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  • Vespa Primavera and Sprint now with ABS

    Vespa Primavera & Sprint ABS

    Vespa have realeased exciting new versions of their popular Sprint and Primavera modelswith a range of technical updates to include ABS and improved efficiency.

    Vespa Australia


    Vespa Primavera and Sprint now with ABS
    Once again, Vespa confirms dedication to cutting-edge technology proving to be one of the most modern and safest vehicles in the world with the introduction of improved versions of Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint; 2 models which are heirs to the legendary “Vespino” that have charmed and transported entire generations worldwide. Increased specification now includes the most significant upgrade to ABS standard on all 125 and 150 cc versions of Primavera and Sprint. Additional innovation comes in the form of the upgraded Piaggio i-get powerplant, capable of ensuring brilliant performance, reduced consumption and extremely high overall efficiency.
    A USB port is now fitted in the glove compartment and electric saddle release is a new and handy improvement while the Primavera features larger 12” diameter wheels with new spoke design. 
    ABS standard on all 125 and 150 Models
    An electronic, single channel ABS braking system is now standard on Sprint and Primavera 125 and 150cc models, a technical advancement designed to increase safety. The ABS system, developed specifically for the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint, is extremely compact leaving the kerb weight virtually unchanged. The advantages of ABS are tangible in terms of safety and riding confidence on the road, where riders will discover Sprint and Primavera offer dynamic qualities and exceptional stability; something learners in particular will fully appreciate.
    Upgraded Italian Green Experience Technology (i-Get) engine: maximum quality and reliability.
    Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint i-Get power plants are single cylinder engines, completely new both in terms of mechanical components and electronic parts. The upgraded power plants are the result of a design philosophy that sets new and more advanced quality and reliability levels as its primary objectives. Every aspect of the design process was aimed at increasing the efficiency of each individual component, thereby working together to maximise performance and minimise consumption and emissions (not only polluting emissions but also sound emissions). With a testing phase of more than one million kilometres, the new i-Get engine is a testament to the attention to quality and reliability in the development process. 
    Changes include:
    • the crankshaft, with 24% increased inertia compared with the previous engine for a decisive reduction in vibrations and a smoother ride.
    • A new starter motor, decidedly quieter.
    • A new gearbox cover, to reduce the noise even more and increase strength.
    • New exhaust system makes the engine quieter and at the same time ensures a pleasant sound.
    The i-Get power plants that equips Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint are ultra-modern, single cylinder 4-stroke 125 and 150 cc air cooled engines with electronic injection and 3-valve timing. Each and every detail, from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, has been designed to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable. The injection system has been optimised and improved in terms of efficiency and the result is an engine which is environmentally friendly and capable of performance at the top of the category. The i-get 125 cc and 150cc engines both feature improved power and torque. 
    Versions and colours
    The new Vespa Primavera comes in 125 and 150 cc engine capacity versions and is available in 5 colour schemes: Rosso Dragon (with black saddle), Nero Vulcano (with red saddle), Blu Midnight (with beige saddle), Montebianco (with red saddle) and a brand new colour, Grigio Seta (with red saddle.)
    The Vespa Sprint in 150 cc will be available in 3 new colours: Grigio Titanio, Rosso Matt and Verde Muschio while the current colours of Rosso Dragon, Montebianco, and Blue Midnight are retained. All Sprints are fitted with a black saddle.  
    Wide range of accessories
    A wide range of accessories to customise your vehicle and improve riding comfort are also available. The Primavera top box in matching colour is available and can also be fitted with a matching back rest to colour coordinated to the seat. 
    A high quality, methacrylate windscreen, tall or low design and customised with the Vespa logo is also available. Chrome front and rear luggage racks with laser engraved Vespa logo are a popular choice for the tourer and one of the most classic accessories. Chrome perimeter kits, floor mats and covers are also available as are electronic alarms and mechanical cable anti theft items.  
    Primavera & Sprint ABS are available now at Authorised Vespa dealers.
    Primavera 125 / 150: $5790 / $6590*
    Sprint 150: $6690*
    *MLP does not include on road costs which are additional costs for registration and dealer handling applicable in each state.
  • Vespa Settantesimo: 70 Years

    Vespa Settantesimo: 70 Years

    A range of special edition models celebrates the first seventy years of a universal legend. 

    Vespa Australia


    Vespa Settantesimo: 70 Years Of Vespa
    A range of special edition models celebrates the first seventy years of a universal legend. 
    In the Spring of 1946 the first Vespa rolled off the assembly line in Pontedera. On the 70th anniversary of that historic moment Piaggio celebrates an incredible milestone. 
    After more than 18 million units produced, Vespa has released 3 celebratory models in limited numbers with the inimitable elegance that made Vespa the most famous and beloved scooter in the world. 
    Three models which truely embody the modern charm of the Vespa tradition and design, three models filtered through seven decades of stylistic evolution, three models finished i an exclusive chromatic azzuro 70 colour scheme unique to these three special models. 
    Vespa celebrates the history of a vehicle that went beyond its function of agile and fun commuting to become a symbol of style and functionality. Today Vespa is not just a scooter, it is the most famous and beloved two-wheeled vehicle in the world.
    Over the decades Vespa has brought together generations from all cultures and united them with a single passion. Vespa is the first truly global brand in mobility interacting with social environments at all ends of the spectrum. Vespa has led fashion, music and youth revolutions. It has accompanied populations through development and growth. It has sped them along in all phases of economic well-being and today it is one of the most popular and well-known Italian products in every corner of the globe. Vespa's cult following is a symbol of timeless elegance.
    And so three models - the quick and agile Primavera, the GTS flagship and the iconic PX - celebrate this incredible milestone with a special series in an exclusive chromatic look: Azzurro 70 colour scheme, a special colour that draws from the best Vespa tradition and makes its début on this unrepeatable occasion. The colour scheme enhances and highlights the charm of the Vespa design, filtering through seven decades of stylistic evolution.
    The Vespa Settantesimo range is also made truly special through a series of additional personalisations including a new and elegant dark brown coloured saddle, finished with contrasting beige piping and embossed with the Vespa Settantesimo logo elegantly placed at the height of the passenger seat. The Vespa Settantesimo models are also characterised by a dedicated graphic on the inner leg shield and the wheels are finished in a contrasting shade of grey to compliment the Azzuro paint. A classic chrome rear luggage rack is fitted to each model and holds an elegant leather bag, colour coded to match the saddle and bearing the seventieth anniversary logo.
    The Vespa PX holds a special place in this celebration (in the eternal 150 cc engine capacity), a timeless legend which, thanks in part to its manual four speed gearbox, remains a legendary and inimitable model. To celebrate its seventieth birthday Vespa could not neglect the Primavera, the model that best interprets the youngest and cheekiest spirit of the range. With the introduction of ABS in the 150 engine version, it also confirms its attention to safety and continuous technological upgrades which has always marked Vespa's history. The Vespa GTS 300 also takes on the festive look, the large body Vespa is the sportiest and most powerful, with the most cutting-edge technology.
    All 3 are available now in limited numbers through the authorised Vespa dealer network. For your local dealer visit