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  • Peter Stevens Adelaide Scooter Ride Event!

    Adelaide Scooter Ride Event

    Sydney has had their ride, now it's time for Adelaide's turn! Join us for the Adelaide Scooter Ride Event on Saturday 4th June! 

    Peter Stevens Adelaide and Vespa Australia


    Join us for the Peter Stevens Adelaide Scooter Ride Event!
    Meet on Saturday 4th June, 2016 at 12:30pm for a 1pm departure.
    Meet at  Peter Stevens Adelaide, 221 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA, 5000. 

    We will begin from Peter Stevens Adelaide and will finish at Cibo Espresso Torrensville. In case of wet weather please contact Peter Stevens Adelaide for updates. 
    RSVP: Peter Stevens Adelaide (08) 8212 1494 
    We hope to see you there!
  • Sydney Scooter Ride Review

    Sydney Scooter Ride Review

    Scooter Central, Vespa Australia and Sydney put on a perfect combination of weather, hospitality and good times for todays Sydney Scooter Ride.

    Scooter Central & Vespa Australia


    Great Day For A Sydney Scooter Ride were very happy to be invited and attend todays Sydney Scooter Ride hosted by one of Sydney’s leading Vespa/Piaggio dealerships, Scooter Central.
    In true Scooter Central style all riders were made to feel welcome at Scooter Central in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with a smile and a coffee, what better way is there to start a Sunday morning?
    Sydney didn’t disappoint with the weather either with temperatures in the mid twenties and glorious sunshine, the perfect combination for a ride with a great bunch of fellow scooter riders. After a good chin wag at the shop, mainly about each others rides (from the classic Vespa PX’s to the modern Piaggio BV 350ie and three wheelers) the thirty plus riders took to their respective scooters and then to the streets. 
    Scooter Central led the pack of riders along Sydney’s iconic Northern Beaches passing Dee Why, Narrabeen, Mona Vale and heading all the way north, even winding around Whale Beach Road to take in more coastal views and eventually stopping at Governor Phillip Park at Palm Beach for well earned cakes and refreshments.
    Riders were then able to relax in the park, talk about the ride, their scooters and checked out the Palm Beach Markets. All-in-all an enjoyable morning was had by all. 
    A big thank you goes out to Scooter Central, Brookvale and Vespa Australia for supporting such an event. This is what the scootering lifestyle is all about! 
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  • Sydney Scooter Ride Event

    On Sunday 22nd May 2016 Scooter Central, Brookvale will be hosting an enjoyable group ride on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches. 

    Scooter Central & Vespa Australia


    Join us for the Sydney Scooter Ride Event!
    Meet on Sunday 22nd May 2016 at 9am for a 9.30am departure
    Meet at Scooter Central, 551 Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW 2100

    We will begin from Scooter Central and travel up Pittwater Road to the Palm Beach Market at Governor Phillip Park. Refreshments will be provided on the day! In case of wet weather, please check: updates. 
    We hope to see you there!

  • The Vespa Desert Racer

    What do you do when you’ve got almost 16kms to cover between the starting line and the campsite when you’re on the salts flats? You make the meanest Vespa around, that’s what., Jeff Crow Photography, Supacustom & Vespa Australia


    The Vespa Desert Racer
    While out on Lake Gairdner in South Australia for a week of land speed racing on the salt flats, a workhorse was needed for PS Imports Director Paul Chiodo for traversing the deep desert sand and rocky terrain between homebase and the starting line for the Triumph Salt Racer.  While the Piaggio Typhoon 125 that was in use was fine for the lake, it battled against the harsher Australian landscape. An idea had now sparked, and a collaboration was created between Melbourne based Supacustom and Vespa Australia to create a machine that could tackle the tough terrain for those all-important beer runs (and other jobs, we’re sure).
    The basis for this zippy desert racer would be a 2015 Vespa Sprint 150 I.E 3 valve, chosen for its classic look, clean lines and new 3 valve motor. “One of the challenges of this project is finding, adapting and fitting parts that will take the VDR to Desert racing stardom. As far as aftermarket scooter parts go; desert racing / off road components are not high on manufacturer’s priorities. For this reason, we have had to improvise and pick the best option that will work – often with heavy modification. As our parts started to arrive the anticipation started to build, and we soon found that each part created its own series of problems.” This would be no simple stripping of parts and bolting on of new ones as the project began to grow, and by Paul Chiodo’s own admission the build started to get “out of hand”, not that that’s a bad thing.
    The crew got to work stripping the body back to a bare shell, with any and all redundant parts being cut from the body. To make sure this Vespa was good and sturdy for it’s forthcoming life of desert abuse its body was reinforced in the forward and aft, and side-to-side.
    “We all agreed that getting the seat shape right was key to the look of the bike – we knew the standard seat had to go. Visually the shape and composition of the seat has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the VDR. We also planned to mount pivot pegs on the scooter which will be located significantly further back than the normal foot position. This will totally change the seating position moving the weight further aft, while also helping to un-weight the front wheel making the scooter much easier to ride in sand. These factors have all contributed to scrapping the original seat and making a new base from scratch.”
    The team determined now that the best way to create a new seat would be out of fibreglass, using packing tape to mask off the areas that were to be moulded. “We then used the West Epoxy System, with some very light fibreglass twill to carefully layup 5 layers over our mould. The thin twill worked really well in capturing the detail of the seat base.” Once the initial layup was complete the base was reinforced with some heavier fibreglass cloth with the edges being refined using epoxy resin and micro balloon filler. “Once this had set we trimmed the base and began to prepare the base for pouring expanding foam to create some volume.”
    To help dodge any pesky rocks and the like, the scoot was raised up 3” and was fitted with Bitubo Nitrogen fully adjustable gas shocks along with some 12” knobbies for the front and rear. “We allowed the engine to breath better with a forward facing alloy air box fabricated by Ross at Supacustom. 3 uni filter air filters ensure this is not an asthmatic Vespa!”
    The end product would be a super aggressive, nimble Vespa the likes none have ever seen. A beauty to look at – but a mean ***. Just like the Australian bush it was built for.
    Credits go to awesome custom bike blog for the article, photos from a man who can capture the best adventure sports moments Jeff Crow and last but not least the genius build from Supacustom in Melbourne along with Vespa Australia. Thanks to all for bringing this special take on the classic Vespa.
  • The Ute Scoot Is Here

    The Ute Scoot has landed in Australia. One of the most cost efficient and practical ways to deliver anything, anywhere, anytime. 

    SYM Australia


    SYM's New Ute Scoot Is Here!
    The Ute Scoot has proven itself in the European market and is backed in Australia by Select Scootas who have been distributing and backing their scootas since 1999.
    Select Scoota's company philosophy is to deliver a quality product, at a competitive price with exceptional service. So here's a delivery scooter the really delivers!
    The Ute Scoot is based off the tried and true SYM Orbit model with it's reliable and punchy 125cc motor to get you around town. This new model has been purpose build to be the new delivery alternative for the Australian market. The 125cc motor is suited to city and suburban streets (not one for the freeways as I'm sure you may be tempted to load it up with your camping gear and ride off into the sunset when you see the size of the storage box) but is surprising zippy and capable of getting up to 70-80km quickly without any trouble and can be pushed over the 90km/h.
    The Ute Scoot main feature is that it boasts a huge 139 litre carrying capacity with its custom build reinforced fibreglass box and it's steel base bracket double shocks allow for a 45kg load. 
    The first application that comes to mind is when looking at the large insulated box is home delivery's but there are many other uses for this scooter such as mobile hairdressing, emergency call outs, mobile gym/outdoor fitness instructors, small delivery and courier applications, call out trades people, the list is as large as your imagination. If you need something moved and want the convenience, ease of parking and general efficiency to move on a scooter the Ute Scoot could be the transport means you are looking for. 
    The large clean white box is also a great place to market your business by branding it with your company details and use it as a mobile billboard.
    SYM really have thought things through by adding a large 9 Litre fuel tank (similar size 125cc scooters tend to have a 5-6 litre capacity), less stops mean greater efficiency and in the delivery game time can often mean money so this will alleviate frequently making pesky fuel stops. Other nice features are the 12 inch wheels and front disc brakes for added safety.
    Next time you order home delivery and here the doorbell ring, make sure you look outside, there is a good chance it is going to be delivered on a SYM Ute Scoot.
    For more information on this model visit or to locate your closest dealer visit
    We look forward to seeing how this scooter gets adopted into the Australian market.