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  • Piaggio Wi-Bike

    EICMA 2105 Release - With E-Bike Piaggio invents a new way to meet the most advanced mobility needs. 

    Piaggio Group


    EICMA 2105 Release - Piaggio Wi-Bike

    With E-Bike Piaggio invents a new way to meet the most advanced mobility needs.
    E-Bike goes well beyond the concept of an electric bicycle, providing innovative functions and new levels of interaction between cyclist, mechanical vehicle and the environment.
    For almost seventy years Piaggio Group has been a worldwide leader in development, production and sales of newer and newer forms of mobility. The search for solutions that combine freedom and the simplicity of travel with quality of life and respect for the environment is a mission that the Piaggio Group has always pursued. Founded on research and technological innovation, the Piaggio Group's hold on the number one spot has been strengthened over the decades in products which have favoured the freedom of entire generations and revolutionised the concept of mobility itself several times, creating not only new means of transportation but inventing lifestyles, because mobility is always synonymous with freedom.
    The Vespa legend which was born in the post war era, the most agile and lightweight mopeds of the '60s and '70s, and then electric, bimodal vehicles and finally hybrid engines – the only one of its kind in the scooter world – are milestones in a cultural and technological leadership that has always characterised Piaggio Group's vocation for innovation, with the earliest electric vehicle actually dating back to 1975.
    Out of this unique heritage of style and technology, the Piaggio Wi-Bike is born, a completely new vehicle that meets the most advanced needs and the most modern mobility trends.
    Piaggio Wi-Bike goes beyond the concept of an assisted-pedal bicycle and approaches the market as a vehicle that interprets the most progressive mobility needs at 360 degrees, no longer intended simply as the ability to move about, but also as the presence and sharing of information over the most modern network and interaction forms with your vehicle.
    Thanks to PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) technology, the Wi-Bike has an ultra advanced man-mechanical vehicle interface and guarantees constant data sharing with the world, giving you with the opportunity to interact from any location and with any environment in its physical, social and experience dimension.
    A Made in Piaggio electric heart
    The heart of the Piaggio Wi-Bike is a 250W-350W electric power unit with 50 Nm of torque entirely designed, developed and built by the Piaggio Group. It is an ultra modern and extremely compact motor with a shape designed for perfect insertion in the elegant aesthetics of the frame. In fact, its axial-symmetric shape, in other words, designed around the pedal axle, allows it to include the entire electric motor hidden behind the sprocket in order to greatly reduce the aesthetic impact. But it is the entire powertrain (the motor, battery and control display assembly) of the Piaggio Wi-Bike that stands out for the technology it uses and for the functions it provides. Advanced algorithms developed by Piaggio guarantee an innovative control of the electric machine, all to the advantage of reliability.
    The latest generation display is “contactless” and automatically powered, near the control unit, thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. The USB connection serves the dual function of being a smartphone charger and software update port. Diagnostics are also possible via smartphone by the rider, whereas for the service centre operations are possible via tablet – thanks once again to Bluetooth technology – for a more complete check.
    The Piaggio Wi-Bike, thanks to its technology, also stands out for its high level of safety: the dashboard control unit, batteries and electric motor are connected unequivocally and therefore the three units can operate only if connected and communicating with one another. For example, removing the display (which operates as a electronic key) when parking renders the Wi-Bike effectively unusable.
    A GPS/GSM module is housed in the battery which functions both as a satellite anti-theft device and a data transmission element from/for the battery. If the system detects a theft attempt of the vehicle, an alert is sent immediately via the dedicated app and the vehicle's position is tracked on the map. You can also check on the charge status with a smartphone and receive the alert notice on your device in the event of a poor charge, for example after a long period of disuse.
    The 400 Wh ion and lithium battery is elegantly housed under the saddle in correspondence to the vertical pipe and provides particularly long range, on average between 60 and 120 kilometres depending on the operating mode and conditions. Complete recharge time is just over 3 hours. The battery guarantees the highest possible level of safety and it is completely waterproof (IP 65).
    The Piaggio Wi-Bike uses a belt drive combined with an advanced continuous variation automatic transmission, electronically assisted to always ensure the best possible ratio between an almost infinite choice of combination. This is technology that takes advantage of the Piaggio Group's extensive technical experience with this type of transmission. Completing the range of available drives are a continuous variation belt drive which allows you to select the ideal ratio, shifting smoothly, and a traditional high quality, 9 speed chain final drive.
    As a tribute to active safety the powerful braking system is made up of two 180 mm discs on the front and 160 mm on the rear, gripped by hydraulic callipers.
    Connected to the world
    Thanks to the PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) technology, your smartphone integrates functionally with the Wi-Bike via Bluetooth. In fact, the app developed by Piaggio specifically for the Wi-Bike allows new features to be developed constantly. From the fine tuning of "classic" services such as navigation up to more advanced control of the powertrain operating modes over and above the base settings. In fact, conventional electrically pedal-assisted bicycles offer a limited and determined number of pedal assistance level settings with a contribution from the motor that always stays proportional to the energy applied by the cyclist once the operating mode is selected. The Wi-Bike, thanks to the exclusive DEA technology (Dynamic Engine Assistance), allows the user to program the assistance level provided by the electric motor at a percentage that is always variable in ratio to the power provided by the cyclist. 
    Thanks to the possibility of varying the motor contribution, Piaggio Wi-Bike is a true fitness machine where the cyclist can set his or her physical effort (for example, 100W of effort and a determined frequency of pedalling) leaving the motor free to increase or decrease its contribution based on the altimetric variations in order to comply with the set parameters which are consistent with the training program that the rider wants to achieve.
    Also, through the app you will be able to select predefined power output modes throughout the arc of use, real “motor mappings”.
    STANDARD: the motor develops power proportional to the effort detected on the pedals.
    CITY: a boost of power at every start. To get off the line ahead of the rest effortlessly in “Stop & Go” city traffic.
    HILL: the motor adapts to the slope of the road surface, developing more power uphill and less on downhill or flat sections.
    Each of these motor maps can be set to ten different assist levels for efficient battery use.
    The PMP system, which can be controlled through your smartphone's screen and by buttons on the handlebar, is the base for virtually unlimited function developments. 
    The potential uses PMP offers cover the entire range of data management: it goes from use information to functions connected to fitness and allows users to use the Piaggio Wi-Bike as a training tool in order to monitor health information and to achieve goals in terms of heart rate or calorie burning. 
    Connectivity between the bike electronics and heart rate monitors, for example, allows you to manage the electric motor power output based on a heart rate range goal (the lower this is the more the assistance provided by the motor will be). This way an athlete can carry out his or her training programme and manage his or her frequency on the route. In commuting, on the other hand, you can choose not to exceed a maximum heart rate threshold for health reasons, or simply to keep from becoming overheated on your way to work.
    Wi-Bike also means “community”: at the end of each training session or simply on completing your ride, you can share the data related to the experience you've just had with your friend on the most common social networks.
    Pure Italian Design 
    The elegantly sport design that sets Wi-Bike apart is the result of the Piaggio style centre which worked to combine the best and most distinctive Italian design with functionality and operating convenience.
    Modern style, refined solutions and simplicity are the keywords that inspired the Piaggio Group designers in their work. The result comes together in a frame made entirely in aluminium with a clearly sport look that mounts a shock absorbed fork, also made in aluminium and which is available in various versions of Piaggio Wi-Bike starting from the classic male and unisex duo.
    From a stylistic point of view the challenge of seamlessly inserting the powertrain parts (electric motor, transmission and battery) into the frame was particularly successful, leaving the bicycle's lines rationally clean and undisturbed. In fact, the motor, designed around the pedal axle, remains hidden by the sprocket, whereas the battery, housed under the saddle on the horizontal pipe, can be easily removed. And so the Piaggio Wi-Bike's attention to simplicity and user-friendliness substantiates in shapes which have been conceived with functionality in mind and as a tribute to the elegance of Italian design.

    Four equipment packages available
    Piaggio Wi-Bike is available with four different equipment packages.
    COMFORT: this is the entry level vehicle in the Piaggio Wi-Bike range; the easiest and most accessible for any user and available in the frame version without the top crossbar to facilitate getting on. It comes standard with a telescopic fork, comfort seat, adjustable handlebar connection and ergonomic hand grips. It is available in three different frame sizes to adapt perfectly to any body type. Two drive options: traditional mechanical or with manual operated variator. 
    COMFORT PLUS: compared to Comfort this is a superior package which includes genuine leather ergonomic seat and hand grips, as well as some classy details such as a different type of tyres. Two drive options: manual operator variator or electronic control. It is available in the unisex version (frame without top crossbar and in three different sizes: S, M and L) and in the men's version (frame with top crossbar and two different sizes: M and L).
    ACTIVE: this is the Piaggio Wi-Bike version in a sportier design. The frame is available in the men's version (frame with top crossbar) in two different sizes (M and L). Active stands out for its drive with three operating options: traditional mechanical, manual operated variator and electronic control variator. 
    ACTIVE PLUS: the sportiest version stands out for its dedicated graphic variations and the equipment package which also includes precious leather seat and hand grips. The frame is available in the men's version (frame with top crossbar) in two different sizes (M and L). Two different options for the drive manual operator variator or electronic control.
    For current Piaggio Australia models visit
  • Kymco Set To Shake Up Australian Market In 2016

    Taiwan’s KYMCO, a global leader in scooters, all-terrain and side-by-side utility vehicles, is set to shake up the Australian market with the appointment of Mojo Motorcycles as their distributor. 

    Kymco Australia


    Kymco Set To Shake Up Australian Market In 2016 - Partnered with Mojo Motorcycles

    Taiwan’s KYMCO, a global leader in scooters, all-terrain and side-by-side utility vehicles, is set to shake up the Australian market with the appointment of Mojo Motorcycles as their distributor.
    The new relationship has generated a great deal of interest as the two organisations prepare to introduce a fresh product line-up in 2016.
    Mojo Motorcycles Director, Michael Poynton, was thrilled by the announcement and is confident the new line-up will sit perfectly with Australian customers.
    “KYMCO is a terrific fit for our business. We’re a dynamic and progressive company, and KYMCO is going to really disrupt our established competitors by injecting a new level of activity and energy into the market.
     “KYMCO’s steadfast reputation for quality, great features and value for money are sure to strike a chord with Aussie riders and provide a real alternative choice.”  
    KYMCO was founded more than 50 years ago and according to Poynton, the company has been deeply influenced by Japan’s Honda Corporation.
     “The Japanese have been partners with KYMCO since the beginning and have really driven a terrific level of quality into the manufacturing process. You’d go a long way to match KYMCO’s build quality.”
    Poynton said KYMCO built more than 1.2 million vehicles a year, producing most of its own components.
    “Where other manufacturers tend to shop around Asia sourcing parts and components from different suppliers, most of the parts on a KYMCO are produced by KYMCO itself,” he said.
    The Taiwanese company also manufactures engines for BMW Motorcycles and components for other manufacturers.
    “The fact an organisation like BMW is more than comfortable to put their quality reputation in the hands of KYMCO really speaks volumes,” noted Poynton.
    KYMCO President, Chun-Ping Ko was equally enthusiastic about the new Australian partnership.
    “It’s terrific to head into 2016 with a renewed focus and determination in the Australian market.
    “Australia is one of the most important opportunities for KYMCO as we extend our reach as a global brand and this new partnership with Mojo Motorcycles will really focus our efforts,” he said.
    Advanced shipments of model year 2016 KYMCO scooters, all-terrain and side-by-side utility vehicles will arrive in Australia in mid-November while announcements for the exact model range and pricing will be revealed shortly.
    Warranties for existing KYMCO customers will be unaffected by the announcement and customers will soon enjoy unequaled access to parts and service as the dealer network is also set to expand.
    For latest updates and models visit
  • Vespa Settantesimo

    Vespa Settantesimo

    Vespa Celebrates Its First 70 Years in 2016. After more than 18 million units sold all over the world, Vespa offers a celebratory version. 



    Vespa Celebrates Its First 70 Years in 2016

    After more than 18 million units sold all over the world, Vespa offers a celebratory version, a special series that enhances the characteristics of the inimitable elegance that made it the most beloved scooter in the world.
    To celebrate a legend that has united nations and generations, the youngest and most dynamic Vespa Primavera, the largest and most powerful Vespa GTS and the insurmountable Vespa PX take on an exclusive personalisation.
    It was 1946 when the first Vespa, the legendary 98 cc, rolled out of the Pontedera production plant. For its 70th anniversary the Piaggio Group pays tribute to the most beloved scooter ever with a special version. A personalisation that celebrates the heritage of a vehicle that has gone beyond its function of agile and fun commuting, becoming a cult item, an example of design and an icon of Italian elegance.
    And so three models, the quick and agile Primavera, the GTS flagship and the insurmountable PX celebrate this important milestone which will arrive in 2016 with a special series distinguished by an exclusive colour scheme based on the new Azzurro 70 colour, a special début scheme for this once in a lifetime occasion. This unique paintwork enhances and highlights the charm of this truly special edition, thanks in part to a series of personalised touches that include a brand new dark brown saddle, finished with contrasting beige piping and thermobonding that depicts the Vespa Settantesimo logo, elegantly placed at at the height of the passenger seat. The delivery of all the Vespa Settantesimo models is also characterised by a dedicated graphic on the side fairings and an identification plate on the door of the front glove compartment, whereas the wheel rims are elegantly painted with a special non-standard colour.
    The Vespa PX holds a special place in this celebration (in the classic 125 cc and 150 cc engine capacities), a timeless legend which, thanks in part to its classic manual four speed gearbox, remains a legendary and unmistakeable model. To celebrate its 70th birthday Vespa could not neglect the Primavera, the model that interprets the youngest and cheekiest spirit of the range and which, with the introduction of ABS in the 125 and 150 engine capacity versions, also confirms its attention to safety and continuous technological upgrades which has always marked Vespa's history. The Vespa GTS 300 also takes on the festive look, the large body Vespa, the sportiest and most powerful, christened for some time now as the Vespa family technological cutting-edge.
    The new top box bag comes standard on the Vespa Settantesimo special series, made of the same material and colour coded to match the saddle. The bag can be mounted on the rear luggage rack with fold-down shelf, offered as standard equipment on all models in the Vespa Settantesimo range.
    For current Vespa models and latest releases visit Australia release dates are yet to be confirmed but we would suggest contacting your local detailer to get put on the waiting list for these to avoid disappointment. 


  • Kymco Steps Out At EICMA

    KYMCO have revealed two new exciting maxi-scooters, the X-Town 300i and Downtown 350i, at the EICMA show in Milan this week. 



    X-Town 300i and Downtown 350i at EICMA 2015
    Both models will make their way into Australian dealerships next year.
    Since the beginning, KYMCO has always thought about our customers and what we can do to satisfy their needs. 2016 is fast approaching, and that means that consumers are looking for new things for the new year. Therefore, our customers are expecting us to have new, quality products for them to enjoy. KYMCO knows that its scooters need to have a quality, sporty design to stand out from other scooters. Besides a stylish appearance, our customers are looking for comfort, convenience and safety on long distance journeys. KYMCO knows what our customers need, so they decided to strengthen the exterior design and the long-haul riding experience.
    X-Town 300i
    KYMCO is honoured to announce our new sports touring X-Town. The X-Town has a whole new sporty appearance and provides extra comfort for a superior riding experience. In addition to an improved exterior design, KYMCO added a unique "X" shaped taillight. The new X-Town also fulfils the long-haul rider's major need: comfort. In order to achieve a maximum comfort level, the riding position has been redesigned. KYMCO has also improved the storage space which can fit up to two full-face helmets. Power, comfort and enjoyment made the X-Town.
    Design Concept: Quality of life. Long-haul comfort. Economic value for a sport touring scooter.
    • Stylish Touring – The exterior is designed to be sporty, but at the same time it still has the comfort of a touring scooter. The LED running lights and the "X" shaped taillight provide great visibility during night riding. A great seat height with a spacious foot rest area provide extra comfort.
    • Elegant – A curved exterior body frame gives the impression of elegance. The interior uses different combinations of textures to increase its elegant look. Useful and convenient accessories have also been installed.
    • Chrome design on control surfaces
    • Quality Leather Seats – The high frequency embossing process makes the leather seats more stylish.
    Engine System
    276cc/ liquid cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder/ CVT transmission system/ EFI fuel injection system. Highly efficient engine is certified by the Euro 4 emissions regulations with enhanced power due to new 4-stroke, 2-valve, liquid cooled, high performance fuel injection engine.
    Chassis System
    • Highly rigid steel frame - During operation the chassis maintains high strength and rigidity that delivers stability in any road condition.
    • Lean Angle: Enhanced lean angle to 37° for increased cornering performance.

    The front brake disc's outer diameter is 260mm and the rear disc is 240mm.
    By using callipers with 3 pistons (25.4mm x 3) accuracy during braking is improved.
    X-Town Equipped with Bosch 9.1M anti-lock braking system - 9.1M ABS is equipped with the newest Sirius chip that responds faster and more reliably than the 9.0 edition. RAM is upgraded from 10kB to 16kB and the frequency from 32MHz to 40MHz.
    • 9.1M ABS system, weighs 0.7kg, currently the lightest anti-lock braking system on the market.
    • New X-Town Bosch ABS is reliable and acts fast during emergency braking.
    • Bosch ABS works with the front and rear brake disc to shorten the braking distance and provide stability.
    • Improved handling: the Bosch ABS works with the front/rear fork and highly rigid chassis to provide a pleasant riding experience.
    • Rear suspension: 5 segment adjustable double swing
    • Front Suspension: Extendable telescopic front fork (110mm), which is 37mm in diameter, decreases vibration and improves handling.
    The Wheels and Tyres
    • Front 120/80-14 with MT 3.0x14 lightweight aluminium rim.
    • Rear 150/70-13 with MT 4.0x13 lightweight aluminium rim
    The X-Town 300i will be an exciting addition for Kymco. The X-Town will be a new nameplate for Australia and is expected be available to dealers later next year.
    Downtown 350i
    New Deep Blue Downtown 350i (Euro 4-Certified) Announcement.
    The Downtown 350i was first revealed back in 2014 at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan where it caught the world’s attention. It integrated three great elements: Sport, Touring, and Comfort. This year, KYMCO will reveal the Downtown 350i at the EICMA show in a new “Deep Blue” colour and EURO 4 approved emission specifications. The new “Deep Blue” colour gives the Downtown more of an urban luxury look that reinvigorates its original style.
    The Downtown 350i’s powerful engine is ready anytime to turn urban touring into suburban exploring. The seats have been ergonomically designed for the rider’s and passenger’s comfort. The Downtown comes with a large under seat storage space that can fit two full-face helmets. This makes long distance journeys more convenient. A larger fuel tank is a feature that can relieve stress on the road. Another great feature is the large windshield that creates a smooth airflow and makes high speed riding more pleasant. The “Deep Blue” colour creates elegance; the concept delivers an urban style ride that lets drivers express their personal tastes.
    The Downtown, first announced in 2009, was an immediate top seller and over 100,000 of them have already been sold in over 40 countries. Given its popularity, KYMCO has now revolutionised the Downtown and is happy to announce a second edition of this masterpiece.
    KYMCO’s revolutionary vision builds on the success of the Downtown as a comfortable touring scooter by making it sporty too. The second edition of the Downtown adds an elegant sporty look and feel to satisfy consumers’ need for comfort as well as performance. In addition to the enhanced sporty appearance, the engine has also been upgraded. This Downtown’s power is 30PS higher than the original, and the 320cc motor provides the performance expected in a sport touring scooter. This extra power was implemented with the environment in mind. KYMCO was the first to comply with Euro 3's pollution emissions regulations and this edition of the Downtown passes Euro 4 emissions testing on this edition of the Downtown. KYMCO continues to create vehicles which make your dreams come true.
    Design Concept : Combine the basic touring concept with a sporty appearance to create a two-in-one machine with both sport and touring characteristics.
    • Stylish Touring – Refine the touring scooter’s appearance
    • Revolutionise – Integrate sport elements for enhanced performance
    • Cruising - Increase the foot board spacing to improve the ergonomics for cruising
    Engine System
    • Advanced power performance: New 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled high performance engine with EFI. (Max horsepower 30PS)
    • Enhanced performance at low rpm
    • Advanced fuel efficient engine is certified by US EPA and Euro 3 emissions regulations
    • Redesigned and enhanced mechanism decreases the compression pressure during engine start
    • New design with high-strength materials improve the conversion efficiency of the CVT transmission control
    • Cooling and lubrication system. Rectangular tank design with aluminium material enhances engine cooling.
    • High-strength, Lightweight, Low vibration 3-in-1-balance design: The ax-shaped balance block design reduces vibration during idling and low-speed riding.
    Chassis System
    • Highly rigid structural steel frame Vibration Analysis: During operation the chassis maintains high levels of strength and rigidity that delivers stability in all road conditions.
    • Enhanced lean angle too 39 degrees for increased cornering ability.
    • Front: Three-Piston calliper, 260mm floating disc with BOSCH 9.1M ABS 
    • Rear: Two-Piston calliper with 240mm disc
    Downtown 350i Standard Equipment Includes German Engineered Bosch Anti-lockBraking System.
    • 9.1M ABS (0.7kg) anti-braking system is the smallest and lightest available today.
    • KYMCO Downtown’s Bosch ABS is accurate, reliable and responds instantly in emergency braking situations.
    • Bosch ABS system is integrated with the front and rear brakes to shorten braking distance and provide stability.
    • The Bosch ABS system, integrated with KYMCO's front and rear suspension design and highly rigid structural chassis, provides a responsive, comfortable and consistent rider experience.
    • Front Suspension: Large 37mm Telescopic Forks reduce road vibration and improve cornering and handling.
    • Rear Suspension: 5-Position Adjustable Dual Shocks for rider controlled comfort
    Wheels and Tyres
    • Front: MT Aluminium alloy wheel with 120/80-14 tyre 
    • Rear: MT Aluminium alloy wheel with 150/70-13 tyre
    Downtown 350i will replace Downtown 300 in the Australian model line-up and will be available to dealers in March next year.
    KYMCO also debuted 125cc variants of both X-Town and Downtown; there are currently no plans for either of these variants in Australia.
    For more information on the current Kymco scooter range visit
  • Piaggio Beverly By Police

    EICMA Release - A union of two outstanding "Made In Italy" brands produces bold new scooter with markedly metropolitan spirit 

    Piaggio Group


    Piaggio Beverly By Police
    The new Beverly 300 by Police is the result of two outstanding "Made in Italy" brands: Police, a lifestyle brand that is famous the world over, and the Piaggio Group, an eminent European manufacturer that occupies a leading position in the scooter sector. 
    The union of these two style and technology icons has produced a scooter that combines the bold and brave spirit of Police, which has always been characterised by a remarkable metropolitan vitality, and the technology of Beverly, the high-wheel scooter the 300 cc model of which offers ultimate performance.
    Beverly 300 by Police is being launched on the European market in a bold matte black design with brightly coloured detailing and blued mirrors, just like the lenses of the Police sunglasses that have come to represent an entire generation. The "street look" of the Beverly by Police can be completed with a matching helmet that complements the image of the scooter perfectly.
    The Piaggio Beverly has revolutionised the market with its talent for agility, reliability and safety. Its spectacular performance has enabled it to soar straight to the top of the prestigious and highly competitive high-wheel scooter sector. 
    The Piaggio Beverly has reinvented itself numerous times over the years and is highly sought after for city tours thanks to the comfort and reliability it demonstrates in short- and medium-distance tourist trips. 
    The 330 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve engine with electronic injection delivers a maximum power of 22.2 hp at 7,250 rpm, with a maximum torque output of 23 Nm at just 5,750 rpm. In addition to such an impressive specification, the Beverly comes with a throttle response to match, coupled with outstanding performance, making it ideal both for tackling congested urban traffic and for long-distance touring in ultimate comfort, whether riding solo or two-up.
    Active in eyewear industry since the 1980's, Police now offers a wide range of goods in numerous different product categories, all of which boast an unmistakable and quintessentially urban on the road character. This co-branding venture represents the next logical step in the brand's growth: Having already lent its name to fragrances, watches, jewellery and small leather goods, it is redefining its natural habitat and becoming a scooter that is ready to take on the streets all around the world.
    Police has been a fashion phenomenon right from the outset thanks in no small part to the figures chosen to lead iconic advertising campaigns that have come to define an era (Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas), making the brand synonymous with an aspirational lifestyle. Brazilian attacker and striker Neymar Jr is currently in his third consecutive year of being the face of Police. 
    For more information on the Piaggio Beverly (also branded as BV350ie in Australia) visit


  • New Piaggio Liberty ABS

    EICMA 2015 Release - Stylish, Lightweight, easy to ride, high performance and environmentally friendly: Liberty is completely new but it remains faithful to the values which made it a success. 

    Piaggio Group


    EICMA 2015 - New Piaggio Liberty ABS Release

    Stylish, Lightweight, easy to ride, high performance and environmentally friendly: Liberty is completely new but it remains faithful to the values which made it a success.

    The new generation of Piaggio iGet engines makes its debut, the result of a brand new design philosophy which makes customer satisfaction its primary objective, thanks to the exceptional construction quality, reduced consumption and brilliant performance. 

    Piaggio Liberty is a milestone in two-wheeled mobility development. It is synonymous with independence and freedom. Introduced in its first version in 1997, Liberty is one of those rare products that, model after model, has managed to remain faithful to itself and its name, continuously modernising and meeting the needs of new generations of customers.
    Piaggio Liberty has skilfully achieved great success, finding favour with customers because of its ability to meet the needs of mobility and freedom with a formula that combined style, light weight, easy of ride and safety. 
    After 18 years of successful sales to the tune of 900 thousand units, Piaggio Liberty is completely reborn but in line with the values that inspired the original project and with the goal of meeting the demand for a vehicle characterised by superior quality levels, lightweight and sturdy, easy to use but with impeccable performance and with high technological content at the service of safety, such as the ABS braking system that comes standard on the 125 and 150 cc versions. With the ABS feature, Liberty 125 goes above and beyond the European regulations.
    New engines, new ergonomics, new active safety systems and new elegant lines to go with the large diameter wheels which, from the very first Liberty, gave a compact scooter all the dynamic safety of superior class vehicles, contributing to it being concretely established in the “high wheel” segment.
    The Piaggio Liberty transformation is not simply an evolution, it is a true rebirth, building on the principles that inspired the first Liberty, Piaggio have produced a completely new, technologically advanced vehicle, one that is extraordinarily coherent with the heritage of a true best-seller, designed to meet modern needs in terms of quality, style, safety, operating economy and environmental friendliness. The dimensions have increased and, along with them, so has comfort in the saddle and consequently so has the safety. 
    The new family of Piaggio iGet air cooled engines are introduced for the first time on the new Liberty. The new Piaggio iGet engines are the result of a design philosophy that sets new and more advanced quality and reliability levels - along with low consumption and emissions. Every aspect of the design was aimed at increasing the efficiency of each individual part in order to contribute to maximising performance. 
    More than one million kilometres have already been ridden during the testing phase of the first Piaggio iGet engines which are a testament to the attention to quality and reliability in the development process of the new iGet engines which, thanks to the modular nature of the project, can be provided in liquid or air cooled versions with 3 or 4 valve timing.
    The new Liberty comes in three different engine versions - 50, 125 and 150 cc. All of the Liberty engines are ultra-modern 4-stroke, air cooled and electronically fuel injected. Each and every detail, from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, all the way to the new air filter, have been redesigned to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable.
    The 50 cc 4-stroke engine is a true jewel, with an entirely new thermal part. Characterised by the 3 valve timing system that distinguishes the iGet family, the new fifty is the result of a design that aims to maximise quality, reliability and implement an extraordinary reduction in consumption and harmful emissions. It is the perfect drivetrain for a very young person's first ride, and the new rider will certainly appreciate the brilliant features that combine with marked operating savings, thanks to the fuel consumption which is contained to 58 km/l at a constant speed of 40 km/h. In terms of environmentally friendliness in the city, the usual stomping grounds for the new Liberty, the new engine keeps noise to a minimum thanks to the development of new gearbox settings that allow the single cylinder to maintain quick performance while still being “docile”, in other words, at a lower average rpm compared to the engines in the previous generation. The result is a reduction in mechanical noise in addition to lower fuel consumption.
    The 50, 125 and 150 cc engines that equip the new Liberty are characterised by a new injection system with improved efficiency and boast superior performance, both in terms of power and torque, all to the advantage of acceleration from low rpm which translates into a new quickness and responsiveness in typical stop and go city riding. A new eight-hole injector delivers the fuel in a fine spray for optimum combustion. In particular, the new Piaggio 125 cc engine is more than 10% more powerful than the engine in the previous Liberty version, with a 16% drop in fuel consumption. The 150 stands out for its superior brilliance which makes it a more satisfying ride in any conditions: 9.6 kW at 7,750 rpm and torque of 13 Nm at 6,500 rpm guarantee plenty of torque at any rpm and make the Liberty ABS particularly lively both in city traffic conditions and on the open road. All whilst maintaining extraordinarily low fuel consumption, up to 57 km/l at a constant speed of 40 km/h.
    Piaggio iGet 125 cc and 150 cc are single cylinder engines, completely new both in terms of mechanical components and electronic parts. Some of the brand new components worth a mention are:
    • the crankshaft, with 24% increased inertia compared with the previous engine for a decisive reduction in vibrations and a smoother ride.
    • the new starter motor, 70% quieter 
    • the gearbox cover, to reduce the noise even more and increase stiffness.
    • the air filter with automotive style paper filter, which improves filtering action to reduce intake noise.
    • the barometric sensor, so that combustion is always optimised.
    Particular care was dedicated to defining the scooter's new clutch, designed and developed to maximise riding satisfaction. More specifically, attention was focused on power management both in phases of slight acceleration and in “stop and go” riding which is so typical of the big city and traffic jams. The results, from the rider's point of view, are a smooth and soft ride that, combined with the engine's increased power, provide an experience that is always pleasant, smooth and jerk-free.
    The exhaust is also entirely new. The new unit makes the engine quieter and at the same time ensures a more full and pleasant timbre. Also, the new aluminium arm connects the exhaust-engine assembly, increasing the stiffness of the entire system.
    The new Piaggio Liberty is the result of a new development process which, from the very first design phases, sets its goals as superior final quality of the vehicle and performance, as well as keeping customer satisfaction at the centre of the process.
    Targets such as perfect ergonomics, user friendliness, handling and stability and low fuel consumption and emissions with more and more lively performance stem from an attention to the end customer in order to provide the market with an ultra modern, high performance, stylish and well crafted vehicle with which to distinguish themselves even when riding in the most elegant metropolitan environments.
    The new Liberty family boasts superior construction quality that shines through not only in the reliability - an essential value - but also in the physical perception of top shelf finishing. The new materials, the new treatments, the combinations and even the colour choices, all contribute to a sensation of perceived quality that can satisfy all riders.
    Superior handling for an absolutely easy ride, uncompromising stability at even the highest speeds for undisputed safety: these are the “guides” that inspired the design of the new Liberty frame, the new fork geometry, the implementation of a new front wheel - now 16 inches in diameter - and then the selection of the materials for the chassis and the highest possible quality components.
    The Piaggio Liberty frame, completely new, is a sturdy single cradle structure in tubular steel with pressed sheet metal elements. The new torsional rigidity (+15%) and longitudinal bending (increased by 17%) mean decidedly better handling and riding stability for the user.
    On the front end a hydraulic telescopic fork operates with renewed geometry, whereas a double arm connects the engine crankcase to the frame at the rear, guaranteeing optimum damping of the engine's alternating forces. A single, dual-action shock absorber, adjustable in spring preload, allows the Liberty to adapt perfectly to the weight of the rider or rider and passenger.
    Liberty has always been a prominent player in the “high wheel” scooter segment. Faithful to its philosophy of a lightweight and manoeuvrable, but also stable and safe vehicle, because of the large wheels, it continues in this direction with an increase in front wheel diameter which goes from 15” to 16”, guaranteeing even better stability at faster speeds. Both rims are characterised by their attractive seven split spoke design at the centre and are made from aluminium alloy.
    The rear 14” rim mounts a generous tyre which, compared with the previous version, has grown to 100/80, ensuring grip and stability without compromising Piaggio Liberty's legendary agility.
    The ABS that equips Liberty 125 and 150 cc was developed by Piaggio with Bosch, the largest automotive parts manufacturer in the world. The electronic braking control system prevents the front wheel from locking up in the event of sudden stops or on slippery surfaces, another important step forward in the vehicle's active safety. The braking system, even on the 50 cc version, is made up of a 240 mm front disc, gripped by a Nissin calliper and a reliable and tireless 140 mm rear drum with improved transmission and efficiency.
    Where safety is concerned, nothing was left to chance: the new Piaggio Liberty has high quality parts such as the double gas cable that always guarantees the possibility of mechanically closing the throttle body, the tilt sensor which switches off the engine immediately in the event of a fall and the sensor that prevents riding with the side stand down.
    Seeing and being seen are fundamental when riding on two wheels. Contributing to the active safety that the new Piaggio Liberty guarantees are the new front LED lights that make the scooter highly visible during the day and at night.

    Piaggio Liberty, in its various versions over the years, has always been an icon which has contributed to creating the high wheel scooter phenomenon. A perfect representation of Italian style and elegance, it has set itself apart in a segment where beauty is often sacrificed for functionality, successfully combining practicality and elegance.
    The new Liberty embodies and advances all of the style that has characterised its heritage, beginning from a basic harmonic and fluid design that emphasises characteristics such as handling and practicality, combined with a precious Italian style.
    The new generation of Piaggio Liberty immediately exudes a sensation of quality and sturdiness and it does it being more dynamic, larger and more comfortable, but without straying from that original spirit that made it so successful. Its proportions have not be revolutionised and great attention was given to the overall ergonomics of the vehicle, placing the rider (whether male or female) at the centre of the project in every phase of development.
    The front shield becomes even more protective without sacrificing the vertical aesthetic element which has become a characteristic of all Piaggio production, thanks to which the family feeling of the Italian manufacturer is completed and it thereby acquires an even stronger formal sense of belonging.
    The new front expresses a richer and more technological image. In the 125 and 150 cc versions the daylight running lights are now LED and, taking advantage of light guide technology, they work together with the main headlight source placed on the handlebar, characterising Liberty and making it as recognisable in the dark as it is during the day.
    The handlebar is also completely new. To correspond with the new headlight unit on the front, there are new controls on the rear, more complete for easy control of all the new features which are displayed and managed on the new on board panel. 
    The new instrumentation is a definite leap forward compared with the previous Liberty version. No longer mechanical, but electronic now, it integrates the elegant traditional reading with the presence of a modern LCD display that has button controls on the right side of the handlebar and provides all the information you need to manage the vehicle.
    In the leg shield back plate, thanks to the battery being moved, space is practically doubled for the glove-box which goes from 2 litres on the previous Liberty to almost 4 on the new model. As optional equipment the space is installation-ready for a convenient USB socket to recharge your smartphone. The entire structure of the convenient glove-box is created with great attention both to material selection and treatment. The result is high quality which is immediately clear simply by opening and closing the compartment. The storage space for cargo or helmet storage in the compartment under the seat also increases from 12.5 to 17 litres, 30% more than before.
    Greater on board comfort was the factor that guided design and development of the new Piaggio Liberty. The central part of the vehicle is now more comfortable and the footboard more convenient, both for the rider's feet and, thanks to the foldaway footpegs, the passenger's as well.
    The saddle, completely remodelled and particularly large, has been lengthened for greater comfort even when riding two-up. It is covered in high quality look “eco leather” and enhanced by stitching that highlights its shape.
    The tail of the vehicle takes on a more important presence in the overall image of the new Liberty. The increased cargo capacity meant increasing dimensions without interfering with its stylistic purity. The shape of the rear, smooth and harmonious, ends with a completely revamped light cluster. The surfaces of the tail, sculpted and modelled, blend with the Liberty's side elements, in other words, the guards that protect one of the most exposed parts of the body from impact. These elements are coordinated with the ones that protect the front shield and they include elegant chromium elements.
    The new Piaggio Liberty comes in two configurations: the classic standard and the more sporty S.
    The Standard version is an interpretation of the classic and elegant spirit that has always characterised Liberty, naturally dedicated to the more mature rider. It comes in classic Bianco Perla and Blu Midnight, as well as the new Marrone Etna colour scheme.
    Piaggio Liberty S stands out for its bold colour schemes (Rosso Ibis and Grigio Titanio Opaco). Thanks to the dedicated graphics and details such as black wheel rims with polished channel and the red stitching on the saddle, the S package is intended for younger and more dynamic riders.
    It is great to see new models being launched in Milan, Italy at the current EICMA show. We look forward to Australia seeing these future releases. For details on EICMA 2015 visit For current Piaggio Australia range visit
  • New Vespa Sprint 150 LE

    Celebrating 50 years of the Vespa Sprint. Vespa Australia will make available a limited number of factory custom ‘Sprint LE’ 150s in red and black only.

    Vespa Australia


    New Sprint 150 LE - 50 Years Of Sprint

    Vespa unveiled the first Sprint 150 at the Milan show in 1965 and to mark 50 years since the release Vespa Australia will make available a limited number of factory custom ‘Sprint LE’ 150s in red and black only. The ‘Sprint LE’ features a distinctive silver grey front centre trim, black wheels with polished outer rims and side stripes on the rear quarters panels and front guards.
    The original Sprint 150 sold over 120,000 units and enjoyed such commercial success the design remained unchanged well into the 70s. Distinguishing features included the trapezoidal shaped headlight, a popular design which also influenced the current Sprint 150 i.e. headlight design. For the period, chrome side panel and guard trims were considered modern and also like the current Sprint the long comfortable bench seat was trimmed in black with white piping. Back then a new top speed of 95 kph was achievable with Sprints 150 two stroke engine, 4 speed transmission and 10’ diameter wheels.
    By contrast fast forward 50 years and the current Sprint 150 i.e. is a totally modern bike featuring 3 valve, 4 stroke engines with advanced fuel injection and an automatic transmissions. Wheels are now 12 inch diameter and the bike is at ease at 100 kph speeds. There is great under seat storage and modern anti theft features. Servicing is also an area where great improvements have been made. 10,000 klm service periods are an industry leading standard and the Sprint LE also comes with a 2 year warranty.
    ‘Sprint LE comes in 2 colours ‘Rosso Dragon Red’ or ‘Nero Abissio Black’ and is available now for $6490 + On road costs.
    For the latest Vespa range visit