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This blog is about my Aerox 100cc YQ100 project that I have been working on sometimes slowly as sometimes ofter over the last year. I've owned the Aerox for 2years now and It started life with me at 13000kms and completely standard.

I've been modifying and racing small cars over the last 10years, like the BMW 2002 (1975model), Toyota AE86 and Alfa Romeo GT2000. This is my 1st scooter and I just couldn't help myself so I'm modifying it also Smile

I love this scoot, it's build so well and even with its current 32000kms on the clock, it's never missed a beat or even failed to start not once. Great quality and fantastic handling. Its completely standard top speed was about 78kmh when I first bought it. I'm on a quest to reach 120kph or around abouts.

I'l be adding more to the blog as time goes on and adding more current pics of bits and peices when I get a new digital camera. (Warning-Dont carry your camera in shorts pocket whilst riding your scooter[:'(]) lol

Here's a few pics of the Aerox standard and a couple pics after I painted my wheels gold and detailed a few little things.

Dealership pic I seen of my scoot

First day riding

A bit of painting and detailing



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