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Vespa Settantesimo

Vespa Settantesimo

Vespa Celebrates Its First 70 Years in 2016. After more than 18 million units sold all over the world, Vespa offers a celebratory version. 



Vespa Celebrates Its First 70 Years in 2016

After more than 18 million units sold all over the world, Vespa offers a celebratory version, a special series that enhances the characteristics of the inimitable elegance that made it the most beloved scooter in the world.
To celebrate a legend that has united nations and generations, the youngest and most dynamic Vespa Primavera, the largest and most powerful Vespa GTS and the insurmountable Vespa PX take on an exclusive personalisation.
It was 1946 when the first Vespa, the legendary 98 cc, rolled out of the Pontedera production plant. For its 70th anniversary the Piaggio Group pays tribute to the most beloved scooter ever with a special version. A personalisation that celebrates the heritage of a vehicle that has gone beyond its function of agile and fun commuting, becoming a cult item, an example of design and an icon of Italian elegance.
And so three models, the quick and agile Primavera, the GTS flagship and the insurmountable PX celebrate this important milestone which will arrive in 2016 with a special series distinguished by an exclusive colour scheme based on the new Azzurro 70 colour, a special début scheme for this once in a lifetime occasion. This unique paintwork enhances and highlights the charm of this truly special edition, thanks in part to a series of personalised touches that include a brand new dark brown saddle, finished with contrasting beige piping and thermobonding that depicts the Vespa Settantesimo logo, elegantly placed at at the height of the passenger seat. The delivery of all the Vespa Settantesimo models is also characterised by a dedicated graphic on the side fairings and an identification plate on the door of the front glove compartment, whereas the wheel rims are elegantly painted with a special non-standard colour.
The Vespa PX holds a special place in this celebration (in the classic 125 cc and 150 cc engine capacities), a timeless legend which, thanks in part to its classic manual four speed gearbox, remains a legendary and unmistakeable model. To celebrate its 70th birthday Vespa could not neglect the Primavera, the model that interprets the youngest and cheekiest spirit of the range and which, with the introduction of ABS in the 125 and 150 engine capacity versions, also confirms its attention to safety and continuous technological upgrades which has always marked Vespa's history. The Vespa GTS 300 also takes on the festive look, the large body Vespa, the sportiest and most powerful, christened for some time now as the Vespa family technological cutting-edge.
The new top box bag comes standard on the Vespa Settantesimo special series, made of the same material and colour coded to match the saddle. The bag can be mounted on the rear luggage rack with fold-down shelf, offered as standard equipment on all models in the Vespa Settantesimo range.
For current Vespa models and latest releases visit Australia release dates are yet to be confirmed but we would suggest contacting your local detailer to get put on the waiting list for these to avoid disappointment. 




oldscoot said:

Having the rear rack as standard is great....unfortunately sadly lacking on the earlier Australian models...

December 9, 2015 6:50 PM