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New Piaggio Liberty ABS

EICMA 2015 Release - Stylish, Lightweight, easy to ride, high performance and environmentally friendly: Liberty is completely new but it remains faithful to the values which made it a success. 

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EICMA 2015 - New Piaggio Liberty ABS Release

Stylish, Lightweight, easy to ride, high performance and environmentally friendly: Liberty is completely new but it remains faithful to the values which made it a success.

The new generation of Piaggio iGet engines makes its debut, the result of a brand new design philosophy which makes customer satisfaction its primary objective, thanks to the exceptional construction quality, reduced consumption and brilliant performance. 

Piaggio Liberty is a milestone in two-wheeled mobility development. It is synonymous with independence and freedom. Introduced in its first version in 1997, Liberty is one of those rare products that, model after model, has managed to remain faithful to itself and its name, continuously modernising and meeting the needs of new generations of customers.
Piaggio Liberty has skilfully achieved great success, finding favour with customers because of its ability to meet the needs of mobility and freedom with a formula that combined style, light weight, easy of ride and safety. 
After 18 years of successful sales to the tune of 900 thousand units, Piaggio Liberty is completely reborn but in line with the values that inspired the original project and with the goal of meeting the demand for a vehicle characterised by superior quality levels, lightweight and sturdy, easy to use but with impeccable performance and with high technological content at the service of safety, such as the ABS braking system that comes standard on the 125 and 150 cc versions. With the ABS feature, Liberty 125 goes above and beyond the European regulations.
New engines, new ergonomics, new active safety systems and new elegant lines to go with the large diameter wheels which, from the very first Liberty, gave a compact scooter all the dynamic safety of superior class vehicles, contributing to it being concretely established in the “high wheel” segment.
The Piaggio Liberty transformation is not simply an evolution, it is a true rebirth, building on the principles that inspired the first Liberty, Piaggio have produced a completely new, technologically advanced vehicle, one that is extraordinarily coherent with the heritage of a true best-seller, designed to meet modern needs in terms of quality, style, safety, operating economy and environmental friendliness. The dimensions have increased and, along with them, so has comfort in the saddle and consequently so has the safety. 
The new family of Piaggio iGet air cooled engines are introduced for the first time on the new Liberty. The new Piaggio iGet engines are the result of a design philosophy that sets new and more advanced quality and reliability levels - along with low consumption and emissions. Every aspect of the design was aimed at increasing the efficiency of each individual part in order to contribute to maximising performance. 
More than one million kilometres have already been ridden during the testing phase of the first Piaggio iGet engines which are a testament to the attention to quality and reliability in the development process of the new iGet engines which, thanks to the modular nature of the project, can be provided in liquid or air cooled versions with 3 or 4 valve timing.
The new Liberty comes in three different engine versions - 50, 125 and 150 cc. All of the Liberty engines are ultra-modern 4-stroke, air cooled and electronically fuel injected. Each and every detail, from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, all the way to the new air filter, have been redesigned to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable.
The 50 cc 4-stroke engine is a true jewel, with an entirely new thermal part. Characterised by the 3 valve timing system that distinguishes the iGet family, the new fifty is the result of a design that aims to maximise quality, reliability and implement an extraordinary reduction in consumption and harmful emissions. It is the perfect drivetrain for a very young person's first ride, and the new rider will certainly appreciate the brilliant features that combine with marked operating savings, thanks to the fuel consumption which is contained to 58 km/l at a constant speed of 40 km/h. In terms of environmentally friendliness in the city, the usual stomping grounds for the new Liberty, the new engine keeps noise to a minimum thanks to the development of new gearbox settings that allow the single cylinder to maintain quick performance while still being “docile”, in other words, at a lower average rpm compared to the engines in the previous generation. The result is a reduction in mechanical noise in addition to lower fuel consumption.
The 50, 125 and 150 cc engines that equip the new Liberty are characterised by a new injection system with improved efficiency and boast superior performance, both in terms of power and torque, all to the advantage of acceleration from low rpm which translates into a new quickness and responsiveness in typical stop and go city riding. A new eight-hole injector delivers the fuel in a fine spray for optimum combustion. In particular, the new Piaggio 125 cc engine is more than 10% more powerful than the engine in the previous Liberty version, with a 16% drop in fuel consumption. The 150 stands out for its superior brilliance which makes it a more satisfying ride in any conditions: 9.6 kW at 7,750 rpm and torque of 13 Nm at 6,500 rpm guarantee plenty of torque at any rpm and make the Liberty ABS particularly lively both in city traffic conditions and on the open road. All whilst maintaining extraordinarily low fuel consumption, up to 57 km/l at a constant speed of 40 km/h.
Piaggio iGet 125 cc and 150 cc are single cylinder engines, completely new both in terms of mechanical components and electronic parts. Some of the brand new components worth a mention are:
  • the crankshaft, with 24% increased inertia compared with the previous engine for a decisive reduction in vibrations and a smoother ride.
  • the new starter motor, 70% quieter 
  • the gearbox cover, to reduce the noise even more and increase stiffness.
  • the air filter with automotive style paper filter, which improves filtering action to reduce intake noise.
  • the barometric sensor, so that combustion is always optimised.
Particular care was dedicated to defining the scooter's new clutch, designed and developed to maximise riding satisfaction. More specifically, attention was focused on power management both in phases of slight acceleration and in “stop and go” riding which is so typical of the big city and traffic jams. The results, from the rider's point of view, are a smooth and soft ride that, combined with the engine's increased power, provide an experience that is always pleasant, smooth and jerk-free.
The exhaust is also entirely new. The new unit makes the engine quieter and at the same time ensures a more full and pleasant timbre. Also, the new aluminium arm connects the exhaust-engine assembly, increasing the stiffness of the entire system.
The new Piaggio Liberty is the result of a new development process which, from the very first design phases, sets its goals as superior final quality of the vehicle and performance, as well as keeping customer satisfaction at the centre of the process.
Targets such as perfect ergonomics, user friendliness, handling and stability and low fuel consumption and emissions with more and more lively performance stem from an attention to the end customer in order to provide the market with an ultra modern, high performance, stylish and well crafted vehicle with which to distinguish themselves even when riding in the most elegant metropolitan environments.
The new Liberty family boasts superior construction quality that shines through not only in the reliability - an essential value - but also in the physical perception of top shelf finishing. The new materials, the new treatments, the combinations and even the colour choices, all contribute to a sensation of perceived quality that can satisfy all riders.
Superior handling for an absolutely easy ride, uncompromising stability at even the highest speeds for undisputed safety: these are the “guides” that inspired the design of the new Liberty frame, the new fork geometry, the implementation of a new front wheel - now 16 inches in diameter - and then the selection of the materials for the chassis and the highest possible quality components.
The Piaggio Liberty frame, completely new, is a sturdy single cradle structure in tubular steel with pressed sheet metal elements. The new torsional rigidity (+15%) and longitudinal bending (increased by 17%) mean decidedly better handling and riding stability for the user.
On the front end a hydraulic telescopic fork operates with renewed geometry, whereas a double arm connects the engine crankcase to the frame at the rear, guaranteeing optimum damping of the engine's alternating forces. A single, dual-action shock absorber, adjustable in spring preload, allows the Liberty to adapt perfectly to the weight of the rider or rider and passenger.
Liberty has always been a prominent player in the “high wheel” scooter segment. Faithful to its philosophy of a lightweight and manoeuvrable, but also stable and safe vehicle, because of the large wheels, it continues in this direction with an increase in front wheel diameter which goes from 15” to 16”, guaranteeing even better stability at faster speeds. Both rims are characterised by their attractive seven split spoke design at the centre and are made from aluminium alloy.
The rear 14” rim mounts a generous tyre which, compared with the previous version, has grown to 100/80, ensuring grip and stability without compromising Piaggio Liberty's legendary agility.
The ABS that equips Liberty 125 and 150 cc was developed by Piaggio with Bosch, the largest automotive parts manufacturer in the world. The electronic braking control system prevents the front wheel from locking up in the event of sudden stops or on slippery surfaces, another important step forward in the vehicle's active safety. The braking system, even on the 50 cc version, is made up of a 240 mm front disc, gripped by a Nissin calliper and a reliable and tireless 140 mm rear drum with improved transmission and efficiency.
Where safety is concerned, nothing was left to chance: the new Piaggio Liberty has high quality parts such as the double gas cable that always guarantees the possibility of mechanically closing the throttle body, the tilt sensor which switches off the engine immediately in the event of a fall and the sensor that prevents riding with the side stand down.
Seeing and being seen are fundamental when riding on two wheels. Contributing to the active safety that the new Piaggio Liberty guarantees are the new front LED lights that make the scooter highly visible during the day and at night.

Piaggio Liberty, in its various versions over the years, has always been an icon which has contributed to creating the high wheel scooter phenomenon. A perfect representation of Italian style and elegance, it has set itself apart in a segment where beauty is often sacrificed for functionality, successfully combining practicality and elegance.
The new Liberty embodies and advances all of the style that has characterised its heritage, beginning from a basic harmonic and fluid design that emphasises characteristics such as handling and practicality, combined with a precious Italian style.
The new generation of Piaggio Liberty immediately exudes a sensation of quality and sturdiness and it does it being more dynamic, larger and more comfortable, but without straying from that original spirit that made it so successful. Its proportions have not be revolutionised and great attention was given to the overall ergonomics of the vehicle, placing the rider (whether male or female) at the centre of the project in every phase of development.
The front shield becomes even more protective without sacrificing the vertical aesthetic element which has become a characteristic of all Piaggio production, thanks to which the family feeling of the Italian manufacturer is completed and it thereby acquires an even stronger formal sense of belonging.
The new front expresses a richer and more technological image. In the 125 and 150 cc versions the daylight running lights are now LED and, taking advantage of light guide technology, they work together with the main headlight source placed on the handlebar, characterising Liberty and making it as recognisable in the dark as it is during the day.
The handlebar is also completely new. To correspond with the new headlight unit on the front, there are new controls on the rear, more complete for easy control of all the new features which are displayed and managed on the new on board panel. 
The new instrumentation is a definite leap forward compared with the previous Liberty version. No longer mechanical, but electronic now, it integrates the elegant traditional reading with the presence of a modern LCD display that has button controls on the right side of the handlebar and provides all the information you need to manage the vehicle.
In the leg shield back plate, thanks to the battery being moved, space is practically doubled for the glove-box which goes from 2 litres on the previous Liberty to almost 4 on the new model. As optional equipment the space is installation-ready for a convenient USB socket to recharge your smartphone. The entire structure of the convenient glove-box is created with great attention both to material selection and treatment. The result is high quality which is immediately clear simply by opening and closing the compartment. The storage space for cargo or helmet storage in the compartment under the seat also increases from 12.5 to 17 litres, 30% more than before.
Greater on board comfort was the factor that guided design and development of the new Piaggio Liberty. The central part of the vehicle is now more comfortable and the footboard more convenient, both for the rider's feet and, thanks to the foldaway footpegs, the passenger's as well.
The saddle, completely remodelled and particularly large, has been lengthened for greater comfort even when riding two-up. It is covered in high quality look “eco leather” and enhanced by stitching that highlights its shape.
The tail of the vehicle takes on a more important presence in the overall image of the new Liberty. The increased cargo capacity meant increasing dimensions without interfering with its stylistic purity. The shape of the rear, smooth and harmonious, ends with a completely revamped light cluster. The surfaces of the tail, sculpted and modelled, blend with the Liberty's side elements, in other words, the guards that protect one of the most exposed parts of the body from impact. These elements are coordinated with the ones that protect the front shield and they include elegant chromium elements.
The new Piaggio Liberty comes in two configurations: the classic standard and the more sporty S.
The Standard version is an interpretation of the classic and elegant spirit that has always characterised Liberty, naturally dedicated to the more mature rider. It comes in classic Bianco Perla and Blu Midnight, as well as the new Marrone Etna colour scheme.
Piaggio Liberty S stands out for its bold colour schemes (Rosso Ibis and Grigio Titanio Opaco). Thanks to the dedicated graphics and details such as black wheel rims with polished channel and the red stitching on the saddle, the S package is intended for younger and more dynamic riders.
It is great to see new models being launched in Milan, Italy at the current EICMA show. We look forward to Australia seeing these future releases. For details on EICMA 2015 visit For current Piaggio Australia range visit


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