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Piaggio Beverly By Police

EICMA Release - A union of two outstanding "Made In Italy" brands produces bold new scooter with markedly metropolitan spirit 

Piaggio Group


Piaggio Beverly By Police
The new Beverly 300 by Police is the result of two outstanding "Made in Italy" brands: Police, a lifestyle brand that is famous the world over, and the Piaggio Group, an eminent European manufacturer that occupies a leading position in the scooter sector. 
The union of these two style and technology icons has produced a scooter that combines the bold and brave spirit of Police, which has always been characterised by a remarkable metropolitan vitality, and the technology of Beverly, the high-wheel scooter the 300 cc model of which offers ultimate performance.
Beverly 300 by Police is being launched on the European market in a bold matte black design with brightly coloured detailing and blued mirrors, just like the lenses of the Police sunglasses that have come to represent an entire generation. The "street look" of the Beverly by Police can be completed with a matching helmet that complements the image of the scooter perfectly.
The Piaggio Beverly has revolutionised the market with its talent for agility, reliability and safety. Its spectacular performance has enabled it to soar straight to the top of the prestigious and highly competitive high-wheel scooter sector. 
The Piaggio Beverly has reinvented itself numerous times over the years and is highly sought after for city tours thanks to the comfort and reliability it demonstrates in short- and medium-distance tourist trips. 
The 330 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve engine with electronic injection delivers a maximum power of 22.2 hp at 7,250 rpm, with a maximum torque output of 23 Nm at just 5,750 rpm. In addition to such an impressive specification, the Beverly comes with a throttle response to match, coupled with outstanding performance, making it ideal both for tackling congested urban traffic and for long-distance touring in ultimate comfort, whether riding solo or two-up.
Active in eyewear industry since the 1980's, Police now offers a wide range of goods in numerous different product categories, all of which boast an unmistakable and quintessentially urban on the road character. This co-branding venture represents the next logical step in the brand's growth: Having already lent its name to fragrances, watches, jewellery and small leather goods, it is redefining its natural habitat and becoming a scooter that is ready to take on the streets all around the world.
Police has been a fashion phenomenon right from the outset thanks in no small part to the figures chosen to lead iconic advertising campaigns that have come to define an era (Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas), making the brand synonymous with an aspirational lifestyle. Brazilian attacker and striker Neymar Jr is currently in his third consecutive year of being the face of Police. 
For more information on the Piaggio Beverly (also branded as BV350ie in Australia) visit




jpfvita said:

I really don't think the cops would let you wear those helmets.

I hope I'm wrong because I think they look really good.

January 1, 2016 10:00 PM