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New Honda SH150 Is Coming

One of Europe’s most popular scooters, the SH150 is coming to Australia in March. 

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The New SH150 Is Scooting To Aus!
One of Europe’s most popular scooters, the SH150 is coming to Australia in March.
The 2017 SH150 is on a mission to provide fun and fuss-free transport down under and can be picked up for an MLP (manufacturers list price before on-roads) of $4,999.
With LED lighting and a large glove box which houses a 12V power socket; the SH150 will keep you charged and get you where you need to be in style.
The 153cc four-stroke, liquid-cooled 2-valve engine is a masterpiece of mass centralisation. The radiator, rather than being mounted at the front of the machine has been built into the engine itself for a much simpler and lighter layout.
With a focus on efficiency and engine performance, the SH150s PGM- FI settings and key fuel-saving technology including Idle Stop coupled with an easy to handle chassis, make for an ultimately practical commuter.
Fitted with Honda’s Combined Breaking System – CBS and lightweight 16-inch aluminium die-cast wheels are key to its sure-footed handling ability and stability on a variety of road surfaces.
To make daily life on board the SH150 that little bit more convenient, the fitted with the Honda Smart Key system.
The Smart Key itself resides in the rider’s pocket and does away with the need to constantly insert and withdraw a key for ignition, fuel cap and seat.
Available in Pearl Dark Ash Green and Pearl Jasmine White; to check out this exciting new model, scoot over to your local Honda dealer,
call 1 300 1 HONDA or visit



pyrah said:

It's a sham we get a inferior specification scooter with only 1 years warranty . WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT HONDA

February 25, 2017 12:38 AM