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  • Sydney’s Scooter Central Turns 10


    In small business it’s a very special occasion when you turn 10 and Sydney’s Scooter Central has reached this milestone.

    Allen Drysdale/Scooter Central



    Scooter Central Turns 10

    Turning 10 is a momentous occasion for any small business and Sydney scooter dealer, Scooter Central, is celebrating its 10th birthday this month. Bringing further celebration to the occasion is that I (Allen) actually had a large personal part to play in creating the business all those years ago.

    After a few short years, it was now Murray and Susan Walters steering the ship and it's been onwards and upwards ever since. Not only has the shop enjoyed continual steady growth, new business ventures over the years have included accessory website and the acquisition of US brand Corazzo Design.

    Scooter Central is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and carries all the top scooter brands including Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia, SYM and Kymco - It’s been that way since the stores inception and to this day, Scooter Central remains one of largest and most successful scooter dealers in Sydney (Australia even).   

    Scooter Central offers full service facilities and a full range of accessories including the Corazzo brand of jackets and gloves. Scooter Central also specialises in scooter rentals and corporate scooter displays and brand promotions.

    Congratulations to the entire Scooter Central crew and Happy 10th Birthday.

    To see more, take a read through the full press release below or head on down to Scooter Central to join in the 10th birthday celebrations.

    See more @ or call the guys on 02 99385858


    Press Release : Scooter Central Turns 10

    Have you wondered why you see more and more scooters around Sydney’s Northern Beaches?

    In the last 10 years, Scooter Central has changed Sydney’s Northern landscape by delivering a commuting alternative. Europeans have been riding scooters for over 60 years and in many parts of Asia the humble scooter is the equivalent of the family 4-door sedan. It’s unusual for a product to tick so many boxes - scooters are fun, easy to operate, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, trendy, reliable and offer free and plentiful parking. Sydneysiders love them.  

    Scooter Central was the brainchild of motorcycle industry players Allen Drysdale and Tony James. Starting off in 2004 and selling the business two years later to the Walters. With a background in owning and running service stations, Murray and Susan Walters made the transition to dealer principals. It was ironic that after 20 years of selling petrol, the Walters were now in the business of helping customers save on their petrol.

    Scooter Central has continued to deliver well-priced, quality products with customer service and product knowledge second to none. We’re experienced and knowledgeable with a great team of people. Scooter Central has an onsite workshop and we back the quality of the products we sell. Scooters range in price from under $3000 Ride Away to the top of the range Vespa for just under 10 grand. Maxi’s, commuters, budget or premium, we have them all. And if you just need a little taste, hire scooters are available for the tourist or the rider who is still trying to decide whether to make a purchase.

    So where do we go from here? 

    Watch this space as Motorcycle Underground has just been added to the Brookvale location. The home of Scooter Central is making space to increase the product range to include CFMoto and Kymco motorcycles. The staff members at Scooter Central are passionate riders of anything and everything and Murray has been looking to add motorcycles for some time.  The learner motorcycle market is one of the fastest growing in the industry and it’s time to offer customers an alternative option.

    The Northern Beaches of Sydney has continued to roll out the red carpet for two wheeled riders with the red transit lane extending from the Harbour Bridge all the way to Mona Vale.  Commuting on two wheels has never been easier and Scooter Central along with Motorcycle Underground will continue to grow and service Sydney’s riding community into the second decade.  

    Many Anniversary specials are happening in store now.  We are so lucky to live in a beautiful location perfect for enjoying the outdoors, so come in for a coffee, check out all of the 2-wheeled options available and enjoy the ride.

    Some interesting facts you might not know about Scooter Central

    • is their online retail shop for rider apparel, accessories and spare parts.
    • Murray looks shall we say, a bit more mature versus when he first started.
    • Scooter Central is a five times motor dealer of the year award winner.
    • Scooter Central supports a large variety of charities, schools and club fundraising events. 
    • Scooter Central helped place a scooter on the floor of every Fantastic Furniture store around the country. 
    • Scooter Central helped Woolworths with a 45 scooter - charity fundraiser, raising money for Bear Cottage. 
    • Susan even rode onto the set of the Morning Show with Kerrie-Anne Kennerly on the back of her Vespa. 

    Birthday Specials Snapshot

    • Bronze Aprilia SR MT $500 off and now only $3390 ride away
    • Kymco Like 125's were $3690 now down to $3290 ride away
    • Kymco Downtown 300i in white slashed from $8390 to only $6990 ride away
    • Aprilia SRV 850 black demo, slashed thousands of the new price at $13990
    • Vespa LX 150 i.e were $6890 now $600 off at $6290
    • Vespa GTV 300 i.e was $10,490 now $9990 ride away
    • RXT Challenger helmets from only $66.75
    • Corazzo Speedway riders jackets were $299, now only $149
    • Choose from 30 helmets on our 25% off wall
  • NSW Approves Lane Filtering

    The NSW government, after a successful trial last year, has approved lane filtering.

    Allen Drysdale


    New Filtering Laws in NSW

    The NSW government will pass new legislation to allow fully licensed motorcycle and scooter riders the choice to filter through stationary traffic. The laws are part of a number of measures to help ease traffic congestion across Sydney.

    The limit of 30 km/h will be placed on filtering and riders will not be able to filter in school zones or around trucks and buses. A further restriction will be placed on filtering to the left of cars in the kerbside lane.

    Overall the response to the new laws has been very positive, this includes those daily commuters that can now filter without the fear of being fined. The State of NSW will be the first to make filtering legal in Australia.

    New restrictions or offences will be legislated for those filtering above 30 km/h. The new filtering laws take place at the beginning of July, 2014.


    The following extract and comments from

    Roads minister Duncan Gay said the decision was a common sense solution.

    “Last year we held a successful trial in Sydney CBD of motorcyclists being exempt from existing lane filtering laws in an attempt to ease road congestion and measure potential safety issues for other road users,” he said.

    “As a result of the trial we will introduce a new law that will permit fully licensed motorcyclists to legally filter past stationary vehicles at intersections when it is safe to do so.”

    The chairman of road safety at the NSW injury risk management research centre, Raphael Grzebieta, said filtering between moving vehicles at speeds greater than 30km/h brought an increased risk of serious injury or death.

    “At high speeds, lane filtering can become quite a concern and very dangerous – but at lower speeds it shouldn’t be an issue,” he said.

    “The 30km/h threshold is very wise.

    “In a 30km/h impact with a pedestrian, for instance, research has shown there’s a 10 per cent risk of a fatality or serious injury; at about 60km/h it’s around the 90 per cent mark.”

    The NSW government will create a new law specifically banning riders from filtering through traffic at more than 30km/h.

    Professor Grzebieta endorsed the law being limited to experienced riders and called on the RMS to monitor and evaluate the scheme after 12 months.

    Motorcycle council of NSW spokesman Chris Burns welcomed the change.

    “Lane filtering has been common practice for motorcycle riders across the country and overseas for decades,” he says.

    “The benefits of lane filtering have been internationally recognised as a solution to traffic congestion in built up areas and will assist in relieving congestion issues on NSW’s major and minor routes thereby assisting drivers with their daily commutes.”

    Mr Burns said it could also prevent riders from being injured.

    “Some drivers don’t actually understand that by filtering, riders are getting out of the rear-end danger zone which is the most common crash in NSW,” he said.

    “If you are in a car and you get rear ended you might get whiplash.

    “If you’re on a bike you get squashed.”

  • Vespa Fragrances


    The year of the Vespa? At least you’ll be able to smell like one. Vespa partner up with beauty house, Coty.



    Vespa Fragrances 

    Vespa are teaming up with renowned beauty company Coty to produce a range of fragrances named after the iconic brand. Set for release in June 2014, the range will include fragrances for both men and women under the Vespa brand name.

    Coty was founded in Paris in 1904 and already includes many big brand offerings including Calvin Klein, Chloe and Marc Jacobs.

    The partnership will no doubt help Vespa further distinguish itself as a luxury brand. Last year Vespa released the Limited Edition 946, a model that was hand built around a futuristic yet classic design, retailing for $13,000. The 946 proved that clearly the Vespa brand still has some massive credibility in the market.    

    If you can’t afford a Vespa or maybe you just can’t get enough of living the “La Bella Vita”, shortly at least, you’ll be able to smell like a Vespa too. I can already see a few bottles of “Vespa” under the Xmas tree!  



  • SYM HD2 Review


    SYM’s HD2 is a clear winner when it comes to the daily commute.

    Allen Drysdale


    SYM HD2 Review

    The HD2 is an evolution of the HD 200 from SYM, and whilst not a great deal has changed over the years, this scooter still represents some of the best value for money on today's market. The big wheeled platform combined with a punchy, liquid-cooled, 4-valve engine makes the HD a bit of a commuters dream.

    There have been a host of upgrades since I last rode SYM’s HD. Notable changes include disc brakes front and rear. The wave discs measure 220 mm on the front and 226 mm on the rear, they both feel responsive. The new dash takes a European analogue approach and now includes a digital clock. New styling around the front end is dominated by twin headlamps. In the on position, the left hand light performs low beam honours. The new HD2 badges do look classy.

    Ongoing features that have worked in the HD’s favour include 16 inch wheels front and rear. The engine is still SYM’s 4-valve unit, the motor now runs fuel injection and remains liquid cooled. Power output is a respectable 11.2 Kw’s from 171 cc’s. From an additional security standpoint the HD2 features an engine on/off switch under the seat.

    The flat floor comes in handy when carrying additional loads via the bag hook. The rear rack is box ready and there’s enough room under the seat for a half faced helmet or some spare wet weather gear. The underseat storage area opens via the ignition and there’s also two external helmet hooks if required. The glove box is fairly small and in reality just allows access to the coolant reservoir.

    The rear suspension runs dual adjustable shocks, the front is the usual telescopic fork arrangement. The fuel filler for the 8 litre tank is externally mounted at the rear and opens by key. The rear passenger gets two flip-out foot pegs of their own. The HD comes with a centre stand and sidestand, the latter will let the motor run when down - I did find this handy when opening the garage.   

    When riding the HD2, the first thing you notice is just how sorted and refined this model is. It’s not big or bulky, it’s light and easy to ride, very easy to manoeuvre. The HD turns into corners well and balances all this with fairly good stability at high speed. When filtering, you immediately realise how thin the proportions are. Like I said, the HD2 is very well sorted.  

    The engine provides enough punch to accelerate away from traffic and the HD will easily cruise at a steady 100 km/h. Two-up and the HD still manages well, it just requires a bigger twist of the wrist. The passenger sits comfortably on the raised seat section and their feet remain clear of the riders. Ergonomically the HD is very sound.

    Probably the only negative would be the raised seat section itself which tends to force the rider forward. The HD2 also lacks a 12 volt charger, though I don’t remember the last time I charged my phone on a scooter, especially when only commuting across town.     

    The HD lives in that zone we call the middle ground. It’s not classed as a large capacity scooter and it’s not a budget commuter either - it’s somewhere in-between. The benefits are plentiful. Fantastic fuel economy, low registration costs due to the capacity and a really nice balance of weight and power.

    The HD2 retails for around $5000 on the road registered. That’s just over a grand more when comparing it with the majority of budget commuter scooters, yet the HD2 offers so much more when it comes to flexibility. You don’t need to shy away from motorways and you’ll still have a really “easy to live with” commuter friendly scooter that can pillion if needed. The HD2 provides the best of both worlds.

    We had the HD2 for an extended trial over a two month period. It performed faultlessly, performing duties from daily shop runs, to extended days out two-up. The engine in my opinion, can be placed in the same class as Piaggio’s Quasar, it’s an absolute cracker that has a real sense of reliability and refinement about it. The more k’s we placed on it, the better it felt.  

    No surprises that I really did fall for the HD2, this is one SYM I could easily own myself. Not forgetting the HD2 also comes with a 4 year warranty, a true indicator of the importers trust in this model. The HD2 would make the perfect step-up from the budget commuter class or even makes sense as a first-up learner option, one that’ll give you plenty of scope for the future.

    If the budget will stretch, the HD2 is one of those "must see" test ride models. Find your local dealer @

  • New Torino Famosa 150

    Torino releases new larger capacity Famosa. Now available in a more powerful 150 cc version.

    Torino Motorcycles

    Torino Famosa 150 

    The Famosa 150 by Torino Motorcycles. Previously available as a 125, the Famosa is now available with 25 cc's of additional capacity. Bigger in this case is better, the Famosa 150 provides more power for accelerating from a standstill, up a hill or carrying a pillion.

    The Famosa comes with standard features like LED lighting, chrome rear rack and security ignition. The Famosa also comes with ample storage space under the seat, a lockable glovebox and a handy bag hook. Not forgetting the classic analogue dash with digital clock.

    The Famosa comes with a 5 Year warranty and is priced at $2,990 Ride Away. The choice of colours - white, black, cream and red all available now.

    See more at Call Torino on 02 9557 6180 or toll free on 1300 468 674.


    150 cc 4 Stroke Engine
    Disc Brake Front
    10 Inch Alloy Wheels
    Security Ignition
    Rear Rack Standard
    Digital Clock
    Classic Styling
    Service Intervals

    500 km's
    2000 km's
    5000 km's
    Every 4000 km's


    $2990 Ride Away  






  • Corazzo Avventura Jacket


    Corazzo Design takes concept to reality with the release of the new Ladies Avventura Jacket.

    Corazzo Design International


    Corazzo Ladies Avventura 

    When it comes to stylish, protective gear, women scooterists are often left out in the cold. Not any longer! Introducing the Avventura, the timeless field-style jacket with all the safety and design features you'd expect from Corazzo.

    The Avventura is like no other jacket. Made from abrasive-resistant 500-denier nylon that's wind-resistant and waterproof, the Avventura is a classic field jacket in women-specific proportions. The Avventura features four rugged reinforced patch pockets with snap closures to protect your belongings, adjustable tabs at the waist, thumb holes in the sleeve lining for a secure fit, and ample ventilation points for a comfortable wearing experience and ride.

    Slip on the Avventura, with its cozy quilted liner, and experience the comfort and style of the latest designer jacket—but one that doesn't sacrifice the protective features of top technical gear. The Avventura is stylish gear for serious riders.

    Just like the military jacket that inspired the Avventura, this jacket can handle anything that winter weather conditions present. In warmer weather, just unzip the quilted liner and remove. The liner is fully-fashioned and features our Corazzo shield emblem - wear the liner on it's own or when you need a comfortable long sleeved layer.

    Corazzo's designers know fashion and they know how to create technically superior riding gear - gear that will keep you safe and comfortable whether on the open road or café-hopping through the city.

    And about those tech specs: Corazzo is the first name in armour. With removable Knox™ armour in the elbows, shoulders, and back, and tough 500-denier nylon, the Avventura has what it takes to protect you from impact and abrasion. Durable YKK™ zippers, four patch pockets, including a waterproof cell phone pocket, it's clear that Corazzo's designers thought of everything—and they put it all into the Avventura. 

    Buy online or find your nearest Corazzo dealer @

    Features of the Avventura:

    • Classic four-pocket field-jacket styling
    • Made to fit a woman's proportions
    • Impact-resistant Knox armour in elbow, shoulder, and back
    • Black quilted zip-out liner can be worn on its own
    • Strong YKK zippers
    • Waterproof cell phone pocket
    • Tab waist adjustments
    • Ventilated
    • Thumb holes in sleeve liner
    • Available in olive green


  • Great Ocean Road Hire

    Hire a scooter, motorcycle or electric bicycle on what is one of the greatest scenic roads in the world - The Great Ocean Road.

    The Moto God


    The Moto God - Torquay, Victoria.

    If you’ve ever wanted to travel along The Great Ocean Road and hiring a set of two wheels sounds like an easier alternative, well now you can. The Moto God is a new hire concept store based in Torquay, Victoria.

    The Moto God has been created by ex-racer Darren Taylor. Darren recently moved the family to the coastal area to implement a business plan with a difference. Riders of all kinds can now hire a cruiser, motorcycle, off-road bike, scooter or electric bicycle. The choices are endless with hire including insurance and gear if needed. Darren also specialises is some cool accessories including brands like Roland Sands and Bell helmets.

    To see more visit the Moto God website. Visit or call 03 5261 5222. 


  • More on 2014 Integra Release


    Honda release information regarding the all new Integra 750 due in April this year.

    Honda Australia


    2014 Honda Integra 750 - Official Honda Release

    With strong new styling, improved ergonomics, increased power and refined DCT software, Honda's updated NC750D Integra will offer punchy new performance when it scoots into Honda Dealerships in April 2014.

    One of the most innovative machines in the Honda range, the Integra uniquely combines the dynamic performance of a motorcycle with the ease of use of a scooter. With a competitive MLP of $11,199*, Honda's Integra will arrive down under in a cool Matte Pearl White colour.

    Enjoying the same extra 75cc capacity as its sibling, the NC750SA, the Integra's liquid-cooled, SOHC, 8-valve, parallel twin-cylinder engine boasts elevated levels of performance. The engine's relatively long-stroke and specially shaped combustion chambers combine with the high-inertial mass crankshaft to produce large amounts of effortless torque from very low down in the rev range.

    The DCT gearbox has received software updates and offers an even more intuitive riding experience. Although the engine has taller gearing, acceleration and top speed are both improved and the addition of twin-balancer shafts and a new exhaust ensure a smooth yet robust engine feel.

    Design and style, which are important in a model this innovative, have evolved in 2014 to give the Integra a sharper edge. Presenting crisp angles and an aggressive stance, ergonomics have also been improved with extra knee room, bigger floor space and easier ground-reach.

    Its rugged steel diamond frame delivers the high levels of rigidity required for agile, responsive handling in a variety of conditions from busy urban streets to the open road. A brand new lightweight aluminium swingarm and revised front/rear weight balance has been developed to further improve handling.

    Boasting a lightweight Anti-Lock Brake System as standard, the Integra now also features 6-position span-adjustable front and rear brake levers making it possible to perfectly tailor reach for individual hand sizes.

The Integra offers the best of both the motorcycle and scooter world in one, easy to ride package. See your Honda Dealer for more information or to order yours today.

    Dealer Locator Ph: 1 300 1 HONDA


  • Hero RNT Concept


    Indian manufacturer Hero MotoCorp releases new concept scooter featuring optional 2WD and a turbo diesel engine.

    Allen Drysdale

    Hero RNT 150 TDi

    Whilst only a concept at this stage the RNT from Hero MotorCorp could very well become a reality. Powered by a 150 cc, liquid cooled, diesel engine (turbo optional) that pumps out 13.5 Hp and a massive 35 Nm of torque at just 1600 Rpm. The RNT can be optioned with a 1 Kw electric motor in the front wheel, meaning the RNT would also have full 2WD capability. Suggested performance is 0 - 60 km/h in a time of just 5 seconds and a top speed that’s limited to 70 km/h.

    Looks are not important here, the RNT has been clearly designed as a workhorse. The front and rear shocks are both adjustable and the RNT comes with carrying options everywhere. Other options include a generator which can partner with the diesel engine to provide auxiliary power wherever you’re working. The LED headlight is removable to give you light where you need it.

    The RNT would be a nice option for developing countries where two wheels are still only way to get around congested cities in a fuel efficient manner, often carrying all kinds of loads not normally sanctioned by the manufacturer. The RNT would certainly be fuel efficient, would pull like a bull and looks like it will carry just about anything one desires.

    The RNT concept was launched in New Delhi last week where the company also showcased a new 250 cc motorcycle (HX250R), a new 110 cc scooter (Dash) and India’s first hybrid scooter, the Leap.