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  • The New Vespa GTS Range

    New Vespa GTS Range

    We get the low down on the new model details for the Vespa GTS Range - both 150 i-GET & 300 e4. Get a closer look at changes and features.

    Vespa Australia


    GTS Range 150 i-GET & 300 e4
    Introducing the new Vespa GTS range bringing together the style, comfort, performance and safety of the Vespa brand. Both elegant and extremely robust, the Vespa GTS range has come to epitomise the grit and sporting spririt of the large frame Vespa.
    The Vespa GTS Super and Super Sport blends not just sportiness and performance, but also distinctive character. Vespa has once again proven its talent for elegant sportiness with classic lines and accentuated detail showcasing their sporty and youthful nature.
    Now powered by the totally new i-Get engine (150cc) and Quasar engine (300cc) for inner city and longer distant transport these new models boast improved performance and increased efficiency and continue the legend of the large bodied Vespa. Let's look a little closer at the updated below.
    • LCD dashboard
    • New tail lamp
    • New saddle (SS with ribs ,image) 
    • New muffler style
    • LED front positioning lights
    • Single armed front suspension with helical spring
    Added Convenience
    • Electric remote opening system on saddle
    • Bike finder
    • USB port
    • New i-get engine (150cc) & Quasar (300cc)
    • Liquid cooled
    • Electronic fuel injection
    • Start & Stop (150cc only)
    Safety & Security
    • Two channels ABS system
    • ASR traction control system (300cc only)
    • Safe electric side-stand
    • Immobiliser
    • Tilt sensor
    The New 150 i GET 4 Valve Watercooled GTS 150
    Piaggio now introduce the Vespa GTS 150 to the family of “i-GET” (Italian Green Experience Technology).
    Every technical detail, both internally and externally is new. All designed to reduce noise fuel consumption and emissions while propelling the bike along at speeds readily accepted in the urban environment.
    This new family of long-stroke engines provides a quick response to the throttle thanks to the high torque available at low rpm. The compact design provides a low centre of gravity to improve manoeuvrability.
    The 4-valve timing and the patented Start & Stop system complete a technical framework that is the new benchmark for the market.
    Start & Stop Technology (GTS 150 only)
    The RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System), patented by Piaggio as the Start & Stop System, eliminates the old style starter motor design and replaces it with a simple and highly efficient brushless system mounted directly fitted on the crankshaft. This allows the engine to turn off when sitting at stop and instaneously restart at the turn of the throttle.
    • Engine starting: The starting process is familiar; turn the key, apply a brake and press the start button, but the difference is that the engine starts silently, without the traditional starter motor noise.
    • Activation / Deactivation of the RISS: The system is activated by selecting “AUTO” on the handlebar switch. When activated the system turns off the engine when the scooter has been stationary for between 3 and 7 seconds.
    This results in the combined benefits of reduced noise, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The RISS is equipped with a control system which overrides it automatically if the battery is low.
    The advantages are:
    1. Silent ignition
    2. Increased reliability
    3. Lower engine fuel consumption
    Front LED position lights
    The on board technological level of Vespa GTS increases also in the lighting system, thanks to the LED technology. Front positioning lights are made by LED lights, a modern and elegant solution. As for the exclusive and elegant Vespa GTS, the lights are perfectly integrated into the turning indicator, in this way the front shield remains clean and stylish.
    ABS. Antilock Braking System (GTS 150 & 300)

    GTS 150 and 300 Provide Dual Channel ABS as a standard feature. The ABS operates on both front and rear wheels, guaranteeing optimal vehicle control in all atmospheric conditions, a key consideration for people riding in city streets on a daily basis.
    The system consists of a control unit and sensors that monitor and regulate braking power If the rider brakes too sharply, they risk wheel lock.
    The ABS automatically intervenes to reduce the braking pressure and stop the wheels from locking. The control unit performs these adjustments up to 10 times per second
    ASR - Anti Slip Regulation (GTS 300 only)
    ASR system uses the ABS electronics and sensors to compare the speed of rotation of the two wheels. When the sensors detect excessive speed of the rear wheel than the front, the control unit intervenes cutting the engine toque by spark advance reduction and, if necessary, also on the injection system to prevent slippage and prevent loss of vehicle control.
    Quasar engine (GTS 300)
    Quasar 300 Engine: Now Even More Environmentally Friendly
    The 300 Quaser is the benchmark for the compact performance CVT engines. The 300cc is a single cylinder engine, 4 stroke, 4 valve, electronic injection, liquid cooled, and can deliver maximum power of 15,6 kW at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 22 Nm at just 5,000 rpm, ensuring quick throttle response and extremely brilliant performance in general. With a high-cylinder engine, GTS Super 300 gives the rider a great performance experience which other scooters do not have. Meets strict enviromental e4 emission requirments.
    Tilt sensor
    Further safety enhancements include the Tilt Sensor. In the event of the bike falling the Start Stop system is automatically disabled and the engine turns off.
    Fully Electronic Immobilizer
    Standard anti-theft immobilizer integrated in the ignition key. The immobilizer is activated automatically by removing the ignition key, and locks the engine control unit functionality, making the scooter unusable; the operation of the system is indicated by a special flashing indicator on the dashboard.
    Bike finder & Opening the saddle
    • Remote unlocking of the saddle (via remote control)
    • Quick Vehicle Recognition System through starting of the indicators pics
    USB Port
    The left side of front glove box compartment includes the lever for mechanical opening of the saddle and a USB port for easy charging of smartphones and other electronic devices.
    Colour Collection