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Introducing The New, Limited Release Vespa Sprint ‘Adventure’

Vespa Sprint ‘Adventure’ Release

Vespa's adventurous Sprint inspires and challenges the imagination carrying intrepid owners to all corners of the planet.

Vespa Australia


Introducing The New, Limited Release Vespa Sprint ‘Adventure’
Vespa strives to innovate and to change the way people move; Vespa is more than just a ride, Vespa is an adventure offering the thrill of the open road and building comradeships that are forged with fellow travellers daring to break from the everyday routine.  
Vespa Australia are proud to announce the release of the Vespa Sprint Adventure, a custom  Vespa Sprint 150cc ABS equipped to tour with black matte details and travel accessories, including front and rear folding racks  and a smoked fly screen as standard features.  Vespa Sprint Adventure is limited to 38 units only and two very unique colours: Jungle inspired Matt Green and Desert inspired Matt Sand. Both colours boldly evoke a prevailing sense of adventure, passion and freedom.
With 70 years of history and more than 18 million units sold worldwide, Vespa has united generations from distant cultures through a passion to ride and explore. Be it a bustling city in India or a desert track in Africa, Vespa is the first truly global brand of mobility. Vespa has bridged the gaps of social environments and cultural diversity making it the most famous and beloved brand in the world.  It remains today a young and striking icon, offering innovative and market leading models to suit the discerning taste of even the youngest customers.
Uncompromising in style, Vespa Sprint Adventure is designed with the traveler in mind through comfort and technology. The Sprint Adventure comes with Vespa’s i-Get air cooled engine with electronic injection and 3-valve timing. Each and every detail, from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, has been designed to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable. The injection system has been optimised and improved in terms of efficiency; the ECU now has a barometric sensor that guarantees optimum combustion every time, in any condition of use and at any altitude. Maximum  power and torque increases  respectively to 9.5 kW at 7,750 rpm and 12.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm and reach new levels of ride ability, making Sprint Adventure quick in both city traffic of constant “stop and go” and on long stretches of open road. 
ABS braking system:  The Vespa Sprint Adventure includes the latest rider safety features with front wheel ABS, guaranteeing front wheel stability, vehicle control and efficient braking even on low friction, coefficient surfaces such as wet or dirty asphalt.
With extremely limited numbers of this model please contact your local dealer to check one out today.
Vespa Sprint Adventure MLP: $7,090 + ORC



pyrah said:


November 23, 2016 11:40 AM

oldscoot said:

Pretty expensive for a 150cc scooter

November 23, 2016 1:59 PM