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  • New Vespa GTS Range


    The Vespa GTS ranges gets updated with all the latest Piaggio technology advances. Massive flickr gallery inside.

    Allen Drysdale

    New 2014 Vespa GTS/GTS Super

    Advances as seen on other Vespa models are now standard equipment across the large frame Vespa range. As seen on the 946 and the new Vespa Sprint, ABS and ASR (Traction Control) is now available as a combined package. The new front suspension(ESS) first seen on the Primavera is now standard equipment also.  

    The GTS range now has the ability to integrate Vespa's Multimedia Platform(VMP), again seen for the first time on scooters like Piaggio's X10 and Vespa's 946. There's also a USB charging port that's been added to the front glove compartment and the instruments have been given the Primavera treatment, a mix of digital and analogue. GTS dash is backlit blue the GTS Super dash is backlit red.

    The one piece metal body remains the same. LED runlights have been added and the front horn cover has been given the slightest of revisions on GTS. The GTS Super gets new black painted wheels and a different moulding on the front guard. The front shock absorber is now allowed to slide rather than being rigidly fixed, bump absorption is now much better than before.   

    Whilst the release has just occurred in Europe, expect to see GTS and new Sprint models arrive in Australia later in 2014. We're guessing a move to the new GTS 300 also, away from the long running 250 version. In Europe, ABS and ASR is optional and both can be purchased with or without, again, I'd be thinking Australia will see ABS and ASR models only.

    More as we have it, expect to see Primavera scooters hitting dealerships early May. Read the full Vespa GTS press release below.  


    Official Vespa Press Release - 2014 Vespa GTS and GTS Super

    The technological advancement of the new Vespa GTS is spectacular - the largest and most powerful member of the Vespa family - which sets new standards in safety and electronic riding support equipment:

    • New front ESS suspension
    • 2-channel ABS braking system
    • ASR traction control
    • Vespa Multimedia Platform to connect your smartphone to your Vespa

    The large, convenient, comfortable, extraordinarily protective Vespa GTS combines its elegantly urban and city spirit with the travel and tourism vocation which large Vespas have always embodied. From the GS in 1955 to the PX 200 in 1978, touching on the Vespa Rally in 1968, the largest Vespas have always combined excellent performance and comfort, even on the longest and most demanding routes.

    Now the Vespa GTS is new and improved with the adoption of the most advanced technological electronic riding support systems.
    Vespa therefore reaffirms its technological cutting-edge which has always marked its past and introduces one of the most modern, advanced and safest vehicles in the world.

    The sportiest Vespa range ever evolves, achieving new standards in safety, technology, comfort and painstakingly detailed finishings. The large body version of Vespa, the timeless two-wheeled icon which has for some time now been the undisputed ambassador of Italian design to the world, now has a new and more spacious helmet compartment, a more comfortable saddle and a latest generation instrument cluster.

    For the first time on the Vespa GTS the sophisticated Multimedia Platform is available that allows a smartphone to be connected to the on board electronic system, transforming it into a multi-functional tool, an real and sophisticated computer capable of simultaneously displaying information such as speedometer and tachometer data, but also engine power and torque, longitudinal acceleration, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed, battery voltage and much more. Using the smartphone connected to the Vespa Multimedia Platform you can also view maps and routes, as well as identifying points of interest such as petrol stations and service centres. The tyre condition monitoring feature (available only for the ABS/ASR versions) takes synergistic advantage of the vehicle and smartphone sensors to monitor tyre wear and inflation, immediately alerting the rider of any potentially critical situations. The general analysis feature monitors vehicle condition.

    The Vespa style.

    Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super earn a new "tie" on the front shield with a more modern design, in harmony with the one on the recent Vespa Primavera, front and rear turn indicators characterised by new clear plastics and a brand new rear light assembly elegantly adorned by a chromium frame which recalls the finish of the crest on the front mudguard and, on the Vespa GTS, the chromium of the ultra-convenient luggage rack, explicitly reminiscent of the sixties era Vespas.

    In addition to a dedicated range of colours, the Vespa GTS Super has various specific details such as five-spoke wheel rims with new black finishing, a different moulding on the front mudguard, the different style "tie" on the shield and of course the traditional red front suspension spring. For both Vespa GTS versions the footboard central tunnel cover is new, enriched by the Vespa logo. The visual flow of the modern and decisive lines of the cowls, the round and sloping front headlight, the fold-out passenger footrests are characteristics which remain intact on the new GTS Vespa range, making it unique, as always.

    Legendary comfort.

    Its perfect ergonomics and natural seating have always contributed to making every Vespa comfortable, pleasant to ride and accessible to all. The new saddle on the Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super provides superior comfort thanks to the new padding and different covering. The Vespa GTS Super saddle also provides a white line finishing that runs along the edge, another feature which is clearly reminiscent of the traditional Vespa sporty saddles.

    The helmet compartment has been entirely redesigned to take maximum advantage of the available space, now able to hold two demi-jet Vespa helmets and more. To further increase the cargo capacity in the new Vespa GTS and GTS Super range there is a compartment in the leg shield back plate, ideal for keeping smaller objects handy such as glasses, documents and mobile phones, as well as the convenient bag hook on the upper part of the leg shield back plate. On the Vespa GTS you can also count on the convenient and sturdy support provided by the rear luggage rack, catering to touring use also guaranteed by the protective nature of the shield and the performance of the available 300 cc engine.

    Cutting-edge technology.

    All models in the new Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super range come standard with a USB port located in the leg shield back plate compartment, convenient for recharging any external device, while the front turn indicators contain a series of LEDs that act as daylight running lights. The trapezoid-shaped digital instrumentation is completely new: characterised by its compact size, but also by the extremely exhaustive information provided, it is made up of a classic speedometer and a small multi-functional digital area surrounded by six service indicator lights. The information provided includes the fuel level, time and two partial odometers. The Vespa GTS instrument panel has a light background and blue backlighting; the one on the Vespa GTS Super has a black background and is lit up by a sportier red shade.

    The new Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super range are compatible with the Vespa Multimedia Platform (VMP), the innovative platform which introduces a new way of understanding two-wheeled communication. When a Smartphone with one of the most common operating systems is connected to the on board electronic system VMP transforms it into a real and sophisticated computer which is capable of providing the rider with various information both on the condition of the vehicle and on the route travelled. This allows the rider to use the smartphone's touchscreen to keep constant tabs on all riding parameters and to handle both city traffic and longer trips in complete safety.

    One of the many features provided by pairing your smartphone with your Vespa is the parked Vespa finder, certain to be popular with more distracted riders. In fact, the system automatically remembers the vehicle's last position before the engine was switched off, thereby helping you find your Vespa if you forget where you left it. This can be quite convenient when parking, for example, in an unfamiliar city. You can also store all of your travel data in order to easily analyse your riding style through the numerous parameters acquired in real time during your trip.

    New safety features.

    For the first time, Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super adopt important technical advancements in terms of safety and comfort. The Piaggio Group holds patents on the best technology currently available, thanks in part to the experience gained by its motorcycle brands at top levels. The Piaggio Group was the first company in the world to introduce electronic systems on scooters which were once available only on the best motorcycles, such as ASR and ABS, two active safety systems which are now also available on the Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super range.

    Each wheel has a revolution detection system – a sensor and a tone wheel – which instantly reads the speed and deceleration of the wheel with respect to that of the vehicle. The sensors dialogue with a 2-channel hydraulic control unit which activates the ABS system if one of the two wheels decelerates abruptly with respect to the vehicle, avoiding locking and ensuring stability and efficient braking even on road surfaces with a low friction coefficient.

    The ASR system uses the electronics and the ABS sensors to compare the rotation speed of the two wheels. When the sensors detect excessive speed on the rear wheel compared to the front, the ECU intervenes (first on the advance and then, if necessary, on injection as well) to prevent slipping and avoid losing control of the vehicle.
    The technical equipment on the Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super includes the adoption of a new ESS front suspension, already introduced successfully on the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint. While still maintaining the classic single arm driven pivot suspension on the front, typical of Vespa traditions, the new Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super range adopts a completely redesigned system capable of cutting sliding friction in half. The shock absorber is now fixed to the trailing arm with a hinged pin whereas it was previously bolted on rigidly. By increasing suspension slide, riding comfort is increased, as well as the ability to absorb bumps on the road which the rider does not feel, ensuring a perfectly fluid, relaxing and safe ride.

    Technology, the uniqueness of Vespa.

    The new Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super range is conceived on the reliable, tried and true technical foundation of the previous series. The body, as has always been the case for Vespa from 1946 to the present, is made strictly in steel and provides incomparable sturdiness, in addition to safety features and truly unique dynamic performance. The result is a particularly brilliant ride both in city traffic and on country roads: a mix of thrilling handling and reassuring stability, partly to the credit of wide tyres mounted on 12 inch diameter rims. The dual disc braking system ensures ever-ready decelerating power even in sport use, with modularity that puts even beginners at ease.


    Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super are available with a 300 cc, single cylinder 4-stroke, 4 valve, liquid cooled with electronic injection engine capable of providing maximum power of 22 HP at 7,500 rpm and putting out a maximum torque of 22.3 Nm at just 5,000 rpm. These are values which guarantee the quick throttle response and extremely brilliant performance, making the new large body Vespas ideal vehicles both in city traffic and for touring, even at long range, in total comfort, whether alone or with a passenger.

    Colour range

    The new Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super are available in a range of colours dedicated to each of the two versions.
    Vespa GTS 300 is available in Nero Vulcano, Blu Midnight and Grigio Dolomiti colour schemes (all matched to a beige saddle).
    Vespa GTS Super 300 is available in Nero Lucido, Montebianco, Rosso Dragon and Blu Gaiola, all four matched to a black saddle. 


  • BMW Scooter Special Editions


    BMW release new Special Edition colours in both Sport and GT versions.

    BMW Motoradd


    BMW Special Edition Scooters 

    BMW Australia have added two special edition colours. The C600 Sport is now available in BMW motorsport colours whilst the 650 GT gets a new matt granite grey metallic finish.

    For those familiar with World Superbikes the C600 Sport in full racing colours will ring a few bells. Standard features on the C600 Sport Special Edition include a standard Akrapovic exhaust, sports seat, ABS and a red rear shock.

    The GT on the other hand, already comes with everything you could ever wish for, so BMW have gone one better and added the luggage rack, top case and backrest as standard equipment.

    Both scooters add some flair to an already solid line-up and the C600 Sport is clearly something new and different. See more by visiting the BMW Motorrad website and booking a test ride at your local dealer. Visit the BMW Motorrad website and book a test ride here.


    C 600 Sport SPECIAL EDITION - $15,090 MRLP      


    Akrapovič Silencer
    Seat Sport
    Rear Shock Spring Red
    Sponsor Stickers


    Highline Package inc: $1,250 (N/A with Low Seat)

    • Daytime Riding Lights                                 
    • Seat Heating                                 
    • Heated Grips                                             
    • RDC Tyre Pressure Monitoring                                                    
    • White LED Indicator                 

    Highline Package with Low Seat inc: $1,050 (N/A Highline Package or Low Seat)

    • Daytime Riding Lights                                  
    • Heated Grips                                                     
    • RDC Tyre Pressure Monitoring                                                     
    • White LED Indicator
    • Low Seat 780mm

    Anti-theft Alarm : $505

    Low Seat 780mm : $0 (N/A Highline Package) 

    C 650 GT SPECIAL EDITION - $16,665 MRLP   


    Highline Package inc:

    • Daytime Riding Lights
    • Seat Heated
    • Heated Grips    
    • RDC Tyre Pressure Monitoring
    • Luggage Rack
    • Top Case
    • Backrest
    • ABS


    Anti-theft Alarm :  $505

  • FCAI 1st Quarter Sales Results 2014

    Sales Figures

    Motorcycle sales off to a slow start in 2014.


    Official FCAI Release - 2014 1st Qtr Sales Results  


    Motorcycle sales were down 2.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2014, with sales in the off-road motorcycle and scooter segments taking a significant hit—9.4 and 16.3 per cent, respectively—compared to sales in the same period of 2013.

    Road motorcycle sales; however, were strong, with 3.3 per cent more road bikes sold between January and March 2014, than in the same period in 2013. The 11,151 road motorcycle sales made up nearly 44 per cent of the total 25,383 new motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and scooter sales across Australia.

    ATV sales also rose in the first quarter, with 4.4 per cent more ATV sold than in the first quarter of 2013.

    Releasing the first quarter motorcycle sales figures, FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said Honda was the leading volume manufacturer with 4,716 units sold. Honda was followed by Yamaha with 4,322 units, Kawasaki with 2,882 units and Suzuki with 2,174.

    “Honda also led the volume race in the road motorcycle market, selling 2,097 of the total 11,151 sold. Honda was followed closely by Harley-Davidson with 2,069 sales. Kawasaki came in third, selling 1,641,” Mr Weber said.

    “The figures show that, in particular, KTM, BMW, Yamaha, Indian, Kymco, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi have seen significant growth in the road motorcycle market this year, compared to the first quarter of 2013.

    “Looking at the off-road motorcycle market, Yamaha was the leading brand, selling 2,177 of the 7,429 off-road motorcycles sold between January and March. Yamaha was followed by Honda with 1,484 sales and KTM with 1,393.

    “Polaris was the largest selling manufacturer in the ATV segment, selling 958 ATVs. Polaris was followed by Honda with 835 sales and Yamaha with 760. A total of 4,533 ATVs were sold across all brands.

    “Piaggio led the sales race in the scooter market, selling 382 units. Vespa came in second with 337 sales and Honda came in in third with 300. A total of 2,270 scooters were sold across all brands.”

    Report Downloads

    Download the Top 10 Report
    Download the Comparison Report





    Yamaha Motor Europe in collaboration with Momo Design launch the X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN.

    Yamaha Europe



    Yamaha have released a new version of the X-MAX400 in Europe. Just like the TMAX 530 before it, the X-MAX now gets the same MOMO treatment. The X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN in power black incorporates special graphics and other exclusive MOMO features. There’s also a range of special MOMO helmets to complement the model.

    The X-MAX is already a class leading scooter in Europe and it’s the lightest and most compact in its class. Some of the highlights for me are 15-inch wheels, big storage, brilliant high-speed power and awesome build quality. Very much like the new T-MAX 530.

    This one unfortunately will be Europe only. Read on for the official European presser below.


    Since its launch for 2013 model year, the X-MAX 400 has quickly established itself as the most fashionable and successful model in the important sport scooter class. One of the keys to the outstanding success of this model is the way that it successfully blends punchy 400cc class performance with the agility and manoeuvrability that comes with its compact chassis.
    For 2014 the Yamaha sport scooter line up is strengthened with the addition of the new X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN. This exclusive new model benefits from a range of high-end stylistic elements together with a number of special features that have been created in association with the renowned Italian design firm MOMO Design.
    Exclusive sport scooter package

    By working together with MOMO Design, Yamaha have been able to create the ultimate package that fuses Italian style with Japanese technology. The two companies have already collaborated on the X-MAX 250 and X-MAX 125 MOMODESIGN models that were launched in 2012, and the positive response to these high-fashion scooters has led Yamaha to work with MOMO Design to create the very special X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN.
    Aimed at customers who are looking for real premium finishing and style that reflects their passion for design and which complements their lifestyle, this new model is equipped with a wide range of specially designed features that enhance the riding experience and increase the pride of ownership.
    One of the most striking features of this new scooter is its MOMODESIGN graphic set that underlines the sleek and sporty lines of this agile 400cc model. The smoked sport screen with MOMODESIGN graphics gives a sleeker profile, while a satin chrome handlebar cover and special rubber handlebar grips – with finely machined stainless steel end grips – add style at the front end. More Italian flair can be seen in the smoked lenses and special graphics on the meters, and the satin chrome speedometer ring enhances the look and feel of the automotive-style instruments.
    The side covers are treated with an aluminium type graphic, and this metallic image is reinforced by the X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN's natural anodized aluminium footplate that accentuates the overall feeling of style and exclusivity. Furthermore, this class-leading model is also equipped with a newly designed duo-tone textured seat that perfectly complements the sport screen and other MOMO Design features, to make this the most fashionable scooter in the city.

    X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN Helmet

    Yamaha and MOMO Design have also worked together to develop an exclusive MOMODESIGN helmet. Featuring the same design philosophy as the X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN, this special helmet gives a fashionable and coordinated look for style-conscious riders. The helmet is available in 2 different options: The first model is the MD Jet Helmet, a fibreglass moulded shell which combines best performance and cutting edge design, and is available in three stunning colour options, all featuring the classic Yamaha Speedblock logo along the sides, with a MOMODESIGN logo on the top.
    The second model is the MD Demi Jet Helmet Light, historically inspired by the helmets of helicopter pilots which is equipped with a flip-up spherical visor and inner sun visor, finished in two beautiful colour options, each featuring a MOMO DESIGN logo and grey Speedblock logo on top.


    • MOMODESIGN bodywork graphics
    • Smoked sport screen with special graphics
    • Specially designed duo-tone textured dual seat
    • Finely upholstered interior pads
    • Exclusive instrumentation with smoked lenses
    • Satin chrome speedometer ring and handlebar cover
    • Aluminium footplate
    • Aluminium-type side cover graphics
    • Special rubber handlebar grips
    • Machined stainless steel end grips
    • Exclusive color: Power Black (MBL2)




  • Vespa Vogue 946


    One off red 946 raises money for kids charity whilst two new colours point to the future.

    Piaggio Press



    Vespa has teamed up with Vogue Italia by auctioning a special one-off red 946 at a charity event in Milan. The individual 946 with special Vogue inscribed seat and grips was used to raise money and awareness for the Piaggio Groups “Vespa for Children” initiative.

    The night also showcased two new colours that will be added to the 946 collection. The light blue and grey 946 scooters made their world debut on the same night. What the 2014 946 collection will be called is not yet clear, but you can lock in the colours.

    Each year Vespa will release a specially themed 946 in one off colours built on a separate production line in Italy. The 946 features the latest in Piaggio innovation whilst directly keeping one leg firmly planted in the past with its design.

    In 2013 we did see the release of the Ricardo Italiano 946, available in either black or white, there are only a few left around the country for sale. 


    Milan, 3 April 2014 – The Vetra Theatre in Milan provided a splendid setting for the presentation last night of The Unique Vespa 946, a joint creation of the Piaggio Group and Vogue Italia, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year.

    Vogue Italia and Vespa joined forces – for a major charity – to produce The Unique Vespa 946, the only Vespa 946 scooter ever made in red and to feature a customised saddle and handgrips. The Vespa 946 is the most luxurious and glamorous model in the history of the Vespa scooter, a unique object whose steel and aluminium frame condenses the values of style and technology that have made the Vespa an icon of Italian design around the world.

    The object of desire was unveiled by Piaggio Group Chairman and CEO Roberto Colaninno together with the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, in front of a select public of high-profile guests at a silent auction organised last night by Vogue Italia and the Piaggio Group. The proceeds will go to the Vespa for Children project and, on behalf of Vogue Italia, to the IEO Foundation, a no-profit organisation that funds cancer research.

    Set up by the Piaggio Group in 2013, Vespa for Children is a humanitarian initiative that organises charitable social projects providing welfare and medical aid for children in the emerging countries. Vespa for Children’s first project was in Vietnam. In 2013, the National Hospital for Paediatrics in Hanoi and the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome launched a new cooperation project thanks to the support provided by the Piaggio Group.

    "The Vespa 946 we are presenting together with Vogue was designed, engineered and built entirely in Italy. It is the essence of Italian imagination, creativity and capacity for innovation, and a product to be proud of,” said Roberto Colaninno. "The Vespa is a friendly two-wheeler, a vehicle that provides carefree pleasure and makes people smile. This is why we created Vespa for Children: so that the Vespa can bring smiles and the opportunity to live healthy lives for many children and their families in a number of regions round the world.”

    The exclusive red Vespa 946 was put up for auction during the Vogue Italia and Vespa cocktail party held last night at the Vetra Theatre, which also saw the debut of the first two scooters from the new Vespa 946 Collection, a range with a new Blue and Grey palette that had its world preview yesterday in Milan.

  • Honda's Number 1 Sale

    Grab a hot deal with Honda this April. For two weeks only and stock is limited.

    Honda Motorcycles Australia


    Honda's Number 1 Sale 

    The weather may be cooling down but there has never been a better time to do a Hot Deal on a Honda Motorcycle.

    Honda Dealers across the country have turned up the heat on prices for two weeks, with the Honda Number 1 Sale. From April 1 to April 13, Honda Dealers across Australia are prepared to burn their normal prices to save you cold, hard cash as you ride away on Australia's Number 1 motorcycle.

    Whether you ride on the street or on the dirt, if you are a beginner or a cruiser, off-road or on, there's a Honda motorcycle for everyone at never-to-be-repeated prices.

    Special deals are available on all Honda's, great or small. You can ride away on the classic CB400 Non ABS for $9990. Or how about Cruising off on the VT750S for the nearly unbelievable price of $8990, rideaway?

    If you ride on the dirt, you can also clean up. Do you fancy getting Honda Dollars on the dirt racers that just can't stop winning?

    There's $1000 Honda Dollars on the CRF250R, or $1500 Honda Dollars on the CRF450R. [Honda Dollars can be used to take off the purchase price, or to spend on accessories in-store].

    If you are taking your first steps on two wheels, there are more Honda Deals. Like, $400 off the the Honda CRF50F, a great start for a racer of the future. Or the CB125e, the perfect bike for inner city commuting, now for only $2499, rideaway.

    These are just some of the Deals your Honda Dealer has in store for you, whether your Dream Honda is a Goldwing, a racetrack-inspired CBR1000RR or a classy Urban Scooter.

    But stock is limited, and once these motorcycles are gone, so are the special deals.

    Don't miss out, visit your nearest Honda Dealer now, ring 1 300 1 HONDA or go to for more details.