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  • New BMW C 650 Sport & GT

    BMW has launched its new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooters with an extensively modified drivetrain, retuned suspension and increased standard features ensuring they continue to deliver both practical and efficient urban commuting.

    BMW Australia


    New BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT Maxi Scooters
    BMW has launched its new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooters with an extensively modified drivetrain, retuned suspension and increased standard features ensuring they continue to deliver both practical and efficient urban commuting along with trademark BMW sports performance and grand tour cruising.
    • New BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooters offer practical and efficient urban commuting with long distance sports performance and touring comfort. 
    • Retuned twin cylinder 647cc engine and significantly upgraded CVT delivers more responsive acceleration, higher 180km/h top speed and EU4 emission compliance. 
    • Revised suspension tuning and damping provides optimal balance of dynamic handling and ride comfort
    • All new body design for C 650 Sport offers a sharper sports-focussed aesthetic and greater visual differentiation to C 650 GT grand tourer.
    • New Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) standard on both models.
    • Redesigned instruments improve visibility and readability in all conditions
    • New automatic LED daytime riding light available as part of an optional Highline package for both models that also includes seat heating, heated grips and tyre pressure monitoring.
    • Redesigned centre stand requires 30 per cent less effort to jack up
    Building on the strength and history of the BMW Motorrad brand and its outstanding motorcycle lineup, BMW first launched its maxi scooter C 650 range in Australia in 2012 and now with further mechanical improvements and for the Sport, a completely new body design, the range is set to appeal to a much broader market.
    General Manager of BMW Motorrad Australia, Andreas Lundgren said the two BMW C 650 maxi scooters combined practicality and cost efficiency with maximum riding enjoyment and touring comfort making them ideal for all environments.
    "With their improved performance, ride comfort and dynamic handling, both BMW C 650 models deliver the excellent ride qualities that BMW motorcycles are renowned for with the agility, comfort and convenience of a maxi scooter," Mr Lundgren said.
    "At the same time, the all-new sharper and more athletic design of the C 650 Sport offers greater differentiation to the stylish comfortable elegance of the C 650 GT tourer providing plenty of appeal for a broad diversity of customers."
    Both models share the same powerful 44kW/63Nm 647cc twin cylinder engine that has been retuned for improved performance and efficiency to meet the latest EU4 emission standards.
    Driving through a significantly upgraded Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the engine delivers improved off-the line response, a higher 180km/h top speed and fuel consumption of 4.6l/100km at a constant 90km/h.
    A new stainless steel exhaust system, now only fitted with a rear silencer, gives both scooters a throaty sonorous soundtrack.
    Together with the drivetrain improvements, the new C 650 models also benefit from retuned spring and damper rates for the 40mm front upside down forks and rear swing arm suspension that provides excellent highway speed stability with easy manoeuvrability in city traffic.
    The suspension maintains the generous 115mm travel of the previous models with the additional fine-tuning optimising the balance between sporty handling and superb ride comfort.
    Big 15-inch light-alloy wheels further enhance the comfort, stability and agility of the maxi scooters while the new standard Automatic Stability Control (ASC), in addition to ABS, delivers maximum safety when braking or under throttle.
    The new C 650 Sport that replaces the previous C 600 Sport, is immediately recognisable thanks to its leaner streamlined aesthetic with a sculpted front fairing, visible forks and sharply raked windscreen sitting atop the distinctive BMW "split-face". 
    In side profile, a dynamic line rises to the rear where the highly visible swing arm, white painted rear spring for the spring strut, and twin pipe silencer on the right hand side enhance the sporty silhouette and define the C 650 Sport as a product that sits easily within the BMW Motorrad family.
    The design of the C 650 GT has been fine tuned as well with new rear side trim panels and rear LED light unit while both models feature redesigned instrument dials for better readability in all light conditions.
    The distinction between the two models is also evident in the handlebar design with Sport's wider flatter bars and streamlined seat design prompting a more forward oriented riding position while the higher bars and large comfortable seat with an integrated backrest on the GT are perfect for long distance cruising.
    Both new C 650 models also offer an extensive list of practical comfort and convenience features and ample storage space. 
    Standard adjustable windshields, with electric control for the C 650 GT, an automatic park brake that is activated when the side stand is folded down, and a revised design for the centre stand that requires 30 per cent less effort to jack up all ensure the C 650 is very easy to live with.
    With an LED-illuminated, 60-litre storage space under the seat, the C 650 GT offers best in class storage that is complemented by two front glove compartments, one of which features a standard power socket and automatic locking function. 
    While the Sport model's slender rear end offers a smaller storage space, BMW's innovative Flexcase concept that enables a downward extension of the base of the storage compartment when the scooter is parked ensures there is still sufficient room to securely store two helmets.
    BMW C 650 Australian Pricing*
                BMW C 650 Sport:
                BMW C 650 GT:
    * Manufacturer's Recommended List Price is shown and includes GST but excludes dealer charges, stamp duty, statutory charges and on-road charges, which are additional and vary between dealers and States/Territories. Customers are advised to contact their nearest BMW dealer for all pricing inquiries. Visit to find your closest dealer.
    Design - sharper styling for dynamic C 650 with C 650 GT elegance refined
    As an integral part of the BMW Motorrad range, the new C 650 maxi scooters are stylistically defined by a similarity to their motorcycle kin with a contemporary dynamic aesthetic and premium finish.
    That kinship can be seen in such features as the front upside down forks, rear single-sided swing arm suspension and dual front brake discs - all of which are clearly visible - together with the characteristic BMW front "split face". 
    Visually, the new C 650 Sport offers a significantly leaner and more athletic appearance compared to its C 600 Sport predecessor with all new bodywork and a slightly longer 25mm overall length.
    Built around a steel tubular frame sitting on a 1591mm wheelbase, the C 650 Sport measures 2180mm long and 877mm wide including mirrors with a seat height of 800mm. An optional 780mm low seat is also available.
    At the front, the pronounced V shape, angular symmetrical headlights and sharply-raked adjustable windshield give the BMW C 650 Sport a strong and agile appearance. This is carried through the streamlined sculpted front fairing and side body panels in contrasting colours to the slender tapered rear end with its luggage mount atop the LED taillight.
    This sporty design flair is reflected in the three new colour choices available for the C 650 Sport being Valencia Orange Metallic Matt, Blackstorm Metallic and a solid Light White.
    Designed as a comfortable tourer, the C650 GT maintains its stylish elegance that has been further refined with new rear side trim panels, handlebar trim and LED rear light unit. 
    With its higher handlebars, larger electrically adjustable windshield and higher rear vision mirrors, the C 650 GT offers a more upright and relaxed riding position suited to comfortable extended periods in the saddle.
    Given its cruising focus, the C 650 GT is 55mm longer and 39mm wider than the Sport with an overall length of 2235mm and width of 916mm with a slightly higher 805mm seat height. 
    Like the Sport model, the C 650 GT is offered in three new colours with contrasting panels including the Blackstorm Metallic and solid Light White with a classy Frozen Bronze Metallic as the third colour option.
    Cockpit - refined design for improved practicality and comfort
    Both new BMW C 650 models benefit from a redesigned circular instrument cluster with the analogue speedometer featuring a new scale and orange-coloured lighting for superb readability in all light conditions. 
    Likewise, the large LCD screen with its integrated engine speed display and fuel gauge also features orange lighting while the entire instrument cluster with integrated indicator lights has been designed to ensure minimal reflection in the display.
    The large seats and rear grab handles have also been further refined to improve aesthetics and practicality with both models able to comfortably accommodate two people with large footboards for the pillion passenger on the GT and fold-down foot pegs on the Sport.
    Securely parking the scooters has also been made easier with a revised design for the centre stand requiring 30 per cent less effort to jack the scooter up.
    Both the C 650 models also offer generous LED-illuminated storage capacity with a 60-litre space under the seat of the GT that easily accommodates two helmets in addition to two forward glove compartments, one with a standard power socket and automatic locking function.
    The leaner Sport model also includes the two forward compartments while the underseat storage features BMW's innovative Flexcase. When the scooter is parked, a drop down flap connected to the base of the storage unit with a pliable, waterproof Kevlar-based material extends downward enabling the storage of two helmets. 
    When travelling the Flexcase is folded up with the unit fitted with a safety switch to prevent the engine from being started if the Flexcase is open.
    Drivetrain - CVT and powerful parallel twin make perfect performance partners
    While the new BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT continue to use the same 647cc parallel twin cylinder engine as the previous model, refinements to the engine, a new exhaust system and in particular, substantial modifications to the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) have resulted in improved performance and full compliance with the latest EU4 emission standard.
    Generating a maximum power of 44kW at 7750rpm and peak torque of 63Nm at 6000rpm, the double overhead camshaft, four-valve electronic fuel injected engine provides superb performance and efficiency with a top speed of 180km/h and fuel consumption of 4.6l/100km at a constant 90km/h.
    To provide a low mounting position and centre of gravity, the engine's cylinder bank is tilted forward by 70 degrees while the highly efficient cooling system with an aluminium radiator provides reliable and effective heat dissipation in all conditions ensuring optimum comfort for the rider.
    For the new model C 650 maxi scooters, the CVT has undergone significant modifications with revised clutch components and a broader transmission ratio spread that has increased from 2.42 to 2.95 providing more optimal use of the engine's power.
    This has resulted in improved acceleration, particularly off the line and at low engine speeds, along with a 5km/h increase in top speed compared to the previous C 650 GT/C 600 Sport.
    Like the previous models, the new exhaust system is made of stainless steel but with only a rear silencer and no front silencer, it provides the C 650 with a particularly full sound.

    Dynamics - optimal balance of ride and dynamic handling
    In order to deliver trademark BMW ride comfort and dynamic handling, both the new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT feature a suspension set up that is more reminiscent of its motorcycles than other scooters.
    At the front the upside down forks feature a generous 40mm tube size while spring rates for both models have been reduced by ten per cent to fine tune the balance of handling and ride comfort.
    The rear suspension continues to use a torsionally rigid die-cast aluminium single swing arm that has also been retuned for the new models to ensure maximum directional stability. At the same time, with 115mm of spring travel at both the front and rear, the C650 provides outstanding comfort over all road conditions.
    Aiding the comfort, agility and excellent handling of the C 650 models are large five-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels fitted with 120/70 R 15 tyres at the front and wider lower profile 160/60 R 15 tyres on the rear.
    In true BMW Motorrad tradition, the new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT are both fitted with superb brakes to ensure the highest levels of safety in all road and weather conditions. At the front are twin 270mm discs with a single 270mm disc on the rear with both fitted with dual piston floating calipers.
    The grip width of both brake levers can be adjusted across five different settings to provide efficient ergonomics tailored to individual riders and both models are fitted with the latest Bosch two-channel anti-lock brake system that monitors front and rear brakes independently.
    The new maxi scooter models also feature as standard an Automatic Stability Control system that reduces engine torque when drive slip or a loss of traction is detected by the engine management system.
    Equipment - comfort, convenience and customisation

    As well offering an outstanding riding experience, the C 650 models feature a range of clever innovations and equipment to deliver superb comfort, convenience and safety.
    In the cockpit, the instrument cluster with its circular analogue speedometer and large LCD screen provides a range of information including a comprehensive trip computer that displays such things as average fuel consumption and speed and distance to empty from four litres of fuel, along with date and time, temperature, warning messages and service information.
    Automatic functions also improve convenience with the C 650 models featuring an indicator reset function that automatically deactivates the turn signals after 10 seconds or a distance of 210 metres.
    Another clever innovation fitted as standard to the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT is the automatic park brake activated by the side stand. When the stand is lowered, a cable automatically locks the rear brake caliper providing secure parking on all gradients. 
    Both models are available with an optional Highline Package that further enhances the comfort and convenience.
    The package incorporates seat heating, heated grips, tyre pressure monitoring, white LED indicators (Sport only) and automatic daytime running lights. When activated, the LED daytime running lights automatically switch between the daytime function and low beam including the front parking light when the light falls below a certain level such as when travelling through a tunnel. 
    In addition to Highline Package, other options include an alarm system, a vast range of storage accessories, canopies and covers, BMW Motorrad navigation systems, and smartphone cradle and USB charger to connect to the standard 12V power socket in the front storage compartment.
    For more information or to find your local BMW Dealer visit
  • New Piaggio Medley

    Piaggio Medley is the new easy scooter, fully loaded and technologically advanced, that combines the benefits of a lightweight high wheel with the comfort and features of a superior class scooter. 

    Piaggio Australia


    New Piaggio Medley
    Piaggio Medley is powered by the new iGet 125 and 150cc engines, electronically fuel injected, liquid cooled and with 4 valve timing. A new family of single cylinder engines that raises the bar in terms of quality, reliability and emissions containment.
    Start & stop, ABS, “light guide” technology, record cargo capacity: Piaggio Medley was born to be a leader, embodying the values of quality, style and technology.
    The agility of a metropolitan vehicle combined with the dynamic character of a high wheel and the convenience and cargo capacity of a large scooter resulted in the Medley, the new Piaggio that combines ultra-modern values of rationality, technology and style. Medley blends practicality, technical innovation and beauty in the purest Italian style, fully comprehending the continuously evolving needs of a public in search of mobility solutions that go beyond the usual scooter formula. With Medley nothing is sacrificed.
    Piaggio Medley skilfully combines the benefits of a chassis characterised by large diameter wheels, which guarantee superior rideability and road holding compared with smaller wheeled scooters, and the benefits of a classic scooter, its protection, its cargo capacity and the comfort of its large saddle when riding two-up.
    The high wheel scooter has been very successful, divided up into lightweight and manoeuvrable vehicles characterised by an easy ride and economic operating costs, and more substantial sized vehicles with qualities such as sturdiness and performance. Piaggio, the European leader among major global scooter manufacturers, a company with a unique heritage as the creator of new forms of light mobility, has been an innovator in the high wheel segment with both easy and lightweight scooters such as the Liberty, as well as with scooters that have spectacular performance and exclusive technical features such as the Beverly range.
    Medley achieves the goal of creating a new class of Piaggio high wheel scooter that combines the benefits of an agile and lightweight scooter with those of a larger and higher performance high wheel.
    Coming standard with the “Start & Stop” feature which, by managing engine switch-off and start-up during stops, contributes to containing fuel consumption and emissions as well as two-channel ABS, Piaggio Medley therefore boasts an equipment package that is normally reserved for superior class scooters. Two 4-stroke engines from the new i-get family are available - 125 and 150 cc - both liquid cooled with 4 valve timing and electronic fuel injection. This is a new family of engines designed and developed by Piaggio which boasts a scooter engine research and development centre, one of the most advanced in the world.
    Frame and chassis: sturdy, easy to ride and lightweight 
    The bearing structure of the Piaggio Medley is based on a new “low single cradle” type frame made of steel tubing reinforced with pressed steel that contributes to its overall sturdiness, maintaining a low and convenient seating position.
    The front end is characterised by a fork with 33 mm stanchions in diameter, whereas a pair of double acting shock absorbers and coil springs with preload adjustable to 5 positions work at the rear axle. Thanks to this configuration, to the large wheel rims (16” front and 14” rear) made of aluminium alloy with an elegant six split spoke design and the tyres (100/80 front and 110/80 rear), Piaggio Medley guarantees riding comfort, road holding and stability worthy of higher class vehicles, while the contained weight, 132 kg kerb weight, allows the rider to maintain all the agility and manoeuvrability that are the strong points of lightweight scooters.
    The powerful braking system handles active safety - made up of two 260 and 240 mm disc units with double piston floating callipers - with ABS as standard equipment. Each wheel has a sensor and a tone wheel to detect revolutions which instantly reads the speed and deceleration of the wheel with respect to that of the vehicle. The sensors dialogue with a 2-channel hydraulic control unit which activates the ABS system if one of the two wheels decelerates abruptly with respect to the vehicle, avoiding locking and ensuring stability and efficient braking even on road surfaces with a low friction coefficient. Piaggio Medley is also equipped with a “tilt sensor”, a safety device that deactivates the Start & Stop system, switching off the engine, in the event of a fall.
    Practical, dynamic, lightweight and stylish
    As occurs in the automotive field, in the two wheel sector the combination of different vehicle architectures also leads to the birth of new lightweight mobility formulas.
    Inspired by the important, modern and elegant lines of the bigger sibling Beverly, the new Piaggio Medley introduces concepts of light weight and dynamism that are ideal for city use of the vehicle.
    The 16” front wheel, in addition to providing stability, safety and comfort, vertically streamlines the entire front end. The wheel rims are aluminium and boast an elegant six split spoke design. The front shield has a spacious glove compartment that can be easily accessed from the rider's seating position. The front view stands out from the classic high wheel scooter look. The surfaces are more extended, all to the advantage of aerodynamic protection and therefore riding comfort, although Medley maintains a clear lightweight look which, combined with the most classic Piaggio style re-interpreted in a modern key, gives the vehicle a unique and distinctive personality.
    The metallic vertical element (the “tie”) stands out in the centre of the front shield, thereby accentuating a certain family feeling with recent Piaggio production. Also, the innovative LED daylight running lights and headlight become true somatic distinctive traits. 
    The handlebar, shaped to guarantee protection of the rider, houses a refined instrument cluster with a chromium frame. The digital display makes a complete set of information available (total and trip odometer, external temperature, “service” icon, digital clock, battery status icon and ice danger icon), all selectable using the Mode button on the right hand electric block, while the complete arrangement of warning lights keeps tabs on all the functions, starting with the “Start & Stop” feature, that can be deactivated using the right hand electric block, and then moving along with the classic “injection check”, fuel reserve, oil pressure, ABS activation and Immobiliser indicators.
    The saddle, large and comfortable even on the passenger section, has an electric opening latch controlled from a button on the handlebar as well as the traditional mechanical latch located in the leg shield back plate glove compartment. The style of the glove compartment is coordinated with the rear part of the handlebar and the saddle, recreating an area similar to a car dashboard and there is even a USB socket inside, useful for charging your smartphone. There is also a convenient, retractable bag hook in the leg shield back plate.
    Along the entire body of the Medley the alternating concave and convex surfaces, guided by decisive and arched lines, gives the vehicle a dynamic, but compact look.
    A rear light cluster with daylight running lights achieved with red LEDs and opalescent diffraction type optics brings the shape of the vehicle to an original end. Even in night riding conditions, as with the front daylight running lights, the guided light in classic Piaggio style makes the vehicle unique and recognisable. 
    The rear end, particularly sleek, maintains contained dimensions despite the large helmet compartment with an amazing 36.2 litres of space, enough to hold two flip up helmets, truly exceptional for a high wheel. This result is obtained thanks to the well designed shape of the tail and the repositioning of the fuel tank at the centre of the footboard. It is a solution that increased cargo capacity in the helmet compartment, providing further benefits such as the possibility of refuelling without dismounting and better rideability on the road because of the improved weight distribution, now more centralised.
    Engines: the new Piaggio i-get generation 
    Piaggio Group motoring technology has always aimed to create increasingly more advanced powerplants in terms of low fuel consumption and emissions (including noise), as well as increasing service intervals. Armed with the most important engine and scooter research and development centre in Europe, and one of the best in the world, Piaggio has developed unique technologies and skills in house that contribute to the construction of engines today which are in line with the strictest standards in the world.
    On Piaggio Medley a new family of engines called i-get is introduced, available in 125 and 150 cc engine with electronic fuel injection, four valve timing and liquid cooling. These are engines at the top of their respective categories in terms of performance and environmental friendliness. 
    The new Piaggio patented Start & Stop system called RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System) also makes its début on the new scooter. This system, the result of Piaggio's technological know-how, does away with the traditional starter motor, which is replaced by a brushless “direct mount” electrical unit, in other words, installed directly on the crankshaft. This provides several benefits: extremely quiet start-up, lighter weight and more reliability, less fuel consumption. The Piaggio Start & Stop automatically switches off the engine 3 to 7 seconds after the vehicle stops (depending on whether or not the engine has reached the correct operating temperature). A slight twist of the throttle instantly restarts the engine, in complete silence, given the absence of the traditional starter motor. If the side stand is lowered or if the tilt sensor is activated, the ECU bypasses the Start & Stop function.
    The new Piaggio i-get power-plants are the result of a design philosophy that sets new and more advanced quality and reliability levels as its primary objectives. Every aspect of the design was aimed at optimising the efficiency of each individual part in order to contribute to maximising performance. In the initial testing phases alone more than one million kilometres were logged in the intense search for reliability. Each and every one of the new engines' components, from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, all the way to the new air filter, has been designed to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable, and to increase the life of the engine.
    A large portion of the Piaggio technical work had to do with the maniacal attention to reducing friction through the introduction of bearings on every rotating part, in the timing and in the crank gear geometry, with the cylinder axis shifted to reduce losses due to friction on the piston. The mechanical noise of the new i-get engines is also extremely low thanks to a reduction in play and an optimisation of the materials and shapes.
    There are many completely new engine parts on the new family of engines that equip the Medley:
    • thermodynamics (head, cylinder, piston, rocker timing with rollers); also, all of the parts in motion have been optimised to reduce weight and operating friction.
    • the crankshaft, for a clear reduction in vibrations.
    • starter: no longer the classic gear drive starter motor, but now an electric “direct mount” type “brushless” motor on the crankshaft. The result is the total absence of friction in order to obtain a quiet, durable and reliable starter.
    • cooling system, with radiator built into the engine: this reduced the overall weight of the vehicle and the warm-up times (thermal management), with clear benefits in terms of consumption and emissions.
    • the gearbox cover, to reduce the noise even more.
    • the latest generation double toothed belt to minimise passive losses, once again all to the advantage of consumption and emissions.
    • the gearbox setting that improves rideability, performance and consumption. 
    • the air filter, which improves filtering action to reduce intake noise.
    • new built-in engine electronic control unit with the S&S management part (Alternator, S&S Inverter, RISS), entirely developed by Piaggio.
    The eighth-litre version is credited with power of 9 kW at 8,250 rpm, whereas the more powerful 150 cc puts out 11 kW at 7,750 rpm. These are numbers that translate into quick engines on the road, specifically designed and built bearing in mind the needs of the rider for daily use in city and metropolitan environments. These are riding conditions characterised by frequent starts and stops which require elasticity, quick acceleration and a smooth ride. These characteristics are ensured by excellent torque (11.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm for the 125 cc and 14.4 Nm at 6,400 rpm for the 150 cc) which provide Medley with excellent acceleration both from a stop and in motion, partially to the credit of the truly low overall weight.
    The new Piaggio Medley engines guarantee lengthy service and maintenance gaps. Fluids and filters are changed every 10,000 km and valve clearance only needs to be adjusted every 20,000 km.
    Overall fuel consumption benefits from the optimisation of each and every component: mileage on the WMTC cycle reaches 47.5 km/l for the Medley 125 (45.9 km/l for the Medley 150).
    Versions and colours
    The new Piaggio medley is available in two versions. Medley and Medley S. The latter stands out for the use of the more sporty anthracite grey colour on the trim, such as the wheel rims, the passenger grab handle and the upper plastics on the footboard. The Medley S colour variants are: Rosso Ibis, Nero Grafite and Blu Sport (all with black saddle and interior). Piaggio Medley, on the other hand, favours more traditional and elegant colours, such as Bianco Perla, Grigio Titanio (both with brown saddle and interior) and Blu Midnight (with black saddle and interior). These colour schemes are combined with aluminium colour trim (such as the wheel rims, the silencer heat shield, the passenger grab handle and the upper plastics on the footboard). 
    The line of accessories for Piaggio Medley is born under the sign of technology at the service of functionality. It is a complete line of accessories designed for the Piaggio Medley which increase comfort and potential uses.
    The lines, materials and refinement of the windshield give the new Piaggio scooter the best possible protection against the weather, also accentuating the elegance of its shape. The smaller top fairing highlights the spirit and sporty character of the Medley.  Great attention was given to cargo capacity. To match the spacious helmet compartment, Piaggio offers the classic 30 litre top box, spacious enough for 2 Piaggio Style helmets, and the brand new 37 litre top box that further extends the maximum cargo capacity. Both of the top boxes are naturally available colour coded to match the vehicle and can be fitted with a passenger backrest.
    To guarantee maximum safety, the anti-slip mat can be installed. The dedicated leg cover is the ideal completion for those who ride year round. On the other hand, for those who do not use the scooter in the winter, a waterproof vehicle cover is available, dedicated and personalised with the logo, which has specific openings for the windshield and the optional top box. 
    The line of accessories does not neglect the theme of vehicle security: the mechanical saddle-handlebar anti-theft system available for Medley is convenient and simple to use. The innovative electronic anti-theft system, which is self powered and characterised by the lowest power absorption on the market, adds the immobiliser deterrent and a powerful siren to combat any attempt at tampering.
    On Medley several technologically advanced systems can be installed simultaneously, such as the bike finder (to find your vehicle quickly in crowded areas and to open the saddle using the remote control), the Piaggio Sound System (a sound system to reproduce information, trip directions or music, using the body of the vehicle as a diffuser) and the Piaggio Multimedia Platform. This last item is the exclusive Piaggio multimedia platform that lets you connect your smartphone to Medley via Bluetooth, thereby obtaining even more trip information, as well as vehicle status information, in addition to a convenient geo-localisation system that makes it easy to locate your scooter even in the most chaotic areas of the city. The PMP application can also indicate engine rpm, instantaneous power and torque values, the lean angle achieved on turns, instant and average fuel consumption and the battery voltage. It also automatically provides directions to the closest petrol station when you are low on fuel, as well as indications on how to ride in order to achieve the best possible fuel consumption. All of the information displayed can then be analysed and downloaded to your computer later. No other vehicle on the market today can be equipped with the same technological features guaranteed by the Piaggio accessories range.
  • Downtown 350i ABS Arrives

    KYMCO has dropped the entry price of its Taiwanese-made Downtown 350i ABS maxi-scooter to $6,490 plus on-road costs, marking a $1,000 drop over its 2015 counterpart. 

    Kymco Australia


    Facelifted KYMCO Maxi-Scooter Arrives With Price Drop
    KYMCO has dropped the entry price of its Taiwanese-made Downtown 350i ABS maxi-scooter to $6,490 plus on-road costs, marking a $1,000 drop over its 2015 counterpart.
    The price realignment comes as part of a significant model update which offers a host of revised performance and safety features, including a fresh 320cc fuel injected engine.  
    KYMCO Australia’s Michael Poynton said Downtown 350i ABS now represented better value than ever thanks to the combined price drop and enhancements. 
    “Downtown has long been a winning package for KYMCO and our new entry-level price will further underline the formidable value that it represents.
    “A long list of new updates on this year’s model is another significant plus for Downtown that we expect will push it way beyond any competition in the market,” said Poynton.
    The update list is headed by a fresh fuel injected, liquid-cooled, 320cc four-stroke engine that has been carefully mapped to deliver more responsive power across a lower rev range.
    Aside from the new engine, buyers of the refreshed model will also note the restyled cowling and lighting features, widened foot board and smoother CVT automatic transmission configuration.
    Advanced safety features carry over unchanged from the previous model with Bosch ABS braking technology returning.
    Poynton noted the inclusion of ABS technology reflected the company’s commitment to rider safety and further demonstrated their drive toward delivering unequalled value.
    “Our competitors will always offer ABS technology at a considerable premium but we choose to offer it as a standard inclusion and really believe it’s a must have feature for this type of product.”
    Other features that remain unchanged include the segment leading under-seat and in-dash storage, advanced integrated lighting with LED highlights and superior instrumentation cluster featuring LCD multifunction display.
    The suspension again features dual five-position adjustable rear shocks and telescopic forks to deliver responsive handling and advanced road holding ability.
    The updated Downtown 350i ABS maxi-scooter is set to roll into Australian showrooms as early as next week and is supported by the factories three-year warranty program.  
    For you closest Kymco Dealer visit the locator at
    About Kymco
    Customers have turned to KYMCO for unmatched quality, unsurpassed capability and unequalled value for more than 50 years. With 2014 sales and revenues of more than $1.34 billion, KYMCO is a recognised global leader in the manufacture of scooters, all-terrain and utility side-by-side vehicles. A group of Taiwanese businessmen partnered Japan’s Honda Corporation to found KYMCO in 1963. The Japanese influence introduced an unrelenting focus on constant improvement and quality. In 2015, KYMCO will produce more than 1.2 million vehicles for export to 100 countries.