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Kymco Steps Out At EICMA

KYMCO have revealed two new exciting maxi-scooters, the X-Town 300i and Downtown 350i, at the EICMA show in Milan this week. 



X-Town 300i and Downtown 350i at EICMA 2015
Both models will make their way into Australian dealerships next year.
Since the beginning, KYMCO has always thought about our customers and what we can do to satisfy their needs. 2016 is fast approaching, and that means that consumers are looking for new things for the new year. Therefore, our customers are expecting us to have new, quality products for them to enjoy. KYMCO knows that its scooters need to have a quality, sporty design to stand out from other scooters. Besides a stylish appearance, our customers are looking for comfort, convenience and safety on long distance journeys. KYMCO knows what our customers need, so they decided to strengthen the exterior design and the long-haul riding experience.
X-Town 300i
KYMCO is honoured to announce our new sports touring X-Town. The X-Town has a whole new sporty appearance and provides extra comfort for a superior riding experience. In addition to an improved exterior design, KYMCO added a unique "X" shaped taillight. The new X-Town also fulfils the long-haul rider's major need: comfort. In order to achieve a maximum comfort level, the riding position has been redesigned. KYMCO has also improved the storage space which can fit up to two full-face helmets. Power, comfort and enjoyment made the X-Town.
Design Concept: Quality of life. Long-haul comfort. Economic value for a sport touring scooter.
  • Stylish Touring – The exterior is designed to be sporty, but at the same time it still has the comfort of a touring scooter. The LED running lights and the "X" shaped taillight provide great visibility during night riding. A great seat height with a spacious foot rest area provide extra comfort.
  • Elegant – A curved exterior body frame gives the impression of elegance. The interior uses different combinations of textures to increase its elegant look. Useful and convenient accessories have also been installed.
  • Chrome design on control surfaces
  • Quality Leather Seats – The high frequency embossing process makes the leather seats more stylish.
Engine System
276cc/ liquid cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder/ CVT transmission system/ EFI fuel injection system. Highly efficient engine is certified by the Euro 4 emissions regulations with enhanced power due to new 4-stroke, 2-valve, liquid cooled, high performance fuel injection engine.
Chassis System
  • Highly rigid steel frame - During operation the chassis maintains high strength and rigidity that delivers stability in any road condition.
  • Lean Angle: Enhanced lean angle to 37° for increased cornering performance.

The front brake disc's outer diameter is 260mm and the rear disc is 240mm.
By using callipers with 3 pistons (25.4mm x 3) accuracy during braking is improved.
X-Town Equipped with Bosch 9.1M anti-lock braking system - 9.1M ABS is equipped with the newest Sirius chip that responds faster and more reliably than the 9.0 edition. RAM is upgraded from 10kB to 16kB and the frequency from 32MHz to 40MHz.
  • 9.1M ABS system, weighs 0.7kg, currently the lightest anti-lock braking system on the market.
  • New X-Town Bosch ABS is reliable and acts fast during emergency braking.
  • Bosch ABS works with the front and rear brake disc to shorten the braking distance and provide stability.
  • Improved handling: the Bosch ABS works with the front/rear fork and highly rigid chassis to provide a pleasant riding experience.
  • Rear suspension: 5 segment adjustable double swing
  • Front Suspension: Extendable telescopic front fork (110mm), which is 37mm in diameter, decreases vibration and improves handling.
The Wheels and Tyres
  • Front 120/80-14 with MT 3.0x14 lightweight aluminium rim.
  • Rear 150/70-13 with MT 4.0x13 lightweight aluminium rim
The X-Town 300i will be an exciting addition for Kymco. The X-Town will be a new nameplate for Australia and is expected be available to dealers later next year.
Downtown 350i
New Deep Blue Downtown 350i (Euro 4-Certified) Announcement.
The Downtown 350i was first revealed back in 2014 at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan where it caught the world’s attention. It integrated three great elements: Sport, Touring, and Comfort. This year, KYMCO will reveal the Downtown 350i at the EICMA show in a new “Deep Blue” colour and EURO 4 approved emission specifications. The new “Deep Blue” colour gives the Downtown more of an urban luxury look that reinvigorates its original style.
The Downtown 350i’s powerful engine is ready anytime to turn urban touring into suburban exploring. The seats have been ergonomically designed for the rider’s and passenger’s comfort. The Downtown comes with a large under seat storage space that can fit two full-face helmets. This makes long distance journeys more convenient. A larger fuel tank is a feature that can relieve stress on the road. Another great feature is the large windshield that creates a smooth airflow and makes high speed riding more pleasant. The “Deep Blue” colour creates elegance; the concept delivers an urban style ride that lets drivers express their personal tastes.
The Downtown, first announced in 2009, was an immediate top seller and over 100,000 of them have already been sold in over 40 countries. Given its popularity, KYMCO has now revolutionised the Downtown and is happy to announce a second edition of this masterpiece.
KYMCO’s revolutionary vision builds on the success of the Downtown as a comfortable touring scooter by making it sporty too. The second edition of the Downtown adds an elegant sporty look and feel to satisfy consumers’ need for comfort as well as performance. In addition to the enhanced sporty appearance, the engine has also been upgraded. This Downtown’s power is 30PS higher than the original, and the 320cc motor provides the performance expected in a sport touring scooter. This extra power was implemented with the environment in mind. KYMCO was the first to comply with Euro 3's pollution emissions regulations and this edition of the Downtown passes Euro 4 emissions testing on this edition of the Downtown. KYMCO continues to create vehicles which make your dreams come true.
Design Concept : Combine the basic touring concept with a sporty appearance to create a two-in-one machine with both sport and touring characteristics.
  • Stylish Touring – Refine the touring scooter’s appearance
  • Revolutionise – Integrate sport elements for enhanced performance
  • Cruising - Increase the foot board spacing to improve the ergonomics for cruising
Engine System
  • Advanced power performance: New 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled high performance engine with EFI. (Max horsepower 30PS)
  • Enhanced performance at low rpm
  • Advanced fuel efficient engine is certified by US EPA and Euro 3 emissions regulations
  • Redesigned and enhanced mechanism decreases the compression pressure during engine start
  • New design with high-strength materials improve the conversion efficiency of the CVT transmission control
  • Cooling and lubrication system. Rectangular tank design with aluminium material enhances engine cooling.
  • High-strength, Lightweight, Low vibration 3-in-1-balance design: The ax-shaped balance block design reduces vibration during idling and low-speed riding.
Chassis System
  • Highly rigid structural steel frame Vibration Analysis: During operation the chassis maintains high levels of strength and rigidity that delivers stability in all road conditions.
  • Enhanced lean angle too 39 degrees for increased cornering ability.
  • Front: Three-Piston calliper, 260mm floating disc with BOSCH 9.1M ABS 
  • Rear: Two-Piston calliper with 240mm disc
Downtown 350i Standard Equipment Includes German Engineered Bosch Anti-lockBraking System.
  • 9.1M ABS (0.7kg) anti-braking system is the smallest and lightest available today.
  • KYMCO Downtown’s Bosch ABS is accurate, reliable and responds instantly in emergency braking situations.
  • Bosch ABS system is integrated with the front and rear brakes to shorten braking distance and provide stability.
  • The Bosch ABS system, integrated with KYMCO's front and rear suspension design and highly rigid structural chassis, provides a responsive, comfortable and consistent rider experience.
  • Front Suspension: Large 37mm Telescopic Forks reduce road vibration and improve cornering and handling.
  • Rear Suspension: 5-Position Adjustable Dual Shocks for rider controlled comfort
Wheels and Tyres
  • Front: MT Aluminium alloy wheel with 120/80-14 tyre 
  • Rear: MT Aluminium alloy wheel with 150/70-13 tyre
Downtown 350i will replace Downtown 300 in the Australian model line-up and will be available to dealers in March next year.
KYMCO also debuted 125cc variants of both X-Town and Downtown; there are currently no plans for either of these variants in Australia.
For more information on the current Kymco scooter range visit


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