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As I'v just started the blog, I'l add more pictured as I take then while playing with the bike ect.

The first thing I changed was the rear tyre because the Michelin Bopper was worn. The rears seem to ware out much quicker than the front.. obviously this is because its carrying the most weight. I replaced it with a Michelin Pilot Sport Scooter 140/60/13. The Front Michelin Bopper is still fine althought it will be replaced soon, the compound seems to be getting hard because of its age or ware. I'd much rather get New Michelin Boppers but I cant find anywhere in Australia that sells them and when I phoned Michelin headquarters, I was told I'd need to import the as they are only sold in Europe and U.S.A. Hmm

Above is a recent photo.. the tyre is still great after 1year and 18000kms :D

The Next mods I did was abit of Painting.. I painted wheels gold/champaine colour, rear undertray white to look more racing style and kick starter black. I also added some Red Dirtbike handgrips which dont slip like the originals in the heat and feel great. The rear mudflap also got chucked in the dump.. yuk! ..And I added matching red anodised alloy tire valve caps to the wheels.Yes

I got given a Malossi Sticker pack with about 100 stickers in it and sort of went nuts applying em the Aerox recently Cool. I'l post more recent pics over te next few days. I'm happy with the overall looks of the scoot now, although I still have a few plans to add BMX anodised alloy foorpegs to the pillion passengers foot rubbers because they are wider and provide more comfort for the Girlie Friend passenger. Having a guy passenger that close to me would feel strange and make me nervous Lmao Embarrassed

Adding the mechanical mods very shortly to this blog... stay tuned..




Scooter HQ said:

All the weight is over the rear wheel, you'll get 2 to 3 rears for every front you replace. Don't worry about missing out on the Boppers the Pilots Sports areway better & easy the pick of the Michelins for light scooters.

Looking forward to reading about the engine mods.

April 27, 2009 9:10 AM