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Tonelli Electric Delivery


New Electric Delivery Scooter caters for the inner-city takeaway food market.

Tonelli Scooters

Tonelli Electric Delivery Scooter

Tonelli Motorcycles has been supplying pizza chains with petrol powered delivery scooters for a few years now. Until now, Tonelli has offered a 125 petrol powered delivery scooter for transporting pizzas and the odd beverage. With regulations changing, councils limiting noise after hours and companies looking for environmentally friendly alternatives, Tonelli has now developed an electric delivery version.

The Electric Delivery is different from your everyday electric cheapy. For starters the Electric Delivery uses an electric motor with the equivalent power of a 125/150 cc petrol engine, a full 3000 watt's. The Electric Delivery is capable of around 80 km/h fully loaded. The Electric Delivery will do a real world 120 km's distance under a single charge and it also features a regenerative braking system.

Here's a few other benefits of the Tonelli Electric Delivery. The Electric Delivery will solve the noise curfews enforced within inner city suburbs, being electric it's near silent. It comes with a 10 year warranty on its electric motor. It also comes with a massive 175 litre storage box. The box itself is positioned directly over the back wheel for ideal balance.

Tonelli also state that the Electric Delivery can be programmed to suit the local environment. For example, if you're in QLD and restricted to 50 km/h due to licensing laws, the Electric Delivery can be programmed to suit. Say you live around a hilly location and most of your riding is based around heavy pulling. Again the Electric Delivery can be mapped for this requirement.

The Electric Delivery will retail for a little over the $6000 mark. Tonelli believes the lack of regular maintenance costs(compared with petrol alternatives) will offset the initial outlay fairly quickly.

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