging station. Excellent pillion accommodation with high seating position and large fold-out footpegs. I'm also crossing the fingers that we get the ABS version. 

    At this stage, finer details like pricing, colour and final configuration are yet to be confirmed. I've included below the full unedited European press release by Honda, it makes for interesting reading. No doubting the Forza 300 will be a top quality, extremely capable machine. Looking forward to getting our hands on this one.

    Expect further details from Honda Australia shortly. For further details on Honda Australia's scooter range, visit

    Official Honda Europe Only Press Release

    1. Introduction

    In 1954 Honda, shortly after the company was established, launched the 220cc, single-cylinder Juno K scooter. 1962 saw the advent of the 125cc, twin-cylinder Juno M80; both machines shared a Badalini-type hydraulic-mechanical transmission and Honda’s desire to build in comfort, convenience and fun.

    The early 1980s saw huge growth in the popularity of small capacity scooters in Japan. In 1984 Honda debuted the 250cc single-cylinder Freeway, a scooter designed for rider and passenger to enjoy ‘further and faster’, and 1986 saw the Fusion join the market, adding a laid-back cruising style. The 250cc, single-cylinder Foresight launched in 1996 was labelled as a ‘Sports Scooter’, and blended agile performance with a comfortable ride. A 125cc version was sold in Europe as the Pantheon.

    Honda went on to help establish the market for larger capacity scooters by developing the 250cc-300cc class in the late ‘90s. The original Forza scooter, unveiled in 2000, delivered a sporty ride, combined brakes and plenty of storage room. It was well received in Europe, where owners found its multi-role capability great for getting to work or college, and also for leisure.

    The Forza over the last 12 years has constantly evolved. In 2004 it gained Honda’s S MATIC electronically controlled CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), a theft-deterring Smart key, highly efficient PGM-FI fuel injection for the engine and space for two full-face helmets under the seat. 2005 saw the addition of ABS brakes and in  2008 luxurious touches like an Audio Package and speakers plus upgraded S MATIC (with phased auto shift mode) and Combined ABS brakes were added.

    Since the Forza’s arrival customer’s needs for a medium capacity scooter have remained fairly consistent. As well as the more mature buyer many younger riders also look to step up from a 125cc machine and Honda’s research has shown that high on the priority list of all potential owners are safety, excellent build quality combined with value for money, durability, plus a decent-sized engine that will work on the highway as well as in the city. A fresh design and sense of style are also important.

    In response to all of these needs Honda has developed the new NSS300 Forza, a machine that delivers in every area.

    Mr. Kenichi Sueda, Large Project Leader NSS300 FORZA:

    “Our mission is to constantly read the direction of the times and evolve our products accordingly and this new NSS300 Forza, a sit-in scooter that is as happy manoeuvring around urban streets as it is covering long distances on motorways, is being rolled out across the globe. As the person responsible for development, it is my hope that the NSS300 Forza, a machine that delivers on Honda’s three major tenets of the ‘environment,’ ‘safety’ and ‘FUN’ will lead the way going forward and provide as many of our customers as possible, in every corner of the world, with the opportunity to experience the joy of owning a Honda product that delivers performance and quality at an affordable price.”

    2. Model Overview

    In the early stages of the new scooter’s development, Honda’s engineers debated thoroughly how, why and where people around the world used their scooters not just at present, but also for the future. Every aspect and detail were examined and the result, the NSS300 Forza, is designed to fit seamlessly and usefully into people’s daily lives, not only for commuting but also touring or sportier riding.

    Physically big enough to accommodate two people in comfort, the NSS300 Forza’s flowing bodywork also provides superb weather protection, and space for two full-face crash helmets under the seat. But its body is also not so large that getting through tight spaces becomes a problem, because while the NSS300 Forza needs to perform at highway speeds, neatly dealing with urban traffic is also important.

    Strong and extremely durable, its lightweight steel underbone frame offers nimble steering in traffic and stability at speed. 35mm telescopic forks, twin rear shocks and double-sided aluminium swingarm provide a comfortable and reassuring ride, while powerful front and rear disc brakes are assisted by CBS or optional Combined ABS.

    The NSS300 Forza is powered by a torque 279cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that delivers excellent fuel economy with all-round usability and great cruising speed. Final drive is via belt and V-Matic automatic transmission. Crisp and responsive, it provides more than enough power for the highway, with instant acceleration around town.

    3. Key Features

    3.1 Chassis

    The NSS300 Forza’s chassis is designed to provide the all-round usability and comfort of a sit-in scooter, with some of the excitement and fun that a motorcycle delivers. It’s also accessible – and satisfying – for anyone from a novice to a veteran rider with a riding position that easily accommodates a wide variety of rider heights.

    An extremely strong and durable tubular steel underbone frame underpins the NSS300 Forza’s chassis, and provides composed and confident handling in all conditions. Featuring Honda patented technology it’s built in two parts (rigid & flex) that have been optimally harmonised using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis. The rigid part, which joins an upper tube that extends directly from the head pipe with a rear frame that extends straight forward at an angle, has a simple structure while the flex part, which provides suppleness, joins the end of the down tube to the rear frame.

    Utilising a lower floating link on the engine mount the frame’s rigidity balance has been further optimised, delivering great feel to the rider with reduced vibration. Doing without gusset-plate reinforcement it is also 10% lighter than the frame used on the previous model. Rake and trail are set at 27°/89mm, with a wheelbase of 1,546mm. Overall dimensions are 2,166(L) x 753(W) x 1,189mm(H); kerb weight is 192kg.

    Cast aluminium wheels (14in x 3.0in front, 13in x 4.0in rear) plus 120/70-14 front and 140/70-13 rear tyres ensure sure-footed stability and grip. Braking is via a single front 256mm disc with twin-piston caliper and rear 240mm disc/single piston caliper. Honda’s Combined Braking System (CBS).  where the rear brake lever also operates the front brake (the front brake lever operates only the front brake) enhances peace of mind in a fast-stop situation, and Combined ABS is also available as an option.

    A low seat height of 716 mm makes the NSS300 Forza very easy to manage while a compact body width of 580mm and slim floorplate helps it through tight traffic. The seat itself is ergonomically shaped, helping comfort on the move and allowing feet to reach the ground easily. It opens (via a switch) and lifts to reveal a luggage compartment capable of taking two full-face helmets; rear footpegs fold out when needed for a passenger and a die-cast aluminium grab rail is built in to the rear of the bodywork.

    Fitting a top box or other accessory is dealt with by the simple removal of part of the rear spoiler cover. Range from the 11.6-litre fuel tank is 354 kilometres, thanks to fuel consumption of 30.8 km/l (WMTC mode). Access is gained via a switch next to the seat switch.

    Looking and feeling good while riding are a key part of scooter ownership for riders of all ages and outlook, and the NSS300 Forza’s crisp, contemporary design lends it a bold presence. The fairing itself presents a lithe and sculpted form, but with a keen eye on function; wind and weather protection at speed is excellent, without sacrificing the around-town ability of a smaller capacity scooter. The front mask is framed by an extension giving a distinct presence and a ‘character’ line flows front to rear, giving definition to the side view.

    Dual fairing pockets store items where they’re easy to get at; on the left side a large capacity box can be opened, closed and locked via a switch located beside the main key. It also features a 12V power socket and a maintenance panel allows easy access to plug in optional accessories.

    The comprehensive dash includes speedometer, clock, dual trip-meters plus fuel and temperature gauges and oil level warning light. The hazard lights work without the ignition on and for extra convenience there’s also a sidestand fitted as standard. Twin 35/35W bulbs and efficient multi-reflector optics provide excellent forward vision at night, and always-on 5W bulbs frame the NSS300 FORZA’s ‘face’.

    The NSS300 Forza will be available in three colours:

    • Asteroid Black Metallic
    • Pearl Himalayas White
    • Seal Silver Metallic

    It also features Honda’s HISS (Honda Ignition Security System), an extremely effective anti-theft set-up. If the ID chip embedded in the scooter’s key and the ID in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) do not match, the engine will not start. With this electronic inter-lock system, the engine will only start when one of the keys with the correct ID chip is used. Also, even if attempts are made to hot-wire the engine, or substitute the ignition switch module, the engine will not start because it’s the ECU that’s in control.

    3.2 Engine

    The NSS300 FORZA’s 279cc, liquid-cooled SOHC four-valve engine is based on that of the well-established SH300i, with power characteristics tuned to deliver excellent fuel economy plus an entertaining ride at low, mid and high rpm. It has a bore and stroke of 72mm x 68.5mm, and compression ratio of 10.5:1. A roller type rocker arm, plain journal crank bearings and sealed crankcases deliver long-term reliability; oil capacity is 1.7-litres.

    A 5mm (Exhaust side) offset cylinder reduces internal friction and CAE has been used to improve cooling efficiency. Careful gas flow management took in the shape of the combustion chamber and matched the middle-section profile of both intake and exhaust ports for a more efficient burn – valve timing has been altered to suit and long-reach projection-type spark plugs also employed. An automatic centrifugal clutch works a V-Matic transmission (with ratios set for fast low speed reaction and smart acceleration) and belt final drive.

    Using highly efficient PGM-FI fuel injection the engine is Euro 3 compliant and features a secondary air supply (AI) built-in to the oxygen sensor plus a dual-core catalyzer in the exhaust. It produces a power output of 19kW @ 7,500rpm, with 26Nm torque @ 5,000rpm.

    4. Accessories

    The following genuine accessories will be available for the NSS300 Forza:

    45 litre Top Box
    35 litre Top Box
    Top Box Attachment
    Heated Grips  
    Averto Alarm Kit
    Body Cover

    5. Technical Specifications


    Type        Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve OHC single
    Displacement        279cm3
    Bore  Stroke        72 x 68.5mm
    Compression Ratio        10.5:1
    Max. Power Output        19kw @ 7,500rpm
    Max. Torque        26Nm @ 5,000rpm
    Oil Capacity        1.5litres


    Carburation        PGM-FI
    Fuel Tank Capacity        11.6litres
    Fuel Consumption    30.8km/l (WMTC mode*)

    Ignition        Fully transistorised Battery
    Starter        Self starter
    Battery Capacity        11Ah-MF
    ACG Output        380W


    Clutch Type        Automatic; centrifugal
    Transmission Type        V-Matic continuously variable
    Final Drive        V-belt


    Type        Underbone


    Dimensions    (LWH)    2,166 x 753 x 1,189mm
    Wheelbase        1,546mm
    Caster Angle        27°
    Trail        89mm
    Turning radius        2.4m
    Seat Height        716mm
    Ground Clearance        140mm
    Kerb Weight        192kg (194kg Combined ABS)


    Type    Front    Telescopic front fork
    Rear    Twin


    Type    Front     6-spoke cast aluminium
                Rear     6-spoke cast aluminium
    Rim Size    Front    14M/C x MT3.00
                      Rear    13M/C x MT4.00
    Tyres    Front    120/70-14
                 Rear    140/70-13


    System Type        Standard CBS, optional Combined-ABS

    Type    Front    φ256mm disk
                Rear    φ240mm disk


    Security System        HISS
    Headlight        12V 35/35W


  • Daelim S1 125 Review

    Until now Daelim's S1 must have been Australia's best kept scootering secret. Time we let the cat out of the bag.

    Allen Drysdale


    Quick Ride: We recently spent a few days getting around Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs on Daelim's new-look S1 125. Read our initial impressions below.  

    Daelim S1 125 Review

    Today's scooter market is a commuters dream. As the market matures each brand is having to offer models with better value and more features. Daelim's S1 is a good example of this. Here's a scooter that once sold for $4000 just a few years ago. The S1 offers solid Korean build quality and now comes with more features than ever before. In today's ultra competitive market the S1 is retailing at just shy under 3 grand.

    We'll start off by reviewing the feature list. The engine's a fuel injected, 4-valve unit that produces 8.5 Kw's of power. The underseat storage area comes fully lit. Glove compartment is fitted with a 12 volt charging station. Digital analogue dash features twin tripmeters. Passenger backrest with sturdy box-ready rack. Flat floor, bag hook and the external fuel filler makes life easy. Large 13 inch wheels are fitted front and rear. Linked braking system with discs at both ends. The list is long, and for the money, truly impressive and somewhat class leading when comparisons are made. What makes it even more remarkable is my test S1 came with a screen, hand guards and a top box standard. The local importer is offering these accessories as an extra incentive with any S1 purchase.

    On the road you immediately feel the quality that is apparent on the S1. A nice heavy feeling when stationary or once rolling the story continues. The S1 is smooth, quiet and feels refined. Off the mark the S1 takes a moment to gather momentum, being 4-valve, it likes to produce peak power higher up the rev range. The benefits come further down the line as 90-100 km/h speeds are reached. Here the S1 will cruise along happily and will remain unflustered all day long.

    Having 13 inch wheels helps with handling and the standard tyres look and feel like they help with ride quality. All in all, the Daelim S1 handles itself well on the road, turns in nicely and keeps itself composed. The Daelim comes with a single rear shock. I'd adjust this up a notch just to stiffen things up a little. In standard trim I found the rear end a tad soft. For me, quality equals confidence on the road, and the S1 has tons of quality.

    Ride position on the S1 is probably the only gripe here. Whilst the seat is comfortable, the hump does keep you locked into a forward position and I do like stretching the legs, especially on longer rides. The passenger gets the royal treatment with quality foot pegs, a flat comfortable seat and a really nice back rest. Storage is never an issue, especially with the additional box fitted. I'd like to see some helmet hooks under the seat if possible, this will just add to the convenience. 

    Brakes are superb, using the left hand lever is all you'll need for the majority of braking duties. Nice and strong and fully up to the task. I should also make mention of the standard side stand, useful on the odd occasion.

    My riding on the S1 varied from inner city to a fairly long stint down Melbourne's fast flowing Eastern Freeway. We even tackled the West Gate Bridge a couple of times. Normally on this class of scooter you may think twice, though here the S1 never faulted. Even with only a handful of K's on the clock and fully loaded up, the S1 remained composed. The screen and hand guards were really showing their worth in these conditions. No doubting the S1 is best suited to shorter city commutes, though it's still nice to know when 100 km/h is called for, the S1 will step up to the plate.


    There are many big name scooters that play in the same class as Daelim's S1. Often the S1 can be a scooter that gets overlooked as it's not one of those "big names". Though from a dollar perspective, the S1 is easily one of the best scooters in the budget class segment. Actually, it's hard to think of another scooter in this class that offers this much value.

    If you're looking for a new commuter or just looking for an upgrade, the S1 is a must see. Daelim Australia have just released the new sporty red and black colour scheme, it's a nice alternative to the other more executive schemes of white, titanium and black. The S1 comes with a 2 year warranty.

    The Daelim S1 is not new, it's been around for a few years. What has changed here is the value shift. The S1 offers an abundance of quality and value for the list price of $3000. Remembering it comes with all the accessories standard, so you won't need to spend anything extra.

    The cats out of the bag here, the Daelim S1 was Australia's best kept scootering secret. Get into your local Daelim dealer and demand a test ride today.

    Find a Daelim Dealer @


    Photo : New sport colour scheme

    Photo : External fuel filler


    Photo : Digital/Analogue dash


    Photo : Linked brakes 

    Photo : Fully lit underseat storage compartment. Opens from ignition key.

    Photo : Glove compartment with 12 volt charger. 


    Photo : Flat floor


    Photo : Quality switchgear with hazard button

  • CBR500R & CB500F Reaches Dealerships

    Ready For Action The Honda CBR500R & CB500F Reaches Dealerships

    04 April 2013 - Honda's hotly anticipated expansion of the middleweight market, the CBR500R will reach Honda Dealerships nationally this week along with its naked counterpart, the CB500F. The adventure touring CB500X will follow in early June.

    Sure to transform the entry market, these new releases which are all LAMS approved, offer the next generation of motorcyclists excellent handling and advanced performance wrapped up in three distinctly styled machines.

    With affordability being one of the key factors in the development of these new motorcycles, Honda is pleased to announce the CBR500R will have a MLP of just $6,990 (standard) and $7,490 (ABS), the CB500F will be $7,290 and the CB500X $7,490. (Please note these prices are the Manufacturers List Price and do not include on-road or registration costs).

    Powered by the same lightweight, compact 500cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine, the CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X will offer high-rpm output characteristics while considering the low-to-mid rpm range that will be most frequently used by the entry rider. The trio also share a frame and chassis that has been specially developed to offer excellent dimensions to a broad spectrum of riders.

    Appealing to the next generation sport rider while paying tribute to Honda's iconic CBR history, the CBR500R is a fully cowled sports machine that offers easy handling and a relaxed riding position. Achieving power and practicality by engaging a slim sporty exterior, the CBR500R will be available in three striking colour schemes; Tri-Colour, Graphite Black and Victory Red with ABS variants of each.

    The CB500F with its dynamic proportions and practical aspects is the perfect entry level machine for the daily commute. Taking styling cues from the stripped-down, four-cylinder CB1000R, the CB500F offers great urban ability as well as enjoyable out-of-town performance. Dedicated to providing the utmost rider confidence, the CB500F comes standard with ABS and will be available in Graphite Black and Victory Red.

    Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) is offering free test rides on the new CBR500R and CB500F on April 21 in QLD and May 05 in NSW and VIC. Simply call HART to register and be one of the first to throw a leg over these hotly anticipated models. Visit:

    For more information on the new CBR500R, CB500F or CB500X see your Honda Dealer or visit

    Dealer Locator Ph: 1 300 1 HONDA      

  • Honda Gigantic Sale


    The Gigantic Honda Sale is on now. Save up to $800 HondaDollars on PCX 125.

    Honda Australia


    Save up to 800 HondaDollars on PCX 125

    Hurry into your Honda Dealer for unbeatable deals across a range of Road and Off-Road Motorcycles, Scooters and ATVs during the Gigantic Honda Motorcycle Sale! From April 03 until April 30, 2013 Honda is offering Run Out deals, Ride Away deals, Honda Dollars and more.

    With a model to suit every rider, Honda has a deal to suit every budget. Whether you fancy yourself a racing legend on a Fireblade, want to make the switch to two-wheels on a scooter, or you need a new off-road machine to be more competitive in the dirt, now is the time to get into your Honda Dealer^.

    Gigantic Sale highlights include huge HondaDollars on the legendary Goldwing allowing riders to enjoy the Goldwing’s luxury and performance for less. The ever popular CBR250R will boast up to $850 HondaDollars and the PCX125 scooter will offer scooter fans up to $800 HondaDollars. For those keen to get competitive in the dirt, Honda’s CRF450R and CRF250R will offer massive savings of up to $1400 HondaDollars during the Honda Gigantic Sale.

    For these deals and more, see your Honda Dealer. HondaDollars can be used in your dealership at the time of purchase towards accessories, servicing or off the purchase price.

    If a new ATV is what you’re after, enjoy massive saving across the entire range of Work, Sport and Fun ATVs thanks to new competitive Ride Away prices. Effective on April 01, 2013 Honda’s new Ride Away prices make it even easier to work or play on a Honda ATV.

    Be quick, limited stock for a limited time. Honda’s Gigantic Sale must end 30 April 2013.

    Dealer Locator: 1 300 1 HONDA

    ^Excludes certain models, see participating Honda Dealers for further details.

  • New SYM Jet 4R


    New scooter from SYM hits the ground running. The Jet 4R, only $1890 Ride Away nationally.

    SYM Australia / Select Scoota


    Have you seen this funky little fifty yet?

    One of the first of many new SYM’s coming through this year it has hit the moped states and gone gang busters!

    A 2-stroke 50cc with naked styling, five cool colour options, sports decals and a competitive price makes for a strong entrant into this competitive

    Features include a slick digital dash, clear lens indicators, huge LED rear light, front wave disc brake and 12” and 13” tyres. All this along with the same super reliable engine SYM’s become famous for!

    Add to this the practical features we’ve all come to expect from SYM including huge under seat storage with engine immobiliser and an additional glove compartment and steering lock.

    All this for just $1,890 on the road!!!!

    Watch out as this scoota takes the moped market by storm! See for more!