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Distmantling for a sparkplug change and a looksie underneath the panels

After owning the bike for short while and have enjoyed many happy rides, I decided to change the spark plug and have a look under the farings to see your things and put together ect. You might notice the spark plug is not in straight.. I certainly noticed when I had a closer look, whoever serviced the Aerox last had screwed in the plug on an angle Tongue Tied.

I removed the cylinder head and cleaned off a big bunch of carbon deposits from piston and head, then screwed in a new plug properly.

I lubricated all the cables while scoot was in peices.. oil pump, throttle, choke, rear brake.




rpmorrell said:

It's looking good.  Good looking bike there....inspires tuning.

When you get your cylinder kit & race pipe you might be better to crank up your autolube to equal max @ throttle max position.

Even then, with 20% more CC's I don't know if it would be enough.

After a short period of running-in with fully mineral perhaps the best fully synthetic would be ok even if it is a bit lean with the oil.

Might be better to get your answer re this from tuning forums o/s.

Rob  :)

April 25, 2009 7:47 AM