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  • Vespa "Sei Giorni"

    A special version, produced in numbered edition, heir to the original Vespa Sport "Sei Giorni". A model that became part of the legend, built specifically for the taxing "Sei Giorni Internazionale di Varese" regularity competition of 1951, where it was the undisputed protagonist, earning 9 gold medals.

    Vespa Australia


    A special version, produced in numbered edition, heir to the original Vespa Sport "Sei Giorni". A model that became part of the legend, built specifically for the taxing "Sei Giorni Internazionale di Varese" regularity competition of 1951, where it was the undisputed protagonist, earning 9 gold medals.
    Characterised by the large body made strictly in steel, perfect for moving about elegantly in the city but always ready for travel and adventure, Vespa GTS is the technical base for the new Vespa Sei Giorni. It is a modern and technological 300 Euro 4, a single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled, electronic injection engine capable of putting out 15.6 kW (21.2 CV) of power at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 22 Nm at just 5,000 rpm. These are values that ensure extremely quick response in acceleration and extremely brilliant performance all around.
    The style of the new Vespa Sei Giorni is unmistakeably reminiscent of Vespa's classic nature. Characteristic elements are the low position of the headlight assembly on the front fender, as well as the handlebar like the one on the original Vespa Sei Giorni. Like on the Vespas of that period, the model is further characterised by the simplicity of the exposed metal pipe and with elegant circular instrumentation featuring analogue speedometer on a white background. This is reminiscent of the original Vespa style but with an ultra-modern technological package that ensures a wealth of information for the rider.
    The general aesthetics follow the style of sporty Vespas with the black number plate taken directly from the livery of the Vespa used by the legendary Squadra Corse from the '50s, enhanced by all black highlights - such as the wheel rims and the silencer - and by gritty red details.
    The sporty spirit of the Vespa Sei Giorni is also highlighted by the saddle in dual covering and piping, electrowelded stitching on the seating area in contrast with the white stitching. Lastly, on the leg shield back plate, the "Special Edition" plate bearing the serial number is a reminder of the unique nature of this special model.
    Vespa Sei Giorni boasts a spacious helmet compartment and a large and comfortable seating area. The ergonomics are perfect Vespa, enhanced by the comfort of the large body; the seating is natural and allows total control over the vehicle and absolute comfort even for long distances.
    The USB port is a standard feature, located inside the compartment of the leg shield, while the front turn lights house a series of LED that act as day running lights. On the safety front, the ABS antilock braking system is standard equipment. 
    For Vespa Sei Giorni, as for all the Vespa GTS versions, the windshield, the spacious 42l top box and the top box bracket are available. The front and rear luggage racks are among the most requested accessories that characterise Vespa's personality in a strong and distinct fashion as well as its long touring history. The chrome perimeter guard kit is just one of the chrome accessories that guarantees maximum Vespa protection while offering a strong aesthetic personality.
    One of the most characteristic and highest technology accessories is the Vespa Multimedia Platform, which lets your smartphone communicate with your Vespa, obtaining a true sophisticated multi-function on board computer capable of simultaneously displaying information such as the speedometer and rev counter, but also instantaneous engine power and torque, longitudinal acceleration, instantaneous and average fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage, trip information and much, much more.
    In addition to the accessories, clothing specifically dedicated to this special edition Vespa is available, such as the demi jet helmet with visor, in the same style and colour as the vehicle and enhanced by the "Sei Giorni" logos, leatherette shell finishing and interior with anti-allergen treatment. Along with the T-shirt, cap and cotton bag, these accessories accompany the Vespa rider on every trip in unmistakeable "Sei Giorni" style.
    Much attention was paid to choose materials and to design technical and lifestyle details. For example, the helmet with comfortable and adjustable micrometric buckle, has innovative breathable interior in 3D fabric.
    The year was 1951 and the Piaggio Squadra Corse astonished the racing world, triumphing over real off-road motorbikes in one of the hardest and most prestigious competitions. In the post-war period, regularity competitions were in their heyday: these were taxing trials on extremely hard routes, hundreds of kilometres long. An extraordinary test bench for man and machine.
    The most prestigious competition was the Sei Giorni Internazionale which, in its 26th edition, was held in Varese.
    The ten Vespas at the start were welcomed with overall scepticism: what could they possibly hope to achieve against real motorbikes designed for competitions? But Vespa, with the model created specifically for that race starting with the Sport version, dominated to take no less than 9 individual gold medals. It was a crushing supremacy achieved on impervious off-road routes and with a pure speed trial on the Monza circuit that also earned Piaggio the Industry Gold Medal as the only Italian team to win the trial.
    The Vespa "Sei Giorni" which took its name from that victory, was very similar to the standard model aesthetically, differing primarily with its larger fuel tank, the more streamlined shield and the larger right side bag to host the carburettor on the cylinder. That Sei Giorni model is one of the absolutely most legendary in the history of Vespa: it is now highly sought after by collectors and it is one of the most valuable Vespas in the world since it was produced in a limited edition, only around 300 units, obviously destined for the regularity competitions.
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  • Vespa Club of Australia

    Vespa Club of Australia

    Vespa Club Sydney would like to announce the official launch of the Vespa Club of Australia!

    Vespa Club Of Sydney


    Vespa Club Sydney would like to announce the official launch of the Vespa Club of Australia
    Vespa Club Sydney is becoming affiliated to a nationwide club with the local club at its heart.
    Vespa Club Sydney is one of the first two clubs to become affiliated, we join Vespa Club of Melbourne to become recognised not only by our club name but also under the banner of Vespa Club of Australia.
    It also paves the way for further clubs to join and put Australia on the Vespa map as it did previously.
    The logo here is a temporary logo as used by the original Vespa Club of Australia, formed in the glory days of scootering in the early 1960's.
    See the new website for some historic information and details of the goals of Vespa Club of Australia.
    The affiliated clubs that join Vespa Club of Australia are taken to a nationwide level, which in turn puts them on a world stage but at the same time keeping their local individuality and their love for the Vespa brand.
    Vespa Club of Australia is not a club that takes memberships, the locals clubs stay exactly the same in that respect, and do not change their name.


    However - Vespa Club Sydney, as an affiliated club, will now proudly fly the flag for both Sydney and Australia as well!