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Kymco People One 125i

We all know the Espresso, now meet its new replacement, the People One 125i.

Allen Drysdale

Kymco People One 125i

Kymco have recently released the all-new People One 125i in Europe. The new People is the replacement for a scooter that we already affectionately know in Australia as the Espresso.

The People One 125i is a model that competes directly in Europe with scooters like Piaggio's big selling Liberty. Italy is a key market for Kymco and the new People One is a crucial model.

The People One 125i comes with a host of changes over its long-term predecessor. Firstly, it is now fuel injected and 125 cc, the People One prides itself on low fuel consumption. The rear wheel has been changed to 14 inch (was 16 inch), now smaller to create more room under the seat. Styling is all new and in a way, very comparable to Honda's new SH 150.

The People One also features a box ready rear rack. Dual rear shocks do remain a positive feature for the class. The ignition key even features a light, handy for those night time starts. The fuel tank has been relocated to the front, and the wheels are an all-new design.

It's not clear if we will see the People One 125i here in Australia. In Italy the new Kymco sells for just under $2500 Euro. The People One here would need to sell for under $3000 to remain competitive. Given Kymco no longer make the Espresso, the People One 125i would be a welcome big wheel replacement.

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