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New GTS 150 3V

Vespa Australia confirms release of a lower capacity - larger bodied - Vespa GTS 150 3V.

Allen Drysdale


New GTS 150 3V

Things might seem a little slow when talking about new scooter models and Australia in the same sentence, though not for the Vespa brand, who will continue to roll out model after model in the back half of 2014.

New GTS 250, new GTS 300 Super and Super Sport and not forgetting the brand new Sprint. Now we see the announcement of another brand new model arriving in September. Introducing the GTS 150 3V, a model currently sold throughout Asia where lower capacities are a must.

The GTS 150 will come in the same body as the larger capacity versions. Pricing will obviously be sharper and the all benefits of the bigger body range will be welcomed. More room, greater storage and twin disc brakes.

This will be a new direction for the Vespa brand in Australia. We know the 3 Valve engine is a cracker and should be enough to provide adequate performance around town. The lower capacity will also reduce registration costs in most states.

Watch for further news as each new model arrives in Australia. Expect Sprint and GTS 150 during September whilst we expect to see the new GTS 300's and the GTS 250 closer to October.  


Published Aug 04 2014, 01:20 PM by allen
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pyrah said:

Can't see the sense of the large body 150 here in Australia but will sales prove me wrong ?

August 4, 2014 1:44 PM