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  • Honda Dollar Deals

    Right now and running until 31 May, there’s up to $1500 Honda Dollars with the purchase of select motorcycles.

    Honda Australia


    Move it With Huge Honda Dollar Deals
    Enjoying the freedom and thrill of the open road is more affordable than ever thanks to some amazing autumn offers from Honda, on a range of its iconic road models.
    Right now and running until 31 May, there’s up to $1500 Honda Dollars with the purchase of select motorcycles from its highly-acclaimed road range. Honda Dollars can be spent on Honda’s high-quality accessories, equipment, servicing or as a credit towards the purchase.
    For the rider seeking a big-engined ultimate cruising machine the Honda CTX1300 is the perfect mix of performance and technology, with soul.
    Its 1261cc V4 engine delivers great low and mid-range torque, and now Honda has sweetened the ride even further with a massive $1000* Honda Dollars on offer until May 31.
    For a great mix of practicality and fun, the nimble Honda NC750SA is now available with $500* Honda Dollars.
    Perfect wheels for the daily commute and suited to a wide range of rider experience levels, the naked Honda ticks all the boxes.
    Purchases of both the CB500X and CB500F (14YM and older) are also rewarded with $500* Honda Dollars during this amazing value-for-money campaign. 
    Dynamic and versatile, the CB500X is the ultimate adventure machine for a new generation of bold riders, while its naked CB500F brother mixes usability around town with performance on the open road.
    For a sportier touch, Honda is offering $500* Honda Dollars on its Non-ABS CBR300R models, including the highly-credentialed CBR300R Special Edition.
    Honda’s CBR300R puts impressive power and torque numbers into a lightweight frame, making up a perfect performance platform that comes standard with its legendary CBR design integrity.
    Available at participating Dealerships, Honda Dollars can be used at the dealership on a wide variety of accessories or taken off the purchase price. 
    For more information about these models and to take advantage of the Honda Dollars offer, hurry into your local Honda Dealer, call 1 300 1 HONDA or visit
  • BMW Electric Police Scooters


    BMW Motorrad delivers the first fleet of the electric scooter BMW C evolution to local police in Barcelona.

    The BMW Group

    BMW C evolution Electric Scooters For Barcelona Police

    BMW Motorrad delivers the first fleet of the electric scooter BMW C evolution to local police in Barcelona. The City of Barcelona receives the first ever fleet of the innovative electrically powered scooter to be delivered to an official authority.

    A fleet of scooters comprising 30 of the innovative BMW C evolution was delivered to the Barcelona City Hall for use by the local police. The first completely electrically powered scooter manufactured by BMW Motorrad will allow the police to move with maximum efficiency and zero emissions.

    The BMW C evolution is BMW Motorrad’s answer to zero-emissions urban mobility. With a continuous output of 11KW and a maximum output of 35 KW, the scooter is homologated to be ridden with an A1 or B licence. The BMW electric scooter combines sheer electric riding pleasure with excellent dynamic qualities as well as the advantages of a zero emission vehicle, thereby providing a whole new riding experience.

    With its high performance, the BMW C evolution was a perfect choice for Barcelona - a pioneering city in the use of environment-friendly vehicles. The model purchased by the city authorities is identical to the regular version but with modifications to adapt it to police use. These include a raised screen for protection purposes and a public address and signalling system.

    Highlighting the importance of the delivery of this fleet for BMW, Guenther Seemann, President of BMW Group Spain, was there to hand over the scooter keys to mayor Xavier Trias. Seemann said: “The delivery of this fleet is a special achievement for the BMW Group for two main reasons: it is the first fleet of electric scooters worldwide to be supplied and secondly the recipient is the city of Barcelona - a role model in Europe when it comes to two-wheel mobility. At the BMW Group we believe strongly that the future of urban mobility will be shaped in the next few years by cities with minimum emissions."

    Alphabet, leasing multi-brand company of the BMW Group, participates as administrator of the motorcycle fleet. Rocío Carrascosa, CEO of Alphabet Spain, said "With this project we show once again our commitment to promote a more sustainable mobility in our cities." Alphabet offers innovative solutions such as AlphaCity, which offers its customers the possibility to rent vehicles incorporating technology developed for shared use by multiple users and also billing for private use use. AlphaElectric offers also rentals of electric vehicles, with solutions for the installation of charging points and tools to determine the possibilities to electrify a fleet in the optimal way.

  • The Fonzarelli 125 Electric Scooter

    The Fonzarelli 125 - a fusion between technology, sustainability and design - is a game changer. An electric scooter that is lightweight and delivers real power equal to most petrol powered designs, The Fonzarelli is a  fast, convenient, environmentally friendly way to scooter.
    The Fonzarelli 125 has been engineered specifically to align with today’s expectations of technology AND performance. Gone are the days when electric powered scooters meant a compromise in power, acceleration and sheer grunt. This remarkable scooter allows riders to accelerate from 0 KM/H to 60 KM/H in just 6 seconds… immediate power with excellent torque. 
    Simple to manoeuver, and supremely engineered for easy balance, the Fonzarelli 125 is the perfect choice for urban dwellers as a top quality alternative to cars and public transport, while remaining 100% eco-friendly. No crude oils. No emissions. 
    Unique to Fonzarelli is the ‘F’ button – or ‘Forza’ – which delivers extra boost right when you need it most. And with a top speed of 70 km/h, the Fonzarelli 125 is the ideal inner city ‘mover’. Parking hassles can be a thing of the past, while rising fuel costs need no longer be part of the equation. 
    “The Fonzarelli125 is a brilliant solution for inner city living, and while scooters are now very much part of the urban vernacular, these super powered electric versions open up a whole new world”, says Michelle Nazzari, founder of Fonzarelli.

    The Fonzarelli 125’s lightweight and removable battery can be re-charged anywhere, anytime. Overnight in the home, during the day in the office, the battery is re-charged from 0 to 80% power in just one hour, with a single battery providing up to 75KM* of travel (two batteries equivalent to 150KM)*. “It’s as simple as re-charging your phone”, says Nazzari.

    Representing great value for money, the Fonzarelli125 starts at just $4490 + ORC.

    Once purchased, the savings really kick in. It costs less than a dollar ($1) to recharge; approximately $200 per annum to service and in terms of actual fuel cost savings, the equation is endless. Hundreds of dollars per year for most inner city users will be saved at a minimum.

    “Best of all, owners can be confident in the knowledge they are no longer contributing hazardous oil emissions into the environment…a 100% carbon neutral transport solution** which is also great fun”, says Nazzari.

    Not only a high powered and economical ride, the Fonzarelli 125 also ramps up the style stakes. Choose between base colours of matte black or optical white, and customise your accessories to build your own unique design. From leather saddles to race red brake calipers, a wide range of options are available.

    “Fonzarelli is as much about style as it is providing an environmentally friendly transport solution. From accessory choices to performance adjustments, the Fonzarelli team will work with our customers to create the perfect ride”, Nazzari says.

    “For anybody who commutes to work, or needs to zip around on weekends to shop, go to the beach or gym, the Fonzarelli should be seriously considered. You’ll never look back”, says Nazzari.

    For further information visit

    *Performance may vary depending upon driving patterns and terrain.

    **Talk to your energy provider about signing up for renewable energy to ensure your personal transport is 100% carbon neutral.